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Hello all!

As a long time lurker and appreciator of Pokemon ROM hacking, I finally decided I wanted to give it a shot myself. After doing some research I really want to learn how to create decomps instead of binary hacking. My ultimate goal is to be able to create my own ROM enhancements of the vanilla FireRed, ideally this would including updating Pokemon stats and abilities to reflect modern changes and my own unique changes, changing Pokemon locations in game, implementing things like the physical/special split, Fairy type, etc.

However, I've run into two problems already:

1. My only computer is a Macbook Air 2020, which I already know isn't ideal since most of the information I've seen so far seems to be geared towards Windows.
2. Ideally I want to do this in FireRed, and almost everything I've seen seems to deal with Emerald instead.

I also ran into some issues installing pokefirered, I think the issue is with devkitARM but I'm struggling to figure it out so I wanted to see if this whole project was feasible before I committed too much time or effort to it. So I just have a couple questions if anybody is able to help:

Can I still feasibly create a halfway decent FireRed game on Mac?
Am I better off sticking with decomps or would binary be easier for my purposes?
Would it be easier to run Wine or a similar Windows simulator instead of trying to do this in IOS?
What resources are there for FireRed specifically?
Or is there a way to port Emerald changes over into FireRed?
What prerequisite knowledge/skills do I need to proceed?
Should I learn a particular coding language(s) first? If so which one(s)?

Sorry for all the questions and if this isn't the right place to post this, I'm new to the scene and the learning curve is intimidatingly steep so far, but I'm determined to learn as much as I can to make this happen, so any input advice you all may be able to provide would be greatly appreciated!