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Started by Palamon June 24th, 2022 4:34 PM
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I know barely anyone looks in here, and I'm talking to a void of which no one can hear me or cares when I update, but yolo. We're doing this like we do every week for the grand audience of zero and unlogged in users.

Anyway, this update is just...mostly whatever. I finished the hsr au, so I'm drawing whoever isn't in it in whatever couture I feel like drawing. I suppose it doesn't matter either way, though. I don't know how brief I'll be and if my computer will even last to post all the photos, so...let's get this over with.

Like I said, the Honkai Star rail Au was almost done, so here's Naofa for it. The fire type and Destruction path. ider what inspiration this is Norse probably. As you can see, instead of having star shaped pupils in this world, Naofa instead, has two snake eyes. I don't plan on elaborating.

And finally, Kaiser. He's the fire type, harmony path. Some people (absolutely no one because no one ever bothers to look in here, now do they) might notice that this Kaiser is drastically different from his normal portrayal. That's because he's the opposite in this universe. A knight, masculine, and couldn't care less about beauty. Different world, different circumstances.

Now that the au is done, I more or less went back to whatever I normally would draw. Anyway.

I feel like I say this a lot, but I don't draw Rys a lot. Here she is in a swiss outfit, I think. That's...what it said when I looked it up and that's just what it is.

Even though Ceir already made her appearance in this thread a few weeks ago, I drew her in my notebook this time. She's in this coat, I guess. Don't have a lot to say.

...Man, Faxi's hair came out weird here. Um. Anyway, he's in French pirate clothes. At the time I drew this, I had been on the cusp of reaching the climax of the God Job book, so I drew a very quick Faxi on that particular Sunday.

I honestly regret not putting Regina in the HSR Au. Oh, well, too late now, right? I guess she's gone goth. Not like I haven't drawn her goth before, but it is what it is.

I also regret not putting Nathair (Natalie) in the HSR au. So, here xe is in this dress that I messed up while coloring. Also, I discovered my photos app has a magic eraser and tried using it for the first time to hide lines I can't erase in real life.

The results? ...Not very good. You'll see in the rest of these that I tried using the magic eraser a few times and it's going to look bad.

I really need to buy actual erasable pens.

Here's Varg in a beatles shirt. I again used the magic eraser to erase any extra lines in post. But, to be honest, it came out pretty crappy. I guess Google Pixel 5's magic eraser isn't good.

...This is a joke drawing, if anything. This is Deigr in this shirt of the You Are an Idiot Virus. Which, in itself was a joke virus that would double windows every time you close it and the window would proceed to say you are an idiot. This doesn't work in 2023, btw because Flash is dead.

Why am I so bad at drawing Uxi...ugh. He's in armor. That's all I'm going to say because I am not good enough for him.

I drew Irpa in a watermelon dress. Honestly, I really need to stop with the red frame glasses. But, I just don't feel like doing different framed glasses. This is why I don't draw Siorc with his most of the time, lol.

With Irpa comes Xena since you know they're two of the four quadruplets quintuplets, I just said it was a cute outfit, I guess it is. Your mileage may vary.

At the time I drew this, in my real life, my father was constantly telling yellow jackets to shoo, go away, etc. So, I drew Argenta wearing a bee sweatshirt. The moment has been immortalized in my drawwork...

I drew Goma in a robe, but let me tell you the source looks like freaking ai art and I hate that. I don't know if it's ai art. Maybe it isn't, but it looks so...bad. Like that this outfit isn't even real. It's hard to explain.

I feel like I don't have to explain this, but I will anyway. Prinz is in another vest. You know how I said certain ocs have a certain aesthetic and I just live by that and draw them in that all the time? Prinz is one of those. He dresses very preppy. Also, some transparency: I used magic eraser to get rid of some of the excess lines, and I think it worked here. ...However.

...I can't say the same for this Isamu I drew. I think the magic eraser failed me here. Here's the outfit he is wearing. It's nothing special. Wild I didn't include him in the HSR au when the other five were in it, but too late now.

There's no magic eraser in this one. Laine is wearing a sweater dress question mark. I didn't color this one in since the original was white. Usually, I use a white crayon, but I opted out this time.

I don't have much to say about Cordon. So let's just move on, here's the dress she's wearing.

Okay. Siorc wearing one of Saki Mizushima's outfits, a blue Chinese dress, in a goth outfit, feat: boob peekout, just assume he's wearing pads under there or something because this is probably the pjsekai verse. Also, I guess the last one is a strawberry picnic with Yinlong. Idk. I don't feel like listing the sources as a separate thing so here's the post on the platform formerly known as twitter. I hope that loads.

That's it this week. I'm going to finish drawing the rest of my ocs in my current notebook. I'm thinking of buying a 400 sheet/200 page notebook soon so I can go through them less quickly. But idk would my parents be mad at me for that...probably.

Goodbye. I think after this post I'll be on the fourth page so no more page crashing for a little while, hooray.


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New week, new page in the thread, new update. For this update, I finished drawing all my current ocs in my notebook, and debuted three new ones. Just so everyone knows: my goal is to reach 100 ocs. With that being said, my public count right now is 81, so as I have more, I might have to start buying bigger notebooks. I have discovered the highest notebook count that exists is 820 pages... Of course though my parents are like "you don't need notebooks we have plenty of them...whatever.

Also, I have a new rule now. Every Friday I will be drawing experiments as I really need to learn how to draw more backgrounds and stuff.

That being said, let's get this update out of the way... *prays someone is actually looking in here*

We're starting this update with Marble in an idol costume. I don't know who this is that I got this outfit from, but maybe a stan of whoever this person is supposed to be can tell me.

Speaking of which, I drew Gloine in a soccer uniform again. He's waiting for Garran to get him. Although, in the project sekai verse, he's older, at around ~15 years old. I hope there's no copyright police over showing an image of a shutterstock photo btw, but if that ever does me in...I didn't know.

Also, Miotal as a mathlete. this is from depop, I think....I think. I don't really know. I need to look more into it.

I drew Olann in surprise, another vest. Like I've said a few times, certain ocs have a specific dress style.

Same with Zephyr being in a military outfit again as in canon, this character died a long time ago. So, I just draw them in a lot of the same things, just different style of military clothing, if that makes any sense.

On another note, here's Valaha in a white dress. I don't think I've drawn this one before, but I really do want to draw more open leg dresses. Maybe I will as I have some more female ocs that I think would.

As usual, speaking of "a certain style" Elenk in yes, another military outfit. I don't have to elaborate on this choice as that's all I draw him in.

This is just a redraw of Rasa in that orange shirt. I think I failed again, though. Maybe I'll redraw this a third time.

Also, I drew Lechi in this fancy shirt, I guess. I'd wear it irl if I could find this shirt at a cheap price...maybe?

I drew Kigyo in yet another ancient greek outfit. Even though the name is Hungarian. But, I really don't care I just like to draw this character in the Ancient Greek outfits.

I have like nothing to say about this other than that Konig is wearing an Abraham Lincoln costume. That's it. I should have drawn the beard. But, I choose not to. Come to think of it...only one of my ocs has facial hair. It's not that I don't want my ocs to have any, I just can't imagine any of my ocs besides Rede growing any.

...Most anime characters don't anyway.

I have again drew Riyad being smug, as usual. This is the outfit I drew. I don't have anything to say about it.

I also drew Ulka in a half shirt, I guess. But, I didn't feel like drawing her belly, so it's no longer one.

By this point, I had drawn all my 78 ocs that were public, so I decided to draw my other ocs for a bit.

Like Feng wearing this pink qipao & a hairpiece. For the most part, I really like how this came out. Although, I really need to look more into Chinese fashion to see what else it has to offer so I'm not always drawing the same thing.

And, of course, Parisa in another pleaded skirt. This one is purple and green because that's what colors the one I drew was. Didn't feel like shaking it up.

And Qiulong in a different hairstyle, and of course, you guessed it: pink again for the millionth time. I don't have to elaborate again. She only wears pink.

The man, the myth, the legend, the crop destroyer, the water supply thief, the children killer, Jiaolong Jinzi. The man who ruined my life. /Joke. Behold, the outfit he's wearing.

And, Gris in another Frog dress, woo hoo. I don't know why this looks good on her, and why I want to draw this so many times.

We now break your regularly scheduled update with stuff I drew back in July but kept private.

...With Malika Gefroren, Earl Gefroren and Baron Gefroren, my three latest ocs. They're Kaiser's cousins from Fontaine and run a boutique. I made them public on Thursday, so they finally get to see the light of day in here.

Also drew him lovestruck because, of course. I had to do that.

And now.

TL;DR: Siorc in a pink dress, a nightgown, in Evernight temple in Enkanomiya, and camping with Yinlong. Although, the fire scared him. Here are my sources for the outfits and whatnot. If these don't load, Twitter is being dumb, I think.

That's it this week. I don't know what I have in store for next week. But, more of my ocs in the queue will be made public, so that'll be fun. Anyway, I'm going, for now. Maybe I'll buy that 820 page Big Huge Notebook I saw, but I'm wary because it's not labelled...

Anyway, starting a new book on Sunday, woo hoo. Expect at least some new faces in this thread next update.



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New week, new update. I've mostly only been drawing two pieces a day so I don't have to start a new notebook yet in these trying times. So, here's 16 new pieces. I don't have a lot (if anything) to say. My computer has been garbage lately. So, let's get this going as fast as possible.

To begin with, since it had been awhile since I had actually drawn my first Malika piece, I decided to draw a new one of her in this outfit. I honestly think it's pretty, but my white ~glitter crayon~ does not do it justice.

First of all, sorry for that little scribble in the corner, my crayon got freaking pen on it again... Alright, anyway. Baron is in this brown suit-like outfit. I think of all my ocs with a posh style like this, I'm liking Baron more than I assumed I would.

Here's Leah in I already forget what this dress is called... shame on me, tbh for forgetting.

You know exactly what to expect. Waiola is a ninja, in all black, surprise! Here's the costume she's wearing, in the original the person is covered up, but I don't feel like drawing a hood that covers the face because I don't know how to that yet? I guess...?

I also drew Shenlong wearing a banbi I believe this is called. I don't think this is something that's worn in China anymore. Even still, this is a really nice outfit.

Speaking of nice outfits, here's Loba in a nice outfit. Original outfit is far more purple than the original, though, as you can see. I just colored it in slightly lighter than the original because I didn't want it to be exact.

I ended up drawing Kouneko, too. In this outfit, with the skirt. I usually draw her in a suit, but I didn't feel like it this time.

Wow, extra Siorc this week! Shocker. ...Zap. Okay, kidding...? Anyway. Siorc is wearing a diving suit, in case it wasn't obvious.

These are Brume Bulles & Eclater Bulles. Might not be obvious at a glance, but they're sea lions.

Finally, Siorc in various outfits + playing softball.

That's it. Goodbye. Until next week.


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Alright, hello. This week was the 2nd anniversary of the fanfiction. On September 12th, 2021 I posted my fanfiction. I don't have a lot to say this week, though, I just drew whatever I wanted. That's all I have to say, though. In any case, let's get this started.

Starting with Aega. It's pronounced aye-gah, btw. I learned that recently. She's wearing denim. I had fun drawing this. I mean, I guess I always have fun drawing? But, I like trying to experiment more with her.

Sometimes, I roll the number 30, and skip to 31 since that's Strix's number. So I drew him as James Bond...does anyone in the modern day know who that is, though? Not really sure.

I think I ended up drawing a random Hatsu, so there's that. But, I forgot to post a source when I posted this, it would seem? Yeah. Forgot. So, we're moving on.

Here's Jiaolong as Luppi from Bleach. I miss my Arrancar boyfriend. Come back bby...

I drew Ceir in a green maxi dress because I just thought she'd look good in it. I hope that the source is visible.

I drew this on the fanfiction anniversary. Here are all four sources, as I don't feel like posting them separate I'll just link the tweet itself. Post...whatever.

I ended up just drawing Pira on Wednesday. It's just a white shirt, nothing special.

Been a long time since I've drawn Regina with her hair down. I am not sure what this aesthetic is, honestly. Academia? I have no idea, tbh. Don't think it says on the original source, either.

I wanted to draw Argenta wearing a modern prosthetic, so here it is, tey are wearing a cat hoodie just...without the hood, as usual.

And finally, Siorc. He's an origination XIII member, in a red dress, in a version of a shirt I own irl, and in Super Mario World. Here's all four sources.

That's it this week. I don't have a lot more to say. I'll keep drawing whatever. This week in the fanfiction, I'm writing a chapter about a weird ice rock alien incident, so maybe I'll draw alien shirts. That's all.



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To those of you who have left likes on my most recent posts, thank you very much. I appreciate it. I always feel extremely buried and ignored, so the fact there have been some people in here is nice to see.

In any case, this week, I started a brand new au. Welcome to the Food au in which all my ocs are themed around fruits, vegetables, and various dishes. Only some of these will not be in this au, as some were drawn before, or new characters that debuted this week.

Also, only one Siorc drawing in this entry because I was writing a short story today instead of drawing. I guess I'll make up for it by drawing Siorc on Saturday instead.

Let's get this going.

Starting off, here's Zephyr in a maid dress. I just drew this because when I originally assigned my Food Au dishes to the characters, but I accidentally closed out of chrome while writing out the characters who won't be in the au. So, out of anger for losing all that and having to retype everything, I drew this.

Same with this Shenlong drawing of her in a Cheongsam. I recalled Shenlong wasn't going to be in the au anyway, so I drew this since she...usually is towards the beginning of new notebooks.

Anyway. Now the food au begins.

On the day I drew this, it was Yinlong's birthday, 9/17. I started the food au. So, Yinlong's theme is dragonfruits or pitayas, the outfit is based on this. I decided to draw their hair down since I almost never do.

Here's Jiaolong. His food theme is the bael or wood apple, which I believe can be used in herbal medicines. His outfit is based on this. Now that I look at this again, I wish I had drawn more of the fruit on him. I also messed up the outfit.

And here's Loba in the food au. Her theme is almond blueberry bruschetta and well, blueberries. This is the outfit she's wearing. I wish I had a pen eraser. I still don't.

I think this one is my favorite so far. Parisa's themed after the lychee. I don't know where lychees can be found in the world...probably not anywhere where I live, tough. Here is the outfit she's wearing. I think it's pretty.

By the way, I rolled 23 twice when I had to redo the numbers again. And got Marble. Her theme is chocolate raspberry rollcake. I drew this outfit on her. Maybe I'll write a short story in the pjsekai verse of her wanting chocolate raspberry rollcake...hmm.

Hoo boy. Okay. Waiola in the food au. Her theme is, spinach cobbler and I guess spinach pie (greek) As usual, to the surprise of no one: she's wearing all black again. Never change, Waiola.

I also drew Lechi for this food au. Ne is holding I think this is called rhubarb. I've heard this veggie is poisonous? I am not sure. Here is nir outfit. Ne looks so angry, but that's the point.

Here's Leah (Lewod) in the food au theme. They are holding pink cinnamon rolls Here's the outfit they're wearing. This was one of the few rng numbers I didn't have to reroll when I had to do it all over again.

Quick break from the food au. New characters, incoming.

Here's Bain Bulles. She's from Poisson, Fontaine and is one of my new ocs for my Fontaine book.

& This is Kali Bulles. I'll post her entry in my oc bios thread someday. Not sure when, though.

Here's Aigre Bulles. I might redraw this, though.

This is Vidame Gefroren. Tbh, I will be honest I really want to try drawing this character again. Penguin bodies came out kinda...meh? I guess?

This is Domini Gefroren. I'll be honest, I really think I should have not colored his face in because it looks jarring, doesn't it?

Anyway, back to the food au.

Coiote for the food au. She is holding a papaya galette. I think that it's a type of pie. This is what a papaya looks like. Here's the shirt she's wearing.

And, here's Isamu. He's holding snow rabbit mochi, and that's what he's themed after. I ended up actually writing a short story of him making snow rabbit mochi for his estranged twin, Shunko who lives with his divorced mother. This is what he's wearing.

Here's Hatsu in the food au. His theme is carrot cake. I definitely have drawn this before, but it's fine, drawing it again I can learn how to better drawing it. I kind of like the rabbit hairclip I drew here, even if it's a little big.

Here's Dove here theme is hazelnuts. Don't sue me Adobe for linking your stock footage. And here's her outfit. I added nuts to her dress too to add to the theme.

Finally, Siorc.

He's themed after purple bell peppers. And here's the dress he's wearing. Sorry I didn't draw more of him this week. I was busy writing a short story. Maybe while I'm pre writing tomorrow (Saturday) I'll draw extra Siorc stuff to make up for only drawing him once.

That's all this week. The food au will be continuing for the next few entries as I rnged for 50 of my now 88 ocs. I plan to reach 100, btw.


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I'm going to be quick because I want to play Genshin. The food au continues, and that's all this update is.

Starting up this update with Savon. Her theme is boba. Outfit and the real photo (not mine).

Here's Cloch's entry into the food au. Her theme is a mocha frappe. And her outfit.

Okay, I lied, not all of this is the food au. This is Siorc related drawings. outfit sources.

And, Wren in the food au. She is themed after bacon potato skins. This shirt is funny btw.

Regina in the food au. Her theme is pineapples. her shirt is actually white from the original source, though.

Here's Eau in the food au, her theme is beef stew. Beef stew.

Here's Elenk in the food au. (Even though he's a synthetic doll). This is um hungarian meat loaf. Or...something.

A fairy character with a fairy food. Here's Ulka her theme is macarons. her shirt.

Here's Liath in the food au. Theme is figs. Here's the source of the shirt.

& Now, Cordon. Here theme is yam brownies. I really should have colored the dress in harder so it looks the same, oh well...

Okay, now this makes it look like Naofa has no hands, lol. Anyway, Naofa is themed after Ackee. The shirt.
+ the fruit.

Yes, this is Qiulong wearing pink again. Her theme is waffles. But, they're pink because she's pink. outfit source.

Here's Pulao in the au, her theme is Xiaolongbao. tl;dr steamed dumplings. outfit source.

Finally, Siorc in various outfits. sources.

The food au will continue.


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