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Started by The Undisputed Era May 28th, 2019 11:24 AM
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Ultimate Bug Monotype
Sun / 1st Entry / Melemele Island Complete

[I'm trying not to hog the entire board, honest. I just am super hyped to keep pushing to complete the Bug ultimate.]

Welcome to Gen 7, I guess. Gen 6 had 24 total, but here in Sun, I only get a max of like 11 or 12. After picking Rowlett, I finally got the chance to start picking up party members. Thankfully, it was near nighttime, because on Route 1, I get the chance to collect Caterpie and Grubbin at any time, but also Ledyba during the day and Spinarak at night. The biggest problem starting out is that Bugs are weak and a majority of the first battles that show up are Pikipek...which just sucks being Bug type. I ended up having to train on just Caterpie...and then eventually also on Ledyba/Spinarak.

I had no real problems until the Trainer's School. The battle against the Teacher was a problem at first due to Magnemite. I ended up training my team to Level 8. This gave Grubbin Mud-Slap (L7) and Spinarak Infestation (L8). At first, I thought Magnemite was going to have Levitate, but I ended up using Mud-Slap and it was enough to knock out Magnemite. Then it was a matter of Infestation to finish up the battle. The Bug team I had at this point (Grubbin, Metapod, Ledyba, and Spinarak) went down quite fast to Magnemite's moves.

One interesting thing that happened just after this is that I got really confused trying to figure out my IV only to realize my stats weren't lining up. I didn't even think about Pokerus until I got the message at a PokeCenter. I was completely caught off guard by it, especially this early in the game. I guess this is the game telling me to stop trying that and just enjoy the process.

Rushing my way through Hau'oli City, I finish off the Zubat that hte Team Skull Grunt has, and then have to deal with Ilima and the Smeargle that has an attack with a move able to dish out damage to my Bugs. I use Grubbin to Mud-Slap the Yungoos a few times, then continue to deal more damage with Vice Grip. I attempt to do as many Mud-Slap to Smeargle as possible, but end up going down. I use Metapod and just spam Tackle...and end up winning and being rewarded with a nice new Butterfree evolution.

Before Ilima's trial, I pick up a Cutiefly around the PokeCenter. The trial itself was fairly straightforward. I spam Gust with Butterfree, as it's a Special attack and Butterfree is a special attacker. Deals a lot more damage at this point. I hate to mention it, but this is also what ends up happening for the Grand Trial, as it's a Fighting trial and although Fighting is not strong against Bug, I don't want to take too much damage if I can help it.

By this point, I'm around level 15, and ready to move onto the next island. I'm assuming Akala is going to be much harder due to having both the Fire and Rock trials. However, I will be lucky enough to get Surskit, Dewpider, and Paras at Brooklet Hill. Then there's also Pinsir at Lush Jungle and Wimpod at Route 8. I'll have options, at least. In the past, I've sort of picked a team and just stuck with it, even with other options. Perhaps, I'll swap my team around as I go for once.


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Update 6

Gyms Completed:
Lt. Surge

Current Team:
Suki - Ninetales
Magnus - Charizard
Rusty - Flareon
Slave - Ratatta
Slave - Pikachu
Slave - Lapras

I went through Route 19, the Seafoam Islands, and Route 20, reaching Cinnabar Island. After going through the Pokémon Mansion and acquiring the Secret Key, I went into Blaine's gym, and fought him once I reached him using Rusty and Magnus. After beating Blaine, I skipped out on going to the Sevi Islands with Bill (that's for after I beat the Elite Four), and flew to Viridian City. I went into Giovanni's gym, and once I reached him, I fought him primarily using Rusty and Magnus. I called it a day and saved in the Viridian Pokémon Center after a failed attempt to beat my rival at Route 22.

Apologies for the hiatus!
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User: Explorer of Time
Type: Flying
Game(s): Red (Shin Pokemon Red romhack)
Single / Ultimate: Single

First and Final Update

I suppose that I should write this up, seeing as how I've recently completed a monotype before finding this thread. I used a romhack called Shin Pokemon Red, which primarily adds bugfixes and QOL features. The only parts that really matter for the sake of the challenge are that the AI is smarter and has better movepools (but the same pokemon at the same levels), all trainers can be refought to grind money or experience, each Pokemon can learn a field move in an out-of-battle-only slot, making it so I don't need dedicated HM Pokemon, and one-off TMs can be purchased from stores, albeit later than you normally get them the first time. Some normally-uncatchable Pokemon, like version exclusives and starters, can be found with rare encounter rates. I couldn't actually use any of these, but they did help me get the Itemfinder and Exp. All slightly faster.

Anyway, I started off with a Charmander, caught a Pidgey, Caterpie, and Spearow very early on, and did a bunch of grinding to evolve my Caterpie into a Butterfree and teach it Confusion, which I used to beat Brock. After that, I went to Mt. Moon, and bought a Magikarp from the Magikarp Salesman, which turned out to be the best damn 500P I've ever spent in a Pokemon game. I also caught a Zubat in Mt Moon, which I briefly tried leveling but it ended up being useless.

I had a really difficult time with both the Cerulean Rival battle and the battle against Misty, with the battle against my rival coming down to my Magikarp using Splash while his Abra slowly took damage from my Butterfree's poison. Misty was even harder, and was my only straight-up loss in this playthrough. The rematch, after doing some of grinding, ended up with Misty again fainting all my Pokemon except my Magikarp, which was resistant to water type moves and occasionally interspersed tackle with me using healing items while her Starmie, again, slowly lost health from poison. My Magikarp evolved right after it saved me this battle, which was a suitably awesome moment for it to evolve. (I think I also evolved my Pidgey into a Pidgeotto on Nugget Bridge.)

Lt. Surge went down very easily, as did my rival on the S.S. Anne. Using my Charmeleon to spam Dig may not have been in the spirit of a monotype run, but it worked. My rival, who I had such a difficult time with in our last battle, was utterly demolished by my Gyarados, and I evolved my Spearow into a Fearow as well. Erika also went down easily, with my entire team being either Flying or Fire. Then I spent a lot of time grinding the slot machines for a Dratini, who replaced my useless Zubat. I used the Dratini a lot in the Team Rocket hideout, which evolved into a Dragonair after it soloed Giovanni. It felt so good to beat Team Rocket with a Pokemon they foolishly sold me.

Afterwards, I went down Cycling Road to Fuchsia City, beat Koga (evolving my Charmeleon into a Charizard in the gym), and went and got all the Safari Zone items. Afterwards, I flew to Pallet Town, quickly hopped over to Cinnabar Island, and got an Aerodactyl to replace my Pidgeotto. Then I went around beating the trainers on the water routes and in-between Lavender and Fuschia now that I had my final team, then wiped Blaine with my Gyarados. Once Blaine was beaten, I went over to Silph Co, beat Giovanni with my Dragonair again, who was a pushover since I saved Saffron for last. Sabrina put up more of a fight, but I beat her after losing about half my team. Finally, I went over to Viridian and beat Giovanni, again with my Dragonair because I really wanted to rub it in that he shouldn't sell pseudo-legendary Pokemon to his own archnemesis.

I did a lot of grinding to evolve my Dragonair into a Dragonite before the Pokemon League (Mostly refighting Giovanni a lot). Then I challenged the Elite Four. I beat Lorelei, mostly with my Gyarados, which knew Thunderbolt and wasn't weak to Ice. Bruno's Fighting Pokemon were beaten by my Fearow and Butterfree, while his Onyxes were beaten by my Gyarados. Agatha gave me some trouble but Charizard handled things since Gengar was weak to Earthquake in Gen 1. Lance mostly went down to Gyarados, again, with Ice Beam. The Champion was tough, and he fainted my Dragonite, Butterfree, and Fearow, and my Gyarados was at half health and poisoned at the end of the match. I did not use my Aerodactyl or Charizard against the champion.

My final team:

Bird Keeper Gale*:

Dragonite: Lv. 55
- Surf
- Body Slam**
- Thunderbolt**
- Ice Beam
Gyarados: Lv. 53
- Surf
- Body Slam
- Thunderbolt
- Ice Beam
Charizard: Lv. 47
- Flamethrower
- Body Slam**
- Earthquake
- Submission
Butterfree: Lv. 45
- Psychic
- Supersonic
- Sleep Powder
- Toxic**
Fearow: Lv. 45
- Drill Peck
- Swift
- Hyper Beam
- Toxic
Aerodactyl: Lv. 44
- Wing Attack
- Hyper Beam
- Fire Blast
- Supersonic

*My character's name, not my real name.

**Learned from purchasable extra TMs available in Shin Pokemon.
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Ultimate Bug Monotype
Sun / 2nd Entry / Akala Island Complete

I was actually worried about Akala, because half of the trials suck for me. You get the three starter type trials and then a Rock one. Rock and Fire suck against Bugs, proven by the fact each one took me a second attempt, while Water and Grass were straightforward.

Before attempting the Water trial, I picked up a Paras, a Surskit, and a Dewpider in the main area of Brooklet Hill. Normally you can't catch stuff during a Trial, but I was able to get to the first patch of grass and pick those up. I went ahead and got them to around level 25, so all my Pokemon at this point were at their final evolutions (save for Charjabug, since I can't get it to Vikavolt yet).

For the Trial itself, just a quick blurb. I put Paras out there due to its Grass typing. This was a very stupid one - first round was Fury Cutter on the Totem, then Fury Cutter on the ally that it called on turn two, then final round was a Critical Fury Cutter on the Totem. Works for me.

The second trial required the use of two Pokemon to take it down: Masquerain and Araquanid. Araquanid basically spammed Bubblebeam until the Totem Pokemon knocked it out, and then I switched over to Masquerain to clear out the last bit of the Totem's HP. It sort of irks me that Surskit loses it's Water typing upon evolving and just becomes another Bug/Flying, but at least it has the ability to learn a Water type move. I debated on keeping it Surskit until 30 so it could learn Aqua Jet, but decided against it. My Masquerain has higher Special than Attack, so Aqua Jet wouldn't be a very powerful option in the end.

I was able to pick up a Wimpod on the way to the third trial, which, being a Grass trial, was fairly easy. Once that was done, I went back in and picked up a Pinsir. Not much to say about moving from that trial to the Rock one. I notice I spend a lot of time fighting trainers, not really to clear them out, but just as quick experience.

The final trial on Akala wasn't bad, either. I have Araquanid with Bubble and Bubble Beam, Masquerain with Bubble Beam, Pinsir with lots of Fighting-type moves, and Ledian with Mach Punch. I did end up having to use Mach Punch, as Araquanid was able to take out much of Olivia's team. Her Nosepass was first and it took two turns to take down due to it having Sturdy. Lycanroc was sent out second and Araquanid took quite a beating but had single-digit HP after getting the Z-Move in its face. Lycanroc hung on with a small bit of health before it took Araquanid out. That's when I let Ledian use Mach Punch. Boldore was more like Bol-snore after Lycanroc.

So, now I have a selection of ten Pokemon, and I believe this is all that I can get before beating the Elite Four. I believe I can pick up a Scyther after that in postgame on my way to the Battle Tree, but with that being a bit of a ways off, I'm happy I don't have to try and catch anything else. Got a little burned out on that during Gen 6.

My plan is to level everything up to 30 (as that's the level Wimpod evolves), and then move on from there.
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User: Explorer of Time
Type: Ground
Game(s): Gold
Single / Ultimate: Single

Update 1 (New Bark Town to Violet City):

Time for my next monotype. I started off by using the Version Exclusive clause to hack in a Level 5 Phanpy, which I'm treating as my starter. (My actual starter, Totodile, is boxed for now but will eventually be used for HMs.) My Phanpy defeated my rival's Chikorita, and I caught a Geodude and moved on to the first gym. None of the trainers up until the gym gave me any trouble, but Falkner spammed Mud Slap a lot and I had a hard time hitting him. By the end of the battle, my Geodude had fainted and my Phanpy was close to fainting as well, though I still had one potion in my bag. Then, after beating the gym, I went up to Sprout Tower. I had to go back to the Pokemon Center after each trainer, as my Phanpy was a high enough level to tank one Bellsprout trainer, but not enough to fight consecutive trainers. Finally, I went south and caught a Wooper! I haven't had the time to train it yet, but it fainted one of my Pokemon while I was trying to catch it, so I think it's going to go places.

Current Team:

Worker George:

Phanpy: Level 11
- Tackle
- Mud Slap
- Growl
- Defense Curl

Geodude: Level 11
- Rock Throw
- Tackle
- Defense Curl

Wooper: Level 6
- Water Gun
- Tail Whip
None of my characters' names are the same as my real name. Please don't call me any of their names because I will not understand that you're trying to talk about me.
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Been a while since I've posted an update on here, but my mono dragon run is still going strong.

To make a long story short: I've traveled through a large portion of Hoenn, picking up some new friends along the way. The second rival fight gave me more trouble than most gyms, mostly because I only had Eldes on my team at the time. Right now I'm about to go hunting down Team Aqua.

Current team:

Erin the Quirky Kingdra Lv. 40 @ Lax Incense
Swift Swim
- Surf
- Twister
- Blizzard
- Agility

Bernie the Bashful Vibrava Lv. 41 @ Expert Belt
- Earthquake
- Crunch
- Rock Slide
- Dragon Claw

Eldes the Quiet Shelgon Lv. 42 @ Black Glasses
Rock Head
- Crunch
- Dragon Claw
- Zen Headbutt
- Facade

Nagi the Bold Altaria Lv. 43 @ Altarianite
Natural Cure
- Dragon Pulse
- Dazzling Gleam
- Hidden Power (Electric)
- Fire Blast
Current challenge(s):

Challenge type: Ultimate
Pokémon type: Dragon
Game(s): Fire Red, Soul Silver, Alpha Sapphire, Platinum, White, Y, Ultra Moon
Current progress: Fire Red 8/8, Soul Silver 16/16, Alpha Sapphire 7/8, Platinum 8/8, White 8/8, Y 8/8, Ultra Moon 0/4
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Ultimate Bug Monotype
Sun / 3rd Entry / Ula'ula Island Complete

Hey, let's go look at the Aether Paradise. Wow, that was fun. Nothing much to say here. Back to the Island Challenge.

Ula'ula wasn't too hard, honestly. I did find that I'm a little unbalanced not because of my Pokemon, not because of my moves or stats, but because of my strategies. For the most part, I can redo a battle and use the same tactic and win a second time (which happened in both of the Trials on the island). I've basically settled on my team of Ribombee, Pinsir, Parasect, Araquanid, Golisopod, and I know I'm getting XP focused on just them. However, I'm finding that I'm just barely keeping up with the trainers I'm facing...and that becomes very obvious when I return to Aether Paradise.

A quick run down on the trials. The Electric trial at the Observatory wasn't too bad. Vikavolt, one of my favorite Bug types in the game, kinda stinks though. I only just realized that Vikavolt has a boost in stages to all of its stats...and it is the first one of the Totems to do that. Which explains why the first time I got my Pokemon handed to me. I got it down to about 20%, but then had to rush back to the nearby Center. A second pass, however, let me fly by, only losing a couple of my mons in the Process. For me, it was just a matter of doing as much damage as possible. The first round, I had tried to be semi-smart by using Smack Down to negate Levitate, and then spam Bulldoze to do some damage before going on. Because of how Electric and Bug interact, though, I ended up making the decision to brute force this battle instead.

The second trial, the Ghost trial at the supermaket...was quick to get through to the Totem. The problem here is that I didn't think I really had any good moves...until I did some research and realized my decently high attack stat Golisopod can learn Shadow Claw. learned Shadow Claw, and the second time through, I pulled off the victory focusing on using that. After Golisopod had to use Emergency Exit, I just focused on doing as much damage as possible. Wasn't that hard, just a nice bit of damage and then back to chipping away.

The Skull Hideout was kind of...meh. It wasn't hard. I healed up at their center once after finishing the initial set of battles just to get in, but then I quickly went through the whole hideout in one shot...skipping most of the trainers. In hindsight, this is why trainer Pokemon have caught up to my level. Something to keep in mind going forward. Being a Bug type trainer, Guzma was relatively easy. No second attempt needed here.

Heading off to leave the Island, Nanu is all like "c'mon, dude, fight me". Fortunately, I had the chance to heal after the fight with Gladion...which I barely managed to survive. This was the sort of wake-up call to start fighting everything to gain levels. Nanu sucked because his Sableye and Persian spammed Power Gem, and our levels were about the same. If his Pokemon weren't weak to Dark moves, I probably would have lost, but I did make it through.

And then the return to Aether Paradise...which is literally me fighting every single trainer possible. It's not a hard set of battles at all; just a lot of them, which is good due to the fact I needed levels. Lots of story and dumb moments of "we need to get rid of you kids, but if you beat us, we won't, so yay you win". Finishing that and letting Gladion take me to Poni Island, I end this post with where my team is now, since I haven't really done that this gen:

Bacon, the L39 Pinsir
Smack Down / Bulldoze / Storm Throw / X-Scissor

Mayo, the L45 Ribombee
Draining Kiss / Bug Buzz / Dazzling Gleam / Pollen Puff

Portabella, the L41 Parasect
Hidden Power (Ice) / Spore / Slash / Fury Cutter

Pickles, the L42 Araquanid
Crunch / Hidden Power (Electric) / Leech Life / Bubble Beam

Onion, the L41 Masquerain
Silver Wind / Quick Attack / Bubble Beam / Air Slash

Patties, the L42 Golisopod
Sucker Punch / Shadow Claw / Leech Life / Venoshock