Fifth Generation Are Pokémon slaves to humans? Team Plasma thinks so. Travel the Unova region and prove them wrong in Black & White, and then return two years later in Black 2 & White 2.

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In gen 5, I feel like we were treated to way more version differences than we ever had. One of the most noticeable was some areas - Mistralton, Opelucid & Route 4 (in B2W2). These areas in Black & Black 2 were more modern - whereas in White and White 2 they were rural.
  • Which areas to you prefer in what state, Rural or Modern?
  • Are you a city person or country person in real life?
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    I wish modern and rural were mixed within one game, I felt the differences were too polarized - obviously that was the intention, but it felt very skewed. Black felt very 'cold' and competitive, White very soft and serene. I wish Black City/White Forest were switched, so that there would've been balance within one game at least. Especially since there's no interaction between the games anymore (due to no WFC), they feel very incomplete in a way now.
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    I loooved them both actually lol I know that's not really an answer but it's true - these games did something that no other game did. When you enter Opelucid City (on both games) it's just.. so cool. I love seeing things change over time (like old photographs etc) and these games were exactly that for me. I started with White so for me Opelucid became more modern and advanced in terms of technology. It was super cool to me!

    The music for Opelucid was definitely better in White tho :(

    Also on another note: Black City and White Forest - they were both super super cool. Black City actually seems like a place I would love to visit lol it just looked super mysterious and interesting whereas I would absolutely love to explore White Forest and find all it's exciting things irl.

    Ngl I really hope Pokemon does something like BOTW with Gen 5 remakes and White Forest. Would be SO cool :)

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    This was probably one of my favourite differences with the games, since it made both versions feel like they had more to separate them than with just different obtainable Pokemon. I personally liked the modern feel of Black/Black 2 better, but White/White 2's rural approach was nice too.

    Opelucid City's music in the White version I have to admit was better, though I do like Black City's design better than White Forest.
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    I've never been much of a rural person, so I appreciated the more "modern" design that they've given cities in B2. :o It looked significantly better to me than the somewhat bland rural designs of White/White2 imo.

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