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Has anyone ever played that really good old gen Pokémon game and loved it, only to try it again later on and realize it wasn't as good as you originally thought? What was that game for you?

In my case, it was DPPt. When first playing on release I thought it was absolutely amazing - cool sprites, great music, awesome new Pokémon designs, and just super fun overall. Then I went back to it later and it didn't seem as good as I remembered. I realized out of all the generations released so far it had, to me, the most meh Pokémon designs introduced and the battle/UI animations were super slow. I also didn't like the region layout much at all, it was more boring to explore now than before. Sorry Sinnoh. :(


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RBY. I loved them when I've played them for the first time, but I can't get back to them now. The amount of bugs, type advantages not working properly, some weird mechanics like Wrap or Bind (not sure which one now) completely stops you from attacking, the small number of moves of some types and the fact that better versions exists made these games unplayable for me.


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RBY. I loved them when I've played them for the first time, but I can't get back to them now. The amount of bugs, type advantages not working properly, some weird mechanics like Wrap or Bind (not sure which one now) completely stops you from attacking, the small number of moves of some types and the fact that better versions exists made these games unplayable for me.
I imagine this is quite a common sentiment. Personally, as someone who started in Gen III, my sole intent in the VC releases is to take advantage of all of the glitches. I'm thinking Dragonite with Agility + Hyper Beam, Cloyster's Clamp, something with Wrap / Bind (afaik its both), Alakazam...

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Not really.

But then again, I think I see games in a different light. Older games have their charms that newer games don't really have and I appreciate them for that, it's just a question of different games for different things.

Newer games are better from a QoL perspective, older games are better if you want to do a challenge run quickly (which is the kind of thing I enjoy doing) or do some kind of game modification.


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I think I had this experience with Black/White and even wrote some relatively long-ass post on here after I re-played it for the first time
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I experienced this with BDSP about halfway through.

It seemed cute and I liked the art style. About halfway through the wild encounters felt awfully repetitive and the friendship bonuses kept occurring non-stop with slow text. I'd rather just play Platinum instead.


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Soul Silver definitely falls under that category. But that is mostly due to gen 4 lag. Since the games worked out their technical flaws over the last couple generations it's hard to go back to gen 4 in particular with everything being so sluggish. I played Platinum last year for the first time and I really hated the experience. :(
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I know i'm a big gen 6/7 fan (and still am) but when I replayed X a year ago, I found no motivation to go into this cave I don't remember the name When I replayed UM a few months ago, when I got to the last island (once again forgot the name of it) I had the nerve to ask myself "Am I even having fun anymore?" But I managed to get through to the end eventually.

I do plan to replay the original gen 2 once not so lazy (I have Crystal and Silver digitally and Gold physically so I don't know what one to return to yet).
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Pretty much anything pre-3DS due to the newer games' QoL improvements.
I've replayed all the 3DS Pokemon titles at least once. DS and older games I just don't really replay because I can't be bothered to deal with the older mechanics.

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Old generation games that were good to me in the past are still good to me now. I never really cared too much for graphics or animations. The main thing that I love about the older games is that all Pokémon that existed during those times exist in the games, unlike the games on the Switch. My only issue when revisiting an old generation game however is getting used to the old game mechanics after playing Pokémon Sword and Pokémon Brilliant Diamond for a while, such as the lack of each individual move being categorized as special and physical in generations 1-3, HM moves in all generations, and the lack of the ability to access your Pokémon boxes from anywhere instead of having to use a PokéCenter PC prior to generation 8 in the main core games. Once I get used to the old game mechanics and decide my HM slave, I am good to go and can enjoy some nostalgic gaming!


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Absolutely. My favourite games are Gold/Silver/Crystal, and I can’t deny they have flaws.
Worse still though, are Red/Blue/Yellow. And it makes sense, of course - they were the first games! They set the standard of the “formula”, and introduced the world to Pokémon. For their time, they were incredible - they just haven’t aged well.

I remember playing Yellow thoroughly when the Virtual Console versions released. By that point, I had gotten used to competitive battling, I knew that certain types were exclusively Physical and others were Special - I knew that Special was a single stat - and other things that went on “under the hood” in the Gen 1 games.
Overall, Gen 1 is a tremendously slow experience, even with move animations switched off. Whatever complaints we can have about newer games, we can at least celebrate the nice pacing of battles now!

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I used to absolutely love Platinum when i was a kid, but upon giving it a spin recently, it just kind of doesn't hit the same? I mean, i do like it but just not as much as before.
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Currently playing crystal and the Kanto region lacks a feels barren.lacks side quests and NPCs who phone safari zone.veridian forest looks incomplete.the wild pokemon in bushes seem to have their levels all over the place making it difficult to scale and the bushes seem lacking.its like they got 70% through creating the game and then just sold it as is.