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Old March 19th, 2013 (6:09 AM). Edited March 19th, 2013 by sqwat500.
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    ^Thanks Blazeaking

    The prequel takes place before genertion 5, so no Unova pokemon will be involved, and also before the movie Destiny Deoxys (or when ever you believe Deoxys first came to Earth.)

    The first person to tell me Why the title is "Eolas" gets a shout out.
    The first person to tell me why the Deoxys king's name is "King Felix" gets a shout out. (Two Reasons)


    The entire world was gone. The humans were extinct, the legendary Pokémon were exiled, and the remaining Pokémon were slaughtered. Mountains and valleys were flattened and filled, volcanoes were extinguished, and plant life was destroyed. This vast wasteland was inhabited by two creatures. Mewtwo- Earths failed protector, and Arceus- an unstoppable imperial force. The world Mewtwo had once loved and protected was gone. Having no further purpose in life, Mewtwo gave up, and entered a coma-like state, where he was nothing more than a statue. Mewtwo was thrown into deep space by Arceus, as a claiming act on his new land.
    Arceus’ first act was to re-populate the world with both humans and Pokémon with his own narcissistic twist. Every living creature worshiped him as a God, and Mewtwo as a demon. Next, Arceus hunted down each of the exiled legendary Pokémon, and used his powers to control each of their thoughts and actions, turning them into his own mindless slaves. The world remained in this state for five thousand years.
    “Hey! What’s this thing?”
    “What is what honey?”
    “Quick Mom quick come here!”
    “M..m..mommie Im scared”
    “Run inside right now and lock the door behind you. Go right now and call the police right away. I love you Zachy please go now”
    “But mommy I don’t wan”

    I awoke with no idea where I was. I quickly noticed that my left leg was severely injured and I was in no condition to move. I needed medical help as soon as I could possibly get it. My vision slowly came back to me as I opened my eyes to the bright outside. What I saw was no comfort. A tall, red and blue creature with four long tentacle like arms, long legs, and a strange purple sphere in its chest was standing over and observing me.
    “Who are you,” I asked in a scared tone as I quickly scurried away. As I moved, I severely irritated my leg and I screamed in intense pain.
    “BACK OFF IM WARNING YOU!” The creature screamed.
    “I come with no malicious intent” I said as calmly as I could, trying to defuse the situation.
    “Shut up and stay away! I’m warning you! The authorities are on their way to take care of you,” It screamed.
    “Please I need medical attention for my le” was all I was able to spit out before I was slapped across the face with a powerful tentacle, knocking me out.

    I woke up floating in a small glass tube filled with a strange fluid. I felt no more pain in my leg, and in fact I couldn’t feel any of my body. I saw three creatures that looked just like the creature I saw before. One turned, noticed I was awake, and hit a button on a panel. The glass that was encasing me disappeared, and the fluid was drained through a drain on the floor. The three walked over and surrounded me. Suddenly, their figures instantly changed into a bulky, arch-like form.
    “Don’t move,” One of them said.
    “Who are you? Where am I?” I questioned.
    “This is Nukleova, the home of our people, the Deoxys, “one replied.
    “I...I need to go back to my planet…I failed them and they need me”
    “No. Right now you need to rest and regain your strength”
    “I have no time I need to leave as soon as possib,” was all I was able to say as a loud crash sent shockwaves through the laboratory.
    “What the hell was that?” I asked. The three looked at each other, and one grabbed me.
    “What are you doing to me?” I asked as it placed me back into the glass tube.
    “We’re under attack,” was all I was told before the three flew away.
    My entire world was gone. I was a coward and watched as my friends, my brothers were slain in battle. Every man, woman, and child were mercilessly slaughtered by a massive green dragon with unmatchable power. I hid as I watched my people fall. Could I have been the difference in the battle? This regret will certainly live with me for the rest of my life, my meaningless life. I began to wonder what would drive such a powerful creature to wipe out a population. It took no resources, no technology, and no women. Suddenly a thought popped into my head. Ramon was telling me about how he had found a strange being and had brought it in for testing. The dragon may have been searching for its master. He had doomed my people.
    After what seemed like hours I saw another Deoxys going over to the panel with the button that released me from the glass. This one, however, was different. It was yellow and green instead of red and blue like the previous three had been. He hit the button, and released me. I went to thank him and ask what was going on, but before I could finish, it raised all four of its tentacles, and they began to glow a bright yellow. He began to rapidly punch me with all of them, sending electrical currents throughout my body, until I fell.
    “What are you doing? I mean no harm,” I said as I got up.
    “I’ll slowly kill you, and as you suffer, just as all of my people suffered,” it screeched, as it continued to punch me. I fell again in pain, but this time, I sent an incredibly powerful blast of psychic energy from my hand, knocking down the creature and breaking much of the laboratory equipment.
    “LISTEN TO ME,” I bellowed.
    “Alright, please, just don’t hurt me”
    “I’m not going to”
    “Then why did you send your dragon to kill my people”
    “My dragon?” I asked.
    “You killed all of my people”
    “They are all dead…BECAUSE OF YOU,” It screamed. It tried to get up, but winced in pain and fell again.
    “I can assure you, I own no dragon and I’m very sorry for your people,” I said. Suddenly, I began to think…Rayquaza.
    “Was this dragon green? With no legs and small arms?”
    “So it was yours!”
    “No. He was an old friend. But I have reason to assume he is being manipulated by a powerful enemy. We need to return to my planet and fast. Arceus is on a warpath. He will destroy the entire universe for his own power.”
    “Who is Arceus? Why is he doing this?” It asked.
    “Arceus is a powerful Pokémon that singlehandedly defeated the most powerful Pokémon from my planet. Obviously if he came after your planet he is not satisfied with ruling only one. I’m assuming he will have all the legendary Pokémon from my planet protecting him. Surely Rayquaza will be guarding the atmosphere for foreign threats so we need a way to get back faster than he will.”
    “We have created a teleporter…but it hasn’t been tested yet”
    “We need to use it”
    “The possible side effects are unknown”
    “I’m not asking you, I’m telling you. Where is it?” I said, threateningly raising my arm, charged with psychic power.
    “Fine. Its right over here he said, and walked over to a machine.
    “What galaxy?
    “Milky Way”
    “I’ve discovered your Sun. How many planets away?”
    “Third from the sun. So um…do you have a name?” I asked.
    “Yea. King Fel…No. Just Felix,” he replied. After a few moments, a purple portal was projected from the machine.
    “If this works, we will not be able to pick where we end up on your planet”
    “Fine. We need to hurry, let’s go,” I said, grabbing him, and pulling him through the portal with me.

    “Lord Arceus, I feel him on my land.”
    “Good. Capture him”
    “Yes, my lord.”


    I opened my eyes to the southing, familiar sights of Earth. I was standing at the base of a mountain, and suddenly, Felix appeared next to me.
    “Felix we did it. We made it”
    “Yes we did but now we need to find and defeat Arceus.” Suddenly, the ground beneath us disappeared, and we fell hundreds of feet before being caught by the ground again. Before we could fly up, the opening was quickly covered by more ground. We turned around, and saw all of the legendary Pokémon waiting for us.
    “We will never be able to defeat all of them, especially Arceus” I said.
    “You won’t have to. Kill him for me. My people.” Before I could respond Felix’s figure morphed. His legs became longer and skinnier, and two of his arms disappeared. A long, skinny fin protruded from the back of his head.
    “Hey idiots, come get me!” He screamed before taking off through a tunnel at a super speed. All the legendaries, besides Groudon, Regigigas, and Arceus, followed him. Having nothing with his henchmen, I raised my hands and blasted two powerful focus blasts at the two Pokémon, sending them back into the wall of the cave.
    “Ahh Mewtwo. The failed protector. Ready to lose to me by force this time?” Arceus activated its dread plate from his collection of plates stored on the structure connected to Arceus’ back and abdomen. Arceus sent out a flash, illuminating the cave, and temporarily blinding me. When my vision was restored, Arceus had vanished into the darkness. I readied my fists, with a frosty current running through them, and slowly spun around, ready to be attacked. Out of nowhere, Arceus blasted a powerful hyper beam into my back. I recovered quickly, and launched a thunderbolt from my hand, landing a direct hit on Arceus. We simultaneously sent out flamethrowers, and we both drained much of our energy trying to one-up the other, to no avail. My power gave out, and I was drained. Arceus, sensing my weakness, blasted a kill shot attempt in the form of a hyper beam. I was able to dodge the main blast, but the powerful beam grazed my shoulder. I fell to my knees, nearly defeated.
    “Ready for your final judgment?” Arceus asked before his eyes turned black. He stared into my eyes, and they turned black as well.
    We both entered a space like realm. Arceus floated in one corner, me in another. Arceus’ eyes grew darker, as did the arena. I dug deep into my mind, remembering all the people and Pokémon Arceus destroyed, as well as Felix and his people. Suddenly, I began to fight back and my eyes turned blue. Slowly but surely, the darkness was expelled, and replaced with a blue light, until the entire arena was glowing blue. My eyes opened even wider, and Arceus exploded.
    After the battle, I was returned to the real world, and Felix and the legendary Pokémon were there waiting for me.
    “I heard a loud noise, and ran in to see if you needed help. When I made it here, I was cornered by the legendary Pokémon. Right when it seemed I was done, they regained control of themselves,” Felix said.
    “Where’s Arceus?” Lugia asked.
    “I defeated him. He’s gone,” I said, and everyone rejoiced.
    We all returned to the surface, but what we noticed was awful. All the Pokémon and humans were dead.
    “This is truly awful. It must have been Arceus’ final evil act,” Regirock said.
    “This cannot be the end of Pokémon and humanity. This was our war to fight, and they were caught in the crosshairs. I think we can all agree that it is our duty to them to give them their own world, where they can thrive and live together with Pokémon without our problems bringing them down,” Uxie said.
    “Can such a thing be done, Uxie?” I asked.
    “Yes, but it will come at a great cost, our lives,” Uxie said.
    “We will do what it takes,” I responded.
    “Alright. I’ll need Dialga, Palkia, and Giratina,” Uxie said. The trio stepped up, and Uxie drained their powers, and in turn their life. Palkia’s power created space for this new world, Dialga’s power allowed time to flow there, and Giratina’s power created a reverse world, to stabilize the new world. The same thing happened with each of the other legendaries. Kyogre and Groudon created the Earth and sea. Mew allowed life to live and thrive on this new Earth. Manaphy graced the sea with life, and Shaymin did the same with the ground. Rayquaza gave the world an atmosphere, and Ho-Oh created a sun. Articuno, Zapdos, and Lugia brought snow, lightning, and rain, while Moltres brought fire. Regirock brought rocks, Regice created ice, and Registeel created metals. Regigigas created mountains, and Heatran created volcanoes. Cresselia and Darkrai brought dreams, and in turn nightmares. Celebi created plant life. Latias and Latios created gender, male and female. Raikou, Entei, and Suicune brought finesse, power, and elegance. Mesprit, Azelf, and Jirachi brought emotion, willpower, and hope.
    “Well… looks like we are done,” Uxie said.
    “No. I want to donate individuality,” Felix said.
    “Ok, then,” Uxie said.
    “I’ll give leadership,” I added. Uxie drained our powers, and put them into the world, ending our lives, our legacies.


    Uxie looked at the world, acknowledging all who made the greatest sacrifice for this world and the humans and Pokemon who will inhabit it.
    “Eolas” Uxie said before donating its own power, knowledge.


    Chapter One
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    Old March 19th, 2013 (6:10 AM).
    sqwat500 sqwat500 is offline
      Join Date: Feb 2011
      Gender: Male
      Posts: 19
      "Gentelf, the leaf pokemon.
      They are very shy and not outgoing pokemon. They are easy to manipulate. They never make decesions themselves, but instead look to someone else to make decesions for them."

      Thanks To Junglebook

      Troubleaf, the nuisance pokemon.
      "Upon evolution,Troubleaf became much more outgoing. They are very mischevious and always up to somthing. They play pranks on anyone, especially thoose who manipulated it in its pre-evolved form"

      Thanks to Mewstone

      "Hermashell, the recluse Pokemon. Hermashell is sincerly sorry for all the trouble it caused in its pre-evolved form. They usually just stay in their shell all day, with it's claws keeping it secure in the ground. However, they will always break up fights and put an end to trouble caused by other pokemon, especially thoose in its pre-evolved form. If it needs to escape from anything, its powerfull tail can catapult it up to 50 feet in the air."

      "Flamthera, The little tiger pokemon. They are very kind an loyal pokemon. They never declines a battle, but they secretly wish they were stronger so it could win more battles to please its master."
      Thanks to eeveegirl

      "Flambiz, the arm tiger Pokemon. Upon evoluion, Flamthera got its wish. However, only the upper portion of his body was buffed, and his lower body actually became weaker. This causes this pokemon to be slow and have a hunched back."
      Thanks to Junglebook

      "Flamthis, the fire tiger Pokemon. Upon evolution, Flamthis unlocks its maximum potential, as its arm and legs are now equally stong, making it a very powerfull Pokemon. In addition to powerfull legs, it gains a fiery tail, and sharp fangs. Despite the intimidating look, they are fiercy loyal to their trainers."
      Thanks to me (I actually like this one I did)

      "Aquachot, the snobby penguin Pokemon. always thinks it knows what is best, which can lead it to fail to listen to directions, especially from less experienced trainers.
      Thanks to eeveegirl

      Wasfurus, the sea horse Pokemon. Upon evolution, Aquachots snobbiness turns to jollyness, and it thrives to make people and Pokemon smile. is very loyal, and follows directions almost perfectly.
      Thanks to Outcast

      Marchaval, the loner water-horse Pokemon. Marchaval is very proud of its power, but is not boastful. They will never attack a weaker Pokemon, unless provoked. Marchaval most often tend to keep to themselves.
      Thanks to Junglebook

      Snorm, the snobby worm Pokemon. While usually quite snobby, Snorm will open up to people who gain it's trust. If it's trust is lost even once, it will be snobby to all, and never will trust others again.
      Spoint, the poison needle Pokemon. Upon evolution, this pokemon becomes almost completly dormant. It will not respond to anything, including it's trainer. However, if it senses danger, it will spin around so it's deadly toxic spikes stand between itself and the threat. Snorm evolves into Spoint if it trusts its trainer when it evolves.

      Curefly, the healing Pokemon. Curefly is a very cheerful Pokemon, giving happiness to all who gaze upon it. Its antena contain a poison antidote, cleansing all they touch.

      Poisoon, the poisonous pupa Pokemon. It spins itself and extra large cocoon to evolve, giving it space to move around inside. It defends itself with deadly claws with minds of their own that sence danger. It may occasionly be seen peering out the top of its cocoon. Snorm evolves into Poisoon if it does not trust its trainer when it evolves.
      Thanks to MFreak

      Killnet, the killer wasp Pokemon. Killnet is the souless ruler of it's habbitat, and controlls others by exploiting their fear of its deadly, razor sharp poison claws. Most die out before evolving, leaving only one in each area. However, if more than one are born in a single habbitat, they will embark on a vicious battle, until only one stands victorious.

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        reserved for poxedex (post 2)
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        Old March 19th, 2013 (6:15 AM).
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          Chapter One
          It’s been two weeks since the world has fallen. It started out simple- minor shakes, small forest fires, and short lightning storms. Then the tornado came. It was devastating, taking many lives and injuring even more. However, we assumed help was on its way. It never came. A small team of five, maybe six people went out for help. It never came.
          Most of us regained our sense of community-sharing the remaining food, shelter, and medical supplies. However, this sense of safety disappeared when the Killnet began to attack. The normally solitary Pokemon were attacking in swarms. Never before had there been a recorded attack by two or more Killnet- it was always one. To counter, Curefly, the natural counter to Killnet, were collected in nets and released when the Killnet came. While this tactic had worked when dealing with one Killnet, the swarm massacred the healing Pokemon. We simply had to succumb to the fact that when the swarm came, people died.
          The dwindling population was no match for the next test. A Massive earthquake ripped through our city, taking my parents, my brother, my sister, and I assume the rest of our population. How have I survived? Luck. Unbiased, unprejudiced, fair luck. But nothing was fair about this.
          This will be my final entry in this journal. I plan to travel north to the League, the most fortified place in Eolas where the old Pokemon trainers were. Pokemon training and battling was outlawed 25 years ago, by the five trainers resigning at the League. Pokemon were deemed “savage monsters” from then forth. They kept their own Pokemon, using the excuse that they were kept to “maintain the peace.” Hopefully things will be better there.

          I rolled up my note, and placed it on the ground. It had no value to me, but it may for someone else- a survivor who needs direction, or a scholar in the future studying our history. I had nothing else but the clothes on my back, a few berries I scavenged for, and a full water bottle in my backpack. I turned, and took a final view of my destroyed home town. I saw the remains of my house, my parent’s restaurant, and the rest of the debris that was once my city. I began to turn my head away when I saw something out of the corner of my eye. It was a small building, completely intact, that I had never seen before.
          I walked down the hill towards it, to investigate.
          “Time. Space. Reverse.” I read off the door. I was certain I had never seen this building before, but I reached for the doorknob and walked in.
          There was only one room, dimly lit by an overhead lamp. Beneath it stood a wooden table, and resting on this table was six spherical balls and a pocket-sized, computer-like device. While I’ve never seen these things before, I know exactly what they are from school- six Pokeballs and a Pokedex. The trainers at the League had every Pokeball burned, and Pokedexs were discontinued and outlawed. Suddenly, there was a crash, and one of the walls disappeared. The building started spinning rapidly, and I was able, thanks to the missing wall, dive out. I looked back, and the building disappeared, and I had narrowly escaped going along with it. Remembering what I saw in the building, I reached my hand into my pocket.

          This iss shorter than a normal chapter will be
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