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So how is time measured in your worlds?

Is it the normal calendar we have or have you adjusted it to something similar or entirely different.
I'll start this thread off with my own little bits.

the calendar in Shattered Crests isn't like the one we have here since it's drawn from Roman Mythology while this is mons with legendaries. This is how it works, there are 16 months in a year and each one of them is composed of 23 days (so years are 368 days with each new year starting in mid-winter)

the months in order and the pokemon they are created after:
1) Arten (Articuno)
2) Regios (Regi Trio)
3) Lu (Lugia – first month of spring)
4) Xern (Xerneus)
5) Doras (Djin trio)
6) Kyon (Khi-on Kyogre)
7) Moltren(Moltres – first month of summer)
8) Entiar (Entei)
9) Hoioar (Ho-oh)
10) Groupiar(Groundon)
11) Aiuk (Raiku – first month of Fall)
12) Rayk (Rayquaza)
13) Zapels (Zapdos)
14) Gigos (Regigigas)
15) Suvui (Suicune – first month of winter)
16) Kaiyo (Kyurem and last month of year)

Weeks are 7 days like ours but differently named days: Soliday, Dialday, Azelday, Mespday, Uxiday, Necroday and Lunday.

Anyways, this is mainly for how you are building time measurements around your world or if you haven't thought about it, maybe to help you start thinking about it if needed or would be nice of course.

Anyways, feel free to share how you handle this thing.

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