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Started by Captain Typhlosion March 30th, 2020 7:26 AM
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Restarted Pearl yesterday and I just defeated Commander Mars in Valley Windworks. My team is Turtwig, Machop and Murkrow. I traded myself a Murkrow Egg from my Heart Gold save since it's a Diamond exclusive and you can't get one in Pearl without trading. I plan to trade over a Magby Egg soon as well because I really don't want to use Ponyta line as my fire type in this playthrough.


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I beat chuck in crystal

I have:

shiny elekid

Well...not a powerhouse or optimal team, but it's working pretty well. I've never lost a gym battle yet. Although I took a defeat in a local multiplayer battle, he had higher leveled pokemon such as golem, feraligatr, victrebell, etc. I still somehow almost pulled off a win, even when my starter fell to a critical hit.
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Changed out the internal battery and started playing Yellow Version for the first time in probably over a decade! Hoping to get some stuff trained up for use in Pokémon Stadium since I've never managed to clear Round 1 after all these years... @[email protected]

Oz the Sandslash lv.50
Rob the Magneton lv.30
Hikaru the Pikachu lv.24
Calyptra the Venomoth lv. 31
Siren the Horsea lv.5
Ted the Snorlax lv.30

I've barely started Silph Co., but I think I'll go back and pick up a Vulpix and Tauros to replace Pikachu and Snorlax before I continue.

EDIT: Got Hikari the Vulpix from the Game Corner and Comet the Tauros from the Safari Zone. One Badge to go, then hopefully I can get some get some decent Exp. in Victory Road.

EDIT 2: Evolved Horsea and Vulpix but had everything but Sandslash (lv65), Magneton (lv56), and Venomoth (lv51) deposited when I beat the E4 to get more Exp. from EXP.ALL. Now to repeat until everyone's fully-trained!

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i hope romhacks count, because i've been having fun casually playing pokemon unbound and my team as of the 5th badge is Garchomp, Vespiquen, Crobat, Ludicolo, Magnezone, & Purugly. s o l i d set of guys so far.
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Playing blaze black, on badge 3 and setup a few teams.

i have spinda, kadabra, kricketune, duwott, shellos, croagunk and lillipup

primeape, gyrados, beedrill, nidoking, murkrow, krabby, and cleffa

some other are just alts but I've caught some nice ones recently so i may switch and make another team with them.

I just got a torchick, riolu, and teddiursa so i may put cleffa on that team, with my aron. maybe I'll round that out with either lillipup or bidoof and I can call that team chibi.

oh and I've got like 4 fossils i haven' revived yet, so maybe I'll make another team with them,and add my new sigilyph.

The multi-exp share in this rom, and playing on emulator just makes it so much easier to train different teams.
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Here are all my teams:

Pokémon Sapphire ( first Pokémon game and completed )
Walrein ( didn't want my Swampert to have 3 Water HMs )

Pokémon Fire Red ( 2nd game and completed )
In game trade Jynx called ZYNX

Pokémon Unbound ( ROM hack of Fire Red but has a unique story and has all Pokémon from Generation 1 to 7, highly recommend, completed)

Main story team:
Mega Metagross ( the starters were Beldum, Gible and Larvitar. )
Walrein ( carried me a lot )
Speed Boost Blaziken
Rotom Mow

Battle Frontier team:

Pokémon Diamond ( 3rd game, was bored of grinding and quit )
Kadabra ( didn't have anyone to grind it )

Pokémon Insurgence ( another fan game, highly recommend but it has a darker story, 2nd gym )
Delta Bulbasaur ( Fairy/Psychic type )
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Still playing Pearl slowly and I'm about to challenge the 7th Gym. I have my full team now but a couple of the Pokemon still need to evolve and I'll hopefully evolve them soon after I get this 7th Badge. So my Pearl Team is:
- Torterra
- Murkrow (soon to be a Honchkrow, traded in as an Egg from my Heart Gold)
- Machamp
- Magmar (soon to be a Magmortar, traded in as a Magby Egg from my Heart Gold)
- Girafarig
- Milotic

I also started a Moon playthrough recently since I haven't played through any Alola game in almost 3 years and I actually never played Moon before since my preferred versions were Sun and Ultra Sun. I wanted to revisit the Alola region and use the only Alola starter that I never used before since it's my least favorite out of the three but I wanted to give it a chance in this playthrough and it's been working out fine for now. I "completed" the first Island and just arrived on the second Island. My Moon Team is:
- Brionne
- Pikachu
- Growlithe



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I beat Pokémon Black 2 earlier with this team:

Mienshao Lv 62
Metagross Lv 60
Volcarona Lv 61
Thundurus Lv 61
Landorus Lv 61
Palkia Lv 61

4/6 of this team came from the Dream Radar