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Least favourite Pokémon from each gen?

Started by Fritz December 22nd, 2017 6:12 AM
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Posted March 12th, 2018
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For most generations it is not easy for me to pick my very least favorite, so I'll just go with one (or more) that I'd rank really low per generation.

Gen 1 Dugtrio (for a moment)
Gen 2 Unown
Gen 3 Shroomish
Gen 4 Lickilicky
Gen 5 Tornadus, Thundurus, Landorus
Gen 6 Diggersby
Gen 7 Oricorio



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Posted 3 Weeks Ago
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Honestly I just think every single one of these pokemon are dumb and should not even exist. Sorry if it is someone's favourite.

Gen 1: Farfetch'd (walking duck soup)
Gen 2: Dunsparce
Gen 3: Wynaut (useless even when evolved)
Gen 4: Lickylicky (why evolution exist? Who wants to evolve the tongue pokemon?)
Gen 5: Stunfisk (stupid flat fish is just stupid)
Gen 6: Diggersby (fugly rabbit that sounds like he vomits out weasels)
Gen 7: Alolan Dugtrio (why does it need hair? I know those "whiskers" but they are just stupid!)

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Posted 57 Minutes Ago
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Gen 1: Magikarp, Seaking
Gen 2: Stantler, Umbreon, Granbull
Gen 3: Luvdisc, Spinda, Illumise
Gen 4: Arceus, Burmy, Chingling
Gen 5: Patrat line, Emolga, Lillipup line, Basculin, Tranquill
Gen 6: Binacle, Furfrou
Gen 7: Charjabug, Brionne
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Posted August 7th, 2019
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Gen 1 - Snorlax
Gen 2 - Ursaring
Gen 3 - Slaking
Gen 4 - Infernape
Gen 5 - Darmanitan
Gen 6 - Greninja
Gen 7 - Drampa



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Posted July 25th, 2018
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Gen 1: Jynx (my anaconda dont)
Gen 2: Unown (Utterly useless.)
Gen 3: Delcatty (Second lowest base stat total of all fully evolved Pokemon, and just never appealed to me.)
Gen 4: Probopass (One giant magnet with metal filings for a mustache. Ew.)
Gen 5: Emolga (It's not that I hate this Pokemon, it's just all the Unova trainers that spam Double Team and Volt Switch.)
Gen 6: Aromatisse (Can-can dancing flamingo? Okay....)
Gen 7: Crabominable (I don't truly hate this one either, but if you want one on your team, good luck...)
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Posted 5 Days Ago
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How did I know that I'd see some of my favorites in this thread?

1) Nidorina (I always thought it had an awkward design)
2) Ursaring (feels more like a cartoon bear than a bear Pokémon, imo)
3) Marshtomp (those soulless eyes...)
4) Lickilicky (if only for evolving from one of my all-time favorites)
5) Seismitoad or Gurdurr (they both look gross to me)
6) Malamar (not necessarily a bad design, but I find it unsettling)
7) Salazzle (this sexualized salamander is just plain creepy!)

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Posted July 28th, 2019
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1) Voltorb. I just always thought it's boring. At lest Electode has a mouth.
2) Pichu/Cleffa/Igglybuff. I understand trying to make little adorable versions of Jynx, Electabuzz and Magmar but Pikachu, Clefairy and Jigglypuff are already adorable! What a waste of time.
3) Deoxys. I like the design of the Defense form, but the other forms are just so hideous.
4) Mantyke. Forgot this little guy existed.
5) Samurott. A lot of my favorite pokemon are from this gen, but also a few really ugly ones. Definitely the ugliest final form of a starter to date.
6) Volcanion. Had a hard time picking a least favorite for this gen. I think they all look pretty cool.
7) Minior. Don't hate Minior but once again I think all the pokemon in this gen look pretty good. Hard to pick a least favorite.


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Posted 23 Hours Ago
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It was an easy list to make, as there are very few Pokemon I dislike. :) (Note: when I put only one stage of an evolutionary line, it means I dislike that Pokemon specifically, usually because I feel it doesn't measure up to its evo or pre-evo; if I dislike the entire line, I'll put each Pokemon with a slash between them.)

Gen 1: Electrode
Gen 2: Smoochum
Gen 4: Rhyperior
Gen 5: Uh...Bouffalant I guess?
Gen 6: Chestnaught; Volcanion is a close second
Gen 7: Tapu Fini


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Posted 3 Hours Ago
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I don't hate any pokemon, these just happen to be ones I'm not that fond of.

Gen 1: Hypno, Muk, Magmar
Gen 2: Qwilfish
Gen 3: Swalot
Gen 4: Probopass
Gen 5: Garbador, Amoongus, Stunfisk, Klink
Gen 6: Diggersby, Malamar
Gen 7: Gumshoos, Aquanid, Guzzlord

For most of these Pokemon, I just don't like their designs. Simple as that.


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Posted October 10th, 2019
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The ones I really dislike based on their design:

Gen 1: Machamp - really hate Pokemon that resemble 'humans' too much, Jynx too
Gen 2: Togepi - so annoying in the anime, learned to dislike it
Gen 3: Blaziken - has always been my least favorite Pokemon
Gen 4: Probopass - design is the main reason that it's my most hated list, just above Torchic line
Gen 5: Conkeldurr-line, Meloetta - same reason as Machamp above
Gen 6: Diggersby - looked too weird for me
Gen 7: Magearna - similar reason as Machamp
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Posted November 1st, 2019
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I don't hate many pokemon, but here it goes.

Gen 1: Mew (I honestly hate this pokemon. It does not look cute to me, instead looking like a nightmarish Silent Hill creation)
Gen 2: Cleffa (I don't hate it, I just don't see any point in its existence)
Gen 3: Swampert (Meh, I just really disliked using it in my AS playthrough)
Gen 4: Chingling (It just was not necessary, more of a fodder pokemon than anything else)
Gen 5: The Pan Simi Monkeys. (As far as I am concerned, they can all be one bland boring pokemon, though the fire line is especially egregious. I especially don't like how they are almost thrust upon you at the start)
Gen 6: Carbink (Its just there. Utterly forgettable)
Gen 7: Incineroar (I just hate everything it represents. Which is a pity as I think I would have liked this pokemon if it was not a starter - though its shiny is just an eye sore and a waste of potential)


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Posted July 18th, 2019
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Gen 1 - Pinsir
Gen 2 - Stantler - simply because it sucks and has never been touched since
Gen 3 - Chimecho
Gen 4 - Lickilicky
Gen 5 - Maractus
Gen 6 - Carbink
Gen 7 - Torracat

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Posted January 30th, 2018
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G1: majicarp (I don’t care if it evolves into the rival of charaizard)
G2: miltank
G3: febass (more like weebass)
G4: likiliky
G5: trubbish (kill it now )
G6: swillix
G7: salazzle And lulantisis, (MOST Annoying totems ever)
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Alolan form: Alolan Meowth. The same thing but now it’s has a dumb smug face and a diff colour. Yay. I’m sick of getting this so many times @ wondertade as well. Alolan Persian is just as bad and looks hideous for some reason. Bah.

Gen1: Rn its Magikarp. Also really tired of seeing it both in wondertrade and fishing.

Gen2: Delibird. Worthless, meh design and really really really bad stats. I don’t like this thing.

Gen3: Banette. Also weak and bad design. Good thing the mega exists which fixes the problem with it’s stats, but the mon itself is what we are talking about and I do not like the actual mon.

Gen4: Last year, I went from being meh towards Lucario to disliking it after stumbing into a webpage where everyone kept praising it for no reason. Even though I got over it over time, I still like it and it’s line the least out of everything in this gen, so yeah.

Gen5: Tought descision between Pidove and Mienshao but I think Mienshao takes the cake. Forcing me to cheat in my X nuzrun, you...

Gen6: Ugh, plenty of bad ones here. Furfrou, Bergmite, Klefki...ugh......but Klefki is by far the worst. I just HATE Klefki. Ugly, I’ve never really found it that useful, and just bad. If I could get all those hideous weirdoes extinct, I would.

Gen7: Naganadel. Ugly, can’t pronounce it’s name, the lower part of its body looks weird, and the design is just weird as a whole.

Out of all these, Alolan Meowth is the probably the worst. That smug really looks like its trolling me or something. Klefki is a VERY close second though.


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Gen I: Raticate
Gen II: Sudowoodo (I don't dislike it per se, but it's the one Pokemon from this gen that I care for the least).
Gen III: Exploud
Gen IV: Cranidos/Rampardos
Gen V: Watchog
Gen VI: Binacle
Gen VII: Crabominable
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