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Do you care about the writing?

Started by Astronaut May 13th, 2015 2:50 AM
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I mean, when you make a RP post, do you try to make it as well written and beautiful/cool/dramatic/novel-worthy as possible? Or are you more concerned with simply getting the actions and dialogue out to move the story on and don't care much what it looks like?

This is not a question about css and making the post look good in that way. It's about the language and how you choose to write. Thinking carefully about each word or just getting it out into text one way or another.


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Yes, I believe creating well-written posts is of utmost importance. It allows others to understand and enjoy your post all the more, and you get the satisfaction of knowing that you wrote something well.

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I aim to produce well-written work (not that I always succeed) and I hope that others will strive to at least put forth something readable.


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I always try to write my very best and make posts that entice people to read... Except for when I'm really dry on ideas and just cram some crap in to get the story going >.< I hate doing that, but it's better than not posting at all.

I guess I want to look back and be proud over what I have created, if I can :3


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Posted July 18th, 2019
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I just write :x I feel like I explain everything well enough (that I want to explain at the moment and not save for later) but idk. I try to read over every paragraph once I'm done with it, but a lot of times it just breaks my concentration and I end up getting lost.


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To be honest, no not as much as I could. I obviously make sure not to send out sub-par posts, but there are times when I would simply just write to advance plot, or write to get others to write. This is usually during smaller or unimportant events. Whenever something bigger is happening, I also write my best.

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I generally try to write well, and I aim to either convey characterisation or try to let others bounce off my characters. Whether I succeed or not is a different story. xD

However, as SV said, sometimes it's a bit less feasible to craft something. If an RP stalls and all I can do is make a quick filler post, or coversely if the RP is progressing so quickly that all I can do is quickly have my character react and further the action, then sometimes my post quality suffers for it to a certain extent. Sometimes furthering the RP/taking part in events is more important than trying to write beautifully crafted posts (when you can't do both xD).

Even then I have a certain standard, though. Just farting out a post is not enjoyable at all to me, and RPing is only as good as what you get out of it. :D

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i care a lot about how something's written, and as a result i can take a really long time to get any posts out... and have to resist the urge to edit things when i read over them again later. but at the same time, when sometimes i have a burst of inspiration and i write something awesome, i can feel proud of my writing as well. i sometimes notice myself using the same sort of phrase several times in a post, and feel the need to change it, but then can't think of any sentences that have the same nuance i'm looking for. and i know it's not really part of the writing per se, but i do try to format my post so they're as easily readable as possible, haha. like my new name!

i also definitely recognize the feeling of being a bit... disappointed with others' writing sometimes as well, and being afraid that that would deter others from signing up, or could even make already active participants enjoy the RP less due to being paired with bad writers. but then, at the same time, i want to have those types of RP'ers as well, so i can help them improve, and it could be a learning experience for them, hopefully ( ´ ▽ ` )ゞ
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