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Are you a dog owner?

Started by LuckyStar October 8th, 2019 1:06 PM
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Honestly it depends on the breed of dog you get. Some breeds are easier to manage, especially for a new dog owner, while other breeds are better left for people who are more experienced with dogs or have more time to take care of it.

The biggest thing you have to ask yourself is "do i have time to give the dog the care and attention it needs". Every dog needs to be walked and given an amount of attention beyond feeding it. If anything I would suggest looking into breeds and caretaking tips to see if a Dog is the right animal for you.

Keep in mind though that hard work pays off since you'll have a loveable loyal companion in the end!

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I adore dogs and always have them in my life. That being said, they are similar to a child and need more one-on-one time than, say, a cat. Dogs need far more exercise than a typical cat given that they have been bred to work and are bigger and have more energy to expend. Some breeds are less "needy" than others and prefer to be couch potatoes but most dogs are not like that and require daily walks. If you're worried that you wouldn't be able to keep up with that, get a smaller breed who can be worn out easier (not a terrier), but if you enjoy walking then bigger breeds work well. But they need training. You have to know at least somewhat what you're doing to properly train a pooch, especially to avoid them jumping on the wrong person or pulling you to kingdom come as that can put them in serious danger.

Dogs also require a lot of mental stimulation to avoid boredom (and consequently behavioral issues like chewing and barking) as they are very intelligent creatures. It's fairly easy (and fun!) to do this with puzzle toys (diy or otherwise) and fun games when you feed them. I love to hide food for my dogs to nose out or stuff a Kong with wet food, rather than just putting everything in a bowl.

Living with both cats and dogs (among other animals), I definitely have a greater affinity for dogs, particularly the big ones. They're usually lovable and loyal and sometimes a bit clingy. I've been training dogs for the greater part of my 27 years and believe in positive training over any other method. I've got a couple of blog posts here about my dogs and I think All About Cocoa really encompasses what it's like to have a dog. More to come in the future!

Watch It's Me or the Dog on YouTube to see some of the common behavioral issues and how to fix them. It's a very informative show and has helped me train several dogs (two chocolate labs, a GSD mix, a Black Mouth Cur, and by proxy an Australian Shepherd mix; all big dogs). Consistency is key to dog training. Consistent in your rules (like being allowed on the couch), the words you use (don't use 'down' one time and then 'lay' another for the same command), and have set hand motions when you do give them commands. Because it's not only cool af to not say a word and get your dog to do tricks, but also if they go deaf you can still communicate with them.

And be prepared to be utterly devastated when the inevitable happens and your beloved pooch passes away. My old lab passed almost two months ago and I still cry about losing him.

Hope this helps you make a decision! Feel free to ask questions if you have them. I could rant about dogs all day, lmao ♥♥
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i was until a few months ago. before that he was with me for 17 years. i think we had an easier time with him because he was extremely laid back and friendly. we got him from a polish woman who just kind of handed him to us then ran away, so that was weird. but he was good and my best friend.

it depends on the dog. nobody can say what your dog is going to be like if you get them as a puppy, and breed needs to be taken into account. breeds like golden retrievers are generally good "starter" dogs because they have an average temperament so even the most rambunctious ones can be easy to care for.

your best bet when it comes to determining a dogs personality is adopting an older dog. their personality snippets are listed on the adoption websites, and you can ask a shelter worker about any quirks and the like. i really suggest looking into adopting an older dog from a shelter before thinking about a puppy.

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If there has been a time in my life where I haven't owned a dog, then I don't know it. Wouldn't trade those experiences for anything.


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I use to work for a dog groomers and I'm not gonna like I'm glad I have cats. I think at least for me that dogs are like kids. I have 2 cats and I feel like I can go away for the weekend and the cats will be just fine. We have food and water down all the time and can eat whenever they want. If we're gone longer I might ask someone to stop by and check on them but that's about it. Dogs are just to attached and need looking after all the time.
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I have a dog and a cat, and from my own experience I can say that having any pets demands a high responsibility for them. You need to understand that they're not toys for you and you'll need to care about them all time you'll be together. Also, think about your budget because for example safe and high-quality dog food isn't a cheap thing and keep in mind that you'll need to visit a vet rather often too, especially during your dog's puppy period.

Dogs aren't the most difficult pets to care, but they demand much time in the beginning , for example puppies often can become ill because of many reasons. Also, with the dog you'll need to have walks with it every day despite your mood, state, weather etc., are you ready for this?
Vets recommend in this case to read about pros and cons of various pets firstly, and analyze how you'll need to take care about them, there are many useful resources for the current and future dog owners now.


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I'm not, but my parents are.

This is Mookie:

Although, this was a year ago, when he was three months old. He's bigger now.
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I keep thinking that I would absolutely love to have a dog, although there would have to be two very big things considered beforehand: if the dog likes cats, and if my cat doesn't mind dogs. And then there's the fact I've never actually owned one, so I would definitely have to get used to taking care of something that isn't a cat.


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Dogs require a lot of attention and are highly social. We had a Jack Russel and he was decent to train, but cried whenever we went out.
Basically, you need to make sure you have time to devout to your dog.
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