Worst anime adaption ever!

Started by Palamon March 28th, 2021 1:22 PM
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What are the worst anime adaptions (anime adapted from other source materials, such as manga, light novels, video games, picture books, foreign novels like The Dog and Flanders, drama cds, drama, etcetera), have you ever seen?

This is not about anime originals, please do not include those in here!

The worst anime adaptions i've ever seen:

-Deadman Wonderland: Do I ever need to explain this one? No, I don't. Do NOT watch the anime, please, I beg of you to read the manga. It is so outragesly bad. Please do yourself the favor of skipping the anime.

-The Promised Neverland Season 2. They skipped Goldy Pond, and I'm very angry about it to this day. The anime was good in season one, but you're better off reading the manga. The manga explains things much better, and you get to see characters inner monologues which get skipped entirely in season 1. Season was just... garbage. I'm upset they adapted Yugo out, and will never be okay with the direction the anime went into.

-Tokyo Ghoul, starting with season 2 and Re: both really bad. I honestly think they made a big mistake diverging from the manga.

-A3!, Season Autumn and Winter: A3!'s anime adaption was just downright awful, and no one should watch it. Play the game. This anime was haphazardly made to sell the game, like most josemuke seem to do. Please don't watch this one. The game has an English server, just play it instead.

-Rosario to Vampire: They turned a decent manga about a boy going to a monster school to a straight up harem, and that's it. All substance gone. They also removed the plotine of Tsukune turning into a ghoul completely just for more fanservice.

Also, shoutout to Pandora Hearts for being one of the most disappointing anime adaptions, ever. 0/10.
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I know a lot of people grew up on it but.... old Shaman King anime. There are just so many changes to it from the Manga besides the completely obvious turn from the manga's direction that I can't bring myself to watch more than I could. The songs? Amazing. The anime itself? I'm so so glad it's getting a new one that is actually going to follow the manga so people can see what they had missed out on by not reading it.


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The one that came to mind when I read the title was Tokyo Ghoul. God, that adaptation was embarrassing. I don't even want to think about it anymore. At least it had one decent opening.


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Heard Promised Neverland s2 was aaawful and butchered (or cut out entirely) what the manga had to offer.... which sucks because I really wanted to watch it x_x

I personally liked Pandora Hearts but the manga was brilliant so I'm not surprised some people don't regard it as a good adaptation. The music was also excellent - having Yuki Kajiura help compose definitely boosted it several levels and made the experience better. I recommend giving it a listen, she composed music for series like .hack//Sign, Madoka, and Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicle which are regarded as having pretty good soundtracks iirc.

The Soul Eater anime was infinitely better than the manga imo, save for the ending. Could've been better. I reaaally didn't like what they did with Death the Kid in the manga though, he was a lot more bleh to me there. :x

ANYWAYS never watched much but what was up with the original shaman king anime adaptation


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The original Hellsing was pretty awful despite having the best English dub of all time…something they thankfully carried over to the vastly superior Hellsing Ultimate.

Tales from Earthsea is a dreadful adaptation of the books too, to the point that the author didn’t even recognise what it was supposed to be.

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