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FireRed Pokémon Korosu! (Update 7/23/16 6:20 PM ET) Page 17

Started by Crizzle July 11th, 2016 8:26 PM
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Burning Passion

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Posted November 24th, 2018
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I know this thread is old and all but I found a pretty big bug that I think is worth reporting. In Tanoby Island talking to this NPC completely freezes your character. I can't move, or open the start menu. This means I have to start over again from before the battle with the Salone Boss. Damn.

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Posted December 13th, 2018
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Awwwww, Just finished the game, love it very much! The last part were a bit too fast, I want to clean up the Family myself and get the f@@@ing reward from Lance, but....
So, if you ever have free time, can you make the end more perfect? :0
Though I know that was demanding, I can't stop myself writting this.... sorry (:
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Posted December 24th, 2018
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Where do i get a moon stone? I'm up to the end of the x inc area, and my haunter is lvl 44 and i haven't seen one yet, am i just not supposed to have one, or did i miss it?
Edit: Well i found out you can buy them from the celadon store for 1 money which is nice, but i still dont know if you can find them anywhere else.
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Currently in the middle of this game, pretty dang fun. Wanted to play a Pokemon hack just to relax a bit, Crizzle is pretty good at these things. Though even as an adult, at times the scripting gets a little extreme 0_0

I feel like I'm in the middle of the game, but just wanna gush over catching a Chansey ❤️ found a Modest one to my extreme luck. And it just so happens there's a house with Lucky Punch as an item in the area, which raises Chansey's chance to crit. Boy I'm glad I've held on to Ice Beam this far
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Posted 1 Week Ago
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Beat the game, real fun overall. Takes some grinding at the end, only thing that made it faster was having a Mightyena on my team, which learns Thief at level 52. Farmed wild Chansey's more or less until I stole a Lucky Egg from one. Then leveled my pokemon into the 60's, used about 14 Rare Candies I'd saved away for the end. Here's my team:

Skarmory Lv 65 Skill: Keen Eye
Item: Leftovers
Steel Wing

Mightyena Lv 67 Skill: Intimidate
Item: Lax Incense
Swagger (RNG move, tho if anything hits itself twice it can be knocked out)

Gengar Lv 66 Skill: Levitate
Item: Poison Barb (Thief on a wild Roselia FTW)
Shadow Ball
Sludge Bomb
Giga Drain
Destiny Bond (real important move, very useful since Gengar outspeeds stuff, and can remove the big threats you see at the end)

Blissey Lv 67 Skill: Serene Grace
Item: Quick Claw
Thunder Wave
Ice Beam
Hyper Beam (I felt like this should've done more considering STAB + being a special move, didn't one shot much)

Quagsire Lv 69 Skill: Water Absorb (MVP of the team, carried most battles the second you evolve Wooper at lv 20. Skill is busted late game, Walls multiple threats)
Item: Leftovers
Body Slam

Heracross Lv 69 Skill: Guts
Item: Hard Stone
Swords Dance
Brick Break
Rock Slide
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Posted March 28th, 2019
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Hey! I just ended the game. I loved it. Here is my team:

Gligar Lv 65
Dewgong Lv 68
Mightyena Lv 58
Haunter Lv 58
Fearow Lv 59
Torkoal Lv 60

I just didnt felt like evolving Haunter, I like him more than Gengar. Btw Dewgong won the tournament alone thanks to Mightyena's intimidate, the rest didnt do too much (but I still love them).
Thanks for the game!
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Heyyy I'm trying to beat Courtney and I have this level 26 unevolved Eevee I'd really like to turn into a Vaporeon by now. Where can I get the elemental stones? (my apologies if this was noted before, I didn't notice)
I found a water stone in Knot Town (where you find the Magma team for the first time), to the south in the Treasure Beach: it's hidden on the floor in one of the sand parts (go all the way down, should be in one of the left sand squares, next to the rock corner )
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