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Help with Crystal for GBA

Started by Jbake1413 4 Weeks Ago 9:19 AM
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I'm hoping someone in here can help me, or at least send me to the right forum for my question. I have liquid crystal rom for my GBA, I bought it, can't make roms or understand it enough to not screw it up, and I am having trouble advancing past Claire. I can get to the shrine, however someone is standing in the doorway, and I can't use my whirlpool anywhere else, just in the den. I have been told I have a bad copy of the rom, and I was hoping someone in here could help me out by fixing it or doing something that can help me fix it. Thanks for your time.




Age 15
Brisbane, Australia
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you should never purchase cartridges from those sellers, as they do it without permission from the rom hack creator. as for the question itself, it most likely has to do with the bootleg cartridge.
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