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Your favorite human character in Pokémon Page 2

Started by Sheep August 10th, 2019 1:55 AM
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... to the w o r l d. 🥂

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I didn't say anything about you with Cilan, ok
hhhhh ok im dropping it 😬


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hhhhh ok im dropping it 😬

I mean

safe to say

we both loved our boys.

/rolls away

Honorable mention goes to Cilan for me, too. Specifically, I loved Dento in the JP version!

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Posted October 28th, 2019
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For story, personality, and character, I'd say my favorite is N. I don't 100% remember everything from Gen 5 considering I was around 12 or so when I played it last, but from what I remember, his mysteriousness and odd abilities makes him a really intriguing character. I used to even have a theory that he was some kind of advanced Zoroark disguised as a human.

As for design and also personality, I quite like Guzma. He's a classic "main villain who isn't 100% serious" type of character. I mean, the entirety of team skull is great in terms of design and personality.
But Guzma in particular has a great design.

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Based on my username, profile picture, and posts it’s obvious. Nanu, I absolutely am in love with Nanu. He’s the first character that isn’t happy go lucky. And the first one to be three dimensional in my opinion. He’s depressed, he loves cats and he’s a cop. I’m depressed, love cats and have done police work. So we have a lot in common. I also find his backstory and the more around him, such as him being the leader of team skull, unique and interesting. They just don’t have another character like him. That’s why I love him so much. Hell, I’m 10 chapters deep into writing a fan fiction about him. I just hope he appears in future games. I think it’d be cool to have a game based on his past and the international police. But I doubt it’ll ever happen.

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Wally. He's just a lovable, sickly wimp.
Shauntal, too, because I just love everything about her.
Emma's cool.

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Definitely Jessie and James. Those idiots were the only reason I watched the anime when I was a kid. (I also shipped them pretty hard, heh.) I'm really enjoying seeing them in Let's Go Pikachu, even if their role is pretty small.

A close second would have to be Lillie. From the games, I mean, I haven't watched the anime in years. Even though I didn't like Sun and Moon all that much, I did love Lillie. She was the only good thing about those games.


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Cynthia is and always has been my favourite since I was a kid playing Diamond/Pearl. <3
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