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How would you describe your writing style?

Started by Homeskulled Kid January 10th, 2019 4:43 AM
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In a word, descriptive. I write a lot about what places and people look like and can be fairly elaborate when describing how character's feel. As a result of this, I use a lot of similes and metaphors and tend to go into a lot of detail setting the scene and describing thought processes while the actual events of the plot tend to be written a fair bit snappier by comparison.

As for any authors I'd say I'm similar to? The closest I can think of is Stephen King, which would make sense since as one of my favourite authors his writing has probably had a fair bit of inadvertent influence on mine. He is a very descriptive writer who illustrates the world and his characters down to the minute detail. Mind you, I wouldn't say that our writing is particularly similar beyond being very descriptive in nature, I don't set out to imitate the writing styles of others and I'm certainly not nearly as good.

Interestingly enough though, the one thing I did intentionally imitate was taken from the author of a webserial I really like. That being the format that Stairway to Heaven is written in where after a set number of chapters you get a change of perspective to characters other than the protagonist, often following events that, for the moment, seem divorced from his adventure.


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I think I'm more on the clipped and snappy side. I'll still try to be descriptive with the setting and such, but I prefer action, dialogue, and body language to tell a story.

When it comes to writing style, I think a mixture of Ernest Hemingway and Tim O' Brien. My sentences and description tends to be on the shorter side like Hemingway's, while for more intense scenes I try to have it similar like O' Brien's writing. Still though, I don't think my writing is near as good as theirs lol.

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I'm... not sure. I've never really thought about what it might be, but I guess it tends to be more on the eccentric/unique side maybe? I don't know if I actually have a writing style that's like everyone else's or an author.

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Think Douglas Adams. Then imagine he met Alan Dean Foster and hit it off, but the whole friendship was destroyed because of his liking for Harper Lee. Then mangle the concoction, and you're right at my door.

I try to simplify and it isn't me. I over-complicate and it's messy. I'm looking for the balance, and every narrative leaves me closer to the destination. Practice, practice! Adults aren't annoying retards when they drill that into you. One should listen.
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