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Old February 22nd, 2019 (1:33 PM).
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    Was testing some table code in BBcode/HTML to post here in the forums, but the results didn't turn out how I was expecting them to. The code seems to work fine in other places but not here, for some reason.

    This is the code:
    HTML Code:
    [th]<font face="bahnschrift"><b>Instrument</b></font>[/th]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift"><p style="color:#7f4e96;">Violin</p></font>[/td]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift"><p style="color:#7f4e96;">Violin</p></font>[/td]
    [th]<font face="bahnschrift"><b>Species</b></font>[/th]
    [td]<img src=""></img>[/td]
    [td]<img src=""></img>[/td]
    [th]<font face="bahnschrift"><b>Name</b></font>[/th]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift" color="#00c5ff">Gellert</font>[/td]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift" color="#f499c2">Epanine</font>[/td]
    [th]<font face="bahnschrift"><b>Ability</b></font>[/th]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift">Overgrow</font>[/td]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift">Static</font>[/td]
    [th]<font face="bahnschrift"><b>Nature</b></font>[/th]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift">Bashful</font>[/td]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift">Quiet</font>[/td]
    [th]<font face="bahnschrift"><b>Level</b></font>[/th]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift">15</font>[/td]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift">13</font>[/td]
    [th]<font face="bahnschrift"><b>Held Item</b></font>[/th]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift">N/A</font>[/td]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift">N/A</font>[/td]
    [th]<font face="bahnschrift"><b>Stats</b></font>[/th]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift"><center>
    Atk: 21<br>
    Def: 22<br>
    SpA: 20<br>
    SpD: 24<br>
    Spe: 27
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift"><center>
    Atk: 16<br>
    Def: 18<br>
    SpA: 25+<br>
    SpD: 20<br>
    Spe: 15-
    [th]<font face="bahnschrift"><b>Moves</b></font>[/th]
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift"><center>
    Vine Whip<br>
    [td]<font face="bahnschrift"><center>
    Cotton Spore<br>
    Thunder Wave<br>
    And this is how it should appear:

    Is there another method to make tables here or can you not make them at all? Am I doing something wrong in the code? Please give some feedback
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    Old February 22nd, 2019 (7:07 PM).
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    That used to work but it doesn't look like tables are still in the list of available BBCode:
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    Old February 23rd, 2019 (7:20 AM). Edited February 23rd, 2019 by Venia Silente.
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    Currently the BBCode parser in PC does not have support for tables, no.

    That said you can do it with some heavy amount of CSS if you use the div attributes for table-style formatting. I made an example post in 2018 and Symphony made an even better example of what we have to work with in PC's CSS and BBCode toolset.

    EDIT: I'm also sure there was discussion on the subject afterwards and eventually someone made a tutorial for that once but for the life of me if that's true I can't find it.
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    Old February 23rd, 2019 (1:54 PM).
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    [table] code is unsupported due to some unacceptable issues with it.

    It’s something we hope to support in future iterations of PokéCommunity once those issues are resolved.
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