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Writing programs!

Started by Sheep September 13th, 2018 6:42 PM
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What program do you use to write? I know many people use Microsoft Word but I tend to stick with Pages as a Mac user, and there are people who even work on their stories through an editor on a website like What about you guys?

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Doc for backup
The free dictionary by Farlex, for well a dictionary/thesaurus
and some certain sites I have tabbed.

one of them being for words other than "said"

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I use Google Docs for the most part. I use to post my stuff on Fan Fiction but then people got to toxic. Most of the stuff I write is wrestling fan fics.
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Used to be Word, but now it's Open Office since Windows 10. Office is okay, but I still sometimes miss Word. Office has some odd quirks I don't like.

Going to double pages at full screen, it doesn't convert the apostrophe the way Word did, which makes past writing inconsistent, etc.


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I tend to use Libre Office and Google Docs when I write. I used to have Word but then I switched to a new laptop and Word wouldn't work (shrugs).

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Google Docs, because I do a lot of my writing on mobile and it's really handy not to have to do the 'email it to myself and add to it in a mobile browser' thing.

I'd also like to shill ProWritingAid. It's like Grammarly but way more comprehensive - I make all my students use it before they submit assignments. The free version only does 500 words at a time, but it's very handy for picking out stuff like unintentional repetition and all that jazz.
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Very good mentions. Our Resources Thread makes some mentions but it's kinda outdated, perhaps we can give it a refreshing with all this.

On my end I'm using LibreOffice for writing general and Pluma (a sort of tabbed Notepad) for when I just want the basics plus spellcheck, no frills no distractions. For parsing the writing for final check-ups and for exporting to forum formats I'm using either some Libreoffice extensions or Geany (multipurpose text editor) depending on the task at hand.

For keeping online resources at hand, such as tables of moves and Pokémon references, I have Netsurf which is a relatively minimal web browser.
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I've used Word primarily, with a bit of google docs for storage/some writing. Just what I'm used to and have. LibreOffice is for when I am stuck on Ubuntu for whatever reason.


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Most of my writing is done in Google Docs these days.


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I use Scrivener on my iPad. My laptop is far too old to be saving anything on. Plus, it's easier if I travel to have Scrivener. That way, I can still try to work on my story while being out and about. I use Scrivener for pretty much everything as well. I use it to organize characters to story stuff to writing chapters. I love how it lets me organize each story, and the for each story... I can have folders to organize my characters, chapters and story stuff. :3
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