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Pokémon Emerald Showdown

Team Name

Team Emerald Showdown


Hi! Basically, I want to make a ROM hack of Pokemon Emerald where you're required to generate your own Pokemon with PKHeX so that you can use them to battle optimized trainers at certain levels, I'm thinking 10-100 in intervals of 10, and certain viability rankings. I'll be using the Pokemon Showdown viability rankings. I want to include the complete freedom of choice that Pokemon Showdown gives you. I can even use Egg's old Battle Engine and make my own compatible version of PKHeX that I will include with the game. I'll be making two versions: Vanilla and Upgraded. Vanilla will use the original game's assets, while Upgraded will use features from Generations 4-7, such as updated moves, abilities, and items.


You, a God, enter the local Battle Tower challenge to alleviate your boredom.


Pokémon Emerald


  • Will this later Generation feature be included?
    Answer: Only in Upgraded
  • Can I use A-Save instead of PKHeX?
    Answer: Only with vanilla. With upgraded, I will provide a version of PKHeX that works with it. You'll need it.

Application Form

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Current Team Members

  • Captain Faclon
  • Axew

Current Progress

One trainer coded in Vanilla, lots of features added for Upgraded. Come check out our Discord if you want to see all the changes!


You are a God that is bored with everyday life. You decided to enter the local Battle Tower challenge, where you compete for various titles with Pokémon that you create yourself. These Pokémon are actually created using PKHeX, but whatever. Once you beat every trainer in the Battle Tower, you will be satisfied. Sort of. Probably not.


  • Generate competitive Pokémon teams with PKHeX, or A-Save if you prefer
  • The game will check to see if your Pokémon fall within a certain tier. If they are above the specified tier, you will not be able to proceed
  • Challenge a guantlet of trainers in a variety of formats

Screenshots & Videos


  • Captain Faclon, who misspelled his name Caption Faclon on PokeCommunity because he clearly wasn't paying attention - Scripter, Writer, Coder
  • Axew - Team Creation
  • greenDarkness - Ideas


  • None so far!


Contact Information

If you want to get in touch, contact me on here, on reddit at or on Discord at Captain_Faclon#6548.

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