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I'm sure many of us have preferences on the best times to write stories, and times where we're most creative & overflowing with ideas. What about you guys? When is your most 'creative' time and when do you prefer to write in general? =)

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On weeknights I tend to write late in night after I get some things taken care of and my mind cleared out for a bit. On weekends I can write anytime I have the opportunity to do so. I haven't tired writing in mornings before starting my day, maybe I should try that sometime.

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Strangely enough, late evenings or night time. I'm generally a morning/day person and not a night owl, but I seem to write best when the day is over and writing is all I need to focus on :)


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it's odd. i don't really..have a specific time that i write? most of the time i think it's either in the afternoon or late at night, if i remember correctly. i just write when i get the itch to write.
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More often than not I get my writing urges when I'm unable to write due to work or other responsibilities. I've tried writing at those times anyways, but it just doesn't really work out. The only other time I feel like writing is when I'm getting ready to go to sleep because I realize I'll only be getting a few hours in if I go to sleep right at that moment.


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It depends on the day and how tired I am, but typically in the morning through the afternoon. That said, I have had inspiration strike in the evening and plot bunnies that took until the wee hours of the morning to banish. I do keep a notepad app on hand for those 2 AM flashes of inspiration.
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I don't have a set time, save for a certain time on Saturday, but that's for whatever is writing related for me so not just writing things but also editing, transferring and other stuff like that.

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I've had ideas at all sorts of hours. A lot of my writing has happened at evenings/at night, but also for instance with my first fic I spent maybe an half-hour to hour each morning to finish off the last few chapters between uni semesters, and that worked fairly well. (I probably should try something like that again...) That was maybe a bit more forceful than natural motivation, but hey, it worked.


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I used to write at night more often than during the day but over the past year that's shifted as I've had more important things to do during the night.

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I'm an all day and all night writer. I do best at night though, I think, and I'm worst at... six am? Maybe even five am? But I don't get up that early - I stay up that late. That's when my brain starts to fizzle and I think that 'Harold uncorked his mother's ear and looked inside to discover his missing lover Blimblamahildatilda' is a good follow-up sentence to 'The 8th District was on the outskirts of a No-Go Area, automatically making it a haunt of the shady and the destitute'.

Eleven pm is always a great time to write, though.


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While ideas come to me all the time, I prefer I'm only motivated to write them down at evening or at night before I go to bed.


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Usually before like 6 pm but after 4 am. It does depend on my mood because I have moments when I can right after six pm.
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