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    Hello everyone, this is where I'm going to upload the Kanto Journeys. Please tell me what you think about it and give me tips if you can.

    For everyone's convenience, links to all chapters:

    1. The five friends

    It was the first of April, 3258. The sun was shining through the leaves of the forest near Route 1, and a fresh breeze blew between its numerous trees. The last few raindrops from the downpour the other day fell off the lowest-hanging leaves of the trees, when a horde of wild Rattata dashed through the woods, accompanied by a bunch of Machop and Geodude. They were expelling two young boys out of their territory.

    One of the two children was named Brown, “Watch out! They are way faster than we thought.”

    The name of the other boy was Zane, “I noted that myself. Where is Red?”

    “I don’t know, can’t see Blue anywhere either," Brown replied. “By the way, I think we lost those Pokémon, maybe we’re out of their area.”

    Zane and Brown paused at a group of trees. Earlier that day, they were strolling through the woods with two other friends, when they ran into a group of wild Rattata. The Pokémon thought they were enemies, so they instantly called for help and started attacking the kids. The four friends ran away as swiftly as they possibly could, but Zane and Brown lost the other two during their escapement.

    “Where could they have gone off to?” Zane wondered while he started walking again. “They were with us just five minutes ago.”

    Brown followed him, “I hope they found their way back to Pallet Town.”

    “I told you this was a bad idea, we should have just waited for the professor to give us our own Pokémon. Going out in the wild to catch one ourselves is the worst idea ever, but the two of you simply had to go farther than we were allowed to. Who knows where we are now?”

    Zane was interrupted by a voice not so far behind them, “Dratini! Use Thunder Wave to slow them down!” The two friends looked around.

    “Who was that?” Brown asked.

    “I think I recognize that voice,” Zane stated, “isn’t that Grey?”

    “Now, use Wrap!”

    Starting to run again and with a hopeful look on his face, Zane exclaimed, “That is definitely Grey!”

    “You’re right,” Brown shouted back, following his friend, “let’s go and find him.”

    But another voice stopped them, “Brown, Zane, hold up! We are here!”

    Someone with brown hair and a red cap came walking toward them from out of the shrubbery.

    It was Brown who recognized him, “Red? Is that you?”

    “Yes,” was the response he got. “And Blue is with me.”

    Because his friends had been running around when Zane and Brown were taking a break, Zane tried to convince Red and Blue to take a rest, but Blue refused, “That voice just now, it was Grey, so we have to hurry. He does actually have his own Pokémon, so we’ll be safe when we get to him.”

    Brown and Red both agreed with him, so Zane could do nothing but follow them in the direction of Grey’s voice.

    “There you are, what in the world were you thinking!” Grey shouted. “Going out in the wild without any Pokémon, now you’ve angered all those wild Pokémon. Dratini can only use Leer, Thunder Wave, and Wrap. The Machop and Rattata won’t be that difficult to defeat, but the Geodude are resistant to Wrap, and Thunder Wave won’t affect them at all.”

    Suddenly the expression on his face changed from anger to fear, “Brown, look out!” A Machop tried to kick Brown, but thanks to Grey’s warning, Brown was able to jump aside to avoid the attack.

    “That was Low Kick,” Grey explained. “All of these Machop probably know that attack. It does more damage on an opponent that weighs more than the user, so we should watch out for that since we’re all much heavier than a Machop.”

    Red was also nearly hit by a Machop, while Blue and Zane ducked down just in time to avoid two Geodude.

    Grey was still battling the wild Pokémon, but there was something his Dratini hadn't learned yet, on which Grey corrected him, “Dratini! Use Thunder Wave on the Machop and Rattata only, it won’t have any effect on the Geodude. Try to not get yourself hurt!”

    After a while, all the Rattata fled and most of the Machop were defeated, but the Geodude had noticed that Dratini didn’t attack them, so they started attacking Dratini, instead of defending themselves. Dratini apparently began to get exhausted, his movements were slower than before, and his attacks seemed to do even less damage than normal.

    Grey noticed it and asked for help, “One of you, try to capture a Geodude and give me a hand!”

    Red was the first one to grab a Poké Ball out of his bag and throw it at a Geodude, but the Pokémon broke out right away and continued its attacks on Dratini, which frustrated Grey, “It won’t work when you try to catch a healthy Pokémon. Of course it will break out! Throw a Poké Ball at one that is already damaged, they are easier to capture.”

    Brown was the next one to throw a Poké Ball, but he followed his friend’s advice and threw it at the Geodude that just took an attack from Dratini. The Poké Ball hit the Pokémon and turned it into its energy state, making it able to fit inside the Poké Ball, which closed afterward. It shook a few times, but then it definitely closed.

    “I did it! I caught a Geodude!” Brown shouted, but at that exact moment, Grey’s Dratini got hit by another attack from a Machop and fainted.

    “Now is not the time to celebrate your first capture,” Grey said, "send it out, or the other Pokémon will start focusing on us!”

    “Okay then,” Brown nervously said. “Go Geodude! Use Tackle!”

    A few minutes later, when Brown successfully defeated the remaining Pokémon, Zane noticed something else, “An earthquake!”

    “This isn’t a typical earthquake,” Grey claimed, “this one is caused by a Pokémon, but definitely not by a Geodude, they are too weak to do this. I guess this is the work of either a Graveler or a Dugtrio, maybe even a Rhyhorn.”

    “Well, I’m not waiting to find that out, we should get away from here as fast as we can,” said Red, unintentionally giving Blue an opportunity to mock him.

    Blue took his chance, ignoring the warning on Zane’s face, “What’s that Red, are you scared?"

    Zane reacted to that before Red could, “Stop that Blue, you know we all are afraid, you too. For all we know there is a Rhyhorn charging at us right now.”

    “Or it is just a Diglett.”

    “You don’t know that.”

    “Neither do you.”

    “Zane! Blue! Stop arguing, we don’t have time for that,” Grey said. “I think Red is right, we have to go, now.”

    “Too late, it is almost here,” Red looked scared. “I can hear it pushing the trees aside.”

    Grey was already running towards a hiding place, “Get into the bushes!”

    They all hid and waited until a ball of green, plated rocks rolled over the place where the five boys stood a few seconds ago. The ball stopped rolling when two arms and two legs of clay came out of it. After the wild Pokémon had stamped its feet on the ground to cause another earthquake, it looked around to find anyone hiding anywhere. Zane and his friends cursed when they realized that it was a Golem. The Golem was accompanied by lots of Geodude and Graveler, they were helping their leader in its search for the people who had dared to capture their congener.

    “They’re going to find us,” Brown whispered, “we have to run!”

    Grey didn’t agree, “If we move, they’ll see us and attack immediately, that won’t work.”

    “But if we stay here, they’ll find us,” Blue whispered, “that won’t be any better. If we run, we might actually have a chance.”

    Zane wanted to react, but suddenly, a new voice distracted them and the wild Pokémon, “Hey you, Golem, take this! Pinsir, use Focus Punch. Arcanine, prepare for Solar Beam!”

    It was a trainer, trying to defeat the Golem and its companions. A Graveler ran towards the Pinsir to break its focus but was pushed away by another Pokémon.

    “Well done Poliwrath! Keep using Low Sweep to protect Pinsir!”

    The man ran towards the bushes where Zane and his friends were hiding, “You guys, come with me, those Pokémon are now focussed on my Pokémon, but they can’t keep those Rock Types busy for much more than a minute or two.”

    The five friends followed him, without thinking about who the man was or how he knew they were hiding in the bushes, but only about getting away from the Golem as fast as they could.

    “I think we’re safe,” said the man. “We can stop running.”

    The six stayed on an open field so that there was enough place to run to for if the Golem found them again. Zane got his first good look at their rescuer, he was a middle-aged man with black hair and a long, brown coat.

    “So, let me start by asking you for your names," the man said. "Let’s begin with you there, the black-haired one.”

    “Brown. My name is Brown.”

    “Okay, I’ll try to remember. What about you, the brown-haired boy?”

    “My name is Zane, sir.”

    “Don't call me sir, that makes me feel old," the man laughed. "Now you over there, the white-haired guy.”

    “The name’s Grey.”

    “And you there, with the orange hair?”

    “Why would I tell you my name?” Blue asked, “I don’t even know yours.”

    The others looked at him with anger clearly in their eyes, but the man remained calm, “Apart from the fact that I probably saved your lives a minute ago, you do indeed have no reason to trust me. I won’t tell you my real name, for I am the only one who knows it, but I have been given a codename, 100 KR. My job is to protect the Kantonian people from any danger, like that Golem with its aides. We have reasons to believe that someone or a group of people is setting some incredibly powerful Pokémon loose around the main towns and cities in Kanto. I can’t tell you anything else about it yet, it’s classified information.”

    At that moment, the bushes behind them started rustling, and a Pokémon jumped out of it.

    “Don’t worry, it’s just a Raticate,” 100 KR said. “My Pokémon haven’t returned yet, so you there, Grey, could you use your Dratini to defeat it?”

    “No, sorry, it fainted.”

    “What about the Geodude? I saw a Geodude battle against the other wild Pokémon, my guess is that one of you caught it.”

    “I did,” Brown said, “but it is too weak to battle.”

    “Wait a second,” 100 KR said, while he reached into one of the pockets of his coat, “if I recall correctly, I still have some Potions with me.” He pulled a small spray bottle with a purple liquid in it, "here it is, let me see that Geodude of yours."

    Brown sent out Geodude, and 100 KR sprayed the Potion on the Pokémon. Geodude seemed completely fine again afterward, so Brown told it to use Tackle to defeat the Raticate.

    “Guys,” Red started, “um, there ... there's a flock of Spearow flying towards us, and they don’t look friendly.”

    “We have to run again,” said 100 KR, “now!”

    While trying to escape the Pokémon, Zane noticed that there weren’t only Spearow, but also Pidgey and Beedrill trying to get to them.

    Grey saw it too, “We have to go back into the forest, those Pokémon won’t be able to attack us there.” But as they ran through the woods, they were chased by other Pokémon.

    “What have you done to anger all those Pokémon?” 100KR asked, but before anyone could answer him, they noticed something was approaching them from the direction they were running into, but there was no time left to turn around. They waited in terror to see which Pokémon would appear, but there wasn’t any reason to. It, or rather they, were the three Pokémon that 100 KR used to defeat Golem.

    “Good,” he said, “I need you to attack those wild Pokémon, Poliwrath takes care of the Geodude, Arcanine attacks the Paras and Bellsprout, and Pinsir takes on the Nidoran. You five should run now, maybe we’ll meet again, but for now, goodbye.”

    “Good luck,” Zane shouted back, after which the friends ran away.

    When they were finally nearing the main route, Brown said, “Okay Grey, I must admit, that was indeed a terrible idea. Sorry.”

    His three years older friend ignored his apology, “I’m glad we got out of there unharmed. If it weren't for 100 KR, those Geodude and Graveler would’ve found us. Do you think we will actually ever see him again?”

    “I hope so, maybe I can challenge him to a battle if I have my own Pokémon by then," Blue responded.

    “Is that seriously everything you can think about right now?” Red replied.

    “At least I know how to battle.”

    Grey interrupted them, “Could you not deride Red with everything he says, you’d not only get on his nerves but also on mine and probably Zane’s and Brown’s too.”

    Everyone was silent after this, but Zane dared to break the silence a few minutes later, “Do you think 100 KR was right about that Golem?”

    “How do you mean, exactly?” Grey asked.

    “Well,” Zane explained, “he said that he thought there was someone who set Pokémon like that Golem loose, do you think that his theory is correct?”

    “I believe that they just escaped from the dangerous places around the region, like Victory Road and the deeper caves of Mt. Moon,” said Brown.

    Red thought something else, “If they escaped from those places, I think the guards would’ve noticed them. The Cinnabar Volcano, Cerulean Cave, all of them have guards to warn the people if a Pokémon escaped. I think 100 KR was right.”

    “Are you really that ignorant, those guards are never paying attention, they’re too lazy to. Kinda reminds me of you, Red.”

    Blue looked at Red to see how angry he’d get, but before he could react, Grey interrupted, “How would you know that? You have never even gone farther than Viridian City. I think it's better when the two of you don't say anything, that way, there won't be any more arguments between you.”

    Red and Blue didn’t say a word the rest of the path, like Grey told them to, while the other three were talking about things like what other Pokémon could’ve been encountered by 100 KR, who he worked for and stuff like that. At some point during their conversation, the subject under discussion became their favorite Pokémon.

    It was Brown who started, “No doubt about it, Poliwrath is my favorite. You know what it looks like, right?”

    Zane and Grey nodded, so Brown continued, “Almost its whole body is made of muscles, I am sure that it can beat the best human swimmer in the world without even a tiny bit of trouble.”

    “That is right,” Grey said, “but I still like Arcanine more. If I ever encounter a Growlithe, I will definitely catch it and then evolve it as quickly as possible. Just listen to this, Arcanine can run 6,200 miles in only one day and one night, nothing can beat that. Zane, which one is your favorite?”

    “I think it’s Rhydon, its hide can protect it from lava, and its horn can even drill through diamond.”

    Zane wanted to further explain his choice, but Brown interrupted him because they had reached the end of the forest, “It looks like we’ve found the main Route back, so I’ll have to leave you. Bis bald.” The others told him goodbye, and Brown went to Viridian City, to the north, while the other four went southward to Pallet Town.

    Zane and Grey talked for a few more minutes, but when they fell silent, it was Blue who decided to talk again, “I think Blastoise is the best of them all.”

    “Oh, he can also talk, I almost forgot,” Zane joked. “What about you Red? Which one is your favorite?”

    “UH, i suppose Charizard, it just looks amazing.”

    “And it is, of course, weak to Blas..” that was the straw that broke the camel’s back, Grey exploded, “Don’t even think about saying that! You know that will start another argument between the two of you, and you’ve already had too many of them! Now don’t you dare to say anything else, or I’ll tell your grandfather about this!”

    The last bit of the route was completely silent because Grey was too exasperated to talk, Blue was too afraid to, and Zane and Red didn’t want to aggravate the situation. Back in Pallet Town, Red and Blue went their own ways to their homes, in the northern part of the town, and the other two walked farther down south.

    As they were walking the last few steps towards the crossing, Zane finally said something to Grey, “Those two really detest each other, don’t they.”

    “They definitely do, but there’s nothing we can do about it.”

    “I guess you’re right.”
    Suddenly, they heard a voice behind them, “Smarty, there you are, and Patters too!”

    “I still hate that nickname, Smarty," Grey complained, after which he turned to his sister. "Yellow, you are just coming back from Green’s, aren’t you?”

    “Yes, Kiki was there too, we’ve spent the day on the playground near the Professor’s Lab. How about you?”

    Both boys knew that Kiki was the nickname Yellow gave to Kiara, Zane's twin sister.

    Grey told his sister that he’d tell her about his day at dinner when their parents could also listen to it so that he could say goodbye to Zane, “I’ll see you tomorrow, but we are not going into the forest anymore.”

    “I fully agree on that. Adieu!”

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        2. The dream

        As Zane stepped into the living room, he made his mother Petra aware of his return: “Hi mom! I’m home!”

        But she wasn’t the one who responded: “Zane, finally, what took you so long?”

        “Hey, Kiara. I was caught up in one of Brown’s wild plans.”

        Kiara, Zane’s twin sister, walked into the chamber. “What happened?”

        “I’ll tell when mom and dad are here too, I don’t want to tell the whole story over and over. How about your day? I understood you spent it together with Green and Yellow.”

        “Yes, it was fun. There was a trainer from Cinnabar Island who showed us his Farfetch’d. Green chatted with him afterward, I think she likes him. Let's just say it wouldn't surprise me if she does, she always likes brown hair." Zane knew that because Green once had a crush on him and Red, both have brown hair.

        Kiara continued her story: "Mum came to take me home before they finished talking, so I don’t know how it ended between those two.”

        “Something else I should be aware of?” Zane asked.


        “I think I’ll go to my room then, there is something I need to do for Red.”

        “Okay, suppose I'm going to my room too then. See you at dinner.”


        On the way to his room, Zane walked past his brother’s room.

        ‘I wonder where Nick is now,’ he thought, ‘how many Pokémon and badges will he already have?’

        He continued to his own room, where he started thinking about a birthday present for Red.

        ‘He finally turns ten in two days, let’s see…’

        In the evening, Zane and Kiara went to the dining room after their mother called them downstairs. She and her Chansey were already dishing up the Celadon soup, which contained leaves of an Oddish and Pinsir pincers. When Zane entered the room, he heard his father, Orion, closing the door after returning from his work. He works as a chief executive for the Silph Company in Viridian City.

        “Good evening everyone!” Orion shouted, “I’ll be there in a moment!”

        When everyone finally sat down at the table, Kiara instantly asked Zane for his story.

        “What story?” Orion asked, “what did I miss?”

        “Well,” Zane started, “Blue and Brown thought it would be a fun idea to go into the forest next to Route 1, but Red and I both knew it was a bad idea. As soon as we got there, we were attacked by a group of wild Rattata, followed by a group of Geodude and Machop. Grey was also in the forest and managed to get us out of there, but then something else happened.”

        “What happened?” Kiara asked. Zane told the whole story about the Golem and 100 KR.

        “Interesting,” Orion started, “I don’t think wild Golems appear anywhere outside of the dangerous locations. That man was probably right.”

        “That was what we thought too, except for Blue, but you know Blue. Anyway, what about your day, dad?”

        Orion told about his work and about the phone call he got. He was invited to a meeting for all the Gym Leaders of the region, current and former. Orion was once the Gym Leader of Celadon City, specializing in Flying-Type Pokémon. Strong against Bug, Grass, and Fighting, but weak against Electric, Rock, and Ice. His main Pokémon was a Pidgeot, holding the Pidgeotite, which made it able to Mega Evolve. He gave his position away to Erika, who specializes in Grass-Types.

        “That’s enough talking for now,” Petra said. “I didn’t heat the soup just for you to let it get cold.”

        After the meal, Kiara went back to her room, but Zane stayed downstairs because Orion had something to tell him. He showed Zane an envelope: “Something else happened today at work, I received this message, addressed to us. It is from Nick.” Zane grabbed the envelope out of his father’s hand, opened it and started reading the letter:

        Dear mom, dad, Zane and Kiara,

        How have you been?
        I defeated Erika, Celadon’s Gym Leader. I now have five Badges, because I also already earned the Cascade Badge in Cerulean City.

        My team also changed a bit, I caught a Magmar and an Electabuzz and my Slowpoke evolved into Slowbro. I deposited my Krabby because I already have Lapras and Slowbro on my team. Dratini and Hitmonlee are still in my party, and I don’t think I will change anything about this team anymore, except for of course evolving Dratini.

        I am now heading for Vermilion City to challenge Lt. Surge for the Thunder Badge.

        Kind regards,

        “Five badges already,” Zane exclaimed, “and he’s only been away for about four months.”

        “That is pretty impressive,” Orion admitted. “His team is also great like this. Lapras, Electabuzz, Magmar, Hitmonlee, Slowbro and Dratini, which will become a Dragonite. If he is challenging Lt. Surge’s Gym, he’ll probably use Dratini and Electabuzz a lot, as those are the only two resistant to Electric-Type attacks.”

        “That’s true, but Lt. Surge’s Electric Types are also resistant against Electabuzz’s Electric attacks,” Zane said.

        “You’re right, and I don’t think Dratini has any strong moves yet, seen as it is very hard to train."

        "Which means he has probably taught Earthquake to Hitmonlee. Slowbro could also learn that attack, but since Slowbro would be weak against those Electric attacks, I think he’ll use Hitmonlee the most.”

        They talked for a bit more, but after about half an hour Zane went back to his room.

        When he was in his room, Zane thought about Red's birthday present some more. Remembering their conversation earlier that day, he came to the idea of giving him a Charizard-doll, it is Red’s favorite Pokémon after all. He decided on going to the Poké Mart in Viridian City to buy one the next day. After he took a shower and brushed his teeth, he went to bed. He read a book before he went to sleep. It was the story about the Pokémon Trainer who wanted to create a challenge for other trainers to become stronger, that way he became the world’s very first Gym Leader. After he had read the chapter about the Trainer searching for other people to help him create the Pokémon League, he went to sleep and started dreaming almost immediately:

        A man could be heard in the forest, yelling to his three Pokémon, wanting them to attack the wild Golem. The man ran towards the bushes and shouted to the five young boys hiding there, they started running immediately, while the man brought them to an open field.
        ‘That was earlier today,’ Zane thought, ‘but the people looked kind of blurry, and those Pokémon looked kind of blurry. If I hadn’t been there, I wouldn’t have guessed which ones they were.’

        … ‘Now everything is blurry. Wait, there's a light in the distance, it's getting bigger, I can see something.’ ...

        Two boys were shouting to each other. The first one was running towards a wild Pokémon, from which the other one was running away. The first one sent out his two Pokémon, the other stopped yelling and ran away. The two Pokémon attacked the wild one, listening to what their trainer told them to do.
        ‘Isn’t this Viridian City?' Zane thought. 'This place does remind me of it, but it just looks different. Which Pokémon were that anyway, could they have been Grey's or Brown's?’

        … ‘It's getting blurry again, what is this? There, another light, let's see.’ ...

        The five boys were whispering to each other, they were hiding from another wild Pokémon, but they had a plan. The shelter they were hiding in was ripped away by the Pokémon they were hiding for. All five sent out their Pokémon, telling them to attack their opponent. The five boys stood next to each other and kept shouting.
        ‘They were the five of us, definitely, but we all sent out our own Pokémon, so will Red, Blue and I have a Pokémon for ourselves?’

        … ‘Could this mean that it was me who sent out those two Pokémon in Viridian City?’ ...

        A young boy and a man from about ten years older were running away from the Pokémon that was charging at them, but the Pokémon grabbed the older man. The boy turned around and wanted to tell his Pokémon to attack, but the man had a Pokémon himself. His Pokémon attacked and caused the wild one to let the man loose.
        ‘So that was probably me and someone else I don't know yet.’

        … ‘Wait, this reminds me of something!’ ...

        Two Pokémon were standing in the middle of the city, apparently surrounding two people. A large man attacked the two Pokémon with his own to give the two boys a chance to escape, but after they had escaped, they helped the man defeat the two wild Pokémon. They were no match for three trainers, so they were easily defeated.
        ‘That man is really tall, he is about twice my height, I think.’

        ... ‘And blurriness again, where will I end up now?’ ...

        The Pokémon inside the tower had duplicated itself so that the two boys couldn’t see which one the real one was. The first one panicked and tried to hide behind the other one, but the other one told his scared friend to help him. He had told his Pokémon to attack as much Pokémon as they could to identify the real one, but the scared boy didn’t do anything, so the other boy told his friend to do the same as he did.
        ‘A Pokémon that can duplicate itself, so that’s probably Alakazam, but what would that Pokémon be doing inside a tower?’

        … ‘Now I know, this reminds me of 100 KR's theory. Strong Pokémon attacking all cities and towns, so that was probably the Pokémon Tower in Lavender Town.’ ...

        Three boys were hiding in a small building, just big enough to fit all three of them inside. They were talking to each other while hiding for yet another powerful wild Pokémon. All three of them looked scared and sat there for more than ten minutes until the earth trembled. The three went out of their hiding place, just in time the roof of the place they stood in a moment ago collapsing and the Pokémon standing in the now demolished room.
        ‘Which Pokémon can make us so scared to make us hide? It must be a pretty heavy Pokémon since it basically just went right through the roof of a building.’

        … ‘I have no clue as to which city or town that was, almost all of them have tiny shelters, so that doesn't give me any clue.’ ...

        A girl was lying on the ground with a deep wound on her arm, a boy stood next to her together with his Pokémon to protect her, but there wasn’t anything to protect her from. The trainer kept on talking to his Pokémon, probably telling to stay alerted, but what for? There it was! A small flash of light in the air! It wasn’t much, but enough for the Trainer to let his Pokémon attack. As soon as one of the Pokémon bounced against something in the air, the invisible thing tripped and was revealed to be a wild Pokémon.
        ‘That could also have been an Alakazam, but who was that girl?’

        … ‘This is definitely what 100 KR meant, this was the eighth one, and there are ten cities and towns in Kanto.’ ...

        The five boys from before all stood together to attack another one of those incredibly powerful wild Pokémon. All of them had sent out one of their Pokémon, but the wild Pokémon wasn’t alone either. The five boys shouted for their Pokémon to use their strongest attack at the same time, but the companions of the wild Pokémon also attacked together with their leader. When they clashed, it was clear that the five friends were at a disadvantage.
        ‘This place looks really familiar, isn’t this Pallet Town? Then that wild Pokémon is probably the Golem from the forest.’

        … ‘So 100 KR's Pokémon didn't manage to defeat that Golem, then what happened?’ ...

        The girl from before stood in the middle of a gigantic city, together with the boy who protected her earlier and the Pokémon of them both. They were looking at the three Pokémon that were flying around above the city, attacking the citizens and beating against the building, trying to devastate them. The two children went into two different directions and tried to attack the Pokémon that were still busy destroying the city.
        ‘That is a gigantic city, probably Saffron City.’

        … ‘This means nine of the cities and towns, I suppose Cinnabar Island is left. There's the light in the distance, here I go.’ ...

        The same two children again, but this time in a forest. They were waiting for someone or something. While they were waiting and talking to each other, two Pokémon came flying towards them with their Trainers on their backs. The boy on the ground ran towards them and told them his plan after they landed. After he had finished explaining, he and the girl went to the south, while the other two boys went north.
        ‘That definitely wasn't Cinnabar Island. As far as I know, there aren't any forests there.’

        … ‘I think Cinnabar is up next then, let's go!’

        This time, there was only the boy, nobody else. There was a laboratory, a gym, and a few other buildings, including an old-looking house. In the background, there was the imposing shape of a volcano. All the people who would normally help the boy were trapped in the old mansion, his four friends, the girl, the Gym Leader. The boy was thinking, with the roar of a wild Pokémon in the background. The roars got louder, implying that the Pokémon was getting closer to him. Suddenly, the boy jumped up and sent out all six Pokémon he had with him. All of his Pokémon attacked their wild opponent, and the boy ran towards the old house with a key in his hand.
        ‘This was definitely Cinnabar Island, there aren't any other places with a volcano in Kanto.’

        ... ‘That means I've been to all cities, and I don't see any light in the distance, so this is probably the end of the dream.’

        “Zane! Wake up! You’re going to be late!”
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          3. Professor Oak

          Zane got out of his bed, put on his clothes and ate his breakfast, a slice of bread with a jam made of Cheri Berries, and a glass of Moomoo Milk to drink. Afterward, he brushed his teeth, packed his bag and left for school together with Kiara. If you want to call it a school, that is. The ‘school’ only had eight students and one teacher, and there was only one lesson in a week because the teacher spent most of his time researching Pokémon. When Zane entered the building, he saw he was indeed late, he and Kiara were the only two who weren’t there yet.

          “Well, Zane and Kiara, you’re a little late, don’t you think.” It was the teacher, Samuel Oak, better known as Kanto’s very own Pokémon Professor.

          “Take your seats, I was about to start with the lesson.”

          Zane sat down next to Red, while Kiara went to the table where Green was waiting for her. Professor Oak was the grandfather of Blue and Green.

          “I checked your tests from last week, it went pretty well, for the most of you. Red, seven mistakes, well done. Green, twelve mistakes. Grey, congratulations, zero mistakes. Kiara, twelve mistakes, you just need to study more, I know you pay enough attention in class, but you have to do things at home too. Blue, it’s the exact opposite for you, you do nothing at all here, but I know you give it your best at home, fourteen mistakes. Yellow, one mistake. Zane, four mistakes. Brown, you didn’t do anything at home or here, you got 57 points, which means you made 481 mistakes. We spent three whole years preparing for this test, did you learn absolutely nothing?”

          Professor Oak looked infuriated, but Brown wasn’t looking back, as he was too ashamed to.

          “I’ll talk to you about this later,” Oak said. “Anyway, I know Red’s birthday is tomorrow, so I want all of you to come here tomorrow too. I will have a very special birthday present for him.”

          “But we didn’t we get any, so why would he get one?” Brown asked.

          “You’ll see tomorrow, believe me. But today, I want to tell you about something I haven’t taught you about yet: the Pokémon League. Does anyone here know what it is?”

          Zane put up is hand immediately, but Oak said that he would tell it himself: “I know your father was also a Gym Leader, but I also know you don’t fully understand what it actually is. The Pokémon League exists of eight Gym Leaders, each of them specializing in one of the eighteen types. Each gym is located in a different city across the region. There’s Brock of Pewter City, who uses Rock Types, Misty in Cerulean City, specializing in Water Types, Da... Lt. Surge with his Electric Types in Vermilion City, Erika of the Grass Types, whose gym is located in Celadon City, she is Orion’s successor. Then in Saffron City, Sabrina with Psychic Types, Koga in Fuchsia City, using Poison Types, and on Cinnabar Island there’s Blaine, a good friend of mine, he specializes in the Fire-Type. There is also a Gym Leader in Viridian City, but nobody knows who he is or in what type he specializes.”

          “I heard from my father that he is Giovanni’s successor,” Zane said.

          “That’s right, but did anyone here know that Giovanni on his turn was my successor?”

          “What?” All of the children looked surprised, none of them even knew that the Professor was a Gym Leader once.

          “I was a Gym Leader in Viridian City, specializing in Normal-Type Pokémon. My signature Pokémon was Kangaskhan. If one of you wishes to challenge me to a battle, you should at least participate in the League Competition. Looking at your faces, I think I’ll need to explain what that is. If a trainer manages to beat all eight Gym Leaders, they can participate in the League Competition, a competition that takes place every seven years in which all the trainers who defeated the eight Gym Leaders fight against each other to see who is Kanto’s strongest trainer. You can register for the Pokémon League in any Pokémon Center, as long as you are at least ten years old and have at least one Pokémon. Does anyone have a question about the Pokémon League?”

          Yellow did, “If the Viridian Gym Leader doesn’t battle anyone, how can a trainer still obtain all eight badges?”

          “Good question,” Oak said. “The bosses of the Pokémon League, known as the Elite Four, are thinking about a solution for that. So I can’t give you the answer to that at the moment.”

          Blue also had a question, “Those Elite Four, who are they?”

          Oak’s response: “The four most powerful trainers of Kanto, probably even stronger than most of the League Competition winners. They all use a particular type, but no one except for them knows which ones.”

          There were no questions left, so Oak ended the lesson and told everyone one last time to really come to his lab the next day.

          When Zane walked out of the door, Grey walked towards him: “Hey Zane. Can you come over to my house, there’s something I need to tell you.”

          “No, sorry, I need to go to Viridian City to get a birthday present for Red, but I’ll go to your house when I’m back here, okay?”

          “Okay, then I’ll see you in a few minutes.”

          “See you then,” Zane said. After that, he walked north together with Brown.

          While they were walking through Route 1, Brown started talking to Zane: “I’ll prove to that old man that knowledge is not needed for a good trainer.”

          “Brown, you shouldn’t be so angry. That same old man has tried to teach you a lot in the past few years.”

          “But he thinks that all it takes to be a good trainer is knowing things. He said that if a person wants to register themselves for the League, they have to be at least ten years old and have at least one Pokémon. I meet both those requirements so I could register myself if I wanted to.”

          “You could, but you have to come tomorrow to see Red’s birthday present.”

          “That’s something else that bothers me. Why does he get a birthday present and we don’t? Haven’t you thought about that?”

          “Of course I have, but certainly there is a reason for that.”

          “And the reason is that he likes Red more than us, so he gets something for his birthday, and we should just watch him get it.”

          “You shouldn’t think like that, of course he likes us too, you should just wait.”

          “He likes you, that’s right, but he doesn’t like me at all. He thinks I’m dumb, a fool.”

          “No, he definitely doesn’t. Just come tomorrow.”

          “Yeah, sure, but after that, I will leave.”

          “Who knows.”

          They continued walking towards the gate towards Viridian City in silence. When they arrived there, Zane said goodbye to Brown and went to the Poké Mart.

          A Poké Mart is a big shop, selling products like the Charizard doll Zane was looking for, but also items for Trainers, like Poké Balls, Potions and Repels. While Zane was looking for a Charizard doll, he also noticed some other dolls, some that looked like a Venusaur or a Blastoise, a Charmander or a Graveler or just a Rattata.

          ‘There it is,' he thought. 'There’s only one left. Looks like I’m lucky today.’

          But right as he picked it from the shelf, someone shouted: “Please wait! I want to have that Charizard doll!” Zane turned around to see who was talking to him, it was a little boy with dark blue hair, he looked really desperate.

          “I want that Charizard doll,” he repeated. “You can’t have it, it’s mine!”

          “I’m sorry,” Zane said, “but I got it first. You should look for another Pokémon because this one is for my friend.” The boy looked like he was furious and started shouting.

          ‘Why me? Why is it always me?’ Zane thought to himself. Luckily, an employee walked towards Zane and the boy to ask what the problem was.

          Before Zane could answer, the boy started shouting: “This mean boy stole that Charizard doll from me! It’s mine!”

          “That’s not what happened at all,” Zane reacted. “I took the toy from the shelf, and he comes running to me yelling like his life was about to end.”

          “Just wait here, I’ll go look for another one of those, I think we still got one in the storage,” said the employee and he walked away. In the time they were waiting, none of the two said anything to the other. When the employee finally came back, he had another Charizard doll in his hand. He gave it to the boy, after which he apologized to Zane for the inconvenience, while the kid ran to his mother.

          Zane walked to the counter to pay for the doll, but when he was about to leave, the cashier, an old, bald man, stopped him: “You’re from Pallet Town, right?” Zane nodded.

          “Great, could you please deliver this to Professor Oak? It’s a package he ordered a few days ago.”

          “Sure,” Zane said, “no problem.”

          “You know, I’ll give you that Charizard doll for free because of your kindness.”

          “Okay, thank you.”

          “You don’t have to thank me, as long as you deliver that to the Professor.”

          “I’ll do.” Zane went through the exit of the Mart and back to Pallet Town.

          When he came back in Pallet Town, he took the first path to the left to go to Professor Oak’s Lab, where he did most of his research. When he walked through the door, he noticed that the lab was almost empty, Zane looked around and saw there was only one person to be found, it was Blue’s mother.

          “Helleu mistress Oak,” he said.

          “Good afternoon Zane, what can I help you with?”

          “I got a package for the Professor from Viridian City, do you happen to know where I can find him? I got a package for the Professor from Viridian City,” Zane asked.

          “He is at home, preparing for Red’s birthday tomorrow.”

          “Okay, thank you. Adieu.”

          “Bye.” Zane walked out of the lab, towards Blue’s house. Once there, it was Green who opened the door for him after he rang the bell.

          “Hi Zane, you’re here for Blue, I suppose.”

          “No, I got a package for the Professor, is he here?”

          “Yes, he is, come in.”

          Zane walked into the house, he saw that Blue was watching the television while his father was mowing the grass in their garden.

          “Hey Zane,” Blue said, “why are you here?”

          Green explained: “He got a package for grandfather, he is upstairs, right?”

          “Yup,” Blue answered, “preparing for Red’s birthday, I really don’t know why he’s making such a big deal of it.”

          “Well Zane,” Green said, “you know where his room is, I was about to leave, so I’m going now.”

          “Bye,” Blue said, “don’t let it get too late.”

          Zane went upstairs to Oak’s room, and he knocked on the door. “Who’s there?” Oak asked.

          “It’s Zane, I got a package for you,” he answered. The door opened, but only just far enough so that the Professor could get out the door and close it immediately afterward.

          “What package?” he asked.

          “I got a present for Red in the Viridian Poké Mart, and the cashier told me to deliver this package to you.”

          “Oh, great! This is the only thing I still needed, this package contains Red’s birthday present. You didn’t look into the box, did you?”

          “No,” Zane said, “but I regret that now.”

          Oak laughed: “You’ll see tomorrow what it is. And believe me, you’ll like it.”

          “I’ll like it? But it’s Red’s present.”

          “Indeed,” Oak said, “but you’ll like it anyway.” He opened his door again, walked through it and closed it fast enough for Zane to again only see Oak, but nothing else.

          “See you tomorrow,” Zane shouted, but there was no reaction. He walked downstairs, said adieu to Blue and left the house. Before he went to Grey’s, he went to his own house to tell his mother about what happened and that he was going to Grey.

          “That’s okay, just be here when dinner’s ready, that will be around seven o'clock.”

          “Will be fine!” He went out again and walked to the southwestern part of the town, where Grey's house was. When he rang the bell at Grey’s house, he waited for a minute.

          When he was about to ring for the second time, he heard a key opening the door, after which someone opened the door, “Ello Zane, finally. What took you so long?”

          “Sorry Grey, something happened.”

          Please come in, then we can talk.” When entered the house, Zane took off his coat and shoes and followed Grey upstairs to his room.

          “Well,” Grey said, “what happened?” Zane explained it to him, telling about the little boy in the Poké Mart, the package for Oak, and his mysterious acting.

          “Okay,” Grey said, “that explains why that lasted so long. I was wondering how getting a present would take so long.”

          “Anyway,” Zane said, “you wanted to tell me something.”

          “Yes, I think I’ll leave tomorrow after Red obtained his present.”

          “Leave? As in, going to register for the League?”


          “Well, you’re not the first to tell me, Brown was also thinking about doing the same thing.”

          “That fool would even use a Fighting-Type against a Gengar, he won’t get far.”

          “That’s what Oak thought too, according to Brown, but he wanted to prove the prove the Professor wrong.”

          “But will he come to Red’s birthday?”

          “He said he would, but I’m not sure about it.”

          “Me neither, he looked outraged this morning when he left school. I think he’ll leave before this day has even ended.”

          “Let’s just hope he doesn’t.”

          “You’re right.”

          They heard the door opened and someone shouted: “Grey, who’s visiting you?” It was Grey's mother.

          “It’s Zane, why?”

          “We need to go somewhere, he’ll need to go home.”

          “Okay,” he shouted back.

          “Well, looks like I gotta go,” Zane noted.

          “Indeed, see you tomorrow.”


          When he came back home, Zane explained to his mother why he was back so soon and went to his room and finally took a look at his test to see what mistakes he had made. The different parts were about cities, Pokémon, types, and attacks. Apparently, Zane made all the errors he made in the section about types. He had written that water wasn't very effective to Ice and Steel, he had forgotten that Rock isn't very effective against Fighting and he thought Ice was super effective against Rock. He wrapped his present for Red and continued reading the book about the first Gym Leader.

          In the evening, he went downstairs again for dinner, today it was Zane’s favorite dish: the Fuchsia Burger, two pieces of bread with a slice of Tauros Beef, some mushrooms of a Paras, covered by a sauce of Tango, Rowap and Custap Berries.

          “I haven’t tasted this for way too long,” Zane said.

          Orion agreed: “Definitely, but it is expensive too, that’s why we don’t eat this very often. But enjoy it now.”

          “We will,” Kiara said. After the meal, Zane thanked his mother, went to his room and straight into his bed. He didn't feel like reading a book, so he immediately went to sleep.

          A bit earlier that day, in Viridian City, a woman shouted for her son across the street: “Young man, don’t you go away now! You have friends who you’ll have to stay here for. Just having an own Pokémon doesn’t make you able to go anywhere you like and do whatever you like! Cade, come here and help me out, our son is running away!”

          “Don’t worry, Maddy. He is a real Baldwin, he’ll come back.”

          But the boy was confident about what he was going to do, he was going to prove that old man wrong. He looked at the Badge Case he picked up at the Pokémon Center about twenty minutes ago. There were eight empty slots in the purple velvet of the tiny, russet-metallic box, which he was going to fill. He closed the case and looked at the name carved into it, his name, Brown Baldwin.
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            This is a neat story. I like the way your incorporating a somewhat foreshadowing/peaking interest in chapter 2 and 4.
            Of course, I will admit, despite the Chapter 3 name I was taken a bit off guard by the dream. It wasn't long before I got it, but just keep in mind that with writing things need to sometimes be spelled out clearer than envisioning it. Since not everyone sees it the same, or will get it in a more anomalous style. I'm not saying it's not good, but upon proof reading try to approach the writing in different ways of reading it.
            Really the main issue I had with your story was proper flow and placement.
            Tyshaun B. Simo
            “I think it’s Rhydon, its hide can protect it from lava and its horn can even drill through diamond.”

            Brown interrupted him because they reached Route 1. He lives in Viridian City, unlike the others, so he needed to go north, while the other four had to continue south, to Pallet Town. They said goodbye to each other and went their separate ways.
            You want to make sure your transitions make sense. This was mainly Chapter 3, but it helps to know to avoid confusion in the future. If your characters are confused about their surroundings from a first person perspective, then it would be okay. (to me that is not sure how others would see it)

            Other than that it was pretty good. I liked the thought you put in the characters and having the Nick already gone. The Oak thing was a fun little idea and helped me enjoy Chap. 4. You have a good flair for character's and interactions. I would suggest working on transitions and detailing a bit more (because some scenes were to vague and basic in word choice). I would encourage you to keep using your skill in characters and world building. Have Fun!
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              4. Red's birthday

              When he woke up, Zane had the feeling something big was gonna happen that day, something that would change his life. He didn’t sleep well last night because of his nervosity for Red's birthday. At least, that’s what he said. The real reason was that he had another dream that night, a dream about three birds above Viridian City, one was blue, one yellow and the third was red, but there were also three trainers giving them commands, two men and a woman. There was also a third man standing in the background. Zane wasn’t able to see his face, but he just had the feeling that that man was someone who he would not like, to say the least.

              Petra interrupted Zane’s thoughts about the man: “Look a bit happier, it’s your best friend’s birthday.”

              “I know, mom. There’s just something I saw in my dream.”

              “It was probably just that, a dream. Don’t worry about it. Try eating your breakfast instead.”

              Zane laughed, “Good idea. By the way, where is Kiara?”

              “She already went to Green together with Yellow, she told me they had to do something.”

              “I think I’ll leave too in a few minutes, I don’t want to be late to Red’s birthday party.” Petra agreed and continued doing the housework while Zane ate the last bits of his sandwich with Tangela vines, which don’t look tasty but definitely are. After he had finished his breakfast, Zane went to the bathroom to brush his teeth, still thinking about the man in his dream. After taking the Charizard doll from his chamber, he went downstairs again to put on his shoes. It was a sunny day, so he didn’t need his coat.

              When walking across the street towards Red’s house, Zane saw Grey also leaving his home.

              “Hey Zane, looking forward to the party?”

              “Sure I am.”

              “Good, I’m heading to Oak’s first, but I’ll come to Red after that.”

              “I could go with you if you want to.”

              “No,” Grey immediately said, “rather not, you’ll know why.”

              Zane looked disappointed: “Okay then. I’ll see you at Red’s.”

              “You will.”

              Zane continued to Red’s house and saw that he was already waiting for the first guest to arrive.

              “Good morning Red!” Zane said.

              Red looked up and smiled to Zane, “Finally, someone is here, my mother has already left for Oak’s, so, uh, I’m here alone now, well not anymore of course.”

              Zane entered the house and congratulated Red with his tenth birthday, “Well, we’re all ten now, we can get our own Pokémon and register for the league now.”

              “Maybe that’s Oak’s present!”

              “That would be amazing, but I don’t think so, we’re too reckless to go on an adventure,” Zane said, “but don’t stop hoping, it might happen.”

              Blue arrived not much later, and Grey also entered the house soon after him.

              “We’ll only have to wait for Brown now,” Red said. The four talked for about a quarter of an hour, and Zane got more and more worried.

              ‘Where is Brown,’ he thought, ‘he is way too late. Did he actually already leave?’

              After another few minutes of talking, everyone started to get worried.

              “Where is Brown?” Blue asked.

              Grey followed: “He should have arrived an hour ago, what is taking him so long?”

              They sat in silence, but it was Zane who broke through it: “I think he left.”

              “What do you mean?” Red asked.

              “Well,” Zane started, “when I talked to him yesterday, he told me he was thinking about registering for the Pokémon League and leaving to go on an adventure.”

              “You don’t actually think he did that, right?” Blue asked, “I mean, it’s Brown, but even he wouldn’t do something like this.” After discussing it for five more minutes, they accepted that they would have to celebrate Red’s birthday without Brown. It was already lunchtime by then, so they ate cake and drank lemonade before giving Red his presents. The cake was a Lavender Pie, with pieces of exotic fruits from parts of the world they didn’t think they’d ever go to.

              When they were finally about to give Red his birthday presents, they were interrupted by the door being slammed open, it was Red’s mother, she looked terrified.

              “Red, come quickly, the rest too, Oak is in trouble!”

              They ran after her towards Route 1, and Blue shouted: “What happened?”

              “We were walking on Route 1 when a wild Kangaskhan appeared and took the Professor away into that direction!” She pointed towards the forest they escaped from two days ago.

              “What?!” Red shouted.

              “We should go immediately,” Grey said, “We need to save Oak!” The others agreed, and they went into the forest but were almost directly forced to go off the path because of a Pokémon blocking the way.

              “What is a wild Snorlax doing here?” Red wondered, “Do they even appear outside the Safari Zone?”

              “I don’t think so,” said Grey. We have to go another way. They ran away from the path until Grey tripped over a box.

              “What is that?” Blue asked.

              “Let’s open it,” Red said. Zane was the first to get to the box and open it. In it were three tags, all attached to their own Poké Ball.

              “There are things written on those cards,” Blue noticed.

              “What do they say,” Red asked.

              Zane read them: “They are our names, Red, Blue, and Zane.”

              Looks like they are yours then,” Grey said, “I think they contain Pokémon, so check them out.” They all took the Poké Ball with their name on it and threw them.

              “No way…” Red said.

              “This can’t be true…” Blue added.

              “Are they really ours…” Zane asked.

              In front of them were three Pokémon. One of them was a green one with a plant bulb on its back and some dark patches all over its body, for Zane. Red’s was orange-red colored with a light yellow chest and a wavering flame on its tail. The third one, Blue’s, was light blue with short legs and arms, a curled tail, and a shell encasing its body.




              “Guys,” Grey said, “this is amazing! But we have to continue to rescue Oak.” But when he said that, the four friends were attacked by four wild Pokémon.

              “Well, it looks like you have to battle with your Pokémon already. I’ll use Dratini to defeat the Raticate.”

              “Charmander and I will take care of the Tauros,” Red said.

              “Then I’ll take on Persian together with Bulbasaur,” Zane said.

              “Which leaves Lickitung for Squirtle and me,” Blue concluded.

              They all shouted at the same time.

              “Dratini, use Wrap!”

              “Squirtle, use Tackle!”

              “Charmander, use Scratch!”

              “Bulbasaur, use Tackle!”

              The Pokémon weren’t easy to defeat because the new Pokémon weren’t very strong yet, but after a lot of scratches and tackles, they managed to beat the four Pokémon. The four friends ran farther into the forest, but Blue almost gave up: “We’ll never be able to find gramps here, this forest is too big.”

              “Don’t talk like that,” Grey said, “it is not just your grandfather we’re talking about here, it’s the Pokémon Professor, we need to keep searching.” They continued their search, but it looked like Grey knew the path they had to follow, as if he knew where to find the Professor.

              Not much later, they heard a loud roar from behind them.

              “That sounded like Kangaskhan,” Grey said. He was right, and it was a fast one. Even though the friends ran as fast as they could, the Pokémon easily reached them.

              “It looks like we have to battle,” Red said.

              “You’re right,” Zane replied, “Bulbasaur, attack that Kangaskhan!”

              “Squirtle, you too!”

              “Help them, Dratini!”

              “Charmander! Use Scratch!”

              They all attacked the wild Pokémon, but it used Mega Punch on Dratini to defeat it in a single blow. The other three fought fiercely but were able to beat the Kangaskhan only with both Charmander and Bulbasaur getting fainted.

              “That was close,” Grey said.

              “Let’s just hope there won’t be any other Pokémon,” Blue stated. “Squirtle is the only conscious Pokémon with us.”

              “Well,” someone started, “you don’t be afraid anymore.”

              A girl walked out of the shadows, she had a ponytail in her blond hair.

              “Yellow?” Red started. “What are you doing here?”

              “Just follow me,” she said, “you’ll see.”

              The four followed Grey’s sister, who led them to an open field with a wooden stage in the middle of it, but the stage was empty. Grey and Yellow walked onto the stage, and the other three followed them, but Grey told them to stay on the grass.

              “Well, that took you long enough,” a man stood behind brother and sister, together with a woman and two other couples. The man was Red’s dad, the woman his mother, and the other couples were Zane’s and Blue’s parents. Two other people walked onto the stage, they were Kiara and Green.

              “Why are you all here?” Blue asked.

              “To celebrate Red’s birthday, of course,” Kiara said.

              “Why do you make such a big deal of my birthday,” Red asked.

              “Why not do something like this for Zane or Grey?”

              “Haven’t you noticed yet?” An old voice asked, “this isn’t a birthday party just for you, but also for Zane and Blue.” Professor Oak was the last person to walk onto the stage, accompanied by his Pokémon, the Pokémon that attacked the four friends in the forest.

              “Well,” he asked, “any of you who guessed it?”

              “Definitely not,” Blue said. “Although I did notice that all of the Pokémon that attacked us were Normal-Types.”

              “That’s right, those are the six Pokémon I used as a Gym Leader.”

              “Six?” Zane asked. “I only count five.”

              “Snorlax isn't here,” Oak explained, “he is still sleeping on that road he blocked for me. Anyways, we’re getting off the subject. The real reason we’re all here is the three Pokémon you have there.”

              “You mean Bulbasaur, Charmander, and Squirtle?” Blue asked.

              “Yes, those three,” Oak continued. “You didn’t find that box by accident, I placed it there after I received it from Zane yesterday.”

              Everyone looked surprised, including Zane: “Was that the package from the Poké Mart?”

              “It was. You carried your own birthday gift to me yesterday, without knowing it.”

              “Zane’s birthday present? But it’s my birthday,” Red said.

              Oak nodded: “That brings us to why I’m making such a big deal out of your birthday while doing nothing for the others. This is my birthday gift for all three of you, your very first Pokémon.”

              Zane looked around, everyone, except for Red, Blue and himself, knew about this. His parents, Kiara, Yellow, Green, and even Grey.

              Oak continued his list of surprises: “There is also a birthday present for Grey.”

              Now Grey looked surprised too, “Am I getting something too?”

              “Yes you are,” Oak said, “here it is.”

              Grey opened the box Oak had just handed him, in it was a red device. It had the size of a book, but it didn’t look like one at all, there were some buttons and lights on it, with a screen in the middle. It seemed as if only the professor and Grey knew what it was since Oak had a smile on his face and Grey looked overjoyed.

              “This, Grey, is your own Pokédex. I know that you like to learn about Pokémon, their attacks and maybe even more, so this is perfect for you.”

              “It definitely is,” Grey said, unable to say much more because of his happiness.

              “I suppose that the four of you want to go to the Pokémon Center as fast as possible to register yourselves for the league, don’t you.”

              Grey and Red were still too enjoyed to talk, but Blue answered, “Definitely, I think I want to go now.”

              “Too bad,” Oak said. “We’ll have to celebrate Red's birthday first.”

              Meanwhile, between Viridian City and Pewter City, a trainer fought his way through the dark Viridian Forest, it was Brown. While easily defeating the many Bug-Trainers with his Geodude, he encountered a Pokémon he hadn’t seen in the wild yet.

              “Well well, there it finally is.” A wild Weedle appeared out of the tall grass. Brown did see some other Trainers in the forest use this Pokémon, but he wanted one for himself, now was his chance.

              “Geodude, use Tackle!” The Weedle was hurt by Geodude’s attack, but not enough to make it faint.

              ‘Great,’ Brown thought, ‘now I can capture it.’ He threw a Poké Ball, but the Weedle broke out.

              ‘Darn, almost had it.’

              The wild Pokémon used Poison Sting, but since Geodude is a Rock- and Ground-Type, it didn’t do much. Brown let his Pokémon use Tackle once more, after which he threw another Poké Ball, but his time, Weedle didn’t break out.

              “Yes,” Brown shouted, “I caught my own Weedle.” He continued on the path he was already following, but when he turned around the corner, he saw a small cottage in the distance.

              ‘So there is the way to my first Gym Badge,’ he thought, ‘let’s go then.’

              Back at Route 1, Yellow had just come up with an idea, “Why don’t you three battle against each other? I would like to see which one of you is the strongest.”

              “Good idea,” Kiara said.

              Blue immediately agreed, Zane nodded, but Red doubted, “Wouldn’t it be a bad idea to let our Pokémon have a battle when they just fought against the Pokémon of an ex-Gym Leader.”

              Oak approached them, he had heard Yellow’s idea and Red’s reaction to it, “That won’t be a problem, I can heal them up right here and right now.”

              After he had used two Revives and some Potions, the three Pokémon were ready for battle.

              The first battle was between Zane and Blue: Bulbasaur against Squirtle.

              Blue was the first one to tell his Pokémon to attack: “Squirtle, use Tackle!”

              “Bulbasaur, dodge it and then use Growl!”

              “Try to hit him before your attack gets too low!”

              “Now start attacking, his power should have fallen enough by now!”

              “Just keep attacking, it’s no use to lower his defenses anymore!”

              “One last Tackle and that’s it!” Bulbasaur hit Squirtle, and Blue’s Pokémon fainted, which meant Zane won the battle.

              “Congratulations Zane,” Oak said, “let me heal your Pokémon so that you can have your battle against Red.”

              Oak used a Potion on Bulbasaur and went to heal Squirtle afterward.

              “What are you waiting for?” Green shouted. “Send out Charmander!”

              Red threw his Poké Ball to send out Charmander, “Use Growl!”

              “Bulbasaur, start attacking immediately, let’s see how this goes!”

              “Charmander, try to dodge him, but keep using Growl!”

              Bulbasaur finally managed to hit Charmander, but it had almost no effect.

              “Now,” Red shouted, “it is time to attack, use Scratch!”

              The attack did more damage than Bulbasaur's, obviously, but the Grass Type didn’t give up yet.

              “Try to hit him once more, who knows what will happen!” Zane shouted, but it didn’t work, Charmander easily survived the attack and used Scratch again to finish the battle.

              “Looks like Patters isn’t invincible either,” Yellow said.

              “Let me heal Charmander first, there is a third fight that has to be fought,” Oak said. After Red’s Pokémon was ready for battle, Oak went to Zane and Bulbasaur.

              “Let me see,” he started, “here’s a Revive, that’ll help him regain consciousness.” Bulbasaur opened his eyes and got up.

              “You’re still weak, buddy,” Zane said. “But don’t worry, you’ll be alright.”

              After Oak had used a Potion on Bulbasaur, he turned around to watch the battle between Red and Blue. Bulbasaur was completely fit again, so he watched the fight too, together with his trainer. Blue had the upper hand, at least that’s what it looked like. Charmander was clearly hurt, but Squirtle was not showing any sign of pain. Squirtle used Tackle on Charmander, damaging him even more, but still not defeating it.

              Red smiled, “Now it's time to win. Charmander, use Scratch!”

              Charmander did as Red told him, dealing an enormous amount of damage to Squirtle. Even enough to make Squirtle faint.

              “How did you do that?” Zane asked. Red explained to him that he had waited for Squirtle to let down his defenses. As soon as Squirtle thought there was no way he could lose anymore, Charmander struck, defeating Blue’s Pokémon.

              “Well done, Red,” Oak said. “You’ll get somewhere.”

              After the party had ended, around 3 o'clock, professor Oak brought the four friends to the Pallet Pokémon Center to register them for the Pokémon League Challenge. Once there, four employees each took one of the four friends with them for the registration, Zane was accompanied by a man with black hair and glasses.

              “Well,” the employee said, “let’s start. What color would you want your Badge Case to be?” Zane saw a screen before him, showing all the different colors he could choose. There were colors like purple and orange, but also some more unusual ones like lime and crimson. Zane decided to take a color named tangerine.

              “Fantastic,” the man said, “now for the color of the velvet, I think navy would be an excellent combination with tangerine.”

              Zane looked at the screen, where a Badge Case was shown in the color he had chosen, but when it opened, there was a dark blue colored velvet in it.

              “I think you're right,” he said. “I’ll go for navy velvet.”

              “Great,” the man said, “the only thing left is your name.”

              “It’s Zane, Zane Patterson.”

              “Your Badge Case will be ready in a few minutes. In the meantime, I’ll guide you to the Pokémon League registration. Just follow me.”

              Zane walked after the man and waited in a circular room together with his friends, who were already done choosing the colors of their badge cases. After waiting for about three minutes and talking to each other, a woman entered the room to take Zane with her. Zane followed her into yet another room, where yet another employee of the Pokémon Center was waiting for him. The man gave him his Badge Case. It was a tiny box, with velvet in it, but in the velvet were eight gaps in the shapes of the eight Gym Badge of the Kanto region. The woman told him to exit the room through another door, to the waiting room for the registration. Once in the chamber, he saw Red and Blue also just arriving there.

              “Hey guys,” Blue shouted, “let me see your Badge Cases!”

              Red was the first to show his, a scarlet box with the name Red Newman carved into it. When he opened it, Zane saw that Red chose for light gray colored velvet. Zane showed his next, and after him was Blue. He had picked a turquoise box with maroon velvet.

              “Who goes first?” Red asked.

              Zane answered before Blue could, “You, of course, it’s your birthday after all.”

              “That’s right,” Grey walked towards the three, holding his silver Badge Case with black velvet.

              “That’s settled then,” Blue said. “But I’m going second.” Red was already walking towards the woman at the desk.

              His friends didn’t hear what she asked him, but not even a minute later, Red walked back to them, “I am now officially taking part in the Pokémon League Challenge.” But Blue didn’t listen, he was already walking towards the desk himself.

              “Congratulations,” Grey said, “but you’re not the only one of us anymore, Blue is already coming back.”

              “I’m in,” Oak's grandson shouted.

              “You may go next,” Grey told Zane, “I can wait.”

              Zane went to the desk, and the woman behind it welcomed him.

              “Hello,” she said, “can I have your name please?”

              “Zane Patterson.”

              “Okay,” she continued, “your Pokémon?”

              “A Bulbasaur.”

              “Date and place of birth?”

              “The eighth of August, 3247 in Pallet Town.”

              “Good, congratulations, you’re now officially participating in the Pokémon League.”

              “Thank you,” said Zane with a big smile on his face. On his way to his friends, he saw Grey had already started walking towards the desk.

              He answered the same questions as the other three and came walking back, “we’re now all ready for our adventure, I think.”

              “What do you guys do now?” Red asked. “I’m staying here for today, and I’m going tomorrow.”

              “I’m going home first, but then I’m leaving,” Blue replied.

              “I’m taking off immediately,” Grey said.

              “I’m going home too. I’ll see what happens then, but I think I’m also leaving today,” Zane answered.

              After saying goodbye to each other everyone went their separate ways, Grey to Route 1, Red and Zane to their homes, Blue to the lab. When Zane entered the house, he saw that his parents and Kiara were waiting for him.

              “So you’re sure you’re going?” Orion asked.

              “Definitely,” Zane responded. Orion nodded his approval.

              Kiara was looking really proud, she didn’t want to have her own adventure, but she did want both her brothers to. Nick left about a year ago, now was the turn for her twin brother.

              “Good luck,” she said. “And write us a letter every time something happens.”

              “I will,” Zane said.

              Petra looked like she was about to cry, from happiness and sadness at the same time, “Take care of yourself and your Pokémon.”

              Zane nodded, grabbed his bag, containing his Poké Balls, Potions, and other items.

              “Remember to stay on the main path,” Petra said. “And don’t go outside when it’s already dark. And …”

              “He’ll be fine, Petra, don’t worry,” said Orion.

              Petra calmed down, but she still looked unhappy. “You’re right,” she said.

              “Then I’ll leave now,” Zane said, “adieu.”

              His family waved him goodbye, and he waved back, after which he finally left his home.
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                5. Viridian City

                Zane walked onto Route 1, on the way to Viridian City. He had been there many times before, but this was his first time as a Pokémon Trainer. As he was walking down the road, he thought about which other Pokémon he wanted on his team.

                ‘Definitely Rhydon, probably a Water-type like Gyarados or an Electric-type like Magneton. I have Bulbasaur to battle against Brock and Misty. I need a Ground-Type for Lt. Surge, but Rhyhorn only appears in the Safari Zone, so maybe a Sandslash or Dugtrio. Fire or Flying against Erika, I think Dodrio or Pidgeot. Ground again for Koga and Blaine. I need something to use against Psychic-Types, maybe a Bug- or Ghost-Type, like Scyther or Gengar.’

                Because he was thinking so much, Zane wasn't paying attention to his surroundings, until a wild Rattata attacked him.

                ‘A Rattata,’ the boy thought, ‘I’ll skip this one, I don’t really need a Rattata.’

                “Let's go Bulbasaur, use Tackle!” He shouted.

                Bulbasaur got out of his Poké Ball and used an attack on the Rattata, which fainted after he used Tackle once more.

                “Good job,” Zane said, “do you want to stay out of your Poké Ball for a bit?’ Bulbasaur moved his head in a way that looked like nodding, so Zane saw it as a yes. They continued to the north, to the biggest city in West Kanto, to Viridian City.

                “An Onix,” the boy angrily said to his Pokémon, “how are we going to defeat a fricking Onix?”

                Brown had just challenged the Pewter City Gym Leader, Brock, but he lost without even a chance to damage the Leader’s Onix.

                “We need to train more, you need to learn new moves, we need to battle more trainers. We’re going to train on Route 2, I think there will be more Trainers there.”

                They were there, most of them used Pokémon that were easily defeated by Geodude, but Brown realized he also needed to train Weedle, ‘It is too weak to battle against Trainers, we need to go back to defeating wild Pokémon.’

                He sent out his Weedle and went into the tall grass. It didn’t take long before he found some wild Pokémon like Rattata and Caterpie. After defeating dozens of them, he encountered another Weedle.

                “You know what you need to do, use Poison Sting!”

                His Pokémon used the attack, with which he defeated his opponent, but something more happened.

                “Weedle, what’s happening to you?!”

                Weedle became surrounded by intensely shining white light.

                “Could this be … evolution?”

                The light got even brighter, but the core of the light started changing its form. The center, in the shape of Weedle, stretched out and the spike on its head disappeared. The little circular segments of Weedle's body expanded until the core was in the form of a different Pokémon. The light faded away and only the new Pokémon was left, Brown’s Weedle had evolved into Kakuna.

                “Amazing!” Brown shouted. “We might be able to defeat Brock now!”

                Zane and Bulbasaur walked through the gate into Viridian City. The city was much bigger than Pallet Town: wider streets, taller buildings, and way more people. The streets were clean and straight with lots of side roads leading to other buildings and streets. Most of the buildings were about the same height as Zane’s home, but those were mostly residential buildings. The taller buildings were mostly buildings of companies, like the Silph Company and the Trainer’s School. The two main streets were the one going from the south to the north and the other from that street to the east. The Pokémon Centers was near the south entrance, so Zane went straight for it.

                “Welcome to the Viridian Pokémon Center,” said the nurse behind the counter inside the Center, “can I help you?”

                “Yes, please,” Zane replied, “could you please heal my Pokémon?”

                “No problem,” the lady responded, “just hand me your Pokémon and they will be perfectly fit in a few moments.”

                Zane gave the Poké Ball containing Bulbasaur to the nurse, who placed it onto the machine behind her. She pushed some buttons and out of the machine came a glass dome over the Poké Ball. The part of the machine that was covered by the dome, including the Poké Ball, started glowing and stopped doing that a few seconds later. The dome opened up again, and the lady took away the Poké Ball to give it back to Zane.

                “Thank you for waiting, we’ve restored your Pokémon to full health. Good luck on your journey and don’t forget to go to a Pokémon Center when you need to.”

                “Thank you, goodbye.”

                After he had left the building, Zane went to the north to find the crossing and continue east to Route 22. Before he was able to move out of the city, he was held back by an old woman with ash-blonde hair and a wooden cane.

                “You look like a boy who is just starting on his adventure,” she guessed, “but you shouldn’t rush it. Before you can actually go on an adventure, you need to learn a lot. I can bring you to the Pokémon Academy around the corner if you feel the need to learn about Pokémon.”

                “I don’t think I need to,” Zane replied, “I’ve had teachings from the one and only Professor Oak for several years.”

                “Really?” The woman looked surprised, “Then maybe you can prove to my students how good you are by battling me at the battlefield at the Academy.”

                “No problem,” Zane responded, “I’ll come with you.”

                He followed the woman back to the middle of the city and to the south again, the Academy was apparently across the street from the Pokémon Center. When he entered the school, he saw that most of the students were as old as himself, some were even older.

                “Listen everyone!” The woman announced. “I've found a Trainer who is willing to battle me to show you how good he is. He has been taught by Professor Oak, so he should win from me without a doubt.”

                The children laughed, Zane realized that it was a laughter of mockery. Apparently, the students, but also the woman, despised the Professor. They thought he was too overrated and not an actual professor, let alone a teacher.

                “Well then,” the woman said, after the laughter faded, “let us go to the battlefield and see how good Oak’s student is.”

                Zane heard the clearly sarcastic tone in her voice, but he followed her anyway, wanting to show her and her students that he wasn’t as bad at battling as they thought he was and that Oak was neither.

                “I’ll let you send out your Pokémon first,” the woman said. “That way, I’ll be able to choose which Pokémon I’ll use.”

                Zane agreed and sent out Bulbasaur.

                “Ohoho,” the woman laughed, “he gave you a Bulbasaur, so he sees a lot of potential in you. Let’s see if he is right,” an evil laugh appeared on her face, “probably not. Go Staryu! Use Tackle!”

                Zane had not expected her to attack immediately, so this came as a surprise to him. Bulbasaur got hit by Staryu, but Zane knew how to deal with it: “Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip!”

                The Grass Attack was super effective to a Water Type like Staryu, so it did a lot of damage, but not enough to defeat the Staryu.

                “Staryu, use Tackle once more, just deal as much damage as you can!”

                Zane saw that coming, so he told Bulbasaur to avoid the attack and go for another Vine Whip. This time, the attack dealt enough damage to defeat the Water Type. Zane thought he had won, so he wanted to take out Bulbasaur’s Poké Ball and let his Pokémon return to it.

                “What are you doing?” The woman asked, “I’m not done yet. I have more than one Pokémon, you know.”

                “But that’s not fair!” Zane shouted.

                “How do you mean,” the woman laughed, “I didn’t hear you say that we were both allowed to send out only one Pokémon. Go Gastly!”

                ‘A Gastly,’ Zane thought, ‘what am I going to do against that?’

                He was pulled out of his thought by the voice of the old woman: “Gastly, use Lick!”

                This came as a surprise again, so Bulbasaur was hit by the Ghost Type. Zane’s Pokémon took the damage from the attack, but that wasn’t the only thing. The attack also paralyzed Bulbasaur, making it slower and creating the chance that the Green Pokémon would occasionally not be able to move.

                “Bulbasaur, use Growl!” Zane shouted. The woman told her Gastly to keep using Lick.

                “Try to hit her Pokémon with Vine Whip!” Bulbasaur tried to, but it didn’t do much damage. The attacks from Gastly kept coming, while Bulbasaur became weaker and weaker, but suddenly, Bulbasaur landed a critical hit, sending the Gastly flying towards its Trainer.

                “No!” the woman yelled, her Gastly hadn’t been defeated yet, but it was close to fainting.

                “One more Vine Whip, Bulbasaur!” Zane shouted. Bulbasaur ran towards Gastly, Gastly looked scared, Bulbasaur got ready for the attack, but then … the paralyzation struck.

                The woman put her evil laugh up again, “Gastly! One last Lick to finish this battle!” The Gastly flew towards Bulbasaur and used its attack, defeating Zane’s Pokémon.

                “See,” The woman said, “Oak’s teachings aren't all you need, but since you’re probably just as stubborn as Samuel, you’re not allowed here. Rex, show him the way out.” A boy with green hair, about twelve years old, walked towards him and took him back to the street.

                Zane walked back to the Pokémon Center, healed his Pokémon up again and finally went onto Route 22.

                Right after Viridian city is left, the sand path already splits up into two directions: one continued to the west and then north, while the other went south and then east again towards a small building. Zane chose the path to the south, towards the building. As he walked inside, he saw a man sitting behind his desk.

                The man turned around and starting talking to Zane, “Well hello, could you please show me your Badges?” Zane looked confused, he didn’t have any badges yet, that’s what he told the man.

                “Then what are you doing here?” The man asked. “You’re not allowed to go any further unless you’ve obtained all eight Badges of the Kanto Region.”

                “Oh,” Zane replied, “sorry. I didn’t know.”

                He turned around, but when he was about to leave the building, he turned around and asked the man something, “Just one question though. Are you a guard of the Victory Road?”

                “I am,” the man said, “that’s why you’re not allowed to continue this way unless you have all eight badges, the Pokémon League is right after the Victory Road, so you could see that mountain as your last challenge before the League. Good luck on your journey.”

                “Thank you,” Zane responded, “good luck to you too.”

                The man nodded, and Zane turned around to leave the building. After he had got to the crossing again, he went to the left, to a patch of long grass, probably hiding a lot of wild Pokémon to train Bulbasaur with. First, he encountered a Rattata, after that: Rattata, the next one, also a Rattata.

                A lot of a Rattata later, Zane noticed a Pokémon flying towards him. ‘Could that be a Pidgey?’ He thought to himself. ‘Or maybe a Butterfree?’

                He sent out Bulbasaur to attack the Pokémon, “Use Tackle on that Flying Pokémon!” Bulbasaur jumped into the air and hit the Pokémon, sending it to the ground. Zane ran towards it and looked at the Pokémon, it wasn’t a Pidgey, but also not a Butterfree.

                “A Spearow! Bulbasaur, stop attacking it, lower its power instead!”

                Bulbasaur used Growl to make the wild Pokémon’s attacks weaker.

                ‘Let’s try this,’ Zane thought.

                “Well,” Brock said, “you’ve come to get your revenge, I see.”

                “I have,” Brown responded, “and I won’t lose this time!”

                “We’ll see about that.”

                Brown sent out his Kakuna and his opponent, the Pewter City Gym Leader, sent out his Onix.

                “So you’ve evolved your Weedle, always a good idea,” Brock noted. “Let me see if it can do something! Onix, use Rock Tomb!” The Pokémon used its strong attack to instantly defeat the Kakuna.

                “It didn’t have much to offer yet, did it?” Brock jokingly said. “Do you still want to send out your Geodude or do you want to forfeit to continue training your Pokémon?”

                “I’ll surrender,” Brown replied, “there’s no way I can defeat your Onix with my Geodude. But next time, I’ll win!”

                “You better do,” Brock said, while he returned Onix to its Poké Ball, “otherwise you’ll be fighting me for ages, you wouldn't get far.”

                Brown returned Kakuna to its Poké Ball and left the Gym to go to the Pokémon Center and let his Pokémon be healed. After that, he went back to Viridian Forest to train his Pokémon.

                “Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip!” Zane let his Pokémon weaken the Spearow a bit more, enough to make him able to catch the wild Pokémon.

                “Goob, Bulbasaur, return!” Zane had two Poké Balls in his hands, one of which was the one Bulbasaur returned to, the other was still empty. He put away Bulbasaur’s Poké Ball and got ready to throw the other one to the Spearow.

                ‘Here we go,’ he thought when he threw the Poké Ball. It hit the Spearow, opened up and the Pokémon was turned to its energy state, which was sucked into Poké Ball. It shook once. It shook twice. Thrice! And it closed!

                “Yes!” Zane shouted. “I caught a Spearow!”

                He sent out both of his Pokémon, Bulbasaur and the newly caught Spearow. Both seemed to like the other, but Spearow was still badly hurt from the battle.

                “I’ll take you to the Pokémon Center,” Zane promised, “you’ll feel a lot better afterward.” He returned both his Pokémon to their Poké Balls and went back to Viridian City. When he gave the two Poké Balls to the nurse inside the Pokémon Center, she looked surprised.

                “You’ve caught a new Pokémon! Amazing, which one is it?”

                “It’s a Spearow,” Zane answered, “I wanted a strong Flying Type, so this one fits perfectly.”

                The nurse nodded with a laugh on her face and placed the Poké Balls on the machine. After his Pokémon had been healed, Zane went outside, just in time to see everyone running away from something, something dangerous.

                “Get out of the way!” He heard a man shout.

                “Run!” Someone else yelled. The whole city was in fear, everyone was shouting at each other and running away from the north of the city. “What’s happening?!” Zane tried to ask. “What are you all running away for?” Nobody answered.

                Blue walked into the city, he heard people shout, but he thought it was the daily business. When he had gone home earlier that day to say goodbye to his family, he promised his grandfather he was going to make him proud, and his sister that she needed to take care of herself. He wished his parents good luck with their jobs and waved everyone goodbye. After that, he walked onto Route 1, towards Viridian City.

                Someone came running towards him, shouting for help. “What is the problem?” He asked. He noticed that the woman looked really scared.

                “A wild Pokémon is attacking the people in the city! You are a trainer! Help us!”

                Blue knew that this was bad news. “I’ll go,” he said, “I’ll defeat that Pokémon.” He left the woman behind and ran towards the city, where he saw another boy standing next to the Pokémon Center with two Pokémon by his side. He knew that boy, “Zane!” He shouted, “we have to defeat that Pokémon.”

                Zane turned around to see his friend running towards him. “What Pokémon? What is happening?” He asked.

                “A wild Pokémon is apparently attacking the people, we have to protect them!” Blue explained.

                “Okay,” Zane shouted back, “but we don’t even know which Pokémon to expect!”

                “Doesn’t matter,” Blue responded, “we have to defeat it as fast as possible, so let’s not waste any more time standing here, go!” While the two boys ran to the north, Blue sent out Squirtle. When they turned around a corner and saw the Pokémon, a scared look appeared on both of their faces. A giant blue Pokémon with two muscular arms and white hands like boxing gloves was destroying the buildings and attacking the people. On the front of its body was a black and white swirl.

                “I think I’ve suddenly changed my mind about this,” Blue said, “we have to run. Now!”

                ‘Why is this forest so big,’ Grey thought, ‘a map would actually be useful now.’ All the trainers who challenged him were beaten easily, Dratini was simply just too strong for them.

                ‘How do I get out of this maze? I think I’m lost.’

                “Are you searching for an exit?” A voice asked, unintentionally scaring Grey.

                “I’m sorry for frightening you, young man, I didn’t mean to.”

                The person walked out of the shadows, and Grey saw her face, it was an old lady with gray hair. “Let me ask you again, are you searching for the exit?”

                “Yes,” Grey answered, “I am. Who are you, if I may ask?”

                “My name is Maya, I’m one of the forest’s guides,” the woman responded. “I help people who are lost in Viridian Forest by guiding them to the exit. The other three guides are my two sisters and one brother, Nya, Ryan, and Sylvia. But I see that you are a Trainer, I haven’t had a good battle in years, would you like to have a Pokémon Battle with me?”

                “Sure,” Grey said, “why not?”

                “Then I’ll take you to our home, the others should be there right now.”

                Grey followed Maya to her house, not knowing what to expect from it.

                Two boys were shouting to each other. The first one was running towards a wild Pokémon, from which the other one was running away. The first one sent out his two Pokémon, the other stopped yelling and ran away. The two Pokémon attacked the wild one, listening to what their trainer told them to do.

                Blue and Zane were shouting to each other, Zane was running towards a wild Pokémon, which Blue was running away from. Zane sent out his two Pokémon, Blue stopped yelling and ran away. Bulbasaur and Spearow attacked the wild Pokémon, listening to what their trainer told them to do. Bulbasaur used Vine Whip, Spearow used Peck, both were super effective against the Poliwrath.
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                  6. Poliwrath

                  “Hello! I’m home!” Maya shouted.

                  She and Grey had just reached the old house of the four siblings, but it looked like Maya’s brother and sisters weren’t there. The enormous house was in the middle of the Viridian Forest, but all four of the Guides guarded one of the four sections of the forest. Maya oversaw the South, Ryan the North, Nya kept an eye on the East and Sylvia in the West. After Maya had explained all of that to Grey, they reached the house in which she and her siblings lived.

                  “Hello?” Maya repeated, but again no reaction.

                  “I don’t think they’re home,” Grey said. “I mean, there's no one reacting.”

                  “Indeed,” Maya responded.

                  “It would be weird if someone did,” a new voice whispered, right next to Grey’s face. It was a woman who looked about the same as Maya but only with blue eyes instead of Maya’s brown ones.

                  “This is Nya,” Maya explained, “one of my sisters.”

                  “And he certainly isn’t,” Nya replied.

                  “So why is he here?” Another new voice, a man with purple eyes. “He doesn’t look trustable.”

                  “Calm down Ryan,” Maya tried, but her brother didn’t listen.

                  The argument between the two was only just prevented by the third new voice, “Okay, that’s enough,” she ordered, “let Maya explain why she brought that youngster to our place, but first, let me introduce myself. My name is Sylvia.” The woman stepped out of the shadows and Grey saw that she was the oldest of the four, and she had red eyes behind her glasses.

                  “This is Grey,” Maya explained, “he is a Pokémon Trainer. I wanted to battle him since none of us have actually fought for years. I wanted to see if we still got it. So please, let him battle against us.”

                  Sylvia instantly agreed, and Nya doubted first but was then convinced by Maya. Ryan was another person entirely, he wasn’t to be convinced in any way possible, not by his sisters, not by Grey, and not even by his Ekans who got out of his Poké Ball trying to persuade his trainer to battle Grey.

                  “Well then,” Sylvia said, “the three of us will fight against you, but Ryan will go back to the Northern section of the forest.”

                  Ryan brought Ekans back into its Poké Ball and left without saying a word.

                  “Let’s start,” Maya exclaimed, “who do you want to battle first?”

                  Neither Peck nor Vine Whip did any damage to the wild Poliwrath, it was just way too strong for Zane's Pokémon. “Blue!” He shouted. “Help!”

                  But his friend had already gone to the west, to the Route on which Zane caught Spearow. When he walked off the sand path into the tall grass, he almost instantly found himself surrounded by a horde of Rattata.

                  ‘What have I done now?’ Blue thought to himself. Then he felt something touching his heel. He looked to see what it was, and as soon as he saw it, he knew what the problem was. It was a wild Nidoran, a male one, trying to hide behind Blue, who figured that that Pokémon was the cause of the anger of the wild Rattata.

                  “Leave him alone,” Blue shouted to them, “it doesn’t matter what he did to you, but he deserves another chance.”

                  The Rattata seemed confused with someone defending their opponent, but they soon realized they had to battle the human. They sprinted towards Blue but were held back by a forceful shot of water.

                  “Well done Squirtle, keep using Water Gun!” Blue turned around to look at the Nidoran, but it was gone. When he looked around, he saw it running towards Viridian City.

                  “Squirtle, I’m going after that Nidoran, just keep attacking and don’t get hurt too bad!” Squirtle nodded, turned back around and Tackled and defeated one of the Rattata.

                  ‘He can do this,’ Blue assured himself, ‘now let’s see where that Nidoran is heading.’ Luckily, Blue was much faster than the Nidoran, so he caught up with the Poison Type before it reached the city.

                  “Don’t go there,” Blue assured him, “there is a very powerful Pokémon rampaging through the city together with its almost as strong companions.”

                  The Nidoran looked at Blue, he was upset. “Don’t worry,” said Blue, “I’ll protect you.” The look in Nidoran’s eyes became a bit more trusting towards Blue.

                  “Let’s go back, I think Squirtle has taken care of most of the Rattata, maybe he left some for you. Let me see what you can do, okay?”

                  The Nidoran looked a lot less worried now, even a bit excited to battle alongside a Trainer.

                  “Okay then,” Maya said, “let’s send out our Pokémon. Go Sandshrew!”

                  “Go Dratini! Use Wrap!” Sandshrew took the attack and then used Poison Sting, whereby it poisoned Grey’s Pokémon.

                  “Use Wrap once more, that’ll do the job.” Grey was right, the attack hit and Sandshrew fainted.

                  “Well done,” Maya shouted, “but I have two more Pokémon. Here’s one of them. Diglett, use Scratch!”

                  Maya’s Pokémon got out of its Poké Ball and immediately attacked Dratini, but it did nearly no damage, Dratini easily took the attack. Maya didn’t notice and ordered her Pokémon to again use Scratch, but Dratini avoided the attack and used Wrap again. Since Diglett was slowed down by the attack, Dratini was able to use its attack again before his opponent could strike. This meant that Grey defeated Maya’s second Pokémon, but not before it used Sand Attack to lower Dratini’s accuracy. Now Maya had to send out her last Pokémon, her Cubone.

                  “This one is my signature, you won’t beat it that quickly. Use Bone Club!”

                  Cubone jumped out of the Poké Ball and hit Dratini with its bone, causing Grey’s Pokémon to flinch and giving itself a chance to use the attack again. This time, Dratini didn’t flinch, and he used Leer on Cubone, thereby lowering that one’s defenses.

                  “Now use Wrap!” Grey shouted, “it might defeat it!” But it didn’t because Dratini’s attack missed.

                  “Amazing!” Maya cheered. “Now use Tail Whip!” Dratini’s defense was lowered, but its attack did hit this time, nearly defeating Cubone.

                  “Use Bone Club again!” Maya yelled. She got very lucky, because Dratini flinched again, giving her a chance to end the battle. Her Pokémon struck Grey’s again with its bone, but it didn’t defeat Dratini.

                  “Dratini! You got it! Use Wrap one last time!” Dratini did it and defeated Cubone, which meant Grey defeated the first of the three sisters.

                  “Well well,” Maya started, “you actually won, I really thought I’d win.”

                  “Don’t worry,” Sylvia said, “we’ll go training every day from now on, so that one day, we will be able to defeat Grey. But for now, just step back, I want to battle him next.”

                  “Spearow! Look out!” But it was too late, Poliwrath used Hydro Pump, and Spearow fell out of the air, fainted.

                  “No!” Zane shouted.

                  ‘How could I have been so stupid,’ he thought, ‘of course I can’t defeat a Poliwrath with only Bulbasaur and Spearow. Now Spearow has fainted.’ He returned Spearow to its Poké Ball, just in time to see two Poliwhirl defeating Bulbasaur with Ice Beam.

                  “Looks like you need some help,” a familiar voice said, “I wanted to talk to you, but I did not expect it to be in a situation like this.”

                  Zane turned around, the man who had spoken to him was the Professor.

                  “Let’s see, a Poliwrath and a lot of Poliwhirl and Poliwag.” Zane saw that Oak started thinking, but they didn’t have much time left.

                  “Okay,” Oak began, “first of all, retreat Bulbasaur.” Zane did what the Professor told him to, after which Samuel sent out his Pokémon.

                  “Snorlax, use Seed Bomb on the Poliwag and Poliwhirl! Lickitung, help him by using Thunderbolt! The rest of you, attack the Poliwrath! Tauros uses Zen Headbutt, Persian and Raticate attack with Play Rough! Kangaskhan, you should use Thunder Punch!” The six Normal Types started battling against the endless amount of Water Types.

                  “You know what I like so much about Normal-type Pokémon?” Oak asked. Zane shook his head as a reaction.

                  “They can use moves of all eighteen types. Grass, Electric, Psychic, Fairy, all of them.” They watched the battle, Zane with fear, Oak as if this happened every day. Samuel’s Pokémon defeated the Poliwag and Poliwhirl, but Poliwrath beat Raticate, Persian, Tauros and Lickitung.

                  “It looks like that Poliwrath isn’t going to give up,” Oak mumbled. “Maybe I should… Yeah, I should do that.”

                  “Do what?” Zane asked.

                  “Just watch this,” Oak replied. He stood up and took a pen out of a pocket on the inside of his white coat. The pen wasn’t like any other pen Zane had ever seen, it was a silver fountain pen with a golden grip and nib. The cap was also made of silver, but the clip was bronze. The weirdest thing about the pen was the small shining stone on top of the cap, it was transparent and glistened in all colors of the rainbow. Oak touched the tiny jewel and something inside Kangaskhan pouch starting glowing.

                  “Kangaskhan!” Oak shouted. “Surpass the limitations of evolution! Mega evolve!”

                  Kangaskhan started emitting purple light itself until only its shape could be seen. The form of the Kangaskhan altered: something jumped out of the pouch and grew, making it look stronger. The purple light got even brighter, and Kangaskhan roared. Then the light was sent out, and Kangaskhan was left together with her child standing in front of her.

                  “This,” Oak started, “is Mega Kangaskhan. The child in front of it was the baby in Kangaskhan’s pouch in its standard form. Now it’s much stronger. That Poliwrath won’t stand a chance.” The Professor was right, Snorlax kept using Seed Bomb, but Kangaskhan used Power-Up Punch once.

                  “By doing that, she sharply raises her Power, so that Thunder Punch does more damage now than before. And because of her child using the same attack as her, their Power increases even more.”

                  And indeed, after both used the attack and Thunder Punch afterward, the Poliwrath fainted.

                  “That’s amazing!” Zane exclaimed. Kangaskhan reverted back to its original form and Oak returned her and Snorlax into their Poké Balls.

                  “There’s only one problem,” he said, “what do we do with that Poliwrath?”

                  “No problem,” said one of the citizens, “we’ll take care of that, we will take it to the Pokémon Center and then bring it to the Victory Road.”

                  “Good,” Oak reacted, “then I can finally talk to you, Zane, I have something else for you.” He put his pen back into the pocket he took it from and reached into another one.

                  “Here it is.” He stretched his hand toward Zane, he had something in it.

                  “A Pokédex? For me?” Zane asked.

                  “Yes,” Oak replied, “there were four of them just delivered to my lab, one for you, that’s this one, one for Red, one for Blue, and one for Brown. Do you know where they are right now?”

                  “I know Red is still in Pallet Town, and Blue fled to the west, away from that Poliwrath, so he is probably still there.”

                  “And what about Brown?” Oak asked.

                  “I don’t know,” Zane replied, “he could be in this city or in Lavender Town, he could be anywhere.”

                  “Okay,” Oak said, “could I trust you with this one too then?” He handed Zane another Pokédex.

                  “This one is for Brown, could you give it to him when you find him?”

                  “I will,” Zane responded, “but I don’t think that will happen very soon.”

                  “Thank you anyway, then I will go look for the other two now, see how they’re doing. By the way, I noticed you have two Poké Balls with Pokémon it. One of them is Bulbasaur, of course, but which one is the other?”

                  “I caught a Spearow,” Zane explained, “on Route 22.”

                  “Well done,” Oak said, “good luck on your journey.”

                  “Thank you,” Zane replied. Oak turned around and walked towards the west to search for his grandson.

                  When Zane wanted to go to the Pokémon Center, he heard someone shouting, “Help!”

                  He turned around and saw who was the source of the noise. It was a woman from about 25 years old, she had the outfit of a zookeeper.

                  “What happened?” Zane informed.

                  “The Pokémon from the zoo have escaped, all of them!”

                  “Calm down,” Zane said, “I will help you.”

                  “Well then,” Sylvia said, “I’ll heal your Pokémon before we start our battle. Otherwise, it’d be unfair.”

                  She restored Dratini to full health and walked to her side of the battlefield. “Here we go! I’ll start with you, Ponyta!”

                  Grey sent out Dratini and told it to use Leer to lower its opponent’s defense immediately.

                  “Smart move,” Sylvia reacted. “Ponyta, use Tackle!”

                  Ponyta charged at Dratini and hit it with Tackle, but Dratini countered with Wrap. The next two moves used were the same as the last two, Tackle and Wrap, but this time went a little different, as Dratini got burned after using its attack.

                  “How did that happen?” Grey wondered.

                  “It’s because you’ve let your Dratini use a contact-making move,” Sylvia explained, “he got burned because of Ponyta’s Flame Body Ability.”

                  “That makes sense,” Grey said. “Dratini, let’s finish the battle before you get defeated by that burn, use Wrap again!”

                  After Grey’s Pokémon had used the attack, Ponyta fainted, and Sylvia returned her to her Poké Ball. “Next up is Vulpix!”

                  She sent out her Pokémon and let it lower Dratini’s defense with Tail Whip, the same effect was done by Dratini's Leer. Grey’s Pokemon was the first to attack after that, but not by his Trainer’s command.

                  “What are you doing?” Grey asked, but Dratini started spinning around, creating a vicious tornado. Grey felt his Pokédex buzzing inside his bag, so he took it out and read the screen.

                  Dratini learned a new attack called Twister, a special Dragon-type attack with an accuracy of 100%. This attack may cause the target to flinch.

                  ‘Interesting,’ Grey thought, ‘a new attack, let’s use it.’ But he didn’t have to say a word because Dratini sent the tornado toward Vulpix, causing it to take the damage and faint.

                  “What was that?” Sylvia asked.

                  “That,” Grey explained, “was a new attack, Twister.” Sylvia nodded and returned Vulpix.

                  “But you’ve yet to defeat my signature Pokémon. Go Growlithe!”

                  “Dratini, your physical power got lowered by Growlithe’s Intimidate, so you know what to do! Use Twister!” Dratini created another tornado and sent it to its opponent. Growlithe flinched so Grey could let his Pokémon use his new move again. This time, it didn't make Growlithe flinch, so Sylvia’s Pokémon used Bite, this time giving her the luck that the opponent couldn’t move after her attack. Dratini got hurt by his burn, like during the whole battle, making it able to survive only one other attack, that attack was another Bite. Dratini used Twister one last time, defeating the Growlithe, but after that, it fainted due to the burn.

                  “You’ve won,” Sylvia said.

                  “But my Pokémon fainted too,” Grey reacted, “so isn’t this a tie?”

                  “No, it isn’t. You’ve defeated her last Pokémon before your Pokémon fainted, that makes you the winner of this fight,” Nya explained. “But now, I want to battle you.”

                  “You’ll have to wait,” her brother said.

                  Nya and Maya looked surprised by Ryan’s return, but Sylvia had a smile on her face. “I knew you’d return,” she said, “I simply know you too good to not figure that out.”

                  Ryan looked angry at his sister but turned his face around to look at Grey. “Like I said,” the guide declared, “I want to have a battle against you now, Nya will have to wait, she’ll lose anyway.”

                  “Let me heal his Dratini first,” Sylvia said.

                  “Of course,” Ryan replied, “I’ll defeat him anyway.”

                  After they had returned to the horde of Rattata, Blue and Nidoran saw that Squirtle had indeed defeated most of the wild Pokémon.

                  “Well Nidoran,” Blue started, “use your strongest attack to beat one of them.” Nidoran sprinted to one of the Rattata and used Peck, the wild Pokémon instantly fainted.

                  “Good job!” Blue shouted. “Keep doing that!”

                  Together with Squirtle, Nidoran managed to defeat all of the Rattata.

                  “Well done, both of you.” Blue praised. “Now, Nidoran, would you like to come with me on my adventure.”

                  The Nidoran looked at him and smiled.

                  “I suppose that’s a yes,” Blue laughed. He took a Poké Ball out of his bag and put it on the ground before Nidoran. The Pokémon pushed against to the button to open the Poké Ball and be converted into its energy state. The Poké Ball closed, shook once, shook twice, shook thrice, and Nidoran was caught. Blue picked up the Poké Ball and sent out his new friend.

                  “Good job,” someone shouted to him. Blue turned around to see his grandfather walk towards him.

                  “What are you doing here, Gramps?” He asked.

                  “I wanted to give you something, here it is.”

                  Blue took the Pokédex out of the Professor’s hand. “Thank you,” he said, “but why do I get one?”

                  “Because you need it,” Oak explained. “If you go on an adventure, a Pokédex is necessary, I gave one to Zane too, he told me to search for you here.”

                  “Well, thank you,” Blue repeated, “but why didn’t you give me this earlier?”

                  “The last parts just got delivered, I didn’t have them the last time I saw you.”

                  “Sounds legit,” Blue responded.

                  “Anyway, good luck on your journey!” Oak told his grandson.

                  “Thanks, Gramps. Smell ya later.” Samuel waved Blue goodbye and turned around, back to Pallet Town to give Red his Pokédex.

                  “Well, Nidoran, Squirtle, that was my grandfather, the Pokémon Professor of Kanto. He’s the one who gave you to me,” Blue told his Pokémon, that last part to Squirtle specifically.

                  “I’ll take you to the Pokémon Center,” he continued, “then we’ll walk around Viridian City, it’s already getting dark, so we’re not going to the Viridian Forest yet, we’ll do that tomorrow.”

                  “So tell me,” Zane started, “what kinds of Pokémon have escaped from the zoo?”

                  “Lots of them,” the zookeeper replied, “Growlithe, Mankey, Slowpoke, Meowth, too many to name them all.”

                  “Okay,” Zane responded, “that’s bad. Explain the rest of the situation to me when we walk to the Pokémon Center, I have to heal my Pokémon.”

                  The woman told him that over a hundred Pokémon escaped from the zoo, but also that they all seemed to listen to one particular Pokémon, a Mankey.

                  “That means I’ll have to defeat that Mankey.”

                  “No, definitely not,” the woman said, “if you defeat that Mankey, the others would just wander off, never to be found again. You’ll have to trap it and get it to order the other Pokémon to return to the zoo.”

                  “That’s going to be difficult,” Zane claimed, “it’s almost impossible to trap a Mankey, they can climb nearly anything. I won’t be able to trap it. Unless…”

                  “Unless what, tell me,” the woman intrusively said.

                  “Unless I capture it, let it go with me on my adventure through Kanto. A Mankey would be handy against Brock since Fighting is super effective to Rock.” The two walked into the Pokémon Center, and Zane let his Pokémon be healed by the nurse.

                  “I don’t care how you do it,” the zookeeper stated, “as long as you manage to get those Pokémon back to the zoo.” They walked out of the Pokémon Center again.

                  “By the way,” Zane started, “how did those Pokémon escape in the first place. I suppose they should’ve been held back by the walls of the zoo.”

                  “They would be, usually, but those Poliwhirl and Poliwag destroyed one of the walls, once they were gone, the Pokémon of the zoo escaped.”

                  “Okay, seems logical. Let’s go find that Pokémon.”

                  “We don’t have to,” the woman replied, “look there.”

                  She pointed to one of the highest buildings in the city, the Viridian City Sakaki Company base. A Pokémon was climbing the building, a Mankey.
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                    7. In the air

                    “Defeated, again, how?” Brown wondered, his Geodude and Kakuna followed him.

                    “I guess we’ll just have to train even more.” He walked to the south again, to battle more wild Pokémon, not noticing that someone was following him until he felt like being watched after going back to the Pokémon Center to heal his Pokémon. About ten minutes later, he went to let his Pokémon be healed again, and when he walked out of the Pokémon Center, he saw her, the girl who had been watching him. Not that it was too difficult to spot her, as she stood right in front of him.

                    “I want to have a Pokémon Battle with you,” she said. “Right here, right now.” She sent out a Pokémon, a Clefairy, so Brown sent out Kakuna to let it use Poison Sting, but, unfortunately, it didn’t poison Clefairy.

                    “Okay Clefairy, use Pound and keep using it until you defeat that Kakuna!” But she didn’t, as she fainted before Kakuna, due to Poison Sting poisoning her the next turn.

                    The girl sent out her second Pokémon, “Go Tangela! Use Sleep Powder!” Tangela used the attack she was told to use, but it missed. Kakuna kept using Poison Sting, which this time poisoned the opponent on the first hit. Tangela used Sleep Powder again, this time it hit, but Kakuna woke up immediately.

                    “How is that possible?” The girl exclaimed. “It shouldn’t be possible!”

                    “I don’t know what happened either,” Brown shouted back, “but I’m not complaining!”

                    He noticed that Kakuna started giving off heat, but he told his Pokémon to just continue using the same attack. Tangela used Ingrain so that it regained some health every few seconds, and started using Constrict afterward, but it was of no use, Tangela was defeated by Kakuna, just like the girl’s other Pokémon.

                    “Well done,” the girl said, “how many Badges do you already have?”

                    But Brown didn’t pay any attention to her because Kakuna started glowing intensely.

                    “Finally,” Brown sighed, “it’s evolving again.”

                    The shape inside the white orb of light started growing, and a cut in its back started opening up, out of it came the form of a new Pokémon. The cocoon disappeared at the same time the light did so that only the new Pokémon was left.

                    “Beedrill!” Brown shouted. “Finally! I might be able to defeat Brock now!”

                    “Oh, so you’re challenging my brother again?” The girl asked. Brown had forgotten she even existed.

                    “If you’re the Gym Leader’s sister, then yes,” he replied.

                    “I am, and I’d really like to see you try again to defeat him.”

                    “So you saw me battle him before?”

                    “Of course I have,” she said, “I look at all of my brother’s fights. My name is Yolanda, by the way.”

                    “Nice to meet you, I’m Brown, from Viridian City, I’m taking on the Pokémon League Challenge.”

                    “I wish you good luck with that, you have a long way to go,” she reacted, after which she turned around and walked toward the Gym. Brown followed her because wanted to challenge Brock again, now with his Geodude and Beedrill.

                    “How are we going to get up there?” Zane wondered.

                    “Look out,” he tried to warn the zookeeper, but he was too late. A Pidgeotto lifted her from the ground and brought her to the Mankey, who had now reached the top of the building.

                    The Mankey cried for his allies to help him, they appeared from under all cars, out of every corner. There were Ekans, Pikachu, Nidoran, Growlithe, and many other Pokémon roaming through the city, attacking all people the encountered. Zane saw the kids and teachers from the Trainer Academy attack as many of the Pokémon as they could, but there was no sign of the woman who battled him earlier that day. Zane figured that it would be better to battle the other wild Pokémon while thinking than to keep standing in the same place the whole time. He sent out Bulbasaur to let him attack a horde of Slowpoke that just turned around the corner, but before being able to send out Spearow too, he was forced to the ground by a Drowzee. Bulbasaur noticed it and turned around to save his Trainer, but he wasn’t aware of the Drowzee’s congeners, they attacked him with Pound, followed by the Slowpoke also striking with Tackle. Bulbasaur survived and got angry as a bull, he scratched the Drowzee that stood on top of his trainer, which perplexed Zane, as Bulbasaur didn’t know that attack. Zane, now released from the Drowzee, stood up and looked at his Pokédex because it had started buzzing, a message had appeared on the screen. Bulbasaur has learned a new move, called Cut, a physical Normal-type Attack with an accuracy of 95%. He already knew four moves, so he forgot the move Tackle.

                    “Well,” Zane said to his friend, “a new move, impressive. Let’s use it then, shall we?” While Bulbasaur started fighting off the Drowzee, Zane sent out Spearow to let it attack the Slowpoke, but as soon as he sent him out of his Poké Ball, he figured out a way to reach the Mankey.

                    “Spearow,” he said, “don’t start attacking yet. Instead, fly me to the top of that building.” He pointed at the tower of the Sakaki Company.

                    “Bulbasaur,” he continued, “I believe in you, keep battling the Drowzee and Slowpoke until I captured Mankey. Use Leech Seed on some of the Slowpoke, you’ll have some extra health that way.” Bulbasaur nodded to let his Trainer know that he understood.

                    Zane turned around to Spearow, “Here we go.” Spearow flew up to shoulder height, so that Zane could grab his feet, and flew higher up after that, to the top of the building.

                    Red placed one foot onto Route 1, then the other, ‘now my adventure has begun at last,’ he thought. Although he had said to his friends that he would leave the day after his birthday, he couldn’t resist his desire to travel and discover, so he took off a day earlier than he intended to. When walking toward the city where Zane and Blue were at that moment, he saw an acquainted figure approaching him, it was the Professor.

                    “Leaving already?” Oak asked. “I thought you’d leave tomorrow.”

                    “I planned to, but as you can see, I just, um, couldn’t wait to start.”

                    “Good to see,” Samuel replied, “but you can’t leave before I give you this.” He handed the fifth Pokédex to Red. “This is one of the last three Pokédexes I have, I’ve already given Blue and Zane theirs, and Brown will receive his from Zane when they meet.”

                    “So this one’s for me, thanks for that, but who get the last two?”

                    “There are two girls in Pallet Town, two girls you know, who want to go on an adventure too, but they are too shy to ask me for a Pokémon,” Oak explained.

                    “But then, uh, how do you know that they want to go on an adventure?” Red wondered.

                    “I could just tell by the look on their faces when I gave Pokémon to you and your friends, they want one too, definitely.”

                    “But who are they?” Red tried.

                    “I’m not going to tell you, you’ll see when you meet them during your adventure,” Samuel responded with a mysterious smile on his face. “But for now, good luck on your journey.”

                    “Thank you very much,” Red reacted, “you too, um, good luck with your research.”

                    Oak nodded thanks and walked past Red, back to Pallet Town, while Red continued into the other direction. On the way, he defeated some Rattata and Oddish, but at a certain point realized that there shouldn’t be any Oddish there.

                    ‘How is it that there are Pokémon here that shouldn’t be?’ He wondered. Looking around, he also noticed some Meowth and Nidoran.

                    ‘It looks as if they are coming from Viridian City.’ He started walking a bit faster to see if his thoughts were correct. He walked around the corner to see the first street of Viridian City, it was crowded with Pokémon and people, like usual, but the Pokémon were attacking the people, not so usual.

                    After Grey had sent out Dratini, Ryan also sent out his first Pokémon,

                    “Go Grimer! Use Poison Gas!” The guide went for strategy in which he instantly poisoned his opponent.

                    “Dratini, it looks like we have to hurry again, use Twister!” Grey shouted. Ryan responded with an order for Grimer to use Pound, which made Dratini flinch.

                    “What was that?” Grey asked. “Pound can’t cause a flinch, how did that happen?”

                    “Stench,” Ryan replied, “Grimer has the Stench ability, all attacks it uses have a chance of flinching his opponent.” Grimer used Pound again, but Dratini was able to use Twister again, this time defeating Ryan’s first Pokémon.

                    “Grimer, return!” The guide shouted. “Here’s the second one, go Koffing! Use Tackle!” Koffing floated toward Dratini to attack it, but Dratini avoided him and used Twister again, causing Koffing to flinch.

                    “Good job Dratini. Use Twister again to beat the Koffing!” Dratini used its attack, but Koffing wasn’t defeated, it was able to use Tackle once more. Dratini was hit, but the attack did much more damage than it usually would.

                    “A critical hit!” Ryan exclaimed. “Fantastic!”

                    “Not fantastic enough,” Grey replied, “Dratini, use Wrap!” This time, Koffing did faint, requiring Ryan to send out his signature Pokémon, Ekans.

                    “Dratini, use Thunder Wave, Ekans will be slowed down!” But Ekans avoided Dratini’s attack and used Wrap.

                    “Try using Thunder Wave again,” Grey shouted. Ekans was paralyzed this time and immediately experienced its effects.

                    “Now use Wrap!” Grey continued. “And use Twister after that!” Dratini followed Grey’s commands and struck at Ekans, who used Wrap too. After some Twisters and Poison Sting, both Pokémon were exhausted, but none of the two wanted to give up yet. Ekans used Poison Sting one last time, beating Dratini and making Ryan the first guide who defeated Grey. Sylvia looked proud, Maya was jealous, and Nya seemed very impatient.

                    “I want to battle now,” she yelled, “I want to fight against Grey!”

                    “You will,” Sylvia laughed, “I’ll heal Dratini, then you can battle.”

                    Blue ran into the Pokémon Center to let his Pokémon be healed as quickly as possible, he needed them to fight against the wild Pokémon that were roaming through the whole city. When he went outside again, he sent out Squirtle and Nidoran and told them to attack with Water Gun and Peck.

                    “Come on guys,” he shouted, “we can do it!” While he was being pushed back by the wild Pokémon due to being outnumbered by them, he bumped into someone behind him who was experiencing the same problem. Blue turned around to tell the other trainer to watch out, “Watch where you’re walking, you’re not the only one who’s trying to … Red?”

                    The other person turned around, it indeed was Red. “Blue? You are still in Viridian City?”

                    “Yes, there was a situation with a Poliwrath earlier this afternoon, and I caught a Nidoran. I'm sure you tried to capture another healthy Pokémon, didn't you?”

                    “Shut up,” Red responded. During the conversation, their Pokémon kept battling, but they were so strongly outnumbered, that they simply couldn’t defeat all of the Pokémon. Suddenly, a fourth Pokémon started fighting for Red and Blue.

                    “Bulbasaur!” Red exclaimed. “That means Zane is still here too!”

                    “But where?” Blue wondered. Bulbasaur turned around to Zane’s friends and pointed his head toward the Sakaki Company tower and the Pokémon flying to its top, but mainly to the boy hanging underneath that Pokémon.

                    “Is that Zane?” Red asked. Bulbasaur nodded and turned around to continue fighting off the wild Pokémon. Red and Blue looked at Zane and Spearow, who had now almost reached the top of the building.

                    “Idiot,” Blue said, “that is incredibly dangerous, he could fall down, he could be attacked by a wild Pokémon, there are so many things that could go wrong.”

                    “You don’t have to say that,” Red replied, “he won’t hear you anyway.”

                    Blue looked at his rival with an annoyed look on his face, “You don’t say.”

                    “Okay then,” Grey said, “the last guide. Let’s go Dratini.”

                    Nya also threw a Poké Ball to send out her Krabby. “Use Vice Grip,” she shouted. After the attack, Dratini created a tornado again to use Twister, like Grey told him to. The attack struck at the guide’s Pokémon and made it flinch so that Dratini could use Twister again to defeat Nya’s first Pokémon.

                    “Krabby, come back, I’ll continue the battle with Psyduck!” She sent out the yellow Pokémon and ordered it to use Tail Whip, “lower Dratini’s defense as much as you can, Goldeen will take care of him afterward.” Dratini’s defense got lowered like Nya wanted it to, but the Dragon Type defeated Psyduck with two Twisters.

                    “Psyduck, return. I’ll finish with Goldeen,” Nya repeated. The Water Type started by using Supersonic, which, unluckily for Grey, worked on her first attempt. Dratini continued the battle by using Thunder Wave, which also hit. This meant both sides now had a status condition: Goldeen was paralyzed, and Dratini had become confused. Dratini was the first to get affected by it, he tried to use Twister, but the attack hit Zane’s Pokémon instead of Nya’s due to its status condition.

                    “Dratini,” Grey shouted, “I need you to use Leer until the confusion fades away. You can’t hit yourself if you don’t attack.” Goldeen took the effects of the paralyzation two turns in a row but used Peck in the third one. In the turn after that, Dratini’s confusion wore off, and Grey told him to use Wrap. Because of Goldeen’s lowered defense, Wrap did an enormous amount of damage, defeating Goldeen in a single blow.

                    “Well then,” Grey said, “that was that.” Goldeen was returned to her Poké Ball, and the four guides stood next to each other in front of Grey.

                    “Congratulations,” Maya said, “you’ve beaten three of us.”

                    “I must say,” Ryan admitted, “you are a good trainer, although you lost to me.”

                    Nya, after putting her Poké Balls away, continued, “I guess you’re going to challenge Brock, please say hello to him from us, his father was a good friend of ours.”

                    “I’ll heal your Pokémon one last time,” Sylvia said, “after that, it’ll be Ryan’s task to guide you out of the forest since Pewter City is in the north.” After Dratini was restored by Sylvia, Grey walked toward Ryan and followed him to the gate in the northern part of the forest. But none of the two, nor the three other guides, noticed the two people hiding in the shadows. The woman wearing the black skirt and the man with black pants and a black shirt. Both with black boots and black gloves, both a dark gray belt with Poké Balls and both with the large red R on their suits.

                    “Almost … there,” Zane groaned, he could see the Mankey looking over the edge of the tower, he saw the angry expression on its face and its mouth moving, trying to yell at the Pidgeotto that were flying around, probably asking them to pick him up from the rooftop.

                    Spearow had now reached the top, ‘just a tiny bit more until I can jump onto the building and attack Mankey. His head rose over the edge and Zane could now also see the zookeeper laying unconscious on the roof. When he jumped onto the building, happy to feel something underneath his feet again, he immediately ordered Spearow to use Peck on Mankey. Mankey jumped aside, and it became apparent to Zane that the Fighting Type was much faster than Spearow.

                    “It is quicker,” Zane shouted to Spearow, “so we have to be smarter, use Leer to lower its defenses! When Peck does hit, it’ll do more damage!” Zane hoped that his Pokémon had heard him, he didn’t know because of the strong winds. Mankey stopped jumping around and let Leer hit it.

                    ‘Why would he do that?’ Zane wondered. The Mankey kept standing in the same place, but when Spearow tried to attack it again, it avoided the attack. It again stopped moving when Leer was used and moved when Spearow attempted to use Peck.

                    ‘What kind of advantage would that give him?’ Zane thought. When Spearow attacked again, Mankey avoided and used Scratch, almost defeating Spearow.

                    That was when Zane understood Mankey’s strategy, ‘Of course, it has the Defiant ability, it’s power sharply rises when one of its stats is lowered. I let Spearow use Leer without knowing that Mankey’s power increased every time it hit.’

                    “Spearow,” he shouted, “stop attacking Mankey, keep trying to avoid him!” He looked around and saw a Pidgeotto landing on the roof. Mankey jumped on its back, and the Flying Type got ready for takeoff.

                    Zane didn’t have any doubt at that moment and grabbed Pidgeotto’s feet, just before it flew away. Only when they were in the open air, Zane realized that this wasn’t a good idea. He looked around the city, everywhere were wild Pokémon. At the place where he left Bulbasaur, he saw two persons and three other Pokémon attacking the wild ones. ‘Aren’t they Red and Blue, I think I can see Squirtle and Charmander.’ His thoughts were interrupted by the screech of the Pidgeotto, it had noticed that an unwanted passenger was flying with them and tried to shake him off his feet. Zane tried to hold on, but his efforts were in vain. He fell…
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                      8. Capturing the Leader

                      ‘I can’t believe I’m already in Pewter City,’ Grey thought.

                      He walked through the streets of the quiet city. The city had lots of trees, there were not many people, and in the background was the enormous mountain range which included Victory Road, Drogg’s Mines, the Northern Pinnacle, and Mt. Moon. Pewter City had two main roads, just like Viridian City. One reached from Route 3 in the east to the Pewter Caves and the Onyx Highlands, the other was the south entrance of the city, leading toward the first road. The tallest building in the city was, by far, the Sakaki Company’s Pewter base.

                      ‘The first thing I’m going to do tomorrow is to challenge Brock.’ Grey decided. ‘But first, I’ll need to find a place to rest, where is the Pokémon Center?’

                      He looked around and found the familiar red roof. He walked inside to ask where the Trainer Center of Pewter City was located. A Trainer Center is basically a place where travelers can stay to eat and sleep. It is also a place where Trainers can meet each other to battle, trade, or just have a talk. Each city has a TRC, short for Trainer Center, just like all of them have a PMC, short for Pokémon Center.

                      “It is across the street from the Pewter Museum in the far north of the city,” the nurse inside the PMC explained to Grey, “if you can’t find it, just come back here and ask again, then we’ll give you a map.”

                      Grey thanked her and went to the Museum Street, where he indeed found the TRC. Inside were dozens of Trainers, most of them just sitting and talking, but there were also two battles going on, outside on the battlefields. One of the two fights was a young boy and his Gloom against a woman from about forty years old with her Hitmonlee, but Grey was more interested in the other battle, a boy with a Kadabra against a girl and her Dratini. The Kadabra used Psybeam, but Dratini countered with Bind, after which Kadabra used another Psybeam, defeating the Dratini.

                      “Kadabra beat Dratini!” the judge shouted. “Which means Blake Moran won the battle!”

                      ‘Blake Moran,’ Grey thought, ‘where have I heard that name before?’

                      Blake thanked his Pokémon and returned it to his Poké Ball, with the sound of people cheering for him filling the whole battlefield.

                      Someone came running to Blake, “I have a Machoke,” she started, “do you maybe want to trade it with Kadabra twice? We’d both be stronger.”

                      Everyone fell silent, waiting for Blake’s answer, which turned out to be no. “If we’d evolve them right now,” he explained, “they’d be harder to train, and it’d take longer to teach them new moves.”

                      The girl nodded disappointedly and walked away, while everyone else started talking again. Meanwhile, the other battle had finished too, the woman had won by defeating Gloom with Hitmonlee using Blaze Kick.

                      “Olá Grey,” someone shouted, “haven’t seen you in a while!”

                      Grey turned around to see a friend approaching him. “Brown?” He asked. “Why did you already leave yesterday?”

                      “Doesn’t matter,” Brown responded, “I want to challenge you to a ba…”

                      He was interrupted by the owner of the TRC, announcing to everyone in the building that there wouldn’t be any battles anymore that day.

                      “Oh come on,” Brown said, “that means we’ll have to wait until tomorrow.”

                      But Grey didn’t give a reaction and turned around, he had realized something. ‘This can’t be,’ he thought. ‘Blake Moran is the second one I was warned for.’

                      Red and Blue stood back to back, surrounded by wild Pokémon. Charmander, Squirtle, Nidoran, and Bulbasaur were defeated, there was nothing they could do.

                      “I didn’t want our journey to end so fast,” Red lamented.

                      “Of course you didn’t want it to,” Blue replied, “I did neither. I’m talking about my adventure then, not yours, I don’t care about that.”

                      “Well, thanks,” Red said. A Growlithe jumped at Blue to bite him, but he was picked off the ground by a Venomoth. All around the two friends were suddenly lots of Pokémon attacking the wild ones.

                      One of the Trainers came running towards Red and Blue, “Welcome to Viridian City,” she said, “sorry for the inconveniences.” She noticed that the two boys didn’t recognize her, so she introduced herself to them.

                      “My name is Tracy Boggs, Viridian City’s mayor. That Venomoth is mine.”

                      “You’re the mayor?” Blue asked. “I didn’t even know there were still mayors.”

                      “I know,” Tracy responded, “I wanted us to be better known, but most of the other mayors don’t want that. Don’t ask me why.”

                      “So you are the mayor,” Red started, “but who are all the other people? They don’t look familiar either.”

                      “They are the employees of the Viridian City Hall,” she explained, “where I am the boss.”

                      “And where might that building be?” Blue informed.

                      “It’s far to the east,” Tracy answered, “almost at the Kantonian Sea. If you’ll excuse me, there are some wild Pokémon I need to battle.”

                      She turned around and sent out her other Pokémon, “Magneton, use Tri Attack! Exeggutor, use Sludge Bomb!”

                      The mayor ran away, while Red and Blue were surrounded by her employees who were protecting them from the wild Pokémon. Red noticed Bulbasaur was still laying on the ground, reminding him of Zane. He looked to the Sakaki Base, expecting to see Zane fighting Mankey on top of it, but he wasn’t there.

                      “Blue, look there,” he exclaimed, “Zane’s falling!”

                      Blue looked at the building too and saw what Red had already seen, Zane had been shaken off Pidgeotto’s feet and was falling to the ground. Suddenly, the two kids felt a wave of energy, coming from the bottom of the tower.

                      “What was that?” One of Tracy's employees shouted.

                      “I don’t know,” another one replied. Red and Blue looked at their falling friend and saw a Pokémon flying toward Zane, a man was sitting on its back. Other Pokémon also appeared in the air.

                      “I can see a Fearow and a Golbat,” Blue stated.

                      “You’re right,” Red continued, “and isn’t that a Butterfree? And there’s a Farfetch’d too.”

                      “And there is a Dodrio as well,” Blue added.

                      “But what Pokémon is going to Zane?” Red wondered. They focussed on that Pokémon, then Red recognized the man on its back, and a smile appeared on his face. He knew the man, so did Zane and so did Blue. After he had identified the man, he was sure which Pokémon was going to rescue Zane, no doubt.

                      “Blue!” He shouted. “That is not a normal Pokémon, it is …”

                      “Mega Pidgeot!” Zane yelled. “Dad!”

                      And indeed, Orion was flying his Pidgeot towards the Sakaki Base where Mankey had returned to. The wave of energy a few seconds earlier was Pidgeot mega-evolving. Spearow was flying close after them, and Zane saw that Mankey didn’t notice them.

                      “Spearow,” he shouted, “Use Peck on Mankey, quickly.” Before Mankey could turn around, Spearow had already attacked him, damaging him a lot. When father and son jumped onto the building, Mankey turned around and looked surprised by the return of the boy who had been sent to the ground.

                      “Here,” Orion said, “this might be useful.” He handed Zane a Poké Ball with an icon of a fist on it.

                      “This is a Brawl Ball,” he explained, “one of our newest Poké Balls, it gives a higher chance to capture a Fighting Types.”

                      Zane threw the Brawl Ball at Mankey without hesitation, and the Pokémon got turned into his energy state. The capturing device absorbed the energy and closed. It fell onto the roof and shook once, shook twice, shook thrice, shook a fourth time even, and then Mankey was caught.

                      “Amazing!” Orion shouted. “It worked!”

                      Zane sent out Mankey at looked at it. The Pokémon was still angry, but a lot less than before, he had now recognized Zane as its Trainer.

                      “Well, Mankey,” Zane began, “I hope we’re going to be good friends. To start this friendship, I want you to order all your allies to stop attacking the citizens and go to the place they came from.”

                      Mankey hesitated, but he finally chose to follow his Trainer’s orders. The wild Pokémon suddenly stopped attacking and turned around, back to the wild or to the zoo. Within five minutes, it looked like nothing had happened at all. The mayor and her employees, the teachers and students of the Pokemon Academy, Red and Blue, the citizens, and all their Pokémon stood on the street, only looking to the two men standing on top of the Sakaki Base, Zane and Orion. Everyone started applauding for them.

                      Orion looked at his son, “Now don’t this every day just to get an applause.”

                      Zane laughed, “Definitely not.” Orion shouted for Pidgeot and Fearow to pick Zane and him up from the building and bring them back to the ground.

                      The first one to greet them was Tracy Boggs, “Thank you for saving the city, I wish to invite you to the City Hall.”

                      “Thank you,” Zane replied, “but it wasn’t only the two of us.” He turned his head to Red and Blue, “My friends over there protected my Bulbasaur when I was up there. By the way, who are you exactly?”

                      Tracy rolled her eyes, “I’m the mayor of Viridian City.”

                      “Mayor?” Orion asked. “Do we still have those?”

                      “You can better stop talking, or I’ll withdraw my proposal,” Tracy warned.

                      Then it came to Zane’s mind, ‘where is the zookeeper?’ He thought back to the rooftop, ‘She was there when I jumped to the Pidgeotto, but when dad returned me to the roof, she was gone. What could have happened?’

                      He saw Tracy and her employees leaving to the City Hall and the students and teachers to the Academy. Only he, his father, Red, and Blue were left.

                      “I think we’ll need to go the PMC,” Blue stated, “Squirtle, Charmander, Nidoran, and Bulbasaur are all unable to battle.”

                      “Good idea,” Zane replied, “but where is Bulbasaur?” No one needed to answer, as Zane felt something pushing against his feet. He looked down and saw his Pokémon.

                      “Bulbasaur, return,” Zane said, “you deserve a good rest.” Bulbasaur went back inside his Poké Ball, and the group of four went to the Pokémon Center.

                      “By the way,” Orion said, “how did you know that Mankey was the leader of those wild Pokémon?”

                      “I was just thinking about that,” Zane answered, “a zookeeper told me, but I don’t know where she is now.”

                      “She’s probably alright,” Red said, “don’t worry.”

                      “So,” Orion said, “I’ll leave you now, I am the supervisor of the new night shift employees tonight.” Zane’s father had guided the three friends into the Viridian TRC, where they could stay the night.

                      “Good luck,” Red shouted. “Adieu!” Zane added.

                      “Goodbye!” Orion shouted back as he left the building.

                      “Well then,” Red started, “let’s, uh, send out our Pokémon.” He sent out Charmander, Blue threw Squirtle’s and Nidoran’s Poké Balls, and Zane let Bulbasaur, Spearow, and Mankey out of their Poké Balls.

                      “I’ll go arrange a room,” Zane said.

                      “Okay,” Red said, “we’ll look after your Pokémon.”

                      When Zane walked away, the six Pokémon started playing, but that escalated soon. Squirtle and Charmander were babbling to each other, and Spearow wanted to join their conversation, but Charmander didn’t like that. He pushed Spearow away, accidentally against Bulbasaur, who got angered by that. He wanted to attack Charmander, who used Ember to protect himself. Bulbasaur could get out of the way in time, but the Ember hit Nidoran. Nidoran got scared and started running around. Mankey tried to calm everyone down, but it didn’t work. Bulbasaur and Spearow were battling Squirtle and Charmander, and Nidoran was still running around.

                      “Charmander, stop that!” Red shouted, while Blue also told his Pokémon to stop. None of the Pokémon listened, and Nidoran ran out of the building.

                      “Nidoran!” Blue yelled. “Come back here!”

                      But he didn’t listen. Blue ran towards the door, but at that moment Zane returned, “I have arranged room number seventy…” He saw the Pokémon fighting and Blue opening the door. Then he noticed that Nidoran wasn’t there, then he knew why Blue was running out of the TRC.

                      “Bulbasaur, Spearow, Mankey, return!” He shouted, but Bulbasaur and Spearow didn’t listen, they wanted to win from the two other Pokémon.

                      “Whatever you want,” Zane told them, “but I’m going after Blue and Nidoran! Red, you should stay here.” Red nodded, and Zane followed his other friend. He saw Blue running to the north, so he supposed that Nidoran was also going into that direction. He followed them and got more and more worried. They were running to the Viridian Forest.

                      “Blue!” He shouted. “He is going to the forest, don’t go in there!” But it was too late, Nidoran had entered the woods, and Blue followed.

                      “Blue! Come back!” He tried once more, but his friend couldn’t hear him anymore.

                      He turned around to see Squirtle running toward him. “Squirtle, stop!” But Squirtle didn’t pay attention to Zane, just like Blue and Nidoran did. The Water Type dashed into the forest, and soon, Zane couldn’t see him anymore.

                      ‘Great,’ he thought, ‘now that happened.’

                      He heard Red shouting for him, “Zane! Where is Blue?”

                      “Into the Viridian Forest, just like both of his Pokémon. But we can’t follow them, we’d all be lost, he’ll need to find the exit himself. How are our Pokémon doing?”

                      Red looked aghast by his friend’s sudden departure, but he answered Zane anyway, “After Squirtle had run away, I was able to return Charmander into his Poké Ball, and Mankey was, um, able to calm down your other Pokémon.”

                      “Good, we’ll go back now, we need to sleep. I’m going to Pewter City tomorrow, you can come with me if you want to.” The two friends started walking back to the TRC.

                      “Definitely,” Red replied, “I want to go there too, so that’s a sure thing.”

                      When they entered the Trainer Center, Zane returned his Pokémon to their respective Poké Balls and went to the canteen. There were only three other people, but none of them looked like they wanted to meet new people, so Red and Zane went to one of the empty tables. They ate as much as they could handle and went to their room, room number 73. After they had brushed their teeth, they went to bed.

                      “Good night,” Zane said. “Same to you,” Red replied, and they went to sleep.

                      “So here is our target,” said the man.

                      “Yes, without a doubt,” the woman replied.

                      “Let’s go then,” the man concluded. The two went onto the path that Grey and Ryan had walked upon a few hours earlier, almost invisible due to the combination of their black outfits and the darkness of the night. The only visible parts of their suits were the big, red Rs on the black shirts.

                      “I’m happy we can finally move again,” the man whispered.

                      “You’re right,” the woman responded, “after sitting in the same position for seven minutes, my muscles were already starting to hurt, and we sat there for over four hours.”

                      The man hushed, “we need to be silent from now on, we don’t want them to notice us.”

                      The woman nodded and followed the man towards the huge house in the middle of the forest.
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                        9. In the middle of the Forest

                        “Nidoran! Wait!” Blue shouted. “You can’t run any further into the forest! That is way too dangerous! We’ll get lost! We need to go back!”

                        He realized that it had no use, his Pokémon wouldn’t listen anyway. When he finally reached his Pokémon, he lifted him from the ground and looked him in the eyes, “Why did you do that? Do you want me to get lost in here, we probably can’t even find the way back.”

                        Nidoran looked away, but Blue kept talking, “It was an accident, Charmander didn’t attack you on purpose.”

                        Suddenly, Nidoran jumped out of his Trainer’s hands and continued running.

                        “Stay here!” Blue tried, but his Pokémon ignored him again.

                        ‘Darn it,’ the young boy thought, ‘why doesn’t he listen.’

                        He started chasing his Pokémon again, but when he took a turn into the path that Nidoran had also chosen, he saw lights in the distance.

                        “Pewter City! How did you find it?” He asked to Nidoran. His Pokémon looked at him with a rare combination of joy and fear in his eyes.

                        “You are one little mystery,” Blue said, “I like that.”

                        He heard something approaching them from behind them, he turned around and saw his other Pokémon.

                        “Squirtle!” He shouted. “I’m sorry that I forgot you.” Squirtle knocked on the front of his shell as a sign of forgiveness. Blue nodded and returned both his Pokémon, after which he walked toward Pewter City.

                        When he entered the city, he went straight for the Pokémon Center to ask directions. After he had learned where the Trainer Center was located, he went there and asked the man at the desk if there was still room for him. The man looked at his computer to see if there were any rooms with an empty bed.

                        “There is one,” he said, “room number 38.”

                        “Thank you,” Blue said, “who are already sleeping there?”

                        “Let’s see,” the man looked at the computer again, “Brown Baldwin and Grey Hudson.”

                        “Great,” Blue laughed.

                        “You know those two?” The man asked.

                        “Definitely,” Blue answered, “they are two of my best friends.”

                        When he entered room 38, he noticed that both of his friends were both already asleep. ‘I have to be silent,’ Blue thought, ‘I want to see their reactions tomorrow.’

                        “Come on, let’s go!” Red shouted the next morning.

                        “I can hear that you're really enthusiastic about the forest,” Zane laughed.

                        “Of course I am,” Red reacted, “it’s further than we’ve ever been before.”

                        “You're right,” Zane said, “I hadn’t realized that yet.”

                        The two went to the canteen to eat breakfast, after which they went back to the room to pack their bags.

                        “Let’s see,” Red mumbled, “Poké Balls, Potions, a Map, I think I have everything I need.”

                        “We’ll probably need Repels and Antidotes too,” Zane commented, “there are a lot of wild Pokémon, and many of them know Poison Sting.”

                        “So we need to go to the Poké Mart,” Red concluded.

                        Zane nodded, “so let’s hurry up!” The two friends left the TRC and went to the north since the Poké Mart was in that part of Viridian City. When they entered the building, they went straight for the Trainer area, where items like Potions and Repels were displayed. The two boys searched the shelves for the items they needed.

                        “Super Potions, Great Balls, Awakenings, there they are. I’ve found the Repels,” Zane told his friend.

                        “And here are the Antidotes,” Red answered. They both bought ten of each, and they left the Mart after they had paid for the items.

                        “I suppose we’re ready to go now,” Zane said.

                        “Yes we are,” Red responded. The two walked to the north to enter the Viridian Forest. When they set foot into the woods, there was one thing they both noticed. It was extremely dark, almost the entire forest was covered in shadows due to the high density of trees. There were only a few patches of light on the ground, but not much more could be seen.

                        “It wouldn’t surprise me if the others were still in here,” Red said. “I mean, uh, there are already seven paths we can choose to follow, I can imagine that there are people who have been wandering here for months, maybe even years.”

                        “Don’t think so glumly,” Zane responded, “they’re probably alright.”

                        “I hope so,” Red replied. The two decided on which path they would take, but they soon found themselves surrounded by wild Pokémon.

                        “Looks like we need our Pokémon,” Zane said.

                        “You’re right,” Red replied, “there are only some Caterpie and Weedle, so I’m sending out Charmander.”

                        “And I’ll send out Spearow.” Together, the two Pokémon fought off their opponents.

                        “Well done, Charmander.”

                        “Good job, Spearow.” The boys praised. Suddenly, they heard someone scream for help.

                        “Sounds like someone is in trouble,” Zane reacted, “let’s go.”

                        The screaming kept going on, so the two friends knew which way they had to go, but before they could reach the source of the noise, the person stopped shouting.

                        “Darn it,” Red cursed, “now we don’t know where we are or where we need to go.”

                        “Hush,” Zane hissed. Red listened and heard what Zane had already noticed, a muted moaning.

                        “What’s that?” Red asked.

                        “I don’t know,” Zane responded, “let’s see.”

                        They went into the direction of the almost inaudible sound and found an old woman lying in the bushes.

                        “Are you alright, miss?” Red asked.

                        “Please, help us,” the woman begged, “two people in black uniforms attacked our house.”

                        “And where might that house be?” Zane informed.

                        “I’ll show you the way,” she answered.

                        “I’m Red Newman, by the way,” Red said.

                        “And my name is Zane Patterson,” Zane added.

                        “Good to meet you,” the woman replied, “my name is Nya Yates.”

                        “Good morning,” Grey said.

                        “Good morning,” Blue and Brown returned.

                        “Does someone know the time?” Brown asked.

                        “Quarter past nine,” Grey responded, “that’s pretty late.”

                        “Don’t worry,” Blue said, “we have all the time.”

                        “He’s right,” Brown added, “don’t hurry.”

                        After lying in their beds for about ten more minutes, the three went to the canteen for their breakfast. They each took one of the bags with food and walked to one of the empty tables to open the sacks. While they were their breakfast, someone else came sitting at their table.

                        “Good morning,” he said, “let me introduce myself. The name is Blake Moran, I am a Pokémon Trainer from Celadon City.”

                        Grey looked up with a glance of suspicion, but Brown started talking, “Hello, they are Blue Oak and Grey Hudson, from Pallet Town, and I am Brown Baldwin from Viridian City.”

                        “Nice to meet you,” Blake said.

                        “I did see the Grey and you yesterday, but I don’t think Blue was there too.”

                        “That’s right,” Blue responded, “I wasn’t.”

                        “Now that you say it,” Grey looked to Blue, who couldn’t hold it any longer.

                        He burst into laughter, “that took you long enough. How did you not notice I was suddenly here.”

                        “But … how?” Brown asked, “I do know about Oak’s gifts, Grey told me, but how are you already here?”

                        Blue explained about the fight between the four Pokémon, about Nidoran fleeing into the forest, and about him and his Pokémon finding the exit of the woods. By the time he was done telling his story, the four finished their meal and told about what they were going to do that day.

                        “I’m going to train my Pokémon for my fifth battle against Brock.”

                        “Fifth?!” Blue exclaimed. “You were defeated by the Gym Leader four times?”

                        “Yes,” Brown shamefully admitted, “and I have still seen only one of his Pokémon, Onix.”

                        “That’s probably the only Pokémon he’ll use against you,” Blake started. “Brock has seven different Pokémon he uses in Gym Battles, but he uses them depending on the challenger’s experience and the Pokémon they are going to challenge him with. The same goes for most of the other Gym Leaders, except for the Viridian City Gym Leader, he doesn’t use any Pokémon as far as we know.”

                        “That’s good to know,” Blue said, “do you know which Pokémon Brock has?”

                        “If I recall correctly,” Blake replied, “he has a Geodude, a Graveler, and a Golem, a Rhyhorn and a Rhydon, an Aerodactyl, and of course an Onix.”

                        “And that Aerodactyl can mega evolve, right?” Grey asked.

                        “You’re right,” Blake responded, “he has an Aerodactylite, I don’t think he has ever used it, though. Anyway, what are you two planning to do today?”

                        Grey was the first to react, “I am going to challenge Brock.”

                        “That is what I wanted to do too,” Blue responded.

                        “Then who’s going first?” Brown asked.

                        “I know,” Blake said, “what about a battle between the two of you? The winner gets to battle Brock first.” Blue and Grey both agreed.

                        “Then let’s go to the battlefields after you’ve brushed your teeth and things like that. They will open at ten ‘o clock, so we’ve still got about ten minutes left, that should be enough.”

                        “See you in a few moments then,” Brown said, after which the four went to their rooms.

                        Red and Zane followed Nya into the deepest part of the Viridian Forest, where her house was. She stopped when the had nearly reached the building.

                        “I don’t know if those two are still there,” the old woman whispered, “so you should be careful.”

                        “You can talk as quietly as you want to,” an unfamiliar voice whispered back, “we’ve found you anyway.” Zane turned his head around, and he saw the man and the woman in black suits.

                        “And we need you to conveniently disappear,” the man continued. “Drowzee, use Hypnosis on those three.”

                        The two boys were able to jump away in time, but Nya was not that swift anymore, she was hit by the attack and fell into a deep sleep.

                        “Judy!” The man shouted.

                        “Bring away that woman, I’ll take care of those brats.”

                        The woman did as she was told, while the man sent out his other three Pokémon.

                        “Geodude, try to get hold of them, Oddish and Drowzee must then use Sleep Powder and Hypnosis. Koffing, I need you to set up a Smokescreen. Attack now!”

                        But when he looked back to Red and Zane, he saw four Pokémon, ready to battle.

                        “Bulbasaur, use Vine Whip on Geodude!”

                        “Charmander, Ember against Oddish!”

                        “Spearow and Mankey, attack Drowzee with Peck and Scratch!”

                        “What?!” The man exclaimed. “How can you imps already have Pokémon?!”

                        The boys didn’t answer, but they told their Pokémon to keep attacking. Geodude was defeated in no time by Bulbasaur’s attacks, so Zane told his Pokémon to start using Cut on Koffing.

                        The man was now released from his surprise and realized that he had to do something, “Koffing, use Poison Gas on Charmander! Oddish, keep using Sleep Powder, try to hit one of them, doesn’t matter which one! Drowzee, Confusion on Bulbasaur!”

                        Due to the Smokescreen, the three Trainers couldn’t see what happened, but when it faded away, the seven Pokémon could be seen. Oddish and Bulbasaur had fainted, Charmander was poisoned, Spearow had fallen asleep, and Drowzee and Mankey seemed to be fine, while Koffing could barely hold on. The man and Zane returned their defeated Pokémon and started ordering their Pokémon to attack again. Mankey fainted after Drowzee had used Confusion again, and Koffing’s last bit of health was taken away by Charmander’s Scratch, but not before the Poison Type could use Tackle on Zane’s Flying-type Pokémon, who couldn’t do anything against it, as it had already been put to sleep by Drowzee. Only Charmander, Spearow, and Drowzee were left now. Charmander poisoned, Spearow asleep, and Drowzee still fit.

                        “Drowzee, attack Charmander with Headbutt!”

                        “Charmander, counter with Scratch!”

                        All Zane could do was watch the battle and hope that his Pokémon would wake up. Charmander and Drowzee clashed, but Charmander was the one that was sent to the floor, due to the damage it had already received from the poisoning. When Red’s Pokémon fell on the ground, a cloud of dust was whipped up, so again, none of the Trainers could see what was happening. When the dust fell down again, Charmander was revealed to have fainted.

                        “Fantastic, now take care of that Spearow,” the man told his Pokémon. Drowzee searched for Spearow, but he couldn’t find him.

                        “Now! Attack!” Zane shouted. Spearow flew to Drowzee at full speed, hitting the Psychic Type four times in a row with his beak. Zane felt his Pokédex buzzing in his bag, but he didn’t take notice of it, as Drowzee still hadn’t been defeated yet.

                        “Use Peck once more to finish this battle!”

                        “You don’t need to,” a female voice shouted, “we retreat!”

                        The companion of the boys’ opponent walked out of the house. The man nodded and withdrew his Pokémon.

                        “You’ve won,” he admitted.

                        “But they’ve lost,” the woman added, pointing at the four siblings running out of the mansion.

                        “You two, you need to remember us,” the man continued, while his associate sent out her only Pokémon, Kadabra. “You need to remember the name of our organization, you need to remember Team Rocket.” He and his companion both grabbed one of Kadabra’s hands, who then teleported all three of them away.

                        “The battlefields are now open now,” announced the owner of the Pewter TRC, “battlefield B has already been booked by Blake Moran for a battle between two of his acquaintances. All the other battlefields are free to use. Have a beautiful day, I’ll speak to you again in the evening.”

                        Grey walked outside and saw almost every battlefield being filled with Trainers. He noticed Brown and Blake walking towards him and followed them to battlefield B, where he and Blue would battle against each other. When the two friends each stepped onto one of the Trainer Fields, the small fields on each end of the rectangular main battlefield, Blake announced that he would be the referee.

                        He called out the battle rules, “The single battle between Grey Hudson and Blue Oak will now get underway. Both Trainers may use all the Pokémon they have with them. Furthermore, both Trainers are allowed to substitute their Pokémon. Let the battle begin!”

                        Blue sent out Nidoran first, while Grey sent out his Dratini. Blue noted that the now starting fight between him and his friend had already drawn attention, people were standing all around the battlefield to watch the battle.

                        “Dratini,” Grey shouted, “let’s start this battle with Twister!” Dratini whipped up a tornado and sent it towards Blue’s Pokémon, who was not fast enough to avoid the attack.

                        “Nidoran, focus your energy to make your next move do even more damage!” The Poison Type used Focus Energy, an attack he had learned while battling against the wild Pokémon in Viridian City. Dratini used Twister again, but that still wasn’t enough to defeat Nidoran.

                        “Now,” Blue said, “use Peck!” Nidoran hit Dratini with his horn, landing a critical hit due to his last attack.

                        “Dratini, hang on,” Grey reacted, “and use Twister again, it will probably be enough to defeat Nidoran!” The third Twister was indeed able to beat Blue’s first Pokémon.

                        “Nidoran is unable to continue fighting, he needs to be withdrawn!” Blake announced.

                        “Nidoran,” Blue said, “you did well, take a rest now. Squirtle, I need you to finish this! Use Tail Whip!” The blue Pokémon jumped out of his Poké Ball and lowered his opponent’s defenses, but Dratini responded with Thunder Wave to paralyze Squirtle. Since Grey’s Pokémon was much faster now, it could strike with Wrap before Squirtle was able to use Tackle. Dratini attacked again, this time with Twister, after which Squirtle’s paralyzation struck.

                        “Dratini, we can finish the battle now!” Grey shouted. “Use Twister one last time!” Squirtle saw the tornado raging towards him, but he hadn’t given up yet. He jumped aside right in time and used Tackle on Dratini again. Blue encouraged him and shouted for him to keep using Tackle. Dratini hadn’t expected that, so the attack came as a surprise to him. Squirtle dealt an enormous amount of damage to the Dragon Type, but Dratini soon realized that something needed to be done, he kept avoiding Squirtle until…

                        “Now! It can’t move because of the paralyzation! Use Twister!” All the spectators, including Blake, held their breath. Dratini created a tornado, Squirtle stood up, Dratini sent the Twister towards the Water Type, Squirtle jumped out of the way, Dratini slithered towards Blue’s Pokémon, Squirtle prepared for Tackle, Dratini used Wrap, Squirtle attacked too. The two Pokémon clashed, and Dratini wrapped himself around Squirtle, Squirtle tried one last time to use Tackle, but it had no use. Dratini used Wrap and defeated Squirtle with it. In the background were the noises of other battles being fought, but there weren’t any other sounds. Even Blake seemed to forget he needed to name Grey the winner.

                        Red and Zane looked at the three people walking out of the mansion towards Nya.

                        “Are you alright?” The woman with glasses asked.

                        “Yes,” Nya responded, “but I wouldn’t have been without them,” she pointed at the two friends.

                        “Thank you,” the only man from the four said, “thank you from all of us. My name is Ryan. I’m one of the Forest Guides, together with my three sisters.”

                        “I see that you’ve already met Nya,” the woman with glasses added, “I’m the oldest of the Yates siblings, my name is Sylvia. Ryan is only two years younger.”

                        “And I’m the third in line,” the other woman said, “the name’s Maya.”

                        “Which makes me the youngest of the four,” Nya concluded. “Sisters, brother, they are Red Newman and Zane Patterson.”

                        “Welcome, boys,” Sylvia said, “feel free to stay here for a while.”

                        “Thanks for the offer,” Red replied, “but we’re on a journey through the whole region. We want to be Pokémon Masters.”

                        “In that case,” Maya started, “why don’t we have a three against three battle. Red, Zane, and Nya against the three of us.”

                        “Are you Trainers?” Zane asked.

                        “Not really,” Ryan explained. “Although we have Pokémon, we almost never battle.”

                        “But we are going to,” Sylvia replied, “we promised that after we fought that other boy yesterday.”

                        “She’s right,” Nya admitted.

                        Zane looked at Red, “could that other boy be one of the other three?”

                        “What did you say?” Ryan informed.

                        “Well,” Red started, “three other friends of us are, um, also on an adventure, they have probably gone through the forest too.”

                        “Could be,” Sylvia said, “who are those three?”

                        “One is Blue Oak,” Zane said, “orange hair, dark blue shirt, about as tall as Red.”

                        “I have seen a boy like that running through the forest last night,” Maya responded, “he was chased by a Squirtle, and it looked like a Nidoran was running away from him.”

                        A smile appeared on Red’s face, “that’s Blue. But he wasn’t the boy you battled?”

                        “No,” Maya replied, “but maybe it’s one of your other friends?”

                        “There’s also Brown Baldwin,” Red continued, “he has black hair, a somewhat darker skin color than us, and a silver necklace.”

                        The four siblings looked at each other to see if one of them saw someone like that, but they didn’t.

                        “None of us has seen him,” Ryan said, “let alone battled against him.”

                        “Well,” Zane said, “that leaves Grey Hudson…”

                        “That him!” Maya shouted. “Grey was his name.”

                        “Then you’ve battled against our friend,” Red said.

                        “And now we’ll battle against two of his,” Sylvia stated, “except for Nya, she will battle with them. After I’ve healed your Pokémon, of course.” She walked into the mansion and came back with a few revives and potions in her hands.

                        “Let me see your Pokémon,” she said. Red and Zane sent out their Pokémon while Sylvia broke open one of the Revives. The content of the tiny crystal was some kind of juice, which flowed onto Mankey. She did the same with the other Revives on Charmander and Bulbasaur. Afterward, she sprayed the Potions she brought with her on the four Pokémon, who were now fully healed again.

                        “Now,” Ryan started, “it is time for the battle. The four of us will all use two Pokémon, you two may use all of your Pokémon.” Everyone walked to their side of the field before the mansion.

                        “Let the match begin!” Maya shouted.

                        “Squirtle is unable to battle,” Blake announced, “which means Dratini wins, making Grey the winner.” Blue and Grey returned their Pokémon, while the people around the battlefield started talking again.

                        “Congratulations,” Blake told Grey. “That was an excellent battle.”

                        Blue walked towards the two with a disappointed look in his eyes. “I think we need to leave the field,” he said, “other people want to battle too.”

                        Grey and Blake nodded and walked towards Brown, who was standing next to the battlefield. When the four were reunited, they left the TRC and headed for the Pokémon Center.

                        “I’m going to the Gym now,” Grey told his friends, “see you later!” The others waved him goodbye until he ran around a corner.

                        “What are you two going to do now?” Brown asked.

                        “I’m going to train my Pokémon for my battle against Brock,” Blue replied.

                        “I'm going to train too,” Blake added, “I was planning to leave the city today, but then you came around. I wanted to see your capabilities, so I stayed to watch you battle, and I don’t regret that decision.”

                        “Are you a participant of the Pokémon League as well?” Brown asked.

                        “Yes I am,” Blake responded, “and I earned my Boulder Badge three days ago. My newest Pokémon, Tangela, helped a lot in that battle. Anyway, I’ll stay here for your Gym Battles, and a bit of training is never wrong.”

                        “You’re right about that,” Blue reacted, “but where do you want to train?”

                        Blake smiled, “I’d say that there are enough Trainers to challenge in the TRC, wouldn’t you think?”

                        When he opened the door of the Pewter City Gym, Grey noticed that there wasn’t anyone there. The battlefield, covered with boulders and patches of sand, was empty, so was the rest of the gym.

                        “Hello?” He shouted. “I want to battle against Brock Rokes!”

                        “You’ve certainly come to the right place!” Someone shouted back. Grey looked at the other end of the battlefield, where the last lights were turned on, someone was standing on a stone pedestal, waiting for a challenger.

                        “So you wish to battle me,” the man said, “then ask me properly.” Grey was surprised by someone standing there in the shadows all the time, someone who apparently was Pewter City’s Gym Leader.

                        He cleared his throat and started talking, “I, Grey Hudson from Pallet Town, am here to challenge the Gym Leader of Pewter City.”

                        “That challenge is accepted,” Brock shouted back.

                        “Let the judge come to the battlefield!” A woman walked onto the stand next to the field, while Brock asked Grey for his Badges and Pokémon.

                        “My only Pokémon is a Dratini, and I have no Badges yet,” Grey responded.

                        “Good,” Brock reacted, “then I’ll use only my Onix.”

                        He nodded at the judge, who then announced the rules of the battle, “The single battle between the challenger, Grey Hudson from Pallet Town, and the Gym Leader, Brock Rokes from Pewter City, will now get underway. Both Trainers may only use the Pokémon they named earlier. Let the Gym battle begin!”
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                          10. The first Badges

                          “Go Bulbasaur!”

                          “Do it, Charmander!”

                          “I’m counting on you, Psyduck!”

                          Those were the Pokémon sent out by one side in the battle. The other three were Ryan’s Koffing, Maya’s Diglett, and Sylvia’s Vulpix.

                          “Psyduck,” Nya shouted, “start with Water Sport!”

                          “But what about Charmander?” Red asked.

                          “He can use Growl and Smokescreen to lower their stats,” Zane reacted. “Until the Water Sport wears off, you’ll need to do that.”

                          “Vulpix, lower Psyduck’s defenses with Tail Whip,” Sylvia screamed.

                          “Diglett, Sand Attack on Bulbasaur,” Maya added.

                          “Koffing, use Tackle on Psyduck!” Ryan finished.

                          Charmander used Smokescreen to lower the opponents’ accuracy, and Bulbasaur was told to use Vine Whip onto Diglett. This was enough to defeat Maya’s first Pokémon, but Psyduck also took a lot of damage because of the combination of Vulpix and Koffing. Maya sent out her other Pokémon, Cubone, and commanded it to use Bone Club on Charmander. Meanwhile, Charmander used Growl to reduce the damage the Ground Type would do against him. Furthermore, Bulbasaur used Tackle on Vulpix, who, on her turn, used Tail Whip on Zane’s Pokémon. Koffing used Tackle on Psyduck again, causing her to faint. Nya’s second Pokémon was her Goldeen, who used Horn Attack on Vulpix and defeated her, but not before Vulpix had used Tail Whip on Goldeen. Koffing now tried to use Tackle on Charmander, but due to his lowered accuracy, his attack missed, giving Charmander the opportunity to use Ember at full strength, which was able to defeat Ryan’s first Pokémon. After this, Cubone used Bone Club again, causing Red’s Pokémon to faint.

                          “Koffing, come back,” Ryan said, “I’ll send out Ekans now.”

                          “And Growlithe will also battle now,” Sylvia added. It was now a three against two battle, with Nya and Zane being at a disadvantage.

                          “Growlithe,” Sylvia shouted, “use Ember on that Grass Type!” At the exact moment Growlithe attacked, Water Sport’s effect faded.

                          ‘She’s been counting,’ Zane realized, ‘she knew when to use a Fire Attack.’

                          The Fire Type didn’t do enough damage to defeat Bulbasaur, who managed to plant a Leech Seed on Cubone before he fainted due to Ekans’ Poison Sting. Goldeen tried to confuse Growlithe with Supersonic, but Growlithe easily dodged the attack.

                          “Bulbasaur, return,” Zane said, “you’ve done well.” He put Bulbasaur’s Poké Ball in his bag and pulled another one out of it, “Spearow, it’s your turn now! Use Fury Attack on Ekans!”

                          “Grab him with your tail and use Wrap!” Ryan reacted.

                          “Growlithe,” Sylvia added, “use Bite on the Flying Type when he is held by Ekans!”

                          Goldeen seemed to also want to do something, so she opened her mouth, in which an orb of water started forming.

                          “Amazing!” Nya shouted. “Goldeen, use your new attack!”

                          Goldeen blasted a forceful shot of water towards Growlithe. It wasn’t able to beat the Fire Type yet, so Sylvia’s and Ryan’s Pokémon were able to deal a lot of damage to Spearow, who did afterward manage to hit Ekans with Fury Attack. All Cubone did this turn, was lower Goldeen defense with Tail Whip, which was good for Zane’s opponents since Growlithe was now able to defeat Goldeen with a single Bite. Spearow was able to hit Ekans with one last Leer before it was defeated by that one’s Poison Sting.

                          Zane thanked Spearow and returned him to his Poké Ball and sent out Mankey now, “use Scratch to defeat Ryan’s Pokémon!” It was indeed enough to beat the Poison Type, but Growlithe and Cubone lowered Mankey’s defense with Leer and Tail Whip.

                          “You know what to do, Mankey!” Zane shouted. “Keep avoiding their attacks! Use Low Kick on Growlithe when you think you’re ready!” Growlithe tried using Bite, while Cubone kept missing Mankey with his Bone Club.

                          “Cubone,” Maya shouted, “keep using Tail Whip to lower Mankey’s defense. When Growlithe hits, he might be able to defeat Mankey in one hit!”

                          A smile appeared on Zane’s face, and Mankey seemed joyful when he understood that Zane wanted him to use the strategy he also used as a wild Pokémon.

                          The gym battle between Brock and Grey had already been going on for a few minutes when Dratini finally managed to hit his opponent with Twister.

                          “Okay Onix,” Brock shouted, “hold back for a bit, use Bide!”

                          “Dratini, keep using Twister now before it releases its stored power!”

                          Onix got hit by four other vicious tornadoes, but then the Rock Type unleashed his strength, attacking Dratini with tremendous power.

                          “Dratini,” Grey shouted, “keep using Twister!”

                          When Onix had almost hit Grey’s Pokémon, another Twister hit him, causing him to flinch, so that he couldn’t use Bide’s power.

                          “No!” Brock shouted. “That can’t have just happened!”

                          “Dratini, one last Twister to beat the Gym Leader!”

                          The last tornado hit the heavily damaged Onix, who couldn’t hold it any longer, he fainted.

                          The judge concluded the battle, “Onix is unable to continue, meaning that Grey Hudson, from Pallet Town, has won the battle, thereby officially earning the Boulder Badge.”

                          Brock returned his Pokémon while Grey walked to the other end of the battlefield.

                          “Well done, kid,” Brock said. “Here, take this, you’ve earned it.” In the Gym Leader’s hand was a small gray octagon, the Boulder Badge.

                          “Thank you,” Grey replied. He opened his silver badge case and placed the Boulder badge in the upper-left gap in the black velvet.

                          “I suppose you’re going to Cerulean City next,” Brock guessed.

                          “Yes, I am,” Grey responded, “I’m going to challenge Misty there.”

                          “Good,” Brock replied, “but beware of Mt. Moon, it is easy to get lost in there. In the Viridian Forest, you’re still protected by the Forest Guides, but there nobody like them in the Mountain.”

                          “Thanks for the warning,” Grey reacted, “I’ll go to the TRC to see what information I can find about it. By the way, you’d better get your Pokémon healed, a friend of mine going to challenge you soon. He has a Squirtle, so good luck with that.”

                          “I’ll need that,” Brock laughed, “good luck on your journey.”

                          “Bye,” Grey finished when he left the Gym. He went to the PMC to heal his Pokémon before he headed for the TRC to surprise his friends.

                          “Okay Growlithe, focus on Mankey,” Sylvia shouted, “when he tries to attack you, you must strike first!”

                          “Cubone, you should keep using Tail Whip!” Maya added. After Mankey took the attacks from Cubone and evaded Growlithe’s, it was finally time for him to attack. Unexpected by his opponents, Zane’s Pokémon kicked Growlithe and defeated her.

                          “Amazing,” Zane praised, “you did it! Now you need to beat Cubone!” Using Scratch this time, Mankey almost managed to defeat the Ground Type, but Cubone survived and attacked with Bone Club. Mankey was able to avoid being hit by the bone and used Scratch again, now finishing the battle. After Maya and Sylvia had returned their Pokémon, the other three walked back onto the battlefield.

                          “Zane, how did Mankey become so powerful?” Ryan wondered.

                          “Do you know about Abilities?” Zane returned.

                          “Definitely,” Sylvia responded, “but it looks like your friend doesn’t.”

                          “Well,” Red reacted, “I know of the existence, but I, um, indeed have no idea what they actually are.”

                          “They’re basically a Pokémon’s special power,” Zane explained. “Send out Charmander and look at this,” he added.

                          After sending out his Pokémon, Red looked at the Pokédex Zane had just opened.

                          “Wait a second, it says that Spearow has learned a new attack,” Zane noted. “It’s Fury Attack. A Normal Attack that hits two to five times in a row.”

                          “That must’ve been when he attacked Drowzee after he woke up,” Sylvia figured.

                          “You’re right,” Zane replied, “now that you say it, I do recall feeling my Pokédex buzzing right then.”

                          “Which means that was the first time he used that attack,” Maya concluded.

                          “Indeed,” Zane replied. “Anyway, let’s continue with Charmander’s Ability.”

                          Zane pointed his Pokédex at Charmander and showed the screen to Red, who read what was on it, “it says that Charmander’s Ability is Blaze.”

                          “Blaze powers up Fire attacks when your Pokémon doesn’t have much health left,” Zane explained. “Other Abilities lower the opponent’s power, prevent the Pokémon from falling asleep, or boost a certain stat in certain types of weather. Which brings us to Ryan’s question, my Mankey has the Defiant Ability, which sharply raises its power when one of his other stats gets lowered. That’s why I told him to let himself get hit by Tail Whip and Leer while evading the other attacks.”

                          “That’s brilliant!” Maya replied.

                          “Just one question though,” Nya added, “Grey told that you have been taught by Samuel Oak. Then how is it that Red didn’t know about Abilities?”

                          “He has taught us only the basics,” Zane replied, “he promised us that we’d learn more from experience than he would ever be able to teach us.”

                          “That’s definitely true,” Sylvia reacted, “typical Samuel.”

                          “You talk like you know him,” Red noticed.

                          “Long story,” Nya instantly replied, “you’ll learn about it later.”

                          “How do you mean?” Zane replied.

                          “Stop talking about this,” Ryan reacted, “we want you to go out of the forest. Now.”

                          The four siblings suddenly looked furious. Zane looked at his friend, who nodded, “we’ll go then. Which way is the exit?”

                          “You’ll have to find that out yourselves,” Maya rudely replied. After this, the four guides went back into their mansion.

                          “So we’ll need to just walk around and hope to find the path?” Red asked

                          “Apparently,” Zane responded. “Why are they so angry all of a sudden? What did we do wrong?”

                          “I don’t know,” Red reacted, “but I’m more surprised by the fact that they seem to know the Professor.”

                          Zane nodded, “indeed. Still, how are we going to get out of here.”

                          “Not by standing still,” his friend replied, “so let’s go.”

                          “What are our scores at the moment?” Brown asked.

                          “Let’s see,” Blake responded, “you’ve won three battles, and you’ve lost one. Blue beat two opponents and hasn’t been defeated yet. As for myself, three wins, no losses.”

                          “I think I’m ready for Brock then,” Blue replied.

                          “Just why does it take so long for Grey to finish his battle?”

                          “What are you complaining about?” Brown laughed. “It’s only been twenty minutes since he left us. A Gym Battle isn’t fought in less than half an hour.”

                          “Isn’t it?” Someone asked. “Then I’m here too early, am I not?”

                          The three turned around to see Grey walk up to them with the Boulder Badge in his hand.

                          “And take a look at this!” Everyone in the TRC fell silent and looked at him, interested by the Badge and the trainer who held it. Grey heard all the questions being whispered by the other Trainers.

                          “My name is Grey Hudson, and I’ve defeated Brock’s Onix with my Dratini. My friend Blue over there will challenge the Gym Leader in a few minutes, he’ll probably win too.”

                          Blue smiled, but nobody looked at him, most of the people wanted to battle Grey.

                          “I think I’ll leave for the Gym,” Blue told his friends. They nodded and looked at Grey’s first challenger. Blue took one last look inside to see Grey and his opponent walk outside through the exit in the left part of the building. He closed the door and walked westwards, towards the Gym. When he crossed the last street, he saw the end of a long brown coat disappear around the corner.

                          ‘This can’t be,’ he thought, ‘I know whose coat that was.’

                          He ran towards the corner and turned around it.

                          ‘There he is,’ he noticed, ‘it actually is him!’ He ran to the man and tapped on his shoulder, to which the man reacted by turning around.

                          Blue could see his face now, “100 KR!” He shouted.

                          “Quiet,” the surprised man ordered, “I don’t need a whole City knowing about me.”

                          “I’m sorry,” Blue said, now a bit calmed down. “Why are you here?”

                          “We got an alert from someone saying he saw a wild Machamp, which is, of course, very suspicious. We think it’s one of those incredibly powerful Pokémon again.”

                          “Like Golem and Poliwrath?”

                          “Yes,” 100 KR replied, “like Golem and, wait, what? Poliwrath?”

                          “Yes, Poliwrath,” Blue repeated, “in Viridian City, yesterday.”

                          “Why don’t I know about this?” 100 KR wondered.

                          “I’ll need to talk about this with my superiors. Actually, I’m going to do that right now. Goodbye.”

                          “But…” Blue tried. The mysterious man was already gone.

                          Where did he go?’ The boy wondered. ‘He stood here three seconds ago, and now he’s gone.’

                          He looked everywhere around him, but 100 KR was nowhere to be seen. After a few minutes, Blue gave up and finally went to the place he wanted to go, the Pewter City Gym.

                          When Grey and his first challenger stood on the opposite sides of the field, the judge explained the rules. “The single battle between Grey Hudson and Ira Newton will now get underway. Both Trainers may use one Pokémon. Let the battle begin!”

                          Grey sent out Dratini, while his opponent sent out her female Nidoran, who immediately used Poison Sting and poisoned Dratini, who countered with Twister. Nidoran flinched, so Grey’s Pokémon used Twister again, after which his opponent used Double Kick and hit Dratini twice. After a third Twister, Nidoran still hadn’t fainted, and she attacked with Double Kick again. Dratini used Twister once more, this time finally defeating the Nidoran.

                          “Nidoran has fainted, meaning Grey Hudson won the battle.” The two Pokémon were returned, and their Trainers talked to each other about the fight. After Grey had his Pokémon healed, he went to the fields again to fight his next opponent.

                          At the end of his eighth battle, which he had won, he announced he’d stop fighting for that day. Out of his eight matches, he triumphed in six. One of the two Trainers who beat him had a Shellder that knew Icicle Spear, whereas the other one battled with a Jigglypuff who used Disarming Voice. When Grey went to heal his Pokémon before going back to his room, someone tapped on his shoulder.

                          “I’m sorry,” Grey said, before turning around, “I’m not doing any more battles today.”

                          “And what about a double battle?” Grey recognized the voice and looked at the boy behind him.

                          “Blue!” He exclaimed. “How did it go?” Blue took his Badge Case out of his bag and opened it, the Boulder Badge was in the first gap.

                          “You’ve beaten Brock too,” Grey noted, “good job. Which Pokémon did he use?”

                          “He used his Geodude first, that one was easy to defeat with Squirtle. His Onix, however, managed to defeat Squirtle, but he was beaten by Nidoran.”

                          “How did he do that?” Grey wondered. “He has learned Double Kick during the battle,” Blue explained. “With a Fighting Attack, it is easy to defeat a Rock Type.”

                          “It is indeed,” Grey replied. “But what were you saying about a Double Battle?”

                          “He was talking about us,” a new voice answered. The voice belonged to a girl, who was standing behind Grey together with another boy. The girl continued, “We are Tara and Kevin Wolfe, and we want to challenge you to a battle.”

                          “You as in the two of us, or you as in me?” Grey asked.

                          “Both of you,” Kevin replied.

                          “Can’t say no to that,” Grey responded. The four went to the battlefields and asked for one field.

                          “Battlefield F is empty at the moment, you can have a battle there. A judge will be there in two minutes.”

                          The four already went to their respective sides of the battlefield, and when the judge arrived, the rules were explained, “The double battle between Tara Wolfe and Kevin Wolfe on one side and Blue Oak and Grey Hudson on the other will now get underway. All Trainers may use one Pokémon. Let the battle begin!”

                          Tara sent out Venonat, while her brother chose for his Tentacool. On the other side of the field, Blue and Grey sent out Dratini and Squirtle.

                          “Tentacool,” Kevin shouted, “start with Supersonic on Dratini!”

                          “Squirtle, Tail Whip on Venonat!” Blue reacted.

                          Dratini got confused and tried to use Twister on Tentacool, but Grey’s Pokémon hit itself. In addition to that, Venonat used Poison Powder on Squirtle, but that attack missed. Blue told his Pokémon to use Tackle on Tentacool, while Dratini now succeeded to hit Venonat with Twister. Kevin commanded his Pokémon to attack Dratini with Constrict, and his sister told Venonat to use Confusion on Squirtle. Dratini used Thunder Wave on Tentacool, who reacted with another Constrict. Meanwhile, Squirtle used Tackle again on Venonat, whose Poison Powder missed again.

                          “Dratini, attack Tentacool with Twister!”

                          “Tentacool, counter with Poison Sting!”

                          Dratini’s confusion faded away at that exact moment, but he now had to deal with another status condition. Likewise, Squirtle was finally poisoned by Venonat’s Poison Powder, but Tara’s Pokémon fainted after Squirtle had used Tackle one last time. Both Dratini and Squirtle got hurt by their poisoning, but both could take it.

                          “Tentacool, Constrict to defeat Dratini!”

                          Squirtle tried to Tackle Tentacool to distract her from Dratini, but it didn’t help, and Dratini fainted. The judge announced the rout of Venonat and Dratini and confirmed that Squirtle and Tentacool were still able to battle.

                          “Squirtle, use Tackle again!” Tentacool took the attack and countered with Constrict. Both Pokémon could barely hold on, and their Trainers noticed. Squirtle used Tackle, but Tentacool avoided him and let Squirtle’s poisoning do its work, Blue’s Pokémon fainted.

                          The judge concluded the battle, “Squirtle and Dratini are both unable to battle, which means Tara Wolfe and Kevin Wolfe are the winners.”

                          Blue and Kevin returned their Pokémon, after which Grey and his friend congratulated the siblings with their victory.

                          “I didn’t think we’d actually win,” Kevin admitted.

                          “Neither did we,” Grey replied, to which everyone laughed. The four went to the canteen, where they were joined by Blake and Brown. They sat down at a table to continue talking until it was dinner time, but they didn’t stop talking until late in the evening when the door opened, and two boys came walking in.

                          In the late afternoon of that same day, Red and Zane were still wandering through the forest, hoping to find an exit.

                          “It’s getting darker,” Red noticed.

                          “You’re right,” Zane replied, “I’m afraid we’re stuck here for the night.” A few hours later, when it was pitch black in the forest, the two still hadn’t found the exit.

                          “Red?” Zane asked, “Is it just me, or is there some kind of soothing tune around us?”

                          “It’s not just you,” Red responded, “I hear it too.”

                          The sound got louder and louder until a bright pink orb appeared before the two boys.

                          “What’s that?” Red wondered.

                          “That doesn’t matter,” a high voice responded.

                          “Who is speaking?” Zane asked.

                          “I’d really think you’d be able to see me, I’m that pink orb in front of you,” the voice answered.

                          “How are you able to talk?” Red continued.

                          “That doesn’t matter either,” the voice reacted, “all that is of any use to you right now, is the exit of the Viridian Forest. I will show it to you, just close your eyes.”

                          The boys did as they were told to, without being able to decide whether they should, it just happened. When their eyes opened again, they stood before Pewter City, and the pink orb was gone. The soothing tune was still audible in the far distance, but it soon faded.

                          “What did just occur to us?” Red wondered.

                          “I have no clue,” Zane replied, “but we’re in Pewter City, so I’m not complaining about anything.”

                          “We should probably look for the TRC,” Red noted. Zane agreed, and the two boys headed for the Pokémon Center to ask directions. They got the information they needed and went to the northern part of the city, to a building across the street from the Pewter Museum of Science. When Red opened the door and walked inside, they heard the conversation that had been going on inside suddenly stopped.

                          “Red? Is that you?” A familiar voice asked.

                          “Never thought I’d say this,” Red reacted, “but I’m so happy to see you, Blue.”
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                            11. Pewter Museum of Science

                            It was already half past twelve when Zane finally woke up, but he noticed that Red was still asleep. The night before, the two of them told everything to their friends about the Forest Guides and the pink orb, after they had been introduced to Blake, Tara, and Kevin. After they had eaten, they went to bed around two o'clock, so they slept right through the middle of the day. Zane went to the canteen to eat his breakfast and saw Blue, Tara, and Blake already sitting at a table and breakfasting.

                            “Good morning,” Zane greeted. Blue looked up at his friend and greeted him back. After Zane had chosen the food and drink, he joined the three.

                            “We were just talking about our plans,” Blake explained, “Tara and Kevin are leaving in an hour, Kevin is already done eating.”

                            “And what about you?” Zane asked Blake and Blue.

                            “We are going to the Museum together with Brown and Grey,” Blue answered, “do you want to come too?”

                            “Of course,” Zane replied, “and I think that’s the same for Red. However, I do want to challenge Brock as soon as possible, so can we go after I’ve done that?”

                            “Sure,” Blake responded.

                            “No problem,” Blue added. After a few minutes of talking, Tara went to get ready for her departure, just when Grey and Red entered the room. After being asked for it, both of them agreed to go to the Museum.

                            “It’s not like I’m going to challenge Brock anytime soon,” Red said, “Charmander is too weak at this point.” When everyone, including Brown, who joined soon after Red and Grey, finished their breakfast, it was a quarter to two, so Zane left for the Pewter Gym, leaving the rest behind to talk and battle.

                            When he entered the Gym, Zane saw that all the light were out. One by one, they were turned on, slowly revealing the sandy battlefield covered with rocks, the judge standing next to it, and finally, the man waiting on the stone pedestal with his back turned to the entrance. “Who are you, and what are you here for?” The man asked.

                            Zane replied, “I, Zane Patterson from Pallet Town, am here to challenge Brock Rokes for a Gym Battle.”

                            The few seconds of silence after this felt like an eternity to Zane, but it was ended by Brock’s voice, “Your challenge is accepted. Which Pokémon and Badges do you have?”

                            “I don’t have any Badges yet, and my Pokémon are Bulbasaur, Spearow, and Mankey.”

                            “So you’re the fourth of Oak’s students,” Brock replied, “the one who has the Bulbasaur, this is going to be interesting. In this battle, I will use Geodude, Rhyhorn, and Onix.”

                            Brock turned around and nodded to the judge, who started explaining the rules, “The single battle between the challenger, Zane Patterson from Pallet Town, and the Gym Leader, Brock Rokes from Pewter City, will now get underway. Both Trainers may only use the Pokémon they named earlier. Furthermore, only the challenger may substitute his Pokémon. Let the Gym battle begin!” Both Trainers sent out their first Pokémon, Rhyhorn and Mankey.

                            “Rhyhorn, start with Scary Face to slow him down!”

                            “Mankey, use Leer to make him weaker!”

                            “Rhyhorn, Tail Whip!”

                            “Now, Mankey, profit from your Ability, use Low Kick!” The attack hit Brock’s Pokémon hard, but he countered with Fury Attack, hitting the Fighting Type five times. However, Mankey used Low Kick again and defeated Rhyhorn.

                            “You did well, Rhyhorn, now take a rest, it’s Geodude’s turn.” The Rock Type used Tackle immediately when it was sent out and caused Mankey, who had been damaged a lot already, to faint.

                            “Mankey, return, it’s going to be fun now. Bulbasaur! Use Vine Whip!” The Grass Attack was not enough to defeat the opponent in a single blow, so Geodude was able to use Tackle again. Bulbasaur used Vine Whip again, but Geodude was able to evade the attack this time, and he used Tackle, which dealt an enormous amount of damage to Zane’s Pokémon.

                            “A critical hit!” Brock exclaimed. “Lucky me. Use Tackle one last time!” Bulbasaur countered the attack with another Vine Whip, which was enough to beat Geodude.

                            “And this brings us to my signature Pokémon,” Brock announced when he returned Geodude. “Go Onix! Use Bind!” “Bulbasaur, use Leech Seed to regain some health!” After Onix was seeded by Bulbasaur, he got hold of the Grass Type and started squeezing. When the green Pokémon escaped, he used Vine Whip.

                            “Onix, hold back for a while, use Bide!”

                            “Bulbasaur, use Growl while he is charging for Bide! Just don’t damage him!”

                            ‘That kid is smart,’ Brock thought, ‘Bide won’t do any harm like this.’ After Bulbasaur had used Growl a few times, Onix’s Bide’s energy was released, but there was none since he hadn’t taken any damage during its charging time.

                            “Bulbasaur, you can attack again, use Vine Whip!”

                            “Onix, try to avoid him and use Rock Tomb to slow him down!” Brock’s Onix was surprisingly fast and managed to avoid Bulbasaur’s attack and hit him with an own one.

                            “Now keep using Rock Tomb to damage him even further!”

                            “Bulbasaur, use Growl as many times as you can, you’re too slow to harm that Onix!”

                            “Onix, one more time, Rock Tomb!” The rocks fell onto the Grass Type and caused him to faint.

                            “Bulbasaur, you did amazing,” Zane told his Pokémon while he returned him, “now rest for a bit. Spearow, it’s your turn now, use Fury Attack!”

                            “You’re trying to defeat my Onix with a Spearow?” Brock asked.

                            “Can’t say I’ve seen that happen. Onix, use Rock Tomb to finish his last Pokémon off!” After Spearow had hit Onix three times with his beak, the Rock Type countered with his most powerful attack, but it did almost no damage.

                            “No!” Brock shouted. “I forgot about Bulbasaur’s Growl!”

                            “Spearow, don’t worry about getting hit,” Zane assured his Pokémon, “you’ll regain some health from the Leech Seed!”

                            “Onix, slow him down with Rock Tomb,” Brock reacted, “just try anything to defeat him!” But no matter how hard Onix tried, Zane’s Pokémon had just damaged him too much. The combination of the Leech Seed and Fury Attack in addition to his almost useless attacks caused the Onix to be beaten.

                            “Onix is unable to battle, which means the victory goes to Zane Patterson, who has hereby earned the Boulder Badge.”

                            Brock walked towards Zane’s side of the battlefield, “congratulations. I wouldn’t have expected a Spearow to be able to beat Onix. Anyway, here is your Boulder Badge.” Zane took the gray Badge out of the Gym Leader’s hand and thanked him, after which he put the Badge in his Badge case.

                            “There is something else though,” Brock continued, “a friend of my late father passed by earlier this day and told me to give you this.”

                            Zane looked at the letter in Brock’s hand, “who was it?” Zane asked.

                            “Sylvia Yates, oldest of the Forest Guides.”

                            “Thank you,” Zane replied.

                            “What’s wrong?” The Gym Leader asked. “You look a bit surprised.”

                            “That’s because I am,” Zane answered, after which he left the Gym.

                            When he got back to the TRC, Zane went straight to his room to open the envelope and read the letter together with Red. He slammed the door open, accidentally scaring his friend, and took a chair to sit on.

                            “What is wrong with you?” Red shouted.

                            “Letter. Brock. Guides,” Zane tried to explain.

                            “Take it easy,” Red said. “First, take a breath, then, well, tell me what you want to.”

                            When Zane finally calmed down, he explained everything to his friend, “I got this letter from Brock, he told me it is from Sylvia.”

                            “As in the Forest Guide?” Red asked.

                            “Yes, that Sylvia,” Zane confirmed.

                            “Then let’s see what she’s got to say.”

                            Zane opened the envelope, unfolded the letter, and the two boys started reading.

                            Dear Zane and Red,

                            Sorry for what happened last afternoon, we were upset about something. That something was the same thing that guided you out of the forest. That pink ball was an orb of power, created by a friend of us. That same friend was the Pokémon stolen by those Team Rocket grunts from before. We hope that you’ll forgive us.

                            Kind Regards,

                            Sylvia, Ryan, Maya, and Nya Yates

                            P.S. Don’t search for us, we’ve left the forest to find our friend.

                            The first thing Zane noticed was the fact that the four siblings knew about the pink orb.

                            “They must have followed us,” Zane figured.

                            “Or that Pokémon they’re talking about might have, uh, sent them a message as it did to us,” Red replied.

                            “But which Pokémon could it have been?” Zane wondered.

                            “It’s probably a Psychic or Ghost type since it sent us such a message,” Red replied.

                            “And that still leaves about fifteen Pokémon, maybe it’s even one we don’t know about,” Zane reacted.

                            “That last one seems really unlikely to me,” Red responded. “If there were more than 149 Pokémon, Oak would’ve known about them.”

                            “You’re right,” Zane admitted.

                            “Anyway,” Red continued, “how did your Gym Battle go?” Zane took his Badge case out of his bag and opened it.

                            “You defeated Brock!” Red noted. “Amazing! How did you do it?” After Zane had told Red about the whole battle, the two left their room to find the others and go to the museum with them. While they were searching for their friends, Red saw them sitting in the canteen, talking with some other Trainers.

                            “Hey, guys, Zane and Red are here!” Brown shouted at the others.

                            “How did your Gym Battle go?” Blake asked. Zane did the same as he did with Red, but he didn’t think about other Trainers being able to see his Boulder Badge.

                            “So you think you’re amazing just because you have one Badge,” a voice with a tone of antipathy in it noted. Zane and his friends looked into the direction of the sound, a boy was standing there. He had brown hair, blue eyes, and a dark blue leather coat.

                            “Let’s see how good you really are,” he continued, “I challenge you to a Pokémon battle.”

                            “I’m sorry,” Zane replied, “but what was your name?”

                            “My name is Kelvin Berry, you should remember that name. What’s yours?”

                            “Zane Patterson, and I’m afraid that I’m not able to accept your challenge just yet. We were just going to leave for the museum.”

                            “So you’re scared of losing against me, what a coward you are.”

                            “I never said that,” Zane reacted.

                            “But it is what you meant,” Kelvin countered.

                            “No, it’s not!”

                            “Then prove me that you’re stronger,” Kelvin replied.

                            “Okay, I accept your challenge,” Zane admitted.

                            “Then let’s go to the battlefields, shall we,” Kelvin concluded with an evil smile on his face.

                            “The single battle between Zane Patterson and Kelvin Berry will now get underway,” the judge announced. “Both Trainers may use two Pokémon. Furthermore, both Trainers may substitute their Pokémon. Let the battle begin!” As Zane sent out Mankey, he saw that Kelvin had sent out his Bellsprout.

                            “Mankey, start this fight with Scratch!” Zane shouted.

                            “Put him to sleep to give yourself some time!” Kelvin shouted back. Bellsprout let Mankey hit him so that he could use Sleep Powder on the Fighting Type.

                            “Now use Growth until it wakes up again!” Kelvin commanded.

                            ‘This is not going to work,’ Zane thought, after which he returned Mankey to send out Bulbasaur, “use Cut!” Bulbasaur hit Bellsprout, but due to that one’s raised power, he could do very much damage with Wrap. Bulbasaur kept using Cut and almost managed to defeat Bellsprout if it wasn’t for himself to be beaten first.

                            “Bulbasaur, return. Mankey, I need you to use Scratch as soon as you wake up.”

                            “Bellsprout, start using Growth again!” When Mankey finally woke up, and Bellsprout’s power was almost as high as it could be, he jumped at the Grass Type and started scratching it, but not like he normally would. Zane felt his Pokédex buzzing.

                            ‘A new move,’ he figured, ‘I wonder which one it is.’ He quickly opened his Pokédex and read what was on the screen.

                            Mankey has learned a new move, called Fury Swipes, a physical Normal-type Attack with an accuracy of 80%. This attack strikes two to five times in a row. Mankey already knew four moves, so he forgot the move Scratch.

                            A smile appeared on Zane’s face, “Mankey, use Fury Swipes again after you’ve evaded Bellsprout’s Attack!” With his new Attack, Mankey was able to defeat Kelvin’s first Pokémon. The only problem: Kelvin still had his Seel.

                            “Use Icy Wind to slow that Mankey down!”

                            “Mankey, counter with Low Kick!” Due to Mankey’s Ability, Low Sweep did more damage after the Pokémon’s speed was lowered by Seel’s Attack.

                            “Now, Seel, keep using Headbutt until Mankey faints!”

                            “Mankey, try to avoid her attacks and use Low Sweep as many times as possible!” But no matter how hard he tried, Mankey was not fast enough anymore to avoid Seel’s Attacks. Seel got damaged a lot by Low Kick, but Mankey was defeated before he could finish her off.

                            “Mankey is unable to battle,” the judge announced, “which means the winner of this match is Kelvin Berry.”

                            The boy returned his Seel and walked off the battlefield, but while he did that, he walked past Zane to whisper something to him, “Just give up, you’re not good enough for the League Challenge.” Zane looked at Kelvin, but the arrogant boy had already left. When Zane got back to his friends, they tried to comfort him with his defeat, but he neglected their efforts.

                            “Never mind that,” he said. “Let’s just hope we will never see that Kelvin again.”

                            “You’re right,” Blake replied. “You should just ignore that scoundrel, he is known around here as someone who is not good at making friends.”

                            “He has done such things before?” Blue asked.

                            “Many times,” Blake responded. “But luckily, he is leaving for Mt. Moon today, so we won’t encounter him in the museum.”

                            “Talking about the museum,” Brown noted, “maybe we should finally go.”

                            “You’re right,” Red replied. The others all agreed, so they walked out of the TRC and across the street into the Pewter Museum of Science.

                            After the six had paid 50 Pokédollars each, they were allowed to enter the main hall of the museum. The first object to be seen was the skeleton of an Aerodactyl hanging from the ceiling.

                            “Were Aerodactyl really that giant?” Blue wondered.

                            “They probably were,” Grey replied.

                            “I heard that if you have an Old Amber, you can let it be revived into an Aerodactyl in the lab on Cinnabar Island,” Red added.

                            “That’s right,” Blake reacted. “And they can also revive a Helix fossil into an Omanyte or a Dome Fossil into a Kabuto.”

                            “Speaking of the devil,” Zane noted, “look over there. The skeletons of an Omanyte and an Omastar.”

                            “Let me see,” Brown reacted. He walked to the exhibit Zane talked about together with Blue and Blake. On the sign next to the vitrine, there was some information on the two Pokémon.

                            After Brown had read the facts about, he told his friends about the two Pokémon, “Apparently, Omanyte used to swim by twisting around their 10 tentacles, but to rise and sink inside water, they used the air stored in their shells. If one was being attacked by an enemy, it withdrew itself inside in that same shell.”

                            “Interesting,” Blake replied, “what does it say about Omastar?”

                            “A lot more than about the other,” Brown responded. “Their tentacles were that highly developed, that they were almost like hands and feet. They used them to ensnare prey, and once wrapped in them, nothing could escape. They also used them for self-defense. Scientists believe that they went extinct because of their shells growing too large, which caused their movements to become too slow and clumsy to catch prey.”

                            “So one of their greatest assets came to be their downfall,” Blue noted, “now that’s some real rotten luck.”

                            “Indeed,” Blake added. “Let’s see if we can find something about Kabutops,” Blue suggested.

                            “Good idea,” Brown replied, “but do any of you happen to see Red, Zane, or Grey?”

                            “Now that you say it, they did indeed stay at the Aerodactyl skeleton,” Blake replied.

                            “What does it matter,” Blue reacted. “We’ll see them back in the TRC this evening, if not earlier. For now, let’s just explore the museum.”

                            “You’re probably right,” Brown responded, “they will most likely come to the same idea.”

                            “What does that sign over there say about these fossils?” Red asked. He, Zane, and Grey had gone to another part of the museum, where they found an exhibit with all kinds of fossils.

                            “Let’s see,” Zane replied, while he read the sign. “It says that scientists have yet to find a method to revive these fossils. But in the meantime, they have already gotten names. That one for example,” he pointed at one of the green-colored fossils, “is called the Claw Fossil.”

                            “And what about this one?” Grey looked at an orangish fossil.

                            “That is an Armor Fossil.”

                            “Interesting,” Red replied. “But wouldn’t this mean that there are more 149 Pokémon?” Grey wondered.

                            “Don’t be ridiculous,” Zane responded, “that’s impossible. They’re almost certainly fossils of Pokémon we do know of.”

                            “And it is that ‘almost’ which is making me doubt that,” Grey countered.

                            “Guys, stop it!” Red intervened. “There is no point in arguing, we came here to see things about the past and the future, not to discuss whether or not there are Pokémon we don’t know of.”

                            “He’s right,” Grey admitted, as did Zane.

                            “Then let’s go to the second floor,” Red suggested, “I heard there are spaceships and objects found in space up there.” Both of his friends agreed, so they went up the stairs to the other floor. A giant stone marked this part of the museum. It was the meteorite that crashed into Mt. Moon a few decades earlier, hence the name of the rock, the Giant Moon Rock.

                            “Is it like a Moon Stone?” Red wondered. “Like, does it cause Pokémon like Nidorino and Jigglypuff to evolve?”

                            “No,” Grey replied.

                            “Some have tried, but it didn’t work,” Zane added. “This is actually a casual meteorite. The only special thing about it is, well, the fact that it is a rock from space.”

                            “How can you be so sure about that?” Red asked.

                            “It says so on this sign,” Zane replied, to which Grey burst into laughter.

                            Later that day, Grey came to the idea of having dinner at the museum restaurant instead of in the TRC. Red and Zane agreed, so the three went to eat. When they entered the restaurant and looked around for a table, they noticed that, coincidentally, their other friends had also had the same idea. The three walked to the table where the others were looking at the menu and greeted them.

                            “So in the end, we found each other back,” Grey said.

                            “Looks like it,” Blake replied. The three newcomers each took a seat, and they asked about the findings of the others.

                            “We’ve learned a lot about extinct Pokémon,” Brown started.

                            “And about the discovery and resurrection of the fossils,” Blue added.

                            “And what about you? What have you found?” Blake asked.

                            “We’ve seen the Giant Moon Rock,” Zane started.

                            “And also the Space Shuttle Columbia,” Red added.

                            “A replica of it, the real one is still in space,” Blue corrected.

                            “Is it?” Red asked.

                            “Of course it is,” Blue replied, “how would it ever be possible to return a spaceship to earth without crashing it?”

                            “Hadn’t thought about that,” Red admitted.

                            “Anyway,” Grey continued, trying to prevent another discussion between Red and Blue, “we’ve also seen some other fossils that couldn’t be revived yet. I think that they might be a hint at there being more than 149 Pokémon.”

                            “We’ve talked about this,” Zane reacted, “it is impossible.”

                            “Now don’t you start again,” Red warned. “By the way, Zane, I think Grey is right. Do you remember that pink orb last evening?”

                            “Of course,” Zane responded, “how would I ever be able to forget that?”

                            “I’ve thought about it some more,” Red continued, “it must’ve been a Pokémon we don’t know yet.”

                            “How are you so sure?” Zane asked.

                            “We have already come to the conclusion that it was, um, either a Psychic or Ghost Type,” Red explained, “but if it was, for example, a Hypno. Why in the world would they steal it, those Pokémon can all be found in the wild. Therefore, that pink orb must’ve been a very rare Pokémon, like the three Legendary Flying Types.”

                            “You’re comparing that pink ball with Articuno, Zapdos, and Moltres?!” Zane exclaimed.

                            “Maybe I am,” Red answered.

                            “I think Red has a point there,” Blake admitted.

                            Blue agreed, but it was Brown who disagreed, “this is pure nonsense. How can there be more Pokémon than Oak knows of?”

                            “Since when do you admire my grandfather?” Blue wondered.

                            “I always have,” Brown replied, “but I hate him because of that.” At that moment, the waiter arrived at their table and asked for their choices.

                            After everyone had ordered their food, Brown and Red continued arguing, starting with Brown, “Tell me, how can there be more Pokémon than those in Grey’s Pokédex?”

                            “Well,” Zane replied, “I must say, the Pokédex was created by the Professor, so if there is any Pokémon he doesn’t know about, it isn’t in the Pokédex either. Speaking of which, when I was in Viridian City, Oak gave me a Pokédex, and since you had already left, he asked me to give you yours if I came across you. I kinda forgot about it, but here it is.” Zane handed Brown his Pokédex.

                            “Thanks a lot,” Brown reacted, “but still, how can some Pokémon go unnoticed to the greatest Pokémon Professor alive?”

                            “Has it ever occurred to you that there may be more than just Kanto?” Blake noted. “There are probably other regions than this one, containing other Pokémon than this one.” Before Brown could reply to that, the waiter returned to their table with the six dishes for the six friends.

                            “One Viridian Soup for?” Blue raised his hand.

                            “Okay, then one Celadon Pie, I think for the boy here.”

                            “Yes, thank you,” Brown confirmed.

                            “Next up, two times the Lavender Steak.”

                            “One is for me,” Zane reacted.

                            “The other one for me,” Blake added.

                            “And finally, two Fuchsia Omelettes for the two remaining boys. If there is anything I can do for you, just raise your hand, and I will be here within a few seconds. Bon appétit.”

                            “Thank you,” Grey replied, and the six started eating.

                            After their dishes had been finished and paid, Grey and Zane talked about the Aerodactyl skeleton in the main hall.

                            “Do you think that Aerodactyl were actually that big?” Zane asked.

                            “I don’t know,” Grey replied. “Maybe Brock can show you,” Brown noted, “he has an Aerodactyl. He could even Mega Evolve it.”

                            “That's an excellent idea,” Red reacted.

                            “Then why don’t you ask him?” A familiar voice asked. “I’m sure he would be happy to show you his Pokémon.” Blue looked to his left and saw the man standing there, “Brock!”

                            “Yup, that’s me,” the Gym Leader responded.

                            “Would you actually want to show us your Aerodactyl?” Zane asked.

                            “Definitely,” Brock answered, “I can’t see why I wouldn’t.”

                            “Then you guys can go watch it,” Blake noted. “I have a meeting with someone in ten minutes, so, unfortunately, I can’t come. But don’t delay your plans because of me, you can go now if you want to.”

                            “Then that is what we’ll do,” Brock replied. “If that’s not a problem.”

                            “Not for me,” Brown responded, “I think I speak for all of us with that?” His friends nodded, so Brock led them outside and to the west, to the Onyx Highlands.
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                              12. Another one leaves Pallet Town

                              “These are the Onyx Highlands,” Brock told the five boys. They looked around over the beautiful rocky plains. “I’ve always thought that they look more majestic at dusk than at any other time of the day. You can see the whole City and even a bit of the Viridian Forest over there. But if you turn around...”

                              “That’s the Indigo Plateau!” Grey exclaimed.

                              “Indeed,” Brock replied, “that’s your destiny. That is where the League Battles are fought every year. However, that is not what we came here for, so come out, Aerodactyl!” The airborne Rock Type went out of his Poké Ball to surprise the five friends with its enormous size.

                              “So it actually is as big as the skeleton in the museum,” Brown noted.

                              “But this is still not what you came here for,” Brock reacted, while he took a golden necklace from under his shirt. Something was hanging from the chain, a shiny stone with all the colors of the rainbow.

                              “A Key Stone,” Zane whispered.

                              “Yes indeed,” Brock responded, “and you know what that means. Aerodactyl! Beyond evolution! Mega Evolve!”

                              The Mega Stone on Aerodactyl’s back started glowing, and within seconds, the whole Pokémon glowed in purple light. Aerodactyl started altering, spikes grew from everywhere on his body. From his back, his wings, his head, and even from the back of his feet. The purple light was expulsed in the form of energy, after which Mega Aerodactyl let the six people hear his roar. Zane had his head turned away because of the energy, but now he looked towards the Mega Evolved Pokémon.

                              “It even slightly grew,” Red noticed.

                              “That’s right,” Brock replied. “But I must admit, even I don’t see him in this form very often. I hardly ever use him in battles since most Trainers are too weak to handle a Mega Evolution.” At that moment, Aerodactyl got hit by something, and it clearly hurt him. Zane looked around to see what hit him, but he couldn’t see anything.

                              “What was that?” Brock wondered. Aerodactyl flew up to reveal a lot of Machop and Machoke behind him.

                              “I think that Aerodactyl’s roar woke up the young Machop,” Brock figured, “and they’re, obviously, angry about that.”

                              “I don’t think so,” Blue replied. “Guys, I suppose you remember 100 KR?” His friends nodded.

                              “I met him again yesterday,” Blue continued, “right before I went to challenge Brock. He told me that there were multiple reports about a Machamp roaming around Pewter City, just like Golem and Poliwrath.”

                              “And those two were accompanied by lots of their, uh, pre-evolutions,” Red noted.

                              “And since there are lots of Machop and Machoke here...” Brown continued.

                              “Machamp is probably searching for us right now,” Zane concluded.

                              “Are you saying you’re scared of a Machamp?” Brock laughed. “I have a Mega Aerodactyl, it can defeat him with a single Flying Attack.”

                              “I wouldn’t be so sure about that,” Grey warned.

                              “Anyway,” Brown interrupted, “we’ll need to keep those Machop and Machoke away, so let’s get started with that.”

                              “You’re right,” Zane replied. “Mankey, Spearow, Bulbasaur, attack those wild Pokémon!”

                              “Geodude, Beedrill, help them with that!” Brown added.

                              “Charmander, use Smokescreen!” Red shouted.

                              “Squirtle, Nidoran, attack!” Blue continued.

                              “Dratini, Thunder Wave!” Grey commanded.

                              “I guess I’ll also help,” Brock noted. “Aerodactyl, use Aerial Ace!” After this, the Gym Leader sent out three more Pokémon.

                              “Golem, Rhydon, Onix, help those boys!” All the Pokémon fought hard, but the amount of Fighting Types seemed endless. The Trainers’ Pokémon started getting hurt a lot, and they fainted one by one. First was Brown’s Geodude, very soon followed by Brock’s Golem and Zane’s Mankey.

                              “We’re losing!” Brown warned.

                              “Boys, return your Pokémon and hide in that shelter,” Brock advised, he pointed at the small dilapidated shed at the edge of a cliff. “My Pokémon will take care of this!”

                              “Do as he says,” Grey commanded, while he took Dratini back into his Poké Ball. His four friends did the same, after which they all hid inside the shelter.

                              “There is a small crack in the wall over here,” Blue whispered, “I can see Brock and his Pokémon. I’ll tell you what’s happening.”

                              “Okay, thanks,” Red replied.

                              “We’ll discuss what we’ll do if Brock gets defeated,” Grey added.

                              “Well, I think we should just send out all of our Pokémon and start attacking,” Brown reacted. “Yes, that’s pretty obvious,” Grey responded, “but with which attacks?”

                              “I’d say Leech Seed for Bulbasaur and Peck for Spearow,” Zane replied.

                              “Charmander can use Smokescreen, Ember, or Growl,” Red added.

                              “Squirtle with Water Gun and Nidoran with Peck,” Blue continued.

                              “Beedrill knows String Shot, that can slow them down,” Brown whispered.

                              “And Dratini can Paralyze them with Thunder Wave,” Grey concluded.

                              “I think it’s best when Charmander uses Growl since Fighting Types are mostly power-based,” Zane stated.

                              “When we take that away, they’ll be beaten in no time.”

                              “Correct,” Grey responded, “and for your idea with Bulbasaur, genius. He’ll be invincible when he absorbs health from that many Pokémon.”

                              “Guys,” Blue interrupted, “the Machamp has arrived, and Mega Aerodactyl is flying towards it.”

                              “Good,” Brown reacted.

                              “He’s using Aerial Ace, and ... No!”

                              “Quiet,” Red hushed. “What’s the matter?”

                              “Machamp got hold of Aerodactyl’s wings,” Blue responded.

                              “And it is using Thunder Punch with his two other hands, this is terrible.”

                              “But can’t Rhydon and Onix attack him now?”

                              “Rhydon has just fainted, and Onix is being held back by the Machop and Machoke.”

                              “Keep us up to date, would you?” Grey asked.

                              “I won’t have to,” Blue replied, “Onix and Aerodactyl have both fainted. Machamp is coming this way.”

                              “Okay guys, you know what to do,” Zane whispered. “Let’s do this.”

                              Five boys were whispering to each other, they were hiding from another wild Pokémon, but they had a plan. The shelter they were hiding in was ripped away by the Pokémon they were hiding for. All five sent out their Pokémon, telling them to attack their opponent. The five boys stood next to each other and kept shouting.

                              The five friends were whispering to each other, they were hiding from Machamp, but they had a plan. The shelter they were hiding in was ripped away by the Machamp. All five sent out their Pokémon, telling them to attack their opponent. The five friends stood next to each other and kept shouting to their Pokémon to attack, but the Machamp was too strong.

                              Spearow and Nidoran were the first to faint since the wild Pokémon focused on them because of their super-effective Attacks. Next up were Bulbasaur and Charmander, as Bulbasaur took most of their health, and Charmander kept lowering their attack power. Now there were only three Pokémon left on the friends’ side: Dratini, Squirtle, and Beedrill. Dratini used Thunder Wave on Machamp, but the attack missed. Squirtle used Water Gun, but it did almost no damage. Beedrill used Poison Sting, but he failed to Poison the Machamp. Three of the Machoke used Karate Chop and defeated Grey’s, Blue’s, and Brown’s Pokémon. The Machamp grabbed Zane and Brown from the ground and ordered some Machoke to do the same with the other three. However, before they were able to do so, Machamp got hit by an attack and let Zane and Brown loose.

                              “What was that?” Grey wondered.

                              “Arcanine, return,” a trusted voice shouted. “Hypno, use Dazzling Gleam!”

                              “Kadabra, use Psybeam on Machamp if Dazzling Gleam isn’t enough!” Another familiar voice added.

                              At the moment Yellow walked into Oak’s laboratory, she had already decided what she wanted, she wanted to follow in her brother’s footsteps to also become a Pokémon Trainer. She went straight to Oak’s own office in the lab, where the old man was having a telephone conversation with someone.

                              When Yellow walked into Oak’s room, Samuel quickly ended the phone call, “I’ll talk to you later, there’s someone who wants to ask me something.” All Yellow had still heard of the conversation was something about having to wait a long time and replacing someone else.

                              “Who was that?” She asked.

                              “Someone you don’t know about,” Oak replied. “Someone who is very impatient about certain things. But that’s not why you came to me, I suppose, so what brings you here?”

                              “I want to go on a journey through Kanto,” she replied. “Just like my brother and his friends.”

                              “Finally,” Oak responded. “Finally you’ve dared to ask. Have you asked your mother about this?”

                              “Yes,” Yellow replied, “she thought I was ready to go.”

                              “Well,” Oak reacted, “then that’s my opinion as well.” The Professor noticed tears of joy appearing in the girl’s eyes.

                              “Now don’t get too overjoyed, you’ll still need to get something from me. Three somethings, to be exact. First of all, I’ve already completed your Pokémon League registration, so here’s your Badge Case, I figured you’d like these colors.” The case itself was yellow, and the velvet inside was silver-colored.

                              “Second something, your very own Pokédex.” Oak opened one of the many drawers in his desk and took a Pokédex out of it.

                              “Thank you very much,” Yellow said.

                              “Don’t thank me yet, your biggest gift has yet to be given.”

                              “My first Pokémon?” Yellow guessed.

                              “Your first Pokémon indeed,” Oak confirmed. “This morning, I went to the Viridian Forest for a bit of research, but when I was about to leave, I was held back by a certain Pokémon. I didn’t have any Pokémon with me, so my only option was to capture it. That same Pokémon is the one I’m now handing over to you, open this Poké Ball to meet your first new friend.” Yellow nervously took the Poké Ball from Oak’s hand and threw it in the air. The energy state of a certain Pokémon went out of the capturing device and turned into her standard form. She was a small, yellow Pokémon with red cheeks. The tips of her ears were black, and the end of her tail was in the shape of a heart.

                              “Pikachu!” Yellow screamed, she couldn’t hold her tears of happiness back anymore. Oak also couldn’t resist a smile at seeing the girl overflowing with pure joy. Pikachu looked from the one to the other, she did understand that both were overjoyed, but she had no clue why.

                              “Pikachu, from now on, I’ll call you Electra. I’m sure we’ll become the best friends that will ever be,” Yellow promised.

                              “One question though,” Oak noted. “Are you leaving right now?”

                              “Yes,” Yellow answered, “definitely.”

                              “But it is already getting dark,” Samuel said, “wouldn’t it be better if you left tomorrow morning?”

                              “I could,” Yellow reacted. “But if I’d start my journey now, I’d reach Viridian City before it’s night, and I’d have a better chance of catching up with the others.”

                              Oak smiled, “you want to prove them that you are at least as good as them, don’t you?”

                              “Maybe,” Yellow laughed back.

                              “I can see that you all have a lot of questions,” 100 KR noted, “then let me explain.”

                              After the Machamp had destroyed the shelter where the five friends were hiding, they were saved by a Hypno and a Kadabra, and they later discovered that they were 100 KR’s and Blake’s respectively. Hypno had used Dazzling Gleam, which hit all of the wild Pokémon. The Machop and Machoke were defeated by the attack, but Machamp had still not been beaten, that happened after he was struck by Kadabra’s Psybeam.

                              “Red, you may ask the first question, “ 100 KR continued. “Uh, how did you know to find Machamp there?”

                              “I got a message from my boss about the Machamp that had been roaming around Pewter City, he told me that it was at the Onyx Highlands. When I said that to Blake, he sprang out of his chair and said we needed to go there. I asked him why, and he explained to me that you were there. On our way to you, we also encountered Brock, who was running back to the City for help. The second question is for you, Brown.”

                              “Why were you and Blake in a meeting?”

                              “Well, that’s a long story,” 100 KR replied, “but I can't tell you.”

                              “Why not?” Brown asked.

                              “It’s classified, sorry.”

                              “But then, um, why does Blake know about all of it?” Red continued

                              “Another long story,” 100 KR answered. “And again, something I can’t tell you. The next question is for Grey.”

                              “Who do you get those reports of wild Pokémon from?”

                              “I get them from my boss, who gets them from people who sent the report. In your case, that was probably Brock, as he was the only one who was there when the Machamp appeared. If you want to, I can give you something with which you can reach me at any time.”

                              “Which is?” Brown asked.

                              “This,” 100 KR responded. He took five tiny machines out of his coat, all with the same black button on it. “This is the 100 KR Emergency Device.”

                              “Which I find such an original name,” Blake sighed.

                              “Don’t complain,” 100 KR noted, “it is what its name says it is, so it’s a perfect name. Anyway, if you push the button, this device,” he took a sixth device out of his coat, one with a map on it, “will start beeping. The location of the pushed button will be shown to me on this map. But to see who’s used it, I’ll need to know the names of each Emergency Device’s owner. So what are your full names?”

                              “Grey Hudson.”

                              “Red Newman.”

                              “Brown Baldwin.”

                              “Blue Oak.”

                              “Zane Patterson.”

                              “Wait a second, Blue,” 100 KR noted, “are you family of Samuel?”

                              “I’m his grandson,” the boy answered.

                              “Well, well. And what about you, Zane, are you family of Orion?”

                              “He’s my father,” Zane responded. 100 KR looked surprised. “Well, then there’s one thing I can tell you,” he reacted, “you’ll receive lots of surprises in the time to come. Anyway, next question is for you.”

                              “Yes,” Zane replied, “have the two of you ever heard about Team Rocket?”

                              Zane noted that one of his other friends gasped, but he didn’t hear who it was.

                              “Of course,” 100 KR replied. “But I’m surprised that you have as well. When did you meet them?”

                              “Yesterday in the morning,” Zane answered. “Red and I were walking through the Viridian Forest, when we were asked for help by Nya, one of the Forest Guides. Their mansion in the middle of the forest was under attack from two Team Rocket Grunts.”

                              “Why would they attack the Forest Guides?” 100 KR wondered.

                              “Well,” Red continued, “we were, uh, teleported to the entrance by a mysterious pink orb, and we received a letter from the Guides yesterday. They said that that pink ball was a message sent by a friend of them, that friend was the, uh, Pokémon that was stolen by the Team Rocket Grunts. The Guides have now left the forest in search for their friend.”

                              “What?!” 100 KR exclaimed. “The Forest Guides left the Viridian Forest! What is that important for them that it makes them leave the forest?”

                              “That is what we’ve been wondering about ourselves,” Zane reacted. “We figured that it should be at least as rare as the three Legendary Birds. Otherwise, Team Rocket wouldn’t have put all that effort into stealing it from the Guides.”

                              “But that would mean there’s more than 149 Pokémon,” Brown added. “And that is just impossible.”

                              “I’m not so sure about that anymore now,” 100 KR replied. “What else happened with that pink orb?”

                              “Well,” Zane answered, “when it approached us, some kind of soothing melody accompanied it, and it spoke to us with a high voice.”

                              “What did it say?” Blake asked.

                              “Nothing of any importance,” Zane explained, “just that we had to close our eyes. We did that, not that we could resist in any way, and when they opened again, we were standing at the edge of the forest.”

                              “Very curious,” Blake mumbled.

                              “I’ll send a message about this to my boss so that he can further investigate this matter,” 100 KR said.

                              “Don’t,” a voice whispered. “Just tell them that the Forest Guides must be temporarily replaced.”

                              “Who is this?” Blake asked.

                              “It’s Nya,” the voice whispered, “Nya Yates.”

                              “Why don’t you want me to inform my boss about this?” 100 KR asked.

                              “We don’t want anyone but you and ourselves to know about our friend.”

                              “But am I allowed to tell him that Team Rocket has been seen in the Viridian Forest?” The voice didn’t answer.

                              “Hello?” 100 KR tried.

                              “You may,” Nya finally replied. “But don’t tell them anything else. All that matters is the safety of the citizens.”

                              The voice stopped, and the seven people in the room were left completely confused.

                              “See that? That’s Viridian City,” Yellow told her Pikachu. “The first big city we’ll come across. Tomorrow, we’ll go through the Viridian Forest. Do you know the way through there?”

                              Pikachu nodded.

                              An idea formed in Yellow’s head, “do you think you can guide me through the forest before it’s completely dark?” Pikachu, wanting to prove herself to Yellow like the girl wanted to prove herself to her friends, nodded again.

                              “Then let’s do it,” Yellow laughed. “But first, we’ll need to pick up some Poké Balls and a few Potions for underway.

                              After she had paid for the items, Yellow followed her Pokémon to the Viridian Forest. They had been wandering through it for a bit when Yellow started to get a bit worried.

                              “Are you sure you know the way?” She asked again.

                              Electra nodded again, but not as convincing as before. “You don’t, am I right,” Yellow figured. Pikachu gave up her pretense, she didn’t actually know which way to go.

                              “And now we’re lost,” Yellow said, “great.” She looked around to see if she could find any distant lights, but unfortunately, she didn’t. The two continued walking around until suddenly, they heard another Pokémon crying not so far away.

                              “Let’s check that out,” Yellow suggested. Her Pokémon followed her into the direction of the noise, where a Rattata was lying on the leafs that had already fallen off the trees.

                              “He’s hurt,” Yellow noted, and she took a Potion out of her bag.

                              “I think he’s alright now,” she said after she had sprayed the healing liquid on the injured wild Pokémon.

                              “Maybe he can show us the way out,” the girl figured.

                              “Can you?” she asked the Rattata. The Normal Type nodded, more convincing than Pikachu did in Viridian City, so Yellow trusted him.

                              “Then let’s go,” she smiled again.

                              “I’ve always thought that there was something curious about those four,” 100 KR noted. “And this does more than definitely confirm that.”

                              “But it does feel weird that they’re not in the forest anymore,” Grey added.

                              “Of course it does,” Blake replied. “The leave of people that have been somewhere for as long as you know is always difficult.”

                              “But what are we going to do now?” Red asked. “As in, um, what are we going to do about those powerful wild Pokémon?”

                              “The six of you should just continue your adventures,” 100 KR replied. “I’m taking a shortcut to Vermilion City, someone I need to talk to is currently there.”

                              “I’m going to Mt. Moon tomorrow morning,” Blake added. “Does one of you want to come with me?”

                              “I will,” Grey responded. “There’s nothing for me to do here anymore anyway.”

                              “What about Blue and Zane?”

                              “I’m staying here to train a bit more,” Blue answered.

                              “Me too,” Zane added.

                              “Well then,” 100 KR concluded, “I’ll go to the south. See you all later.”

                              “Goodbye,” Blake returned, and the man disappeared.

                              “How does he do that?” Blue wondered.

                              “It’s a simple trick,” Blake responded, “but you’ll have to figure that one out yourselves.”

                              The six went out of the building in the southwest of the city and northward to the TRC. After they had wished each other good night, everyone went to their separate rooms and fell asleep.

                              “See,” Yellow told Pikachu, “this Pokémon does know the way through the forest.”

                              She turned to the Rattata, “Thank you for helping us out, you can go back to your friends now.” After she had said this, Rattata’s face turned sad.

                              “What did I say wrong?” Yellow asked, but she figured it out as soon as she asked. “You don’t have any friends?”

                              Rattata nodded, still with a low-spirited look on his face.

                              “I could be your friend if you want me to,” Yellow said. “As could Electra.”

                              The Rattata looked a lot chirpier now.

                              “You like that idea, don’t you? I’ll call you Momus,” Yellow smiled.

                              Rattata jumped into the air because of his cheerfulness.

                              “Then here is your new home,” the girl laughed when she took a Poké Ball out of her bag. She pushed the white button on the front against the Rattata, who turned into his energy state. The Poké Ball sucked the ball of energy inside itself and closed, after which it shook three times and definitely closed. ‘I’ve been on my adventure for only three hours, and I already have a second Pokémon,’ Yellow thought. ‘So far so good.’

                              She returned Electra to her Poké Ball and went to the Pokémon Center to heal both of her Pokémon and to ask for the TRC. She got the same instructions as the other Palletans had, a few days ago, and she went into the direction of the museum.

                              “Room number 53 still has an empty bed,” the housekeeper of the Trainer Center told Yellow after the girl had asked for a room.

                              “Who is already there?”

                              “Bethany Adkins from Viridian City and Ira Newton from Pewter City,” the man answered.

                              “And is there someone else from Pallet Town currently staying here?”

                              “Let me check,” the housekeeper responded. He looked at the list of all the Trainers that were staying there at the moment and found four names.

                              “Red Newman, Zane Patterson, Blue Oak, and Grey Hudson. Oh, I get it,” the man noted. “That Grey must be your brother.”

                              “You got it,” Yellow replied.

                              “And do you know the other three as well?”

                              “Yes,” she answered, “they are three of his best friends.”

                              “Well then,” the man concluded, “you’ll see them tomorrow morning since they are already sleeping, but for now, have a good night.”

                              Yellow thanked the man and went to the room that was assigned to her.
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                                13. The Corul Woods

                                The next morning, Yellow woke up before her two roommates did, so she didn’t go out of her bed yet. Instead, she looked around the room. She was sleeping in the single bed in the chamber, the other two had already taken the bunk bed before Yellow arrived at the TRC. Since it was almost midnight when the girl from Pallet Town walked into their room, Bethany Adkins from Viridian City and Ira Newton from Pewter City hadn’t been able to properly introduce themselves to her yet, but neither could she. All she knew about the two girls was that they both hadn’t obtained any badges yet, but Ira was going to challenge Brock this day.

                                “I’m not used to not being the first to wake up,” one of the girls groaned, it was the brown haired girl on the lower bed, Ira. Yellow looked her in the face and noticed her piercing green eyes.

                                “Sorry,” she laughed back.

                                “Well then, let’s go to the canteen and see who I can introduce you to,” Ira continued. “Maybe Blake is already up.” Yellow was surprised by the admiring tone at which Ira pronounced the name Blake.

                                “Who’s that?” She asked.

                                “Blake Moran, the cutest boy in the Kanto Region, if not in the whole world.”

                                “I don’t care about boys that much,” Yellow replied.

                                “Oh, believe me,” Ira responded, “you will after you’ve met him.”

                                “Anyways, what about Bethany? Shouldn’t we wait for her to wake up?” Yellow asked.

                                “Don’t bother her,” Ira answered. “She’ll wake up in a few hours, but by that time, almost everyone will be done with starting the day, so let’s go now.”

                                “Okay,” Yellow replied. After the two girls had got dressed, they went to the canteen for breakfast.

                                “So tell me a bit more about yourself,” Ira said to Yellow after the two sat down at a table. “The only things I know about you are your name, your hometown, and that you don’t care for boys, yet.” She emphasized on that last word, which caused Yellow to smile.

                                “Well,” she answered. “To start, I have a brother, Grey Hudson.”

                                “Oh, I know him,” Ira interrupted. “He’s your brother?”

                                “He is,” Yellow continued, “do you know if he’s still in Pewter City?”

                                “I don’t think so, he left for Mt. Moon last morning. But I’m not sure about that,” Ira replied. “One thing I do know is that he’s friends with Blake.”

                                Yellow laughed again. “What about you?” she asked. “Do you have any siblings?”

                                Nope, I’m an only child,” Ira answered. “Continue talking about yourself, what Pokémon do you have, for example?”

                                “Electra and Momus,” Yellow replied.

                                “I’m sorry?” Ira reacted.

                                “My Pokémon’s nicknames,” Yellow explained. “Electra is a Pikachu, and Momus is my Rattata.”

                                “Bethany has a Rattata too,” Ira noted. “She hasn’t given him a nickname though. Do you like giving your Pokémon nicknames?”

                                “Yes,” Yellow responded. “However, not only to my Pokémon, but also to friends.”

                                “Okay, what nickname would you give me?” Ira wondered.

                                “Something with your green eyes, I think,” Yellow replied. “Let’s see, maybe some kind of berry. Lum, too short. Kebia, I like that. Babiri is too male. Salac, too evil. Micle, ooh, that sounds good, Micle. Do you like that?”

                                Ira looked at Yellow with raised eyebrows. “Interesting thinking process,” she noted. “But yes, Micle is alright.”

                                “I’ll call you that then,” Yellow concluded with a smile on her face. Ira laughed back.

                                “Oh, about that brother of you,” she started. “Just to be sure, he has white hair, right?”

                                “Yup,” Yellow replied.

                                “Dark gray eyes?”


                                “Big smile on his face?”


                                “Look behind you,” a familiar voice added.

                                “No way,” Yellow said.

                                “Way,” Grey replied. The girl turned around and looked her brother in the face. He had, indeed, a big smile on his face.

                                “Good morning, sis,” Grey continued. “I’m surprised to see you here.”

                                “I know,” Yellow replied. “I left Pallet Town last evening.”

                                “And you’re already in Pewter City?”

                                “Yes, my Pokémon guided me through the forest.”

                                “Which one do you have?”

                                “I have two,” Yellow responded. “I got Pikachu from the Professor, and I caught Rattata in the Viridian Forest.”

                                “Has Oak also given you a Pokédex?”

                                “He has,” Yellow replied, “isn’t that amazing!”

                                “For you, yes. For me, not so much. I thought I was special for receiving a Pokédex, now all of us have one.”

                                “Don’t complain,” Ira reacted, “you’re not the only special person, but you are still one of the few. I haven’t got a Pokédex, neither have Bethany, Blake, or anyone else.”

                                “She’s right,” Yellow added.

                                “I guess so,” Grey admitted. “Anyway, Brown and Blue will soon be here as well. I don’t know about Red and Zane. In the meantime, why don’t you introduce me to your new friend?”

                                “Yes,” Yellow responded, “this is Micle. She’s also on a journey through Kanto.”

                                “I thought I remembered your name was something like Ira,” Grey wondered.

                                “It is,” the Pewterian girl reacted, “my name is Ira Newton. Your sister gave me that nickname because of my green eyes.”

                                “Ah, of course,” Grey reacted. “Anyways, nice to meet you. Anything else I should know?”

                                “No, but there is someth...” She wanted to ask Grey about Blake, but she interrupted herself because that boy had just entered the canteen and walked right to her table.

                                “Bonjour, Grey!” He shouted. “Ready for Mt. Moon?” Yellow looked around and noted the blond-haired guy the other two were already looking at.

                                “Definitely am,” Grey answered his friend.

                                “And who might those two girls be?” Blake continued.

                                “This here is my little sister, Yellow,” Grey explained. “The other one is Ira, a new friend of hers.”

                                “Nice to meet you,” Blake said to the two girls. “My name is Blake Moran, I’m from Celadon City.”

                                “Nice to meet you too,” Yellow responded.

                                “Hi,” was all Ira could bring out.

                                “I think I’ve already seen you around here,” Blake told Ira.

                                “I believe that we should leave them alone for a bit,” Grey suggested to his sister. “It’s pretty clear to me that your friend likes Blake.”

                                “You’re right,” Yellow smiled. When they sat down at another table, Yellow asked for Grey’s journey until that point.

                                “It’s going pretty well,” the boy responded. “Dratini is getting more and more powerful, and I’ve already beaten Brock. I’m leaving Pewter City with Blake today, as you might’ve already heard.”

                                “Yes, I have,” Yellow responded, after which both fell silent until the third of the six friends entered the room, Brown.

                                “Yellow as well?” He exclaimed.

                                “Yes indeed,” Grey’s sister replied. “Happy to see you too, BB!”

                                Later that morning, when Zane, Red, and Blue had also been surprised by Yellow’s presence in the TRC, Grey and Blake went to the east to take on the biggest Kantonian mountain. About two hours later, when it had already been one o'clock, Bethany also entered the canteen for ‘breakfast.’ At that point of the day, Zane, Red, and Blue had already challenged other Trainers on the TRC’s battlefields, and Brown had gone training with Yolanda, Brock’s sister.

                                Ira, Bethany, and Yellow sat in their room, talking about where they wanted to go. Yellow wanted to go to Drogg’s Mines, the first-ever mine in Kanto located northeast of Pewter. Bethany came with the idea of visiting the Pewter Museum, but Ira had already been there, so that option was crossed away. Ira herself thought of training in the TRC, just like Red, Blue, and Zane. Bethany found Yellow’s idea the better one, so the three took off to the Pewter Caves in the west, which took a turn to the north into the mines.

                                However, when the three girls left the building, Yellow heard a strange deep voice in her head, ‘At last, the three weatherly feathers have been reassembled. We need them to collect the seven colors. They need to go southeast, they’ll find the altering Sapphire there inside the Corul Woods.’

                                “What in the world are the Corul Woods?” Yellow heard Bethany wonder.

                                “Did you hear that voice as well?” Ira asked.

                                “Yes,” the Viridiane girl answered. “And so did I,” Yellow added.

                                “That’s weird,” Ira noted. “I could’ve sworn that that voice was just in my head.”

                                “You’re right,” Bethany agreed. “It talked so quietly, I don’t think you could’ve noticed it.”

                                “Then we must’ve heard another voice,” Yellow said. “The sound I heard was low, but it was definitely loud.”

                                “Mine was an extremely high voice,” Ira reacted, “it was almost screeching, they were definitely different voices. I heard something about a Sapphire in the Corul Woods.”

                                “And that forest is southeast from here,” Bethany added.

                                “Also something about three feathers,” Yellow replied. Bethany and Ira both told that they also heard about that.

                                “I’d say we’re going there right now,” Ira decided.

                                “Me too,” Yellow responded. “What about you, Sky?”

                                Sky was the nickname Yellow had given to Bethany because of her light blue hair, “I agree.”

                                “Okay then,” Yolanda said. “If you want to beat my brother, you should train by battling other Rock Types and find a strategy.”

                                “But where are we going to find Rock Types?” Brown asked.

                                “Are you kidding?!” Yolanda exclaimed. “We’re in a city that’s literally surrounded by mountains. Where do you think we could find other Rock Types?”

                                “Oh, yeah,” Brown reacted, a bit scared by Yolanda’s sudden fury.

                                “To the Windless Mountains then,” Yolanda continued, she had already calmed down. “That’s a group of three mountains where it is never windy, like the name says. We’ll go through the Pewter Caves towards the Onyx Highlands and head northwards from there on.”

                                “I’m okay with that,” Brown replied. The two left the Pewter Gym after they had said goodbye to Brock and went to the main road that led to the west, into the Pewter Caves.

                                “So how are you going to train?” Blue asked.

                                “I’m just going to challenge other Trainers,” Zane responded.

                                “Me too,” Red added.

                                “That was my plan as well, but wouldn’t it be better if you went to train with the Gym Leader,” Blue told Red, “he is after all the one you want to defeat.”

                                “That’s not a terrible idea,” Red noted. “I’ll see what Brock, uh, thinks about it.”

                                “Go do that,” Blue encouraged, “smell ya later.”

                                “Adieu,” Zane added.

                                “Goodbye,” Red returned.

                                After Red had left the battlefields, where the three had been talking, Blue sighed, “Good, that one’s gone.”

                                “What?” Zane exclaimed. “You did that to get rid of him?”

                                “Of course I did,” Blue reacted, “I don’t want to train when he’s anywhere near me.”

                                “But you do know that you’ve just helped him beat the Gym Leader, don’t you?”

                                “He won’t defeat him anyway, he only has a Charmander. Even if he would, the next Gym Leader is Misty, and there’s no way that he’s going to earn her Badge. He won’t stand in our way anymore.”

                                “And why would you think that? He did manage to defeat your Water Type with Charmander.”

                                “But that was before our Pokémon learned any moves with a type other than Normal.”

                                “Doesn’t matter, he ...”

                                “It does matter, he wouldn’t be able to defeat my Squirtle now that he has learned Water Gun.”

                                “Then challenge him to a battle to prove that.”

                                “I will, and he won’t win. I’m way ...”

                                “I’m going to stop talking to you,” Zane decided. “I’m going to train, adieu.”

                                He didn’t wait for his ‘friend’ to react, not that Blue was going to.

                                Yellow, Ira, and Bethany went towards the southeast, and they all somehow knew where they needed to go, into the tiny flower park and through the trees to the south of that place.

                                “Sky, Micle, can you see that?” Yellow asked. Her two friends both confirmed. A few feet ahead of them, through the trees and bushes, some kind of portal could be seen.

                                “Should we trust it?” Bethany wondered.

                                “It might be dangerous,” Ira replied,” but on the other hand, it could change our lives. In a positive way.”

                                “I think we should go into there,” Yellow concluded.

                                “I agree,” Ira reacted, and Bethany also nodded. The three approached the portal, and when Yellow stepped into it, everything turned black.

                                In the background, she could hear thunderstorms and the voice that spoke in her head earlier, “The blue gem is here, inside the Corul Woods. Search for the Viminal Lighthouse and face the dog.” Everything got colorful again, and Yellow now saw herself inside a big forest, but her friends were nowhere to be seen.

                                “Micle? Sky?” She tried. No reaction.

                                She looked around, ‘I’ll have to find the lighthouse, those two will probably be searching for it as well. Now, where am I going to find it?’ She started walking and looked at some creatures that looked like Pidgey and Spearow that were sitting on the tree branches.

                                ‘Are those Pokémon? They must be some I don’t know about.’ Everywhere around her were the weird creatures.

                                Then Yellow thought of something, ‘The trees! I can climb the trees and look for the lighthouse!’

                                “Thanks for helping me,” Brown said to Yolanda.

                                “No problem,” she replied. It was already evening when Yolanda that they had done enough training for a day. Beedrill grew a lot stronger, and Geodude learned a new attack, Magnitude.

                                “I suppose I’ll see you tomorrow?” Brown asked.

                                “Definitely,” Yolanda replied.

                                “Good night!”

                                “Bis bald!” Brown responded.


                                “That’s my way of saying goodbye,” Brown explained.

                                “Ah, okay,” Yolanda said, “bis bald, then.”

                                Brown laughed and turned around, back to the TRC. When he entered that building, he saw Red and Blue arguing with each other and Zane trying to calm them down.

                                “What happened?” Brown asked, but Red and Blue ignored him.

                                “At the end of my last battle today, Blue was already done and went inside,” Zane explained. “When I also did, I noted that Red had already returned and that Blue and he had started another of their many arguments about who’s stronger.”

                                “It doesn’t even surprise me anymore,” Brown reacted, to which Zane laughed. After the quarrel between the two Palletan boys had ended, Zane noticed that Yellow and her two new friends still hadn’t returned.

                                “I heard them talking about going to Drogg’s Mines,” said Blue.

                                “Maybe they’re lost inside there,” Red suggested.

                                “Never,” Brown reacted. “That mine is created to make it impossible to get lost in. There’s a map at literally every corner.”

                                “He’s right,” Zane admitted. “But then, what happened?”

                                “I guess we’ll find out tomorrow,” said Blue. “I don’t know about you, but I am tired, I’m going to my room.”

                                “I guess you’re right,” Zane responded. “There’s nothing we can do about it anyway.” The other two also agreed, so they went to their rooms and fell asleep.

                                ‘It’s beautiful,’ Yellow thought. ‘Flying creatures everywhere.’ She looked around over the sun-drenched forest. She saw the lighthouse in the distance, and it wasn’t like any she had ever seen on pictures.

                                The massive tower had five parts, the first being a large square base. On top of that was the tallest section, a cubical tower of which the top was already higher up than most of the trees. The third part was a cylinder on top of the cube. It was slightly shorter than the lower tower but still incredibly high, and there were still two sections on top of it. The second-highest part was another circular tower, but this one was about as high as the base square. The last bit of the tower was the part where the light came from, it was the same as the last part, except for the lantern room and the green roof on top of it. Yellow took her eyes off the lighthouse and looked around some more. That was when she noticed the two orbs of light floating through the air, one red and one blue. She looked right up and saw another ball above her, a yellow one. ‘Then those other two must be Sky and Micle,’ Yellow figured. She decided she would go to the blue orb first, so she climbed down the tree and ran towards the direction where she had seen the flying ball.

                                “Sky, is that you?” Yellow exclaimed.

                                “Yellow? Over here!” Was Bethany’s reaction. Bethany turned around when she heard Yellow jump out of the bushes behind her.

                                “How did you find me?” The blue-haired girl informed.

                                “I climbed up a tree and saw a red and a blue orb floating through the air, and I figured that they were right above you. I also have a yellow one flying above me.”

                                “So that third orb is where Ira is,” Bethany summarized.

                                “It is,” Yellow confirmed, “and I also saw the tower.”

                                “You were told to search for it as well?” Bethany surprisedly asked.

                                “Yup, it was the same voice that told me to go here.”

                                “Same here.”

                                “I’m going up the trees to see where Micle is.”

                                “Okay,” Bethany agreed. When she could oversee the forest again, Yellow looked around for the red orb, and it was on the other side of the tower.

                                ‘Darn it,’ she thought. ‘We’ll need to go past the lighthouse for Micle and then head back to it again.’ She looked at the orb a bit better and noticed that it was heading in their direction.

                                ‘Fantastic,’ the Palletan girl thought. She went down again and told Bethany which direction they needed to go to.

                                “I believe that Ira has also figured it out, her orb was heading our direction.”

                                “That’s good news,” Bethany noted.

                                “Does one of you know what a ‘dog’ is,” Ira asked.

                                “No idea,” Bethany admitted. After she and Yellow had found Ira, the Pewterian girl confirmed that she had also discovered the floating orbs.

                                “I think it’s some kind of Pokémon we don’t know about,” Yellow suggested.

                                “Just like those Flying Types all around this forest, you mean?” Ira asked.

                                “Exactly, like them,” Yellow responded.

                                “And what do you think it looks like?” Bethany asked.

                                “We’ll figure that out soon enough,” Ira noted. “There’s the lighthouse.” The three girls stopped talking and walked through the enormous gates of the imposingly tall building. They looked around and saw that the entire square base of the lighthouse existed out of one room, one expressionless room. There was nothing inside it except for a staircase that went up into the higher parts of the tower.

                                “Who are you?” A loud voice asked. “You, with the power of sleep, which I don’t have, but do desire. You, with the ability to get outside of this forsaken tower, which I don’t have, but do desire.”

                                “I am Ira Newton, from Pewter City. They are Bethany Adkins, from Viridian City, and Yellow Hudson from Pallet Town.” Silence.

                                “Never heard of those places. Why are you here? You, with the advantage of passion, which I don’t have, but do desire. You, with the strength to build and destroy creations, which I don’t have, but do desire.”

                                “We are here to face the dog,” Yellow answered. This time, there was no silence, the voice reacted immediately.

                                “Then come forth. You, with the potential to become someone, which I don’t have, but do desire. You, with a purpose in life, which I don’t have, but do desire.” The three girls blinked and were suddenly in front of the staircase.

                                “I guess we don’t have a choice anymore,” Bethany figured.

                                “So let’s go,” Ira replied.

                                When they were walking up the lighthouse, they saw nothing but the endless stairs.

                                Smelled nothing but the musty air that came from downstairs.

                                Heard nothing but the loud barking coming from upstairs.
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