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Nuclear Ruby Appocolocke
Spoiler: Entry 1

I can’t believe tomorrow is the day! I will receive my partner. I am curious to what I am to do, tomorrow I take a test and with that test it tells me what I am to be! I can’t wait, this is so exciting! Hopefully I’m not a supervisor, those jobs are apparently boring, you just spend all day checking the object you are supervising, if it’s showing signs of damage, you report to the Pokétech, they fix it, not you. I am trying to decide what I want to be, I would love it if I was a breeder, they raise Pokémon and breed them to give out partners, this place is able to support 500 humans and gosh knows how many Pokémon, it’s easier to support Pokémon, seeing as they are special and half the time are resting in the PRU, It’s the Pokémon Retainment Unit. Tomorrow I take the G.R.E.A.T, the Generalized Randomized Employment Aptitude Test. I know that until one Leader is ready to retire, no one gets the occupation of being a Leader. Oh, right, I am Rubina, and I live in a Center, named after the Pokécenters of old we live under the earth, everyone is to have a job, we have two Leaders, they are the ones who make sure everything runs smoothly, there is a female Leader and a male Leader, sometimes they end up marrying as to make sure that their jobs are less hard, but other times they do not, our current Leaders are not married. I should probably get rest, the test is tomorrow! I hope I get a good job, I seriously don’t want to get a stupid job as a Supervisor….
Signing off.

Program Terminated, entry saved.

Spoiler: Entry 2

I took the test, I am currently waiting on my results, thought I could add more into my entries at the moment, I will say this, in this Center, we are named according to where we are in the line, as in when we were born, the girl before me was called Quinta, and before her was Poppy. When our Z girl is born, the next one will start with an A. It’s the same with boys, they start with A and every boy born after that gets the next letter in the alphabet. We don’t do that with Pokémon, seeing as you get to choose your partners name, but I like the naming scheme and will want to name my partner something beginning with A. Anya or Atticus, I think. Oh, I’m recording this on my Big SIS, this stands for Special Intelligence System, they changed it from PIS, cause that sounded bad, they tried out PIP, but it didn’t seem right, felt….wrong to use it as well, so they settled on SIS. Everyone gets a SIS when they turn 10, and at 16, they are given a Pokémon. I will receive mine soon. Oh, my test results are back. I…I’m a Pokétech! I can’t believe it! I actually wanted that as my second choice, first being a Breeder of course. I receive my Pokémon, usually you can choose them, but as of late it was found more efficient to choose for the person, so Pokémon that are with them are better suited for the job. Well, except for breeders, they can get their pick, seeing as no Pokémon is needed to help with breeding. Hopefully I get something good…..I got a Torchic! She’s so cute! I decided to call her Anya, like I planned, Torchics are useful as a Pokétech, her flames work well if I need to weld something, and when she evolves, She can help with more hands on things, this is perfect! I am to go to my ‘boss’ tomorrow, tonight, I celebrate and get to know Anya.

Program Terminated, entry saved.

Spoiler: Entry 3

The Center…I left it, I had to, something horrible happened and my ‘boss’ told me to escape. I’ll give in what I know. I had gone to work as I was to do, and we had gone through all the orientation while my Torchic learned what was needed from his Infernape, I noticed his Infernape’s flames were green, he explained to me that was because as a Chimchar he was exposed to some radiation, his body altered a little from it, as most fire types did, and his flames showed it by going green. The radiation fades out as more are bred, so my Torchic’s flames will be a normal red or orange. I got to perform my first maintenance job. A lady came to us and told us that the system that allowed us to talk to people on the outside was acting up. My boss took me with, to get me into the hang of doing stuff like this, but when we got there, he examined it and told me to hide, I didn’t understand why but did as he asked…At that moment the Center lock started to melt, soon the large circular door just melted from some weird green goop, and several people came running in. I watched as they screamed and jeered excitedly, and could tell they weren’t all that sane, they tried to attack my boss but his Pokémon took care of them, his Charizard began to glow bright and changed forms tearing through an odd purple snake and its owner, while his Infernape used fire punch to send one flying. My boss yelled at me to escape through the door, to get to safety wherever it was. I at first hesitated but he told me something that I almost didn’t want to believe.
“The surface is livable, go, get out of here or you’ll die in here!” I chose that moment to run through the door.

I ran as fast as I could, the ground going from steel to rock, soon I burst out of the tunnel I was apparently in and collapsed beside a very nasty looking bush, panting for air. I finally looked up…and kept looking up, I couldn’t believe it, I was staring at the actual sky, the clouds were thin, what you could make out and there were small orbs burning in it, stars from what the books told us, I saw a large orb that I knew to be the moon, I had to hide my face in my hands after a bit, as the sheer sight of the sky gave me vertigo, I wasn’t stupid, I knew I wouldn’t fall off the face of the planet, just because there was no ceiling didn’t mean gravity stopped working, they taught us that young, explaining that before the strike, most people could walk on the surface happily, and that gravity kept us tied to the earth. Slowly I rose from my spot, looking around, it was dark, but the moon provided a little light, I saw that I was in a ruined town, small, only having so many buildings, I approached the largest one, a crooked sign above the door, it was of a pokeball, an outdated technology. I pushed at the door, slowly getting it open wide enough to slip in, again, outdated technology, the doors in the center were automatic. It was dark inside, so I let Anya come out of the PUSH, I made a makeshift torch and ordered her to use ember, the tip lit up vibrantly and we walked through the building, everything was rotted, book wise at least, along with the furniture, some old machines were rusted, but one caught my eye, it was a terminal, in the back of the room. I went to it and examine it, it lit up and read PASSWORD:_ __.
I plugged my SIS into it, after reading a small book that came with it on my birthday; it was an older section we didn’t often use, so we were not required to read it. I fiddled around before finally getting into the terminal; the password was BIRCH, funny; my last name was similar. A single Audio folder was on there, with two attachments. I accessed it.

“Darn it, I can’t wait any longer for father, the bombs have dropped, the nuclear strike that was threatened has happened. I will leave this for you, dad, it’s me, Brendan, I have to go into the Center, it’s already filling up and I was selected to be the first Male Leader, May was chosen as the first Female Leader, funny, I was planning to ask her to marry me, we are taking the three starters you had set up for the next batch of trainers, others have their Pokémon, but these are rare, and since May and I are going in, our own starters can help the breeding process, that and May’s Ditto a friend sent her, please, if you get this, check the Center, you might be able to get in, I added on the Pokédex program and the Capture Card here, if you don’t get this and someone else does, if this is later in life, like a lot later, please, continue my father’s work, go around the Hoenn region and record info on Pokémon, how they adapted, how they made it through this nuclear attack, if anything could, it would be them. And be safe, Brendan out.”

I downloaded it onto my SIS, removing the attachments; my system churred a little before accepting the Pokédex feature and materializing the Capture card, which I slipped into the slot on the back of the SIS. I sighed, rubbing my face, so apparently this was just a quick message to someone’s father, Birch was said to have been a researcher before the nuclear attack. So I had now in my possession a message from the very first Leader? I glanced outside before grabbing a sleeping bag from my Bag feature, we had once camped out in the auditorium, and they had even programmed the ceiling to look like the sky before the attack. I never got around to removing the sleeping bag. I got in and curled up, started writing this, I don’t know what tomorrow will bring, but hopefully I can find civilization. Signing off.

Program Terminated, Entry Saved.

Spoiler: Entry 4

I awoke to the sound of Anya making shrill noises, I looked over to see a Wurmple snuffling through some stuff nearby, slowly I raised by SIS and activated the Capture feature, the red beam hit the Wurmple in the back and it popped up on my screen, an image of a pokeball appeared ‘capturing’ it, it wiggled three times before it flashed green, a voice came through my SIS.

“Pokémon Capture, Wounds Healed, Radiation removed, name this file?” I typed in the word: Beya, and pressed Y. “Data retrieved, examine?” I clicked Y again and read over the info.
Wurmple, the worm Pokémon, this Pokémon sits at an average of 1 feet (.3 m) and weighs an average of 7.9 lbs (3.6 kg), the radiation caused by nuclear fallout has amplified the Wurmple’s poison, Using the spikes on its rear end, Wurmple peels the bark off trees and feeds on the sap that oozes out. This Pokémon’s feet are tipped with suction pads that allow it to cling to glass without slipping. When tree sap is scarce this Pokémon will turn on weaker Pokémon, poison them and melt their insides, sucking it out, leaving behind carcasses, be wary in an area with many carcasses.” I allowed Beya out, cautious of her, since it was morning, I fed myself off rations and gave my two Pokémon rations as well, Beya seemed to accept them happily. When it came to the filtered water, she did little circles, it made sense, water probably was radiated on the surface, so having any that was this clean would be rare. We set out from here, on the way I allowed the two to roam, I could see them wherever they went, and allowed them to battle wild Pokémon to gain experience that they needed. They seemed to be okay without me telling them what to do, thankfully. It took till noon to reach what my SIS Labeled as the Ordale Ruminants. I ventured in noticing how it too was in very bad shape, only two buildings seemed to remain, I recognized both from the books we had. A Pokémart and a Pokécenter.

I raced into the Pokécenter, excited and nervous; I wanted to see what they looked like on the inside. It…wasn’t too fancy, there were soiled pillows that seen better days, and broken glass tables, the PCSS was destroyed and the counter where you talked with the head nurse was broken as well, a small machine was glowing dimly in the corner, I approached and saw it was an old PRUSH model, probably one of the first, I glanced at my Pokémon on the screen on my SIS and saw a little healing wouldn’t hurt, so I connected to the PRUSH. It fired up, whirling softly, a symbol of a needle popped up, I clicked the Y on my SIS and it blinked a few times, a soft Pi, pi, Pikachu, was heard and the needle flashed green signaling my Pokémon were healed, I disconnected…and the PRUSH suddenly shut down, I blinked and frowned a little, apparently it had only one charge in it… I sighed before slipping out and venturing over to the Pokémart, most of the items inside were destroyed and crude drawings of two Pokémon breeding like humans were drawn on the old fridge units, I ignored them and let out Anya and Beya, we dug through the many items and found some potion coupons, I scanned them onto my SIS, and the healing feature activated with the number of uses on the bottom, basically the SIS could heal Pokémon, but you had to have a special coupon to scan into it, I did the same with the pokeball level coupons Anya found. This allowed a set number of catches, but I knew I couldn’t go back to the previous area that Beya was registered in, if I caught another Pokémon, her info would be overwritten and she would basically be killed. That was the only downfall of the first model of the SIS. I rose and checked for anything else, I found nothing of use so I ventured outside, Beya sitting on my head, she was lighter than average, a little over 2.5 lbs. so I wasn’t bothered. Anya trotted along beside me as I ventured onto the next route, the one that would lead to whatever remained of Petalburg. I remembered the map of the Hoenn region that hung in my room; I now wished I had brought it with. I paused suddenly.

"H-Help me!"I looked ahead to see a small Ralts going up against a very scary looking Poocheyna, I looked down at Anya.

“Ember the Poocheyna,” my SIS chirped, Anya nodded and darted forward, jumping above the Ralts and sending an Ember into the Poocheyna, it yelped and scampered off, but several other Pokémon came towards Anya. Beya suddenly leapt off of my head, landing next to the Ralts, sending small sharp stings at the Zigzagoon that was attacking. It looked like it was about to throw up and collapsed, a large blue bird, a Tailow I believe, flew at Beya, but she spat a thick white substance into the air, surrounding herself with it, as the Tailow made contact with Beya, the substance hardened and a spike shot forth piercing the Tailow’s chest, it came out through the back, covered in blood, the Tailow twitched before going limp, the spike slid back through and melded with the cocoon. The Tailow slid to the ground dead. Anya came over to the Ralts giving soft chirps.

"I am alright, thank you both.] She said, before turning to me. [And thank you, human, for saving me, they attacked me and my twin…" A slightly smaller Ralts came out from the grass, looking scared. "I wouldn’t normally ask this, but may we travel with you?" I nodded. I activated my PRU and two beams shot out, panic filled me as I looked at the screen in fear, I blinked confused.”

“Linked Pokémon caught, wounds healed, radiation removed, name files?” I hesitated before typing in Celya, then Altimus. “Data retrieved, examine?” I clicked Y.

‘Ralts, the Feeling Pokémon, this Pokémon sits at an average height of 1’04” (.4 m), and weighs an average of 14.6 lbs. (6.6 kg.), Ralts senses emotions of people using the horns on its head. This Pokémon rarely appears before people. But when it does, it draws closer if it senses that the person has a positive disposition. The power of the Ralts has evolved over the period of time being exposed to Radiation; as such they can connect with various minds and communicate easily with humans. They also can mimic their trainers personality and mindset, as such, cruel trainers will end up with Ralts who become cruel themselves, be wary of being cruel, for the Ralts when it finally evolves will no longer have any use for you.’ I let them out, and noticed more information, this time on Beya’s evolution.

‘Cascoon, the Cocoon Pokémon, this Pokémon sits at an average of 2’04” (.7 m), and weighs an average of 25.4 lbs. (11.5 kg.) Cascoon makes its protective cocoon by wrapping its body entirely with a fine silk from its mouth. Once the silk goes around its body, it hardens. This Pokémon prepares for its evolution inside the cocoon. Due to the change in environment, a Cascoon’s spikes are covered with poison; they are also so sharp that it can pierce through bone, thus providing a perfect defense mechanism.’ Celya came over to me.[/INDENT]
"So my name is Celya? What is my brother’s, don’t worry about speaking, I am aware of your plight, just think it."

"Altimus." I thought.

"Fitting, thank you once more for choosing to take us with you, I do know this part of the area well, are you perhaps heading to Blossomforth?"


"The town built upon the ruins of Petalburg."

"Yes! That is exactly where I want to go, can you lead me there?

"Of course, but night will befall us before we reach it, so we will have to rest before we get there."

"I am aware; Anya will help us start a fire if needed… We began to walk, Celya mentally talking to me as we did. I was holding Beya this time, seeing as she couldn’t move on her own, I noticed she could retract the spikes, which she chose to do while I held her, Celya told me a little about what she knew.

"My family’s oral tradition says that Team Magma failed to control Groudon, and that the champion of the region thwarted them, a rouge branch known as Team Lava were able to get a hold of some deadly nuclear missiles and launched them at Hoenn when their wishes weren’t met…But this is merely a story told to us. We honestly don’t know what happened, sorry."

"It’s alright, I thought, "It might hold a grain of truth, I do want to know what happened here, to the Hoenn region, our history books don’t tell us anything, seeing as it all happened at the time of the Centers being made, and the first Leaders didn’t leave any info on it… I sighed, glancing to the sky, looking at the thick black clouds that were heading our way. "Do you know of a good spot that has coverage?"

"Oh! I do! Altimus spoke up, [Follow me!] We followed him to a small circle of thick branched trees, I let Anya and Celya go off and gather wood, when they returned Anya quickly lit a fire, while I got out rations, I selected a special one for Beya.

"Celya, Altimus, could one of you ask Beya if it is safe to inject her with this nutrient slurry. I asked them mentally.

"She says it is fine; just go for about half way up her ridge." I located the spot and pushed the needle through the thick cocoon, then injected the nutrient slurry. I pulled out the needle and noted that there was no mark.

"Interesting. There was a sudden boom and I made a croaking sound diving to the ground as the sky lit up.

"It is alright, Rubina, that is merely lightning, a natural phenomenon. Altimus said hugging my arm. I quaked as the rumble sounded. "That is merely the sound of the air exploding from the lightning, it’s called thunder, it also will not harm you. I nodded as my Pokémon gathered around me, comforting me. This was my first real storm, and to be honest, I wished I was in the center, they had fake ones, but they felt so calming, seeing as they played music with them. I ended up falling asleep with them around me, didn’t get time to post this until in the morning….but I will add on more when we reach Blossomforth. Signing out.

Program terminated, Entry saved.

Spoiler: Entry 5

I awoke to a gun in my face, the person holding the gun looked dirty but strong, she glanced to the team who were huddled together, frightened by the gun.

“Give me one reason not to shoot you.” She said. I gulped and glanced to the Pokémon.

“I don’t have one.” My Sis chirped, she jolted and glanced to my SIS and relaxed.

“That’s reason enough, you’re from a center?” She asked. I nodded as she holstered her gun. My Pokémon raced over snuggling into me, shaking. Well, except for Beya, she had been by my side the whole time, spikes up and at the girl. “Well, most from centers are not a threat; if anything they need our help more than ever, which center?”

“The one near Little Root Ruins,” Her eyes widened before she signaled me to follow her, I rose, picking up Beya. I followed her awhile to a large wood spiked wall. I hesitated when someone shot a needle towards me, at the top of the wall there was a tower, where a small Pokémon sat.

“Hold, who’s with you, Petal?” Came a gruff voice.

“A centergirl,” She called out. There was silence before the gate opened that I completely missed. Two men came out with fierce guns and even fiercer Pokémon. I looked at them intensely not recognizing them, they gave me cold eyes.

“Those are Dragalge, they are native to Kalos.” Petal said, “But they flourish in the Blossom Forth water, they help draw out the poison, and it cleans the water enough that we can drink the water, it makes their toxins a lot more dangerous though, so they make good guards as well.” She said. I nodded.

“I promise you that I will not give you two any reason to execute your job as a guard.” My SIS chirped, the two Pokémon looked at each other, then back to me.

“They say thank you. Celya said. ”It’s not often that people respect them, they are seen as dumb creatures following simple orders. I looked to Petal, who looked like she couldn’t hear Celya.

“Petal, you should help these two.” She paused looking at me confused. “They hate being treated like dumb guards, but they aren’t they are really intelligent.” She flushed.

“I will try, it’s hard for the people here, poison Pokémon are avoided, since the radiation amplified the poison they have, it causes issues.”

“Still….” Petal nodded.

“I will see what I can do.” She said. “Come, you must meet my father…” She said, heading to a large building, we slipped in and I blinked seeing that this was the main building where people stayed, it was filled with pillows, blankets, and people. Some of the people were asleep, others sat talking softly. We went through a door to what looked like an office, a man with graying hair was reading some reports, he looked up.

“Oh! Petal! This must be the Centergirl you told Bruce!” He stood, limping over, I noticed his right foot was…not the same as the left. It clicked when he shook my hand, he had been born with a birth defect. “Hello, I am Drae; it is nice to meet you…?”

“Rubina,” My sis chirped, making him jolt.

“O-Oh, why?”

“Birth defect…I was born with something on my vocal cord, so they performed surgery, but my larynx was….well.”

“I am sorry, but it is good to see you are still working in life, I know how that feels, my parents just left me behind, they believed I would slow them down, now I help run this town, I am the ‘gym leader’ here, heh.” I lit up.

“Wait, you are a gym leader?” He nodded.

“In a way, yes, I am gym leader in title, the gym leaders of old no longer really function, no one ever ventures around to battle gym leaders. But we often do have strong Pokémon.” I blushed slightly.

“Oh, right, heh, I just remember the stories.” I said. “I always wanted to do something like that…I loved the idea of venturing around Hoenn with my Pokémon.” I said smiling slightly.

“Well, actually, we have heard whispers of an organization trying to…do nefarious things, if you wish to venture around the region, you could keep an eye out for them, as well as letting us know how the other cities are doing.” Drae said. I bit my lip thinking on it, glancing to Celya.

“What do you think? I thought to her.

“I think we should, it would provide the people news from the various other areas, and it would give you more knowledge on what happened to this world.”

“Alright, Mr. Drae, I will, here, do you have a terminal?” I asked. He nodded and led me over to one, I jacked in my SIS and fiddled around, next thing we knew was my SIS was connected permanently to the terminal. “Now, let’s try this out….” I unjacked it and messed around, sending a message, the terminal lit up showing a picture of a letter in a Pelipper’s mouth. With my direction he was able to open up the letter and was able to read the small text I sent to him.

“This is amazing, thank you.” He said, smiling. I blushed.

“No problem, just what I was taught to do.” I said smiling. After about two days of rest and gathering supplies, I was ready to set out to go through the Petalburg forest. I am currently at the entryway to the forest, I had caught another team member, a Wurmple that I named Delya; she seemed to take charge and always entered battle first. But I will post more later. It’s a long bit…

Program Terminated, entry saved.

Spoiler: A/N:

This is all I have so far, more will be added later, working on Entry 6 which will cover from petalburg Woods to Mr. Briney. Hope you all enjoy~ If you want to do a similar locke the Appocolocke is in the Challenge section. Other points: when communicating telepathically, all will be assigned a color, as to not confuse here is the current list
That's all for now!