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Old 1 Week Ago (5:56 PM).
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    If you were a pokemon trainer, which of the communication devices (pokegear, pokenav, etc.) would you use? You can only pick one and there is no wrong answer.
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    For just communication? I guess I'd either go with the Holocaster from Gen 6 or the phone in the Pokegear from Gen 2.

    None of the others really have any features for communication, from what I can remember.

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    Old 1 Week Ago (7:07 PM).
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      I would pick the Rotom Pokedex and I like how it gives you directions on where you need to go.
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      Old 1 Week Ago (8:38 AM).
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        Don't know much about the others but I'd have the Gen 2 gear. Nice and simple.

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        Old 6 Days Ago (3:26 PM).
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          I like the PokeGear, it's simple and it has just the necessary
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          Old 6 Days Ago (11:19 AM).
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          I like the poketech cuz they can be pink ^_^

          Also they had a few really fun features.

          But, I like the pokegear, too. I loved johto anyways! :D
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          i would just have a normal psyduckin phone tbh no need to go over the top with the extra stuff

          gen 2 really had the right idea
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