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Old October 8th, 2012 (3:22 PM).
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    I beat the game it is actually kind of easy in my opinion specially Alder the champion all you need is the right type match ups and he is a breeze.
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      Been training my team on the route beside Black City, forget which one it is D: but on the first day I decided to train there I found a random shiny Jigglypuff with an Adamant nature and then two days later found another random shiny Jigglypuff with a Jolly nature. The day before the second one I went and got Keldeo from the event. So every day has gotten me at least one rare Pokemon!
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      Just started pokemon black again, Got my friend to trade me a few pokemon to get me started! :D

      Blaze. Level 8
      Tail Whip.

      Sand Rush. Level 5.
      Mud Sport.
      Rapid Spin.

      Hydration. Level 5.

      Static. Level 5.
      Quick attack.

      Finished the first gym and spent an hour training!

      Blaze. Level 18
      Arm Thrust.
      Flame Charge.
      Defence Curl.
      Odor Sleuth.

      Sand Rush. Level 16.
      Metal Claw.
      Fury Swipes.
      Rapid Spin.
      Mud Sport.

      Hydration. Level 18.
      Mud Shot.

      Static. Level 16.
      Quick Attack

      Gluttony. Level 16.
      Vine Whip.

      Finished the 5th gym!

      Blaze. Level 36
      Arm Thrust.
      Flame Charge.
      Heat Crash.

      Sand Rush. Level 36.
      Rock Slide.

      Poison Touch. Level 37.
      Muddy Water.
      Aqua Ring.
      Mud Shot.

      Hustle. Level 35.
      Dragon Pulse.

      Ice Body. Level 35.
      Ice Beam.
      Mirror Shot.

      Sap Sipper. Level 36.
      Jump Kick.
      Energy Ball.
      Take Down.
      Faint Attack.
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        It's amazing how much trouble it can take to collect a held item from a wild Pokémon.

        Take for instance my Journal of the Day™: I wandered yesterevening with Scrafty looking for a flock of Solrock, confident that one of them would relinquish itself of the Sun Stone it's holding in short order. Not only were they few and far between, but separate flocks of Grobat and Swellow took their turns driving me up the wall with insanity. It so happens that I didn't find it yesterevening after all.

        After a weary sleep at the Pokémon Center, I was up at the crack of dawn - well, maybe a little later - looking again this morning. I was required to get acquainted with Grobat's "Mean Look" and Swellow's "Endeavor" over and over, which caused a few obscenities to trickle out.

        An hour and fifteen minutes later - and after knocking out a large number of Pokémon of all types - I had evolved my Johto-born Diglett (now a Dugtrio) to Lv.41 and decided that was enough (it was using the Exp Share if anyone is wondering). On my healing break, I stuck it back in the PC and chose one of my baby Pichu to have gain experience with the Exp Share.

        Another 10-15 minutes later, my patience was rewarded when a Solrock appeared, and I used Thief like so many times before...and the little bag transferred. Solrock fainted (and as a bonus, Pichu evolved into Pikachu, clearing the Kanto entry from the Pokédex), and I mashed that SAVE button like it was going to disappear any second. I then did it a second time. Just to be sure.

        I have transferred the game to my used DSi and Action Replay and will be cloning the thing; I need one immediately for an evolution and know of another. I'm not repeating that two to three hour search.

        "Y' Emolga really wants to shock your Dedenne."

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        Breeder extraordinaire. Semi-competent battler. :P

        Building an event collection. If you want to help my sickness, ask what I have to trade!

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          Currently just entered Driftveil city, haven't done anything besides speak to Clay in the cutscene.
          Team's currently;

          , level 28

          , level 25

          , level 24

          , level 24

          , level 26
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            Finally on the Fifth Gen wagon! Got my copy of Black about three hours ago; early Christmas gift from my fiancee. I chose Tepig, since I prefer Fire-Type Pokemon. I must admit, I'm loving this game! Enhanced graphics, battle system, music.. everything! Will definitely be devoting some time to this game.

            I arrived in the first city, Acumula, and just finished the Poke Center Tutorial with Professor Juniper. I love how the Poke Center and Poke Mart have been blended together. That is something that I thought should have happened way back (I know, right.. JUST started playing Pokemon two weeks ago, with Pearl) with separate centers for each. Then again, if they had.. there would be no room for advanced programming and progress for later generations/installments.

            Currently working on building my team up, and catching a few more Pokemon to bolster my ranks. Now to get the fiancee her copy of White.

            HeartGold, Black, and Black 2 FC's Coming Soon!
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              Might as well get going on this...

              I actually just beat the E4 for the first time in White last week. I seem to stay about one generation behind and never quite catch up, in part because I play all the games and I play them for a lot of hours - over 300 so far on White, and I haven't even done any of the post-E4 stuff. But I started Black the other day and for now I'm just tending my White Forest and otherwise leaving White alone, mostly because I'd sort of like to try to get to Icirrus in Black before the end of the month, so I can get the winter-only stuff out of the way then, since it won't be winter again until March. I'm not sure if I'll make it though.

              So - in Black. I've got one Badge, and am currently hunting outside Pinwheel Forest. Just the other day, I figured out what Synchronize does outside of battle, after I caught five Serious Sawks in a row. At first, I thought there was something wrong with my game, and I was trying to figure out what it could possibly be, and for that matter, how in the world I was going to be able to finish the game if all the pokemon were Serious. Then I noticed that my Munna, which I had in the lead so she could Yawn the Sawks, was Serious and had Synchronize, and I took a guess that turned out to be right - outside of battle, Synchronize increases (to 50%) the chance that a wild pokemon will have the same nature as the Synchronize pokemon. So I immediately went back to the Dreamyard and started catching Synchronize Munnas. About the fifth or sixth one I caught was an Adamant, so I took it back to Pinwheel Forest, and I did catch a pretty nice Adamant Sawk, but the more I thought about it, the more I decided that what I really wanted was a Jolly. Though I did want an Adamant Timburr. And for some reason, it took me forever to catch a good Adamant Timburr, but I finally did it last night. Then I went back to the Dreamyard to try to catch a Jolly Synchronize Munna. And as long as I was there, I was keeping an eye out for a really nice Jolly Purrloin, just because I wanted one. And this morning, I found both of them, one right after the other. The Munna is just a Munna - I don't even know what its stats are - it's just Jolly and Synchronize. The Purrloin was level 10, female, Jolly, with at least mid-20s in everything important. And, being a Purrloin, she almost immediately got one-shotted by a Patrat. But it's not like I'm nuzlocking or anything, so I just smiled a bit and hauled her little kitty butt to the PC and got her patched up, then went back to Pinwheel Forest, with the new Jolly Synchronize Munna in the lead, to hunt for a good Sawk. And that brings me up to the moment. When I get done futzing around on the 'net, I'm going to go back to catching a good Sawk, and then go punch the rock, then put together a team to actually go into the forest and start hunting Venipedes and Cottonees and such...
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                YES! finally i played Pokemon Black and i made some progress :D now ama gonna type what i did >:D

                Okay the last Tuestday i went to my grandma and she got this awesome fast computer that can make NDS games work with the best FPS :P [expect the BOX to move pokemon .. it lags]

                okay sooo... lets get starte

                Starter : Snivy

                Badges : 2

                Progress :I got my starter and i got the handwatch and also defeated Cheren/bianca ALOT with out any lose! i earned 2 badges and defeated team plasma alot and i got the stolen pokemon from BIANCA! :p and i am at the door of the 3rd gym but then i left cuz i had to go home :S even so, i played 1:30 hour :)
                The Shines I Caught
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                  Not doing a whole lot in Black ATM. I did catch a good Sawk - Jolly, with great IVs. Trained him a bit and leveled up a few others, but I haven't done Lenora's gym yet. I want to finish up catching Munnas, since the game steers you into Pinwheel Forest right after Lenora's gym, and I don't have all the Synchronizers I want yet - in particular, I haven't gotten either Modest or Timid yet. So I'm turning little circles in the Dreamyard, hunting for Synchronize Munnas. At least I can tell immediately if they have Synchronize, since the alternative is Forewarn, which shows up on-screen. But it's slow going anyway. And it doesn't help that I gave in to the temptation and started a Nuzlocke in the VoltWhite Full hack, which has been a lot of fun, though a bit exhausting, since everything's tougher.

                  Just a few more Munnas to go. Maybe this next one will be Timid or Modest...
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                    I decided to put down White 2 and picked up Black Again.

                    After becoming the world's most powerful trainer, Clara has turned her attention to filling the Unova National Pokedex; a task she has nearly complete. Compiling a grand total of 595 Pokemon from all the regions, she has set her sites on the remaining few!

                    I traded with myself from Pokemon Black 2 and White 2 to catch certain pokemon, as well as transferring pokemon from Platinum and Soul Silver. I'm missing a bunch of pokemon from Hoenn, but I should be able to obtained them soon.
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                      Pretty much finished off my set of Synchronize Munnas - never caught a Lax or a Hardy, but that's fine. Breezed through Lenora's gym - Sawk did most of the work - then off to reclaim a stolen skull. Spent a long time in Pinwheel Forest and caught a nice Timid Cottonee, a Jolly Venipede and an awesome Adamant Sewaddle. Fought all the trainers, took back the skull, yada yada. Then it was on to Skyarrow Bridge.

                      Sincerely - crossing Skyarrow Bridge for the first time was one of the most amazing moments I've had playing Pokemon, and it's still pretty impressive. It looks great and the music is perfect.

                      Got in to Castelia City and just worked my way through, doing everything. Got the pokemon I planned on taking into Burgh's gym - Dewott, Roggenrola, Pansear, Blitzle, Tranquill and Herdier - all up to about level 20-22, mostly by fighting in the Battle Company, though I ended up doubling back across the bridge to do a bit of grinding in Pinwheel Forest. Then met Burgh, fought the Plasma grunt and was pleased to see Bianca get her Munna back. Then it was off to the honey maze gym, which was easily handled by the team. Back to the PC to heal, swung by the vending machines to stock up on water, soda and lemonade, then battled Bianca in the gate house. I felt a bit sorry for her, as I always do when I demolish her, but as usual, she brightened back up and went on her way, and I saved at the gate to Route 4. Next stop - desert.
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                        Okay so every Thursday i get a chance of playing pokemon Black so.. here what i did so far
                        Trainer Name : Ethan
                        Starter : Snivy => serviter => Serperior
                        got 5 badges :) heading towards the 6th :D
                        The Shines I Caught
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                          ---Begin of Log (3 Jan. 2013)---

                          So, started Pokémon Black on my DSi.
                          Already have 3 pokémon, starter Snivy (Lv. 10), and a Lillipup (Lv. 6) and a Patrat (Lv. 4).
                          Also battled PKMN-Trainer N.

                          I'm currently at Route 2.
                          And going to sleep (it's in Holland 11 PM)

                          ---End of Log (3 Jan. 2013)---
                          Proud to be Dutch!
                          Pokémon Shiny Gold
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                            Spoilered so this doesn't get too unmanageable:
                            Took a short team (a Jolly Synchronize Munna plus Dewott and a couple of others) to the edge of the desert, then just turned circles until I caught the Sandile and the Darumaka I wanted. The Darumaka was about the second or third one I caught - Jolly and 31 Atk, with nice solid numbers in everything important, but the Sandile took a while. Finally settled on one - Jolly also, with high-20s for Atk and at least nothing less than the teens for everything else. Then I went back to the PC and swapped out the Jolly Munna for an Adamant and went back to catch a Scraggy. That was the most important one, since I'm tentatively planning on keeping him on my team through the E4. In the end, it took a couple of days here and there (probably only a couple of hours of game time) before I found the one I wanted - Adamant male with Shed Skin, 31 Atk, high 20s HP and fairly even high defenses. He only has mediocre speed, but even with good IVs, he'd still have only mediocre speed, so that's fine. Then I rearranged the team and went through the desert and fought all the trainers, then it was on to Nimbasa City.

                            Did the rounds, got the Strength HM, fought in the stadiums, then I realized I didn't have a Watchog for my next HM slave and couldn't catch one until after Driftveil, so I had to find something to stick that HM on. I finally decided to put it on a Dwebble (I'm also sort of planning to include a Crustle on my final team), so I went back to the PC and got back into the Munna box and went to Desert Resort to catch stuff. Fought the Doctor, then just turned circles close to the entrance with a Careful Munna until I came up with the Dwebble I wanted, then went back and swapped for a Modest Munna and caught a really nice Modest Sigilyph. I considered catching a Maractus and decided against it, then rearranged the team again and fought all the trainers around Desert Resort and at the beginning of Relic Castle. Then I put Strength on the Dwebble and went out onto Route 16 (picking up the Macho Brace along the way) and pushed the rock and fought all those trainers and poked around Lostlorn Forest, but didn't try to catch anything. Then it was all the way back home to push rocks and EV train and grind for levels, getting ready for N and for Elesa's gym.

                            Went into the Amusement Park with Scraggy, Dwebble, Dewott, Cottonee and... some others... and went on that dull ferris wheel ride with N, then fought him and beat him pretty soundly. Went back to the PC and healed and swapped out some of the team. Went into Elesa's gym with Sandile, Dwebble, Darumaka (who had Dig) and I don't remember who else. Those three did most of the work - Sandile and Darumaka used Dig on the Blitzles and Dwebble had Rock Blast for the Emolgas. It was easy.

                            Then put together a traveling team and went out onto Route 6 and fought the trainers and poked around in the grass with Modest Munna in the lead until I came up with a really nice Gothita - 31 Sp Atk and high 20s elsewhere. Then swapped out for the Jolly Munna and spent a long time finding a nice Jolly Minccino. Then it was on to Driftveil Drawbridge. Rode back and forth and collected wings for a while, until I managed to catch a pretty good Timid Ducklett, then went into town and just breezed through everything. Darumaka and Scraggy completely owned Cold Storage and Dewott took Clay's gym down pretty much single-handedly. Then fought Bianca and demolished her as usual and got the Fly TM, put Fly on Ducklett and flew home. Spent some more time here and there EV training and grinding for levels, then flew back to Driftveil and battled our way through Route 7 and caught two Deerling along the way. One was to keep around to show to the scientists, but the other was a deliberate hunt - Adamant with amazing stats - a couple of 31s and nothing less than 25. Also caught a Watchog HM slave. Then into Chargestone Cave.

                            Scraggy and Sandile did most of the work along there (Sandile and Dwebble both got Bulldoze from Clay's TM) with some assistance here and there from Darumaka and Dwebble. Spent a long time just inside the entrance catching a nice Timid Joltik and happened on a Quirky Tynamo with surprisingly good stats. Also caught a Ferroseed, but I didn't pay any attention to anything other than that it was female, since I planned on breeding it with a Whimsicott to get a baby with Leech Seed. The cave was sort of tedious and long but uneventful, just like it was the last time. Got out into Mistralton City and immediately went to the move family's house, where Dwebble forgot Strength, then flew to Striaton to breed Ferrothorns. That took most of a day, but I ended up with a Brave with nice stats. Then flew back to Mistralton, did all the stuff around there, then went up to Celestial Tower and caught two Litwicks - one with Flame Body to use as an incubator and a Modest one with Flash Fire and amazing stats to include with the team, and also caught a decent Modest Elgyem. Back to town and blew (flew?) through Skyla's gym, with Dwebble's Smack Down and Tynamo's Spark doing most of the work. Then we made our way through and over and around the tall grass and out to the entrance to Twist Mountain. And ran into a bit of a brick wall, in the form of Cheren, who's never really been a problem before, but now his Panpour was a Simipour, with Scald, and it was raining. I knew it was trouble when I sent poor Tynamo in, expecting to easily deal with the water monkey, and it one-shotted him with a Scald. Then I sent Samurott (recently evolved) in and it burnt him on the first hit and fainted him on the second. Then I reset the game and went back to plan a better strategy.

                            The only electric I planned on potentially using was Tynamo, and it's going to be a long time yet before he evolves, so he was out. There's no way that Joltik or even Galvantula would survive that rain-boosted Scald. I had a Cottonee I'd been using off and on, and figured it could at least survive a bit, but there's not much it could do in return. Deerling was still a long way from being a Sawsbuck, and there was no way that Deerling would survive that Scald. Most of my stronger pokemon were only neutral to water, and most of them were physical and would be crippled by a burn. But you know.... I had been kicking around using a Lilligant, since I didn't really get to use one a lot in my White playthrough, since I was enjoying Leavanny so much. But the only one in Black is the Petilil you get in trade, and it was only so-so and didn't have the ability I wanted. So, I got out the male Whimsicott I'd used to breed Leech Seed onto Ferrothorn and took him, the Petilil, Ducklett and the incubator Litwick and flew to Striaton. Spent another good chunk of a day breeding a Modest Petilil with Own Tempo and nice stats, then flew to Driftveil, gave her the Lucky Egg and scared up some Audinos. Her share of the experience for the first one (Litwick fainted it - that's the other part of her job, alongside incubating eggs) bumped her all the way up to level 16, and by the third she was about level 19 and handling them on her own. Leveled her up to 26, so she got Giga Drain, then evolved her to Lilligant and leveled her up to 28, so she got Quiver Dance. Then flew back to Mistralton and went back to fight Cheren again. And that one was much easier. Servine was a bit of a hassle, but that was it. Simipour went down to a single Lilligant Giga Drain. And we're currently saved at the base of Twist Mountain...

                            Edited for an update:
                            Been a while...

                            Put the Surf HM on Ducklett, alongside Fly. Flew home, then out to the water along Route 1 and out to Route 17. Caught a pair of Frillishes - Modest male to experiment with offense and a Calm female for a staller. Saved in front of the Ace with the Larvesta egg, got an egg and flew to Skyarrow Bridge to hatch it. Took three tries before I got one that was okay - Mild with mid-20s or better in everything important and 30 special attack. Not exactly what I wanted, but it'll be fine. Picked up the Waterfall TM and put it on Samurott. Finished up out there, then just went through everywhere, Surfing and Waterfalling everything that I couldn't reach before until we made it back to Twist Mountain. Including going into Mistralton Cave and catching a really nice Adamant Axew and Cobalion.

                            Made it through Twist Mountain pretty easily - mostly Scraggy, Gothorita, Lilligant and Samurott, but rotating through so most everyone got some experience where possible. Caught a few Cubchoos before I got the Adamant I wanted - never did see a Cryogonal. Went out and around the Moor of Icirrus and collected all the items and fought all the trainers and caught a Stunfisk just because, and a Shelmet to trade. Did a pair of trades - Shelmet for Karrablast and vice versa. Been using Escavalier a fair amount, but Accelgor mostly sits in a box. Debated doing a bit of level grinding, but I really didn't think it'd be necessary, and it wasn't. Went through Brycen's gym like the proverbial hot knife through butter - mostly Scraggy and Darmanitan. Then up to and through Dragonspiral Tower, catching a Jolly Mienfoo and a nice Brave Golett along the way. Back down to and through Desert Resort, then to Striaton and the museum, then back to Icirrus. Knocked around Route 8 a bit, then trounced Bianca and went on to Tubeline Bridge and to Route 9. Beat a couple of the trainers there, went shopping and beat some more, went back out and beat the rest, then into Opelucid City.

                            I had no idea that it's completely different in Black, though that "future city" business in the house in White suddenly made sense. After talking to Drayden and Iris, I went to the place where that house had been in White and, sure enough, it was the same in Black, except talking about a past version of the city and such. I paid more attention this time, and started wondering what to do for a pokemon with Charge. The most obvious choice seemed to be Blitzle, since the ones you can catch on Route 3 already have Charge, so I went back and caught one, then saved the game and switched over to White. Went and talked to the guy in White, just to make sure, then went and caught a Blitzle there too, and made the trade. Oh joy - a Cell Battery. Still sort of cool I guess.

                            I debated going up onto Route 10 and opening all that up, but I didn't really need to, and I didn't want to mess with it at the moment. But thinking about the team, I couldn't see much choice other than to evolve Cubchoo to handle Drayden's gym. Pretty much the only other good choice was Axew, and I don't like using Dragons against Dragons, for obvious reasons. So I gritted my teeth and went to work. Flew down to Striaton first and did a lot of EV training on all the standard spots - Route 1 for Atk and HP, Striaton for Spd, Lostlorn Forest for Def, Driftveil for Sp Def and Celestial Tower for Sp Atk. Got everyone I cared about pretty much where I wanted them, then flew to Icirrus and spent a long time grinding on Audinos from the grass up by the entrance to Dragonspiral Tower. Finally flew back to Opelucid and went into the gym with my now-buffed Beartic, plus a few others who were pretty much just there just in case. I switched in Ferrothorn (recently evolved from the Ferroseed I bred so long ago) on the Druddigons, just because it amuses me when they beat themselves up against its Iron Barbs and Rocky Helmet, but other than that, Beartic handled it all. Then talked to the prof and out to.... oh wait.... something about a storm? So I flew to Route 7 and encountered Tornadus. I had been keeping track and that was the 115th entry to my pokedex, so I flew home and got the Hidden Power TM from the prof (been waiting for that ever since I found out that Gothorita - now Gothitelle - has HP Fighting), then flew back to Opelucid and went out onto Route 10. Plowed through the trainers, scared up some pokemon but decided not to catch any of them - I just don't need a Mandibuzz or a Bouffalant - then through the gates and up to Victory Road. Stepped in long enough to hunt around for a Deino and came up with a Jolly with exceptional stats (though that's not really the nature I would've preferred, though I do already have a really nice Modest in White), killed a few Durants (Lampent and Darmanitan both just laugh at them), and that's where we are currently. At the moment, the team's pretty much shaken down to Samurott, Scrafty, Gothitelle, Lampent, Escavalier and Swanna. Swanna's mostly there for HM support, but I don't have another good flyer to take her place, so I'm not sure what I'll do. I'm toying with trading in a Rufflet from White and evolving a Braviary, since Samurott can already handle the water duties. We'll see though. For the moment, I'm playing B2 and letting Black sit a bit until I get reinspired to play it.
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                            Finally picked up White after a few month and actually made some progress. Sad, I've focused more on filling up my Pokedex and trades and actually doing post-game. XD

                            Anyway last time I played I finally found the sixth and final of the Seven Sages, Zinzolin. Found him chilling (pun not intended) in the Cold Storage. He just talked for a while and then gave me Hone Claws. The Looker showed up soon after and arrested him for questioning.

                            After that I've decided to evolve two Pokemon just for the heck of it: Frillish into Jellicent and my Fraxure into Haxorus. Basically for Frillish I went around Route 16 and the Small Court and battled trainers and wild Pokemon there. And then I went to Route 10 and leveled it up until it evolved into Jellicent! So then I decided to continue training Fraxure there battling wild Audino as we went. Then explored Victory Road for a bit and leveled up there till he was at level 46. After that I back to the Small Court and Big Stadium and leveled him up against trainers to level 48 in which he evolved into Haxorus! Finally glad I was able to do this.

                            Next should actually do more post-game stuff that needs to be done.
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                              My turn. I am really late to the Gen V party, but here goes nothin'.
                              My team and I just finished off Drayden, gonna head for Elite Four after grinding
                              --Halen the Emboar lvl 50
                              --Wriggs the Stoutland currently lvl 37
                              --Saria the Simisage lvl currently lvl 39
                              --Minipete the Emolga currently lvl 40
                              --Barb the Swoobat currently lvl 35
                              --Leo the Carracosta currently lvl 37
                              Going to level the rest of the team to at least 45 before attempting the Elite Four challenge
                              Really like the Fire type starter, but it was tough to take down Drayden with no type advantage. Was pretty fun though.
                              Old February 13th, 2013 (12:05 PM).
                              Lusus's Avatar
                              Lusus Lusus is offline
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                                Nature: Lonely
                                Posts: 1,405
                                i'm currently at Abyssal Ruins trying to get all items from the 3rd floor(pretty sure i already got all items on 1st floor and 100% i got all on 2nd floor). I love the music,it for some reason just feels satisfying
                                Old February 15th, 2013 (12:36 PM). Edited February 15th, 2013 by Cerberus87.
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                                Cerberus87 Cerberus87 is offline
                                Mega Houndoom, baby!
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                                  Age: 31
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                                  Nature: Lonely
                                  Posts: 1,637
                                  Current team:

                                  I'm in Nimbasa City.

                                  Planned team:

                                  I may change Ferrothorn for Eelektross if I can find a Tynamo.

                                  Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, the day Pokémon pulled a Dallas and jumped the shark.
                                  Old February 15th, 2013 (9:43 PM).
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                                    Playing Black for my second playthrough in a LONG time before I jump to B/W2.

                                    Currently roaming around Nimbasa City because it is probably one of my favourite cities in the game and I don't want to run through the Gym just yet.

                                    My Team: Sawk, Yamask, Servine, Panpour, Patrat

                                    Honestly its Sawk and Yamask proving to be an unbeatable duo. Between Sawk's fighting moves and Bide, and Yamask having the Will-O-Wisp/Hex combo I have beaten everyone easily since getting them while leaving Share Exp on Patrat. Servine and Panpour come out in situational circumstances, but its clear who the MVP tag team of this run is by far. I will be stopping Yamask from evolving just for aesthetic purposes. I would like to beat N with the two Pokemon that I've had since I could get Yamask that will haul me through the game. L.O.E, Loyalty Over Evolutions.

                                    Going to roam around Nimbasa for a while, grind a bit to get levels up, then squash the gym leader before moving on with my journey to defeat every trainer in the game.
                                    Old February 16th, 2013 (3:00 PM).
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                                    Mega Houndoom, baby!
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                                      Posts: 1,637
                                      Meh. Gave up on Ferrothorn and raised a Tynamo.

                                      I realized that if I went with Ferrothorn I would have absolutely zero coverage against Flying Pokémon, and Ferrothorn doesn't add anything that I need (Jellicent will take care of certain Pokémon for me). Also, I don't have any coverage against Fighting Pokémon, but Jellicent is immune to Fighting and Scolipede has a quad resist. Ferrothorn would've been weak to Fighting, whereas Eelektross is weak to nothing.

                                      Not sure if Haxorus is needed at all, but Dragon hits everything for neutral and Haxorus is a boss anyway, so it might be my general purpose Pokémon.

                                      Also, I'm grossly overleveled... I had a 7 level advantage over Skyla. Didn't even need Tynamo to own her.

                                      Omega Ruby & Alpha Sapphire, the day Pokémon pulled a Dallas and jumped the shark.
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