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Not sure how to open pokemon emerald in ASM

Also, I would like JPAN's MultiChoice script ported please. Thank you.

.align 2

/*Special 0x25 fetches the pointer stored by LoadPointer,
that is kept in the wram position 0x03000f14 and places it
on the slot indicated by 0x8006.*/

special_25: push {r0-r3, lr}
ldr r3, var_8006
ldrh r1, [r3]
ldr r0, pointer
ldr r0, [r0]
ldr r2, Text_location2
cmp r1, #0x6
bgt end_25
lsl r1, r1, #0x3
add r2, r2, r1
str r0, [r2]
end_25: pop {r0-r3, pc}

var_8006: .word 0x020370c4
Text_location2: .word 0x0203f4a0
pointer: .word 0x03000E40
If your interested in tutoring me on how to use the scripting and answering all my questions, send me a PM and we can discuss contacting each other in further details.

A little info about me and my goals:

I am burned out on Pokemon games, which, since emerald, have gradually grown worse to me. I am a fan of Generation 3 and earlier. I have some creature ideas I'd rather keep to myself and friends, due to personal reasons. Thus, I want to make my first game encompassing them. I do not know how to program, so I'll learn by using pokemon essentials. Once I complete the game, I'll enjoy it, and work on an entirely new project.