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Old February 13th, 2015 (6:04 PM).
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Originally Posted by evandixon View Post
Good work Nerketur! One request I have for a future update is for your program to open a file (ssa, ssb, etc.) passed to it through a command line argument.

I'm the developer of Sky Editor* and I think it would be cool to reference your program, so as many PMD tools are together. If I was able to integrate your tool into mine, I would open an individual SSB (or other relevant file) in your program, passing the filename as a command line argument (in whatever format you choose), let the user change things, have the user save and close, then the user would be able to work on other things, or simply test in the emulator.

I look forward to the next release. In the mean time, keep up the good work!

*I was going to post a link, but I don't have enough posts to give one. So you'll have to do a web search if you need a link.
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Old May 29th, 2015 (6:15 PM). Edited June 23rd, 2015 by SilverwingDB.
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I really hope people haven't forgotten about this. And that this doesn't count as double posting.
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Old August 21st, 2015 (8:35 PM). Edited August 21st, 2015 by Nerketur.
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A lot of you are probably wondering when the next version of this tool will be out! Well I have updates! But they aren't too big.

Updates on the tool:
Sadly, none yet. I'm trying something new to figure out more information and actually fully understand the scripting system. More on that below.
There has been a lot of work done these past few months. Most of it not even by me! Reverse engineering is hard work and I never truly thought I'd be forced to learn ARM assembler to figure out how the system works, but alas, that is exactly what happened.

Instead of my normal guess and check system, since I now know a lot about what the scripting system does, its time to dig deeper and actually figure out how it works. This will be a long process, but learning this system will allow me to better understand how the game itself works, since 90% of the game uses it!

I'm now in the process of reverse engineering the entire scripting subsystem, and when I figure out how it works, I'll be able to update my notes on the commands to include every command and its info! This, by itself, is a big undertaking, but I'm determined to see it through.

Once I do figure everything out, I will update my program to the first beta release! There will probably be a couple more alpha releases as I learn more and more, but I can't give an expected timeframe. Hopefully I'll have at least something by the end of the year!
One request I have for a future update is for your program to open a file (ssa, ssb, etc.) passed to it through a command line argument.
I will consider this request. This is something that I do want to be able to include, but the way it's currently coded my program would also need to know which version of the game it came from (in full), so it can successfully parse quite a few things. I'm still thinking on whether or not to remove this restriction, since it wouldn't actually impede anything, (in truth it would only need the arm9, + overlay 4) but we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.
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Old November 1st, 2015 (10:32 AM).
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can't modify unionall.ssb by over-text....
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