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Started by VisionofMilotic April 15th, 2019 5:11 PM
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I was raised a lutheran protestant (Christian) and everybody around me was too since it was the state church and we took it for granted. The church/chapels in our village hosted many of the activities kids could get up to after school, and nobody ever questioned it. My mum always talked about God being everywhere in everything and about the Christian values, how we need to do towards others the good things we want them to do to us. And other nice things the fundamental lutheranism stands for.

I was of course baptized as a baby, and went through confirmation in my middle teens - during which I got a reaffirmes connection with God and my spirituality. I really enjoyed the open, friendly, accepting nature of the Swedish State Church and affiliated organizations, such as the Swedish YMCA branch. The ideals they pursue are ones I will likely always agree with. They don't even look down on people who don't share their beliefs; all priests I've ever met here have been willing to discuss and listen to cynicals.

Despite all this, and my warm feelings for the organization and its people, I have several years ago now rejected the religious grounds. I don't believe that there is a God in the sense Christianity (or any other world-size religion) claims, nor that Jesus was anything more than a charismatic man, leader perhaps even.

But the more I learn about science and the world - and about people - the louder something tells me that we definitely have to have been designed in some way. To me, the idea that this whole world and our lives have just happened due to millions of years of happy accidents is just not plausible.

I have no idea what this classifies me as, haha, maybe not a straight up atheist, but I also don't want to say I think it is likely that the Christians are correct in any meaningful sense. I'm just summarizing it into "there is something up there" :)


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My religion is Islam. Of course, I believe in god and strive to adhere to the guidance in the book.
Have you ever questioned it, or always believed it 100%?


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Have you ever questioned it, or always believed it 100%?
Yep, the book even encourages questioning to learn more ;D

To answer your question specifically, there are certain things that I look up with regards to religion, and others that I don't bother with. For the parts that I do care to refer to, it has satisfactory details.
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Happy Easter Sunday to anyone who celebrates! I hope everyone has a blessed day. ^-^


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I'm a rather unreligious Jewish person. I don't go to temple or anything like that, but I go to cedars, and that's about it. We light a menorah, too, during Hanukkah. Tbh, I've never really been religious bc my mother hates I never was allowed religious upbringing.
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I'm a Rodnover and proud of it. If you want to know what it is, Rodnovery is a pagan religion based on the original faith of Slavic peoples. I feel that it is my "true" faith and I'm more happier as a Rodnover.

I'm not open about my faith though, mostly because people don't accept pagans and they would rather accept atheists than pagans.


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I was raised in a non-religious household, and I am an atheist. (The super "physical-world-only" type who doesn't believe in souls, afterlife, karma, things happening "for a reason" - anything spiritual or supernatural.)

Being an atheist my whole life puts me in a strange position, compared to those who deconverted later in life - on one hand, I don't feel as strongly about my irreligion, it's just something I take for granted (I've never had to come to terms with it after living my whole life another way, face tension with my family and community about it, etc.); on the other hand, it shapes so many more aspects of who I am and how I see the world today. In any case, I'm a minority among the minority.


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I'm not religious whatsoever, although I used to be.

It feels like I'm lying to myself if I try to believe in anything other than what's in front of me, what's real, and what I know.
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Staunch atheist. I’m not against religion by any stretch of the imagination though! I’m just wary of the ones that have actively hurt the people I care about, ya know?


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all I will say is that I most definitely believe in God. im not a church goer or anything like that in the slightest. just a strong belief in that there is definitely a higher power of some sort.


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I've grown from mere agnosticism to fairly radical anti-religiousness in recent years. Though it's not the idea of a religion I'm against (I do think all religions have at least some moral aspects that should just be common sense (but aren't), and religion is what brought people to create some of the most impressive works of art ever made), it's the repressive effect it has on those who impose their beliefs on people who don't bother with them. It may be partially because here in Italy you can feel the power of the Catholic Church in subtle ways everywhere and it contributes to fuel some of the most hateful parts of society, or more generally how in many cases the major religions have an opinion contrary to my personal political beliefs, so I could never see myself believing in something so radically opposite to my worldview.

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i would say i'm more agnostic than anything else. i was raised in a family that was christian (episcopal) but never went to church or forced their religion onto me (the only time that happened was when i was very little; we did go to church weekly and i went to a summer bible study/camp kinda thing and then my parents realized it was kind of mukty).

due to being raised that way i've always been distant towards religion. there was a time i identified as a laveyan satanist and then i kinda stopped being edgy and dropped it lol. right now i'm really looking into polytheistic paganism though, specifically egyptian. it's always interested me, and my polytheist friend is helping me out with it.

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