Compendium of Rom Hacks & Fan Games

Started by Vloshko November 13th, 2020 3:36 PM
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Greetings PokeCommunity,

A friend and I have begun creating the spreadsheet below to document the progress of rom hacks & fan games in a very simple and easily searchable format:

[B]The form for new submissions of rom hacks and fan games will be open each Thursday night or Friday morning, so we may moderate.

Here is a backup of the responses:

Possible FAQ:

Q: Why not list the names of the devs?
A: The devs chose to put their name(s) on pokecommunity or similar threads, not our sheet. One thing Bricker and I have in common aside from our love of of exotic toothpicks is some degree of privacy.

Q: Why are you making my content public?
A: If we were able to find it on PokeCommunity, Reddit, StartPage, or the clearnet in general, it's already public.

Q: How do I get my content removed from the sheet?
A: Contact us via this email: [email protected] OR contact Vloshko via DM. If emailing, please provide all relevant information to prove that you are the content creator.

Q: Was this posted anywhere else?
A: Yes, Reddit, Relic Castle, PokeCommunity Discord.

Q: What form of moderation occurs when the form is open to the public?
A: The form is now permanently open to the public, and we have linked it to a private sheet.

Q: May I make suggestions for improving the sheet and form; will you read and respond?
A: Please do, one of us will do our best to respond here. The best place to reach us is on Discord: in:
the #🎮fan-games-and-rom-hacks channel (click the reaction for the role and permissions).

Q: Who is most likely to be granted access as an editor/custodian?
A: Anyone who can prove some degree of trust to us. Most likely a Moderator from somewhere, but that is not a rule nor a requirement.



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I think that this is a really, really, great idea, but maybe a spreadsheet isn't the best way to make it into reality, if I can scratch something off my Alakazam head I'll let you know:)
What really bugs me is the difficulty in understanding to what line/column a certain box belongs to,
other than this great job:)
One last thing, but maybe is just me, I didn't understand what is more difficult, challenging or hard?


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Spreadsheet is great for just getting the data down, if you can think of a better final place, please tell if you figure that out.

For determining which row is all together, click on the number to the left to highlight an entire row, easiest way while keeping things simple.

As far as the difficulty is concerned, if you hover your mouse cursor above the "Difficulty" cell (V1) it will show this note:

which are descending from easiest to most difficult minus "customizable"


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The form is now permanently open! It's linked to a private sheet that only custodians have access to. This way you can submit as you please and we can sort through and add to the main sheet.

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Very interesting. When I do my next public update, I will fill out this form.

How does it work when you just want to update an already listed game?