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🎀 Merchandise Room deckout

Started by PokeCharles August 12th, 2019 4:26 PM
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Posted August 12th, 2019
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Wanted to get some ideas. Want to get my son's poketube some cool stuff in the background. Always liked led stuff but really only seeing the night lights out there. What do you guys like besides the normal posters, plush, wall stickers.

Sorry forgot to say thank you in advance :)
Hi everyone please come check me out! We do Giveaways from PSA Cards, and will do some other stuff as we get going!!


Thank you everyone for the kind words and wishes, Charles has put his heart and soul into this - it is my duty to support him and continue to help do what I can. :)


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Some ideas: Figures, blankets, pillows, wall scrolls/tapestries, unique things like the Pikachu portable battery charger.


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I always love seeing a YouTuber sit on their couch when filming, and the couch has tons of plush toys on it haha. Seen one with a decently-sized Snorlax taking up some space too, and that definitely catches your eye. A lot of people I know also have a large display case where they show off figures of their favorite characters, for another background type if they're not filming while sitting down or near the couch.

I did a brief Google search for "pokémon merch room" and got many results, so that can help give you ideas too!

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