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I am running a strawpoll in regards to adding another starter:

Made for my discord so if you pick the third option just post here :)

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What's the deal with the name change? And why R.I.P. Grape version?
Sorry I'm not up to date on the lore lmao :p
The site that hosted Grape Version wanted its author to remove it from site. I assume it has something to do with Nintendo...

Don't know about the name change though.

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Pikachu and Eevee are overrated and cliché in my opinion.

I suggest Dratini or Trapinch.

Anyway, I got some explanation as to why I think those two would be a cool pick outside of the Let's Go duo.

Dratini: Its final evolution is the ace of Drake from the Orange Island league. Furthermore, Dratini's final evolution, Dragonite, is fitting to the game's original name in that they are both orange.

Trapinch: It's also orange (at least, Trapinch is) while being somewhat parallel to the Pseudo Legendaries. It's also fitting to see that you have a Flygon at the Orange Island League Championship (assuming you kept it) fighting against Drake's ace in Dragonite.

I would suggest more like Rhyhorn or Machop. But with those two lacking some serious popularity and being out of place for being possible starters for the game, I'd rather not.