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In early 2020 I bought this mini collector's album for the basic Sword & Shield set. It's kind of a challenge to get these 24 cards. My challenge however got cut very short due to Covid-19 coming. I'm wonder if there's any possibility to complete the challenge. Here's the list showing you what I've got and not still got.

Cards In The Challenge I've Got
Chewtle 060/202
Cufant 136/202
Snorlax V 141/202
Thwackey 013/202
Scorbunny 031/202
Raboot 033/202
Cinderace 036/202

Cards In The Challenge I've Not Got
Drednaw 061/202
Lapras V 049/202
Lapras VMax 050/202
Copperajah 137/202
Stonjourner 114/202
Zacian V 138/202
Rookidee 150/202
Corvisquire 151/202
Corviknight 135/202
Zamazenta 139/202
Wooloo 153/202
Dubwool 154/202
Snorlax VMax 142/202
Grookey 010/202
Grookey 011/202
Rillaboom 015/202
Inteleon 059/202


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We have no context. If you're willing to buy them as singles and it's permitted in that "challenge" you signed up for, yes, it is possible. If the challenge is to pull them from booster packs, it's in theory possible, but you likely won't.

EDIT: also, as an aside, the official mini binders tend to be atrocious for card storage. They're better than no protection usually, but not by a whole lot, especially compared to the other options out there.


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We have resources for card protection in the rules. :) But of course you’re perfectly capable of completing the collection! Whether you find someone selling a good amount of them in bulk, or buy them in singles, there’s no limits to what you can get (as long as money isn’t an issue lol).

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