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Old December 26th, 2016 (9:24 PM).
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    Originally Posted by Rot8er_ConeX View Post
    That isn't something I think Maruno could fix. That seems more like an RPG Maker thing, not an Essentials thing.
    Very true. Apologies.
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    Old December 27th, 2016 (8:36 AM).
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      A simple addition I think would be insanely helpful is for Essentials to add more information to the trainers.txt file when you generate trainers using trainer events with comments like "Type: CAMPER" so that they're automatically generated.

      When starting the game, it'll ask you to define those trainers with the handy GUI and I use it a lot.
      A big downside for me however is that battling this same trainer doesn't really feel like battling the same trainer - gender, ability, etc. are still determined by the Pokémon species because this information isn't saved to trainers.txt.

      I'd love if it did that.
      Especially since the system already checks to see which 4 moves this Pokémon species would have when encountered in the wild at a specific level, it'd be great if it also randomly chose a gender based off the species' gender ratio and nature.
      This way automatically generated trainer events don't have a female Pidgey in one fight and a male Pidgey in the other.
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      Old February 11th, 2017 (7:46 AM).
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      Something I'd love to see happen is an easy way to see what all PBEffects are set to mid-battle. There is probably already some kind of way to do this, but I'd love to see it in Essentials itself as a method like "pbPrintEffects", maybe with a parameter for what effect you want to print if you don't want everything to be displayed. This could be in the normal text bar in battle or wherever else.

      This would be useful for testing out abilities and moves, since thing tend not to work whenever I create new stuff and I'm then confused as to what exactly is not working and in such a case, a quick overview would be nice. Running this in a script would be fine, but a shortcut in battle && DEBUG would be nice.

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        Extracting and compiling text for translation purposes could have some improvements.
        1. Have a line of separation between a localized line and the next unlocalized line. It'll make easier to see which line to translate, even if the file size triples.
        2. Add pronouns for gender. Languages like Spanish and French have different pronouns depending on the gender of a noun, and in some cases the number matters too. Maybe a system like the one used for handling plural names of items could work perfectly for this.
        3. On lines of text coming from a script, PBS file, or an event, add a comment to a side indicating where exactly is that line of text.
          1. Comments on strings of text in scripts should point out the script section and line where it's defined.
          2. Comments on strings of PBS files should point out the name of the PBS file and the line where it's defined.
          3. Comments on lines from an event should point out the map ID or common event ID.
        4. Use more variables in battle texts, like Pokémon's stats.
        EDIT: A couple more suggestions.
        1. The Editor should detect whether if intl.txt already exists. If someone selects 'Extract text' by accident, they'd lose all their work if they hadn't made backups.
        2. An alternative would be to recover the file by extracting the files on the intl.dat file. I made a script for this:
        def recoverTexts(intlfile,outfile)
        #    return if [email protected]
               if text.messages[0]
                 for i in 0...text.messages[0].length
               for i in 1...text.messages.length
        intlfile could easily be chosen in a way similar to the language selection screen, and if the default value is chosen, it'd do the same as extracting texts from messages.dat.
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