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Seen October 11th, 2018
Posted October 18th, 2017
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Not sure if I'm just confused or if this is a bug that someone has noticed before:

When I use Fury Cutter (Lime) against a Flangoose (Orange/Chocolate), it says the move isn't very effective, but a Lime move should be super effective against Orange type.

(Edit: I really have to add that this is by far the best Pokemon hack I have ever encountered! There's something so thrilling about starting over from scratch and learning all the new typings, movesets, battles, etc. from trial and error. Then, of course, there's the genius of the whole setting and the amazingly well done sprites and environments. Every aspect is brilliant. In my humble opinion this is what Pokemon should have been from the start: an innocent, creative, fresh, colorfully themed world.)
Seen February 19th, 2019
Posted February 19th, 2019
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I have a question with theses bug fixes do we only need to download the latest bug fix cause when i tried to put them all in i had cause glitch where in the one city where you talk to a npc that has you battle trainers to get an item but the game acted like i did when i did not can you tell me what i need to do cause i really like both games


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Seen February 7th, 2018
Posted November 23rd, 2017
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Will there ever be a working .cia for Sweet 2th? There have been reports of the game black sceening forever after the initial screen giving credits to the people that worked on it go by. I've tried to create my own .cia of the game and came to the same issue. (GBA splash is off so that isn't the case.) If this is the wrong place to ask, let me know. I read somewhere that the creator of the ROM had to fix this themselves so I figured to bring it up here directly. :c
T̴̛͕̥̖͚̼̮̺̞̥̯͂̄͑̈̈́͒͐͂̃̿͘͘͠͠e̷̡̛͉͑̂̅͝ñ̶͚̠͔̼͓̭̪̼͎̭̏̉͊̀̕͝k̶̡̧̡̞̠̖͚̱̱͔̠̙̠̭̗̓̔́̑ų̷̡̤̰̝̜͉̳͚̠̞̻̆͋̑̎̇̎̓̑͘ͅu̵̢̨̨͚̳̱̙̥̩͍̿͊̈̉̐͐̈̒̅̈́̾͗̽͋͝ ̴̬̻̘͕͇̇̃̏͒̆͗͘͜n̸̡̡̛̝̤̤̤͚͙̫̘̿̃̃̃͝o̷̧̬͖͎̥͖̔̃̀ ̴̧͔̠̹͈̆̎̌̓͛͊͂̓̚͝͝Y̸̛͈̺̭͍̳͓̲͖̝̣͙͉̝̼͛̑͆̓͌͂̀̏͘͘̕͠͠ȯ̸̡̧̦̺̦̜̟͖̲̱͛̌͒͊̃̔̔̌̔̕͜à̴̱͓͈͖͂̆̈̔̇̔̓̚k̸͓͔͔͔̭͈̜̬̱̠̭͌̏́̒͐̏̋͐̇͆̈́̍́͝ȅ̸̖̫͕͙̋̅̽̉̎̐̋̏͐̉͠͝ͅ



Seen December 10th, 2017
Posted December 10th, 2017
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So this is a totally new story??? If so do I need to know the 1st one to understand it??

And what's the latest patch, in my country the dateing is Day/month/year, and does the latest have all patches before it or is there any in particular?

Thanks, and sorry for the inconvenience! >-<
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Posted April 9th, 2019
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Hey, I hope this isn't a stupid question, but how do you know which pokesweets can do what HM moves
I'm not sure if there is an exact list for which can, but I would assume you could just look up pokemon in the actual games and see which fall under the categories of HM possible pokemon.
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Posted 6 Days Ago
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I CAN'T FIGURE OUT HOW TO OPEN THE DARN GAME MENU! PRESSING X DOESN'T DO ANYTHING! Nevermind, it was the enter button... Cute pokesweets though! so Vanilla is normal type right? What about the others?
Well, since Charmander is called Strawmander, I'm guessing Fire was changed to Strawberry.
I think Chocolate type is the Dragon/Fairy equiv too.
Seen November 9th, 2018
Posted April 15th, 2018
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Well, since Charmander is called Strawmander, I'm guessing Fire was changed to Strawberry.
I think Chocolate type is the Dragon/Fairy equiv too.
To be fair I don't think it's fair to class them as equivalents as they are fundamentally different types for the most part, using chocolate and dragon as examples dragon is resistant to most the main element types and is weak to ice fairy and itself, while chocolate type is...weird in that it has no weaknesses outside of itself and no resistances to anything. I probably sound like a smartass so I'll stop here
Seen April 24th, 2018
Posted April 24th, 2018
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I'm currently trapped in the pie land cave with the Douna in it because the exit isnt working! I made the mistake of saving before I caught it to and now there is no way out. I don't have any escape ropes and I don't know what to dooooo. I love this game sooooo much and I got so far and I just don't want it to be over. A fix for this bug would be more than appreciated! Again, it is the pie land cave exit. Thank you so much i hope it can be fixed..
Seen September 4th, 2018
Posted May 6th, 2018
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I dont know if this is widely known, but a thread search and countless google searches yielded nothing that I personally lucked into. If you have a 3DS with CFW, the mGBA emulator works to play this on the 3DS, handheld, on the go. Im anal about how I play my games, and Pokemon has never been a PC or TV console RPG.

However, its not the most current version that runs it, and thats why I lucked into it. My homebrew launcher is a few years old (2016) and I transferred to the N3DS XL so its the same years launcher. The mGBA emulator in the launcher is version 0.5.1 (came out October 2016). This is NOT the most recent version. It is the one that happened to be in my launcher, and luckily happens to run the most recent version of this game 99% flawlessly (sound doesnt work well unless you jump the frame skip to 9 and then the game is pretty unplayable). Its exactly what I was looking to do with this RomHack, and the save state function is ideal for getting a good natured starter. You can also fit the screen size to whereever suits you.

THE NEEDED mGBA VERSION IS AVAILABLE AS A .cia to install. No need to always go through your launcher.

I hope I was clear and that this wasnt redundant with another persons post. I also hope someone gets use out of this workaround. I can provide pictures too (video I can do another time but I wouldnt mislead you)

EDIT: pretty sure this also works with the first Pokemon Sweet. I tried it briefly and seemed to run but I had more interest in 2th. I also recommend trying to find a prepatched .gba file of the current 2th version for maximum playability. I just started and have only encountered one bug crash, but had a game save and save state from right before. Always save just in case!
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