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Interest Check A Minecraft RP

Started by dud190 May 6th, 2016 11:29 AM
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Posted September 9th, 2017
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I was actually thinking about making an rp based on minecraft mods. I was thinking more along the lines of modded minecraft but in a realistic world. Which now that I think about it isn't really minecraft at all :P

But yeah, minecraft has infinite possibilities. You just need a story.


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I had the mod idea as well. It would be interesting to be able to explore Thaumcraft and Botania through an RP perspective, and maybe do something along the lines of the Science versus magic war that minecraft mods seem to constantly spark. Maybe have Technomancers trying to keep everyone happy.


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I think a Minecraft RP would be a quintessential adventure/survival RP, although its appealing too others, it's quite unoriginal...
...although, adding a new twist to it would be awesome

and I'm just putting it out there, Minecraft is used as a platform to make stories, this is evident of many adventure/story maps available for download, which I think would make an even more interesting RP than MC itself. But hey, I like minecraft and I wouldn't miss out on the chance of RPing it :)
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