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    Originally Posted by Seaniar View Post
    How exactly do you evolve Nidorino into Nidoking? I couldn´t find a moon stone in Mt. Moon, so...
    There IS a Moon Stone on Mt. Moon, I remember that because I got a stone and as soon as I got a Nidorino I could get it to Nidoking.
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      is there a way to remove pikachu as your companion ? i would rather be able to use the bike and escape ropes instead of having this dude following me
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        1/ I received Root Fossil and Claw Fossil from the man in Izabe Desert. I gave the Root to the scientist in Rubusto City (Devon Corporation) but when I returned, he said that it didn't live too long ...fortunately and he was sorry about that. So I didn't get Lileep. But when I tried giving the Claw to the scientist in Cinnabar it worked and turned out to be Anorith. You guys, please help me to solve this problem cuz with this, I can't complete the Pokedex Or anyone know how to restore the saved game file to the previous one? I right-clicked on the file but there was nothing. Please help me. Thank you so much!
        2/ Anyone know how to unfollow Pikachu and use the bike instead? Cuz the game is somehow slow.
        Overall, thank you so much for creating this awesome game. I love it!
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          Can you make it so you can play fire ash on mobile
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