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    Are you a fan of Sukoshi Con or its events are you a fan of Pokemon if yes to 1 of of these or both then you should think about attending Pokecon. For the first time Sukoshi Con is doing a Pokemon themed con.

    Current posted info on the site is as follows we are looking for
    Panelist Search Do you have a Pokémon related panel or event that you would like to do atPokéCon? Email us at [email protected] and let us know about it. Also, please make any Pokémon related companies, vendors, panelists, and artists aware of our event. We are currently seeking sponsors, investors, and game runners.

    Pokecon will be held at the Crowne Plaza Airport Expo Center, located at 830 Phillips Lane in Louisville, KY.

    General registration, Artist Alley registration, and Dealer/Vendor registration is now open for PokéCON.

    Current Events known are a Cosplay Contest, and a Sukoshi Con signature event Box Of Doom

    There are Currently no special Guest listed

    First Pass Offer Ends March 22, 2013, Dealers Pass Offer Ends June 30, 2013, Artist Alley Pass Offer Ends June 30, 2013

    I will post more info as it becomes available

    Post was Approved By Rukario

    (I can't post website link until have I have posted at least 15 times if you need it just PM me.)

    New info posted on Site 3 of the 10 known pikabug owners in the world are coming to show off there Pikabug cars(Pikabug a Volkswagen Bug decked out to look like the pokemon pikachu). The owners names DJ Awesome, PikaFreakRachel, and Xris. We also have the following voice actors Eric Stuart(voice of James from Team Rocket, Brock, Butch from Team Rocket, Torkoal, Pokédex, Seasons 1-8) We also have the voice actor Stuart Zagnit(The voice of Professor Oak, Koga, seasons 1-8, 4Kids Entertainment, Cedric Juniper (TPCi). We also have a maid cafe which you can buy tickets for right now get them while we have them. We will also have a Masquerade Ball. I will post more info as it become available feel free to post any questions or comments or PM for any info you might need.

    New Guest have just been added we now have the voice actor VERONICA TAYLOR is the voice of none other than the hero of Pokemon Ash she also did May's voice as well. We also have added Florida Whammy Entertainment who is popular for making fun TV game show like events at many con note if you play in these games they will not be on TV the games are just set up like game shows on TV.

    PokéCON Blood Drive

    On July 20th, 2013 from 12pm to 5pm (EDT), the American Red Cross will be accepting blood donations from all willing and eligible attendees.


    Do you have a panel idea for PokéCON that you would like to bring to the table? Now is your chance to tell us what you have in mind! Your panel idea does not have to be Pokémon-related, but it is highly encouraged. This IS PokéCON, after all! ^^;


    For those who are unable to check Sukoshi Con's websites or Facebook pages often enough, our fans may now opt to have newsletters sent directly to their e-mail address! Subscribe today so you can stay up-to-date!

    Here is an update for Pokecon first we have just expanded Artist Alley and the Dealers room so load more Artist and Dealers for you to enjoy next rooms for friday are fully booked and rooms for saturday and sunday are filling fast so hurry and get your room reserved before we are out. Follow the link on our page to get your room.

    New guest announcements Team T.A.R.D.I.S., ASHLEY KEMPER, SOLARBEAR, and Jrock Revolution!

    check out info on our new guest and ones previously announced at our website

    Finally new event that is up to you and your group Photo Shoot Schedule and Sign-Up! If you have a cosplay group in mind that you would like to organize, and you would like to get photos of it, then this is for you! Go to our page and click the banner above and go to the Photo Shoot Schedule and Sign-Up page and submit your meet-up time!

    hope to see you all there.

    Relevant Advertising!

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      New Announcements and Updates

      Time is Running Out to Pre-Register!

      If you missed some of the previous pre-register offerings, then you are in luck! First of all, you still have time! You have until July 18th, 2013 to pre-register online through our website! Now, for the even better news: there are various codes circulating through Facebook that will save you $5 on your registration price! So, instead of paying $35, you will only pay $30! How do you find those codes? Check various Facebook posts concerning PokéCON! Check the PokéCON event page. Check your favorite cosplay page! Check the pages of confirmed guests. Try searching on Facebook using the hashtag search, #pokecon. The codes are out there now! It's up to you to find them! Consider this an Easter Egg Hunt..... er...... a Pokéball Hunt. '
      During the PokéCON online check-out process, be sure to use the promo code you found. Each promo code only has a limited number of uses, so act fast!

      (now I will give you my code to help you out but its only good for the first 10 people that use it and I have posted mine all over its pokedex)

      Pre-reg for the masquerade ball is up and the price is only $12.99 we have some rules that must be folllowed here they are

      The Masquerade Ball is an enjoyable ballroom-style dancing event in which all patrons are required to adhere to formal attire and wear a mask to attend. Formal and mask-wearing versions of cosplays are also welcome and preferred. Use your imagination! You never know who you will meet and dance with in the Masquerade Ball!
      Here is a brief dress-code description:
      Men (or women crossplaying as men)
      - Tuxedo or suit. A jacket and tie is also acceptable. Shirts must be tucked-in.
      - Dress shoes.
      Women (or men crossplaying as women)
      - Ballgown or cocktail dress. Skirts and dresses must be knee-length or longer.
      - No long, trailing dresses. Remember, others will be dancing around you.
      - Proper dress shoes or high heels.
      - T-shirts, shorts, tennis shoes, and jeans are NOT acceptable for a ball!
      - Cosplays are welcome and preferred as long as they are formal (We encourage you to create a "formal version" of a cosplay. Feel free to use your imagination!)
      - Mask or facial covering required while attending. Scarves are acceptable if they cover the bottom part of your face at all times while attending.
      - No weapons or large props allowed.
      - No large cosplay accessories allowed (example: wings or long tails).

      To add we have another new guest announced its

      The D20 Girls Project:

      The D20 girls try to promote a very positive image of female gamers. We break down stereotypes, we aren't barbie dolls, we don't come in one size, and we don't come in one shape... We are Gamers, and yes Girls Game Too! The D20 Girls is a unique group that combines Social Networking, Educational Programs, Community Outreach, Talent Management, and Event Services. Yes, there is a business side to what we do, but we also push the social aspect much needed in the industry.

      Artist Alley Room Layout Announced!

      Each table is numbered on the map, and you can use the listing to find your favorite artist

      Cosplayer Attendance Form!

      If you are a well-known cosplayer who will be attending PokéCON, or you are a cosplayer who would like to rise in popularity. Let people know you will be at PokéCON! This form is completely optional.

      Loan or Donate your Manga!

      PokéCON will be holding the Manga Library. We are accepting all loans and donations! If you would like to loan us your manga for the event, or if you would like to DONATE some, be sure to let us know by filling out the form.

      PokéCON Schedule UPDATED!

      The PokéCON schedule for Sunday has been posted, in addition to the previously-posted Friday and Saturday schedules. Remember, this schedule IS NOT FINAL! The times/days of panels or events may change or may be removed altogether. Stay tuned for an updated schedule as the convention becomes closer!

      This ends our guest announcements and updates.
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      Sorry, but this thread is older than the one month cut-off date, plus you double posted. Because of that, I'm going to have to lock this thread.


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