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What follows is a master list of neat spell and power names found across media, when you want to think outside the box of "Fireball", "Ice Arrow", and "Thunderbolt".

Powers will be listed by elemental (earth, fire, wind, water, ice, thunder, light, cosmos and shadow) for easy reference. If a power has no known elemental, then list it under "No Elemental." If a power is more than one elemental, then list it under Multi Elemental. If a power is of every elemental, then list it under Rainbow.

When listing a power, post its name, it's elemental(s) and what kind of power you think it could be (offensive, defensive, support, or a finisher). If the power evolves as the user gets stronger, be sure to list the power's evolution line (example: Dancing Leaves->Dancing Sakura->Dancing Roses)

You don't have to describe what you believe the power would do unless you just want to.

To add a power to the list, post here with the power's name, its elemental, what type of power it is, and optionally, what you believe the power would do.

If you have any questions, PM me or one of the writing mods.

The List: (updated 12/19/2018)

The List: (updated 12/3/2018)


Dancing Leaves->Dancing Sakura->Dancing Roses
Rock Shower
World Shaking
Emerald Axe
Briar Cage
Crystal Plant
Flower Wave->Flower Storm->Flower Hurricane
Radiant Lotus
Thorn Missile
Gaia's Love
Dancing Glass
Jeweled Missile
Diamond Sword
Spring Sonata
Rose Needle
Gaia's Voice
Diamond Shell->Gaia's Shield
World Shaking
Leaf Blade->Sakura Blade->Rose Blade->Gaia's Blade
Gaia's Ballad->Gaia's Rondo
Gaia's Crystal
Canyon Call
Gaia Beam
Jeweled Missile
Verdant Dance
Emerald Break
Sacred Rose
Sylvan Circle->Gaia's Circle
Briar Tempest
Emerald Rain->Emerald Surge->Emerald Storm
Fractal Verde
Gaia's Eyes
Victor's Crown
Serenata Verde
Earth Arrow->Flower Arrow->Rose Arrow->Gaia's Arrow
Ivy Whip->Petal Whip->Rose Whip
Bullet Seed
Emerald Eire
Emerald Mandala
Radiant Emerald->Radiant Bloom
Sacred Petals->Floral Shower
Verdant Rhapsody
Swirling Petals
Sylvan Edge
Blooming Song
Gaia's Wisdom
Emerald Armor
Rock Spin
Reed Song
Twisted Vine
Clover Shot
Golden Leaves
Terra Shard
Natural Armor
Sharp Seed
Gaia Pillar
Triple Leaf
Dancing Crystals
Swift Crystal
Ruby Light
Power Dust
Magnet Rock
Gaia Blast
Solar Burst
Terra Crunch
Strike Leaf
Seed Burst
Jade Chime
Power Leaf
Emerald Dust
Sakura Spiral
Verde Serenata
Emerald Chi
Gaia's Kiss


Fire Whip->Flame Whip
Flame Pillar
Healing Flame->Pure Flame
Fire Breath-> Burning Breath
Moltres' Flurry
Blazing Boomerang
Royal Flame
Burning Sting
Burning Gaze
Burning Shield
Corona Ray
Crystal Fire
Fire Beam
Flame Wings
Cleansing Fire
Dancing Flame->Dancing Fire->Dancing Wildfire
Summer Sonata
Fire Vortex->Crimson Tornado
Crimson Serenata->Rossa Serenata
Flame Kick->Phoenix Kick
Burning Pulse
Spiral Flame
Crimson Flare->Flare Nova
Flame Storm->Firestorm Whorl
Magma Mist
Phoenix Fire->Phoenix Flare
Regal Fire
Fire Beam
Flare Dust
Magical Fire
Fire Arrow->Flare Arrow->Cardinal Arrow->Phoenix Arrow->Sunfire Arrow->Flashfire Arrow->Dragonfire Arrow
Ruby Mirror
Flame Wall
Fire Ring
Divine Phoenix
Fiery Dance
Cry of the Fire Bird
Phoenix Whip
Fractal Rosso
Sacred Fire
Guardian Flame
Crimson Waltz
Flame Spire
Brilliant Ember
Nine-tailed Arrow
Mars Arrow
Ruby Mandala
Phoenix Feather
Rosa Phoenix
Flame Circle
Mystic Flame
Radiant Ruby->Radiant Flame
Lava Plume->->Molten Plume->Volcanic Plume
Flickering Flame
Mars Arrow
Fiery Mirage
Venting Flare
Crimson Cloak
Scarlet Embers
Burning Beat
White Flame
Lava Wave
Alpha Flare
Omega Flare
Burst Flame
Mist Burn
Volcanic Shard
Pyre Purge
Blaze Rush
Fire Screen
Crimson Comet
Ember Shard
Phoenix Rush
Phoenix's Voice
Burning Power
Heroic Spirit
Purging Pyre
Ruby Sword
Scorching Rays
Ruby Chi
Volcanic Volley


Lucky Feather
Plume Waltz
Plumage Strike
Feather Storm->Tempest Storm
Beautifly Dance
Shimmering Wind
Hurricane Wing
Spiral Wind->Spiral Twister
Wind Wave
Zephyr Gale
Autumn Sonata
Soothing Wind
Spiral Twister
Wind Flash
Wind Wave
Air Blade->Wind Blade->Feather Blade->Wing Blade->Tempest Blade
Wind Whisk
Fractal Lavanda
Air Whip
Tempest Wing
Dancing Wind
Breeze Arrow->Gust Arrow->Cyclone Arrow
Venus Arrow
Guardian Feather
Lapis Mandala
Divine Gust
Radiant Lapis->Radiant Breeze
Azure Sky
Aerial Rhythm
Venus Arrow
Plumage Burst
Skyward Strike
Spring Gale
Sky Echo
Cyclone Wing
Shining Wind
Feather Lance
Spirit Wind
Clear Sky
Aether Burst
Wisp Slice
Twister Wing
Great Cyclone
Wind Spirit
Resonating Chirp
Breeze Breaker
Tempest Gale
Wind Shuriken
Aerial Drop
Shield Wing
Hurricane Flurry
Quill Pierce
Fine Plumage
Air Rush
Lapis Beam
Miracle Wind
Tempest Falls
Aero Toss
Whirling Flight
Strong Gust
Flash Tornado
Eternal Wind->Eternal Zephyr
Spirited Wind
Tornado Charge
Windy Voice
Cloud Whip
Heavenly Gale
Lavanda Serenata
Soaring Vortex
Lapis Chi


Water Whip
Crystal Waters
Rain Missile
Mist Ball
Aquatic Melody
Rippling Torrent
Wonder Wave
Grand Ripple
Great Water Wheel
Aqua Tornado
Blue Dragon Storm
Dancing Mist
Aqua Illusion->Misty Illusion
Aqua Blade
Aqua Vitae->Sacred Rain->Healing Flow
Aqua Regina
Sapphire Tornado
Foam Shower
Wild Wave
Aqua Arrow->->Gushing Arrow->Hydro Arrow->Ocean Arrow
Coral Glow
Sparkling Pearl
Deep Sea Swirl
Mist Slash
Sparkling Ripples
Waterfall Mirage
Fractal Blu
Bubble Mirage
Hydro Fist->Azure Fist
Grand Wave
Protective Wave
Sacred Blue
Sapphire Mending
Ocean Purity
Cascade Breaker
Blu Serenata
Flowing Rhythm
Tidal Swell
Neptune's Arrow
Reflection Wave
Sapphire Mandala
Stirring Shower
Soothing Sapphire
Ripple Requiem
Radiant Sapphire->Radiant Wave
Neptune Arrow
Aqua Mirage
Miracle Flow
Soothing Mist->Soothing Waves
Rippling Waves
Divine Droplets
Aqua Blessing
Indigo Laser
Cerulean Heartbeat
Sirena Song
Cerulean Charm
Grand Wave
Sacred Stream
Water Whip
Sapphire Armor
Liquid Defense
Aquatic Melody
Arcane Torrent
Rippling Torrent
Torrent Wave
Calm Water
Rain Missile
Striking Tide
Twisting Whirlpool
Rain Capriccio
Silver Rain
Rushing Current
Blue Fantasy
Azure Surge
Wonder Wave
Passion Bubble
Rising Mist
Piercing Ripple
Tidal Tornado
Siren's Voice
Misty Net
Blue Nocturne
Mist Rush
Bubbling Spiral
Sapphire Chi


Icy Wings->Frost Wings
Ice Breath->Cold Breath->Frost Breath
Ice Shield->Ice Wall
Swift Crystal
Crystal Mirage
Crystal Storm->Glacier Hurricane
Frozen Sting
Diamond Dust->Diamond Storm
Ice Beam->Freeze Beam->Crystal Beam
Flash Frost
Ice Nova->Frost Nova
Frozen Gleam
Glacial Freeze
Glacial Shroud
Glacial Storm
Ice Blade->Frost Blade->Hail Blade->Glacier Blade->Crystal Blade->Aurora Blade
Gleaming Icicle
Icicle Dagger
Frost Armor
Winter Sonata
Crystal Strike
Crystal Guard->Crystal Wall
Cry of the Ice Bird
Ice Arrow->Frost Arrow->Frozen Arrow->Crystal Arrow
Frozen Ripples
Cold Flash
Frozen Gleam
Icy Burst
Frost Wave->Crystal Wave->Aurora Wave
Crystal Veil
Star Freeze
Icy Aura
Crystal Echo
Crystal Mirage
Glacier Circle
Crystal Burst
Cold Palm->Diamond Fist
Fractal Kiana
Crystal Revolution
Icicle Bright
Divine Frost
Frost Storm
Crystal Freeze->Crystal Blizzard
Prism Bolero
Dancing Snow
Wintry Waltz
Frost Aura
Snow Fantasy
Mercury Arrow
Freezing Whisper
Aquamarine Mandala
Radiant Aquamarine->Radiant Snow
Eternal Chill
Icy Dust
Blurred Snow
Searing Blizzard
Icy Needles
Tidal Light
Icicle Chain
Diamond Mist
Frozen Whirlwind
Icicle Pearl
Frozen Shimmer
Frosty Fog
Frozen Gleam
Arctic Cannon
Chill Strike
Arctic Rush
Northern Gale
Icy Barb
Cold Aura
Satin Ice
Snow Zephyr
Flash Frost
Crystal Burst
Frosty Voice
Ciana Serenata
Deep Crystal
Freeze Prism
Relentless Hail
Aquamarine Chi
Frost Talon


Lightning Blade
Stun Bolt
Fearless Spark
Sparkling Thunder
Energy Wave
Grand Thunder->Glorious Thunderstorm
Nitro Punch
Lightning Ring
Dancing Sparks->Dancing Storm
Dance of the White Raikou
Rolling Thunder
Storm Armor
Cry of the Thunderbird
Sacred Lightning
Sparkling Thunder
Fractal Giallo
Thunder Tornado->Lightning Vortex
Lightning Arrow
Jupiter's Arrow
Topaz Mandala
Radiant Topaz->Radiant Storm
Lightning Halo
Jupiter Arrow
Thunder Pulse
Storm Circle
Lightning Flare
Life Spark
Power Drain
Flash Strike
Raikou Claw
Whirl Shock
Storm Rondo
Energy Charge
Thunder Rush->Raikou Rush
Electric Rumble
Lightning Chain
Dancing Charge->Dancing Flash
Vorpal Shock
Heavenly Thunder
Azure Bolt->Azure Storm
Lightning Surge
Thundering Voice
Electric Star
Gialla Serenata
Blue Bolt
Shine Plasma
Shocking Blitz
Topaz Chi
Fanned Lightning


Sunshine Blaze
Brilliant Armor
Dazzling Beam
Plasma Wave
Shining Wave
Divine Fortress
Dazzling Strike
Ancient Light
Shining Fist
Aura Shot
Dazzling Dance->Brilliant Dance
Renewing Song
Bright Spirits
Holy Spires
Bright Shock
Shine Blade
Luminous Spark
Shine Beam
Aura Whirl
Shine Arrow->Celestial Arrow
Holy Vortex
Luster Shield
Rainbow Lash
Healing Glow->Cleansing Light->Healing Light
Vivid Sparkle
Aura Blade->Glimmer Blade->Radiant Blade->Luminous Blade->Celestial Blade
Sacred Sunlight
Shine Arrow->Brilliant Arrow->Celestial Arrow
Angelic Whisper
Revealing Light
Luminous Grace->Luminous Spark
Fateful Flare
Prismic Gems
Miracle Dust
Reflect Flash
Magic Wave
Bright Spirits
Shining Beacon
Bright Flash->Prism Flash->Mirage Flash
Wonder Light->Purifying Light->Brilliant Light->Miracle Light
Eternal Sunshine->Sacred Sunshine
Golden Flash
Aurora Splash
White Esperanza
Shimmering Edge
Fey Whisper
Fractal Bianca
Sacred Bastion
Sacred Flash->Lumina Flash
Pure Aura
Prism Shard
Shiny Ring->Angel Ring
Golden Glimmer
Sparkling Glow
Sun Arrow
Miracle Dust
Diamond Mandala
Dazzling Chain
Song of the Sun
Flickering Light
Radiant Diamond->Radiant Dawn
Divine Reflection
Bright Gospel->Bright Promise
Sun Arrow
Shimmer Spin
Sacred Light->Heavenly Sunshine
Resplendent Mirage
Triumphant Refrain
Fairy Shine
Celestial Healing
Brilliant Prayer
Dazzling Flash
Sunlight Deluge
Beautifly Shimmer
Divine Sparkle
Sparkling Shards
Pure Rhythm
Heavenly Shine->Celestial Flare
Dazzling Sword
Sacred Circle
Radiant Will
Fairy Shine
Shimmering Purge
Dancing Lights
Brilliant Armor
Bright Spirits
Crystal Power
Dancing Ray
Reflected Beam
Radiant Rune
Shimmering Glow
Mystical Pierce
Ancient Light
Shine Wave
Spirit Dive
Gleaming Spirit->Soul Shimmer
Virtuous Radiance
Shimmer Spin
Angelic Glitter
Heavenly Reflection
Shining Voice
Sol Break
Bianca Serenata
Gleaming Scales->Glistening Shards
Diamond Chi
Radiant Breath
Spiritual Surge
Glowing Prayer


Lunar Light
Star Fist
Cosmic Cyclone
Lunar Gift
Luna Ray
Crescent Blade
Twilight Strike
Night Lotus
Starlight Gaze
Blessed Moonlight
Stardust Rain
Crescent Moon Dance
Calm Crescent Moon
Mystic Moon
Star Blade
Star Arrow
Moonlight Etude->Moonlight Melody->Moonlight Serenade->Moonlight Anthem
Lunar Dance
Cosmic Cyclone
Stardust Song
Crescent Waltz
Stardust Fall
Starry Break
Star Chasing the Moon
Moonlit Dance
Fractal Viola
Twilight Gloria
Sunset Serenade
Silver Wing
Falling Star->Astral Rain
Starlight Song
Royal Starlight
Luna Arrow
Amethyst Mandala
Radiant Amethyst->Radiant Moonlight
Luna Guard
Moonlight Glimmer
Dancing Moon
Crescent Rondo
Starry Array->Starry Sky
Comet Tempest
Stardust Reverie
Immortal Moon
Crescent Wave
Stardust Magic
Space Illusion->Galaxy Mirage
Starlight Blessing
Astral Warp
Stardust Whisper
Crescent Jewel
Starry Vortex
Cosmic Punch
Astral Pillar
Nova Rush
Crescent Burst
Cosmic Storm
Cosmic Flash
Moonlight Circle
Astral Strike
Star Aura
Cosmic Voice
Moonsilver Blade
Luna Break
Viola Serenata
Star Beam
Illuminating Crescent
Amethyst Chi


Rainbow Spiral
Shining Rainbow
Miracle Strike
Rainbow Flash
Striking Colors
Swanna Song
Prismatic Shard
Rainbow Ray
Prism's Guidance
Prism Shot
Prism Aurora
Serene Aura
Rainbow Blade->Aurora Blade->Harmony Blade
Rainbow Burst
Beautifly Dance->Fluttering Fantasy
Mystic Plasma
Prism Dance
Rainbow Flash
Rainbow Spiral
Luster Purge
Rainbow Beam
Rainbow Flare
Glittering Dream
Rainbow Burn
Miraculous Wind
Colorful Powder
Shining Spirit->Shining Aura
Wonder Light->Miraculous Shine
Colorful Change
Fractal Arcobaleno
Eternal Hymn
Twin Sparkles
Rune Veil->Brilliant Guard
Serenity Song
Flickering Pearls
Infinite Aurora
Rainbow Symphony->Eternal Symphony
Beautifly Blast
Rainbow Fantasy
Gleaming Anthem->Goddess Anthem
Precious Song
Prism Shower->Rainbow Shower
Colorful Spark
Aurora Wave
Aurora Wall
Rainbow Foam
Prism Rainbow
Glowing Runes
Radiant Light
Colorful Rain
Magical Prism
Prismatic Glow->Prismatic Burst
Colorful Petals
Colorful Heart
Rainbow Splendor
Prism Sanctuary
Eternal Arrow
Kaleidoscopic Storm
Aurora Road
Joyful Fantasia
Golden Tornado
Radiant Wish->Radiant Calling
Glimmering Shard
Regal Light
Colors Divine
Luminous Aura->Luminous Radiance
Radiant Blade
Glittering Salvation
Lustrous Prism
Shining Rainbow
Aurora Whirl
Rainbow Bomb
Striking Colors
Rainbow Drop->Rainbow Rain
Colorful Fist
Colorful Smoke
Miraculous Dance
Aurora Flash
Rainbow Mist
Kaleido Ray
Arcane Symphony
Rainbow Line
Arcoba Serenata
Rainbow Rain
Rainbow Dance
Rainbow Arrow
Prismatic Surge
Prism Chi


Sinister Wave
Black Vortex->Dark Vortex->Chaos Vortex
Ominous Thunder->Dark Storm
Midnight Specter
Dark Mist->Shadow Mist
Black Luster
Umbra Strike
Dark Aura
Dark Blade->Shadow Blade->Onyx Blade
Dark Flame->Evil Flame
Darkest Dream
Draining Aura
Haunting Voice
Midnight Beam
Blackfire Blade
Ghost Flare->Spectral Flare
Eerie Wind
Phantom Hurricane
Obsidian Sword
Ominous Feather
Dusk Whisper
Dark Moon
Crimson Lightning
Poison Arrow
Thousand Dark Swords
Dark Flash
Melodic Mayhem
Black Luster
Dark Melody->Dark Song->Dark Hymn
Dark Whispers
Frozen Darkness->Darkness Blizzard
Spectral Flare->Dark Inferno
Confuse Ray->Confuse Beam
Dark Tornado
Darkness Chant
Darkness Blade
Dark Arrow
Wicked Sight
Fractal Nero
Darkness Wave->Phantom Wave
Nocturne of Oblivion
Eternal Elegy
Dark Vortex
Song of Dominion
Lunar Requiem
Spectral Lights
Dark Call
Eclipse Fang
Cold Abyss
Spectral Web
Black Prism
Venom Mist
Shadow Mirage
Twilight Fall
Black Shroud
Haunting Voice
Ebony Wing
Spirit Dance
Ghostly Flare
Dark Charge
Spirit Dive
Gloomy Aura
Chaotic Vortex
Wisp Fire
Ominous Song
Doom Dance
Soul Pulse
Ominous Vision
Oblivion Void
Skull Vine
Dark Water->Dark Current->Dark Shower
Rouge Rain
Nera Serenata
Umbral Laser
Chaotic Vision
Onyx Chi

No Elemental

Rhythmic Slam->Rhythmic Slam
Tranquil Harmony
Illusion Shard
Whispering Spirit
Power Chant
Mystic Beam
Swirling Strike
Mystic Plasma
Magic Flash
Aether Burst
Mystic Dance
Dancing Swords
Dream Dust
Fey Song
Pure Note
Peaceful Hymn->Peaceful Aria->Peaceful Fantasia
Echoing Call
Silent Song
Melody Wave->Resonant Wave
Rhythmic Blast
Gentle Lullaby
Mystical Echo
Magic Dust
Mystic Fang
Time Aura
Oracle Arrow
Spiral Slash
Victory Star
Miracle Guard
Jewel Armor
Raikou's Eye
Phoenix's Song
Million Arrow
Serenade of Love
Entrancing Song->Hypnotic Aria->Mystic Aria
Soulful Melody
Tranquil Illusion
Spirit Flash
Silent Song
Joyful Blade
Seeker's Arrow
Guiding Voice
Silent Trill
Midnight Fantasia
Perfect Harmony
Infinity Arrow
Rallying Call->Clarion Call
Epic Yarn
Soothing Words
Charming Rhythm
Heartfelt Song
Revealing Circle
Grand Ballad
Graceful Song
First Note
Mystic Symphony
Entrancing Ballad
Dragon Serenade
Alluring Melody
Grand Prelude
Healing Song->Renewing Song
Harmonic Hymn
Mystic Wall
Magic Wave
Sonic Bomb
Iron Ember
Magic Circle
Vigorous Melody
Heroic Ode
Energy Void
Fiddleback Song
Calming Hum
Spirit Fist
Joyful Song
Hypersonic Whisper
Spirit Song
Passionate Sonata
Golden Voice

Multi Elemental

Ember Sparks->Burning Sparks->Crimson Blitz (fire/thunder)
Desert Wind (earth/wind)
Sparkling Star (light/cosmos)
Freezing Fire->Arctic Fire->Glacial Flare->Cerulean Skyfire (fire/ice)
Snow Rain->Cold Shower->Snow Surge (ice/water)
Bright Flame->Shining Flame (fire/light)
Cold Wind->Diamond Wind (ice/wind)
Shivering Shock (ice->thunder)
Snowy Moon (ice/cosmos)
Sapphire Light (water/light)
Lunar Blaze (cosmos/fire)
Phoenix Flower (earth/fire)
Emerald Splash (earth/water)
Lunar Halo (light/cosmos)
Cosmic Nova (cosmos/fire)->Cosmic Firestorm
Shimmering Wind (wind/light)
Bright Flame (fire/light)->Blazing Light->Flarelight->Fiery Shimmer
Emerald Flame (fire/earth)
Ice Nova->Crystal Nova (ice/fire)
Sapphire Spark->Azure Bolt (water/thunder)
Bright Shock->White Lightning (light/thunder)
Shining Blizzard (ice/light)
Icy Wind (ice/wind)
Flame Wind (fire/wind)->Scarlet Breeze->Solar Wind
Healing Shower (light/water)->Divine Flow->White Tide
Lightning Star (thunder/cosmos)
Icy Glow (ice/light)
Verdant Wind (earth/wind)
Crystal Flash (ice/light)
Starlight Sakura (cosmos/earth)
Crimson Light (fire/light)
Cool Stream (ice/water)->Icy Shower
Aurora Deluge (water/light)
Luna Fire (cosmic/fire)->Lunar Blaze
Thunderburn (thunder/fire)
Rain of Light (water/light)->Pouring Sunlight
Whispering Flame (fire/wind)
Crystal Plunge (ice/water)
Warm Bloom (fire/earth)->Fire Bloom
Bright Bloom (earth/light)->Floral Light
Starlight Bloom (cosmos/earth)
Luminous Heat (fire/light)
River of Stars (cosmos/water)->Starburst Stream
Sparkstream (thunder/water)
Diamond Splash (ice/water)>Diamond Wave
Shimmering Wings->Radiant Wings (wind/light)
Crystal Sparks (Ice/thunder)->Crystal Storm
Ocean of Lightning (water/thunder)
Fiery Windblade (fire/wind)
Luminous Feather (light/wind)->Luminous Wing
Shining Wing (light/wind)
Liquid Crystal (ice/water)
Twinkling Flower (earth/light)
Starfire Explosion (cosmos/fire)
Crystal Rose (ice/earth)->Diamond Rose
Electric Tide (thunder/water)
Emerald Wind (earth/wind)
Hot Hail (fire/ice)
Snow Flower (earth/ice)
Snow Flare (ice/fire)
Sakura Cloud (earth/wind)
Crescent Spray (cosmic/water)
Volcanic Tornado (fire/wind)
Sun Spark (thunder/light)
Searing Flash (fire/light)
The Pokemon Anime Remix Project:

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Pokemon Shine Diamond
--a retelling of the Shinou arc, without all the filler.

Pokemon Island Sun--a live episode by episode remix of the Alola arc as it airs, done as a collection of letters