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Old November 2nd, 2013 (10:13 PM).
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    In the games, we use the PC system in which the pokemon are converted into some sort of data which could be stored inside it and transferred to the other PCs, which is not that realistic to me, and I'm not sure how the ones in the anime work as It's been a really long time since the last time I watched it. However, the thing that I want to know about is, what is a more 'realistic' way to store and transfer Pokemon to you? Of course, the PC is still a huge system in the Pokemon world, but what is a more realistic way to implement it rather than converting Pokemon into data?
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    Old November 2nd, 2013 (11:17 PM).
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      I wouldn't know, but I'll give you a little hint, there are two ways to implement a better 'realistic' Pokémon storage but they have their own cons. Here they are:

      1) Associate Pokémon in a habitat, preferably across a large area. Anyone remember 'Friend Areas' in PMD RRT and BRT? Yeah, something like that crossed with Oak's lab in the anime where he keeps all of Ash's Pokémon. This solution would be perfect and the Pokémon all are happy, but it lacks practical application. For one, a Trainer should travel all the way back to his hometown to meet his Pokémon. Secondly, the area required would be so huge that if every trainer in the world starts a journey, I doubt there would be ample space for everyone to dump (for lack of a better word) their Pokémon.

      2) Putting a limit/ceiling on Pokémon capture capacity. Perhaps these Pokémon can accompany their trainer in their Pokéballs, but they aren't to be used in battle? Or maybe a trainer can only have six Pokémon at a time. This would ensure a VERY realistic journey, something like Pokémon Rangers where you have to release a captured Pokémon to let another accompany you. Cons being that it would ruin the 'Gotta Catch Em All!' motto since we'd have to frequently release the Pokémon/won't have room for special occasions. Again, a practical approach states that it would be very easy for a trainer to cheat and carry many Pokémon along with him/her (remember, the Bag seems to be able to store 999 Pokéballs, 999 Great Balls, 999 Ultra Balls and so on) but this would have been already possible by a trainer (albeit he has to do it in a Pokémon Center).

      I don't know, these two methods are the closest things I could get to peaceful living for Pokémon and Trainer alike.
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      Old November 2nd, 2013 (11:41 PM).
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      When you put your Pokémon into a PC, you actually don't store the Pokémon itself; you store their Poké Balls. While they get sucked into the machine, their size turn much, much smaller. If you're a regular watcher of the anime, you could see how small a Poké Ball can change its shape and size into. Anyway, every storage system in the Pokémon universe might have some sort of a "pipe-line" connecting them, which goes through the underground. With the help of this line, we're able to transfer Poké Balls from one machine to another quite easily. Weelll… that's just my theory. xD
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      Old November 5th, 2013 (1:38 PM).
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      One thing that gets lost on a few people is that the protagonists, whether it be in the games, anime, etc., seem to be the exception on catching large quantities of Pokemon rather than the norm, as most regular trainers never seem to have more than a couple Pokemon.

      This is why I've always thought that the method in the anime makes the most sense- where Pokemon are sent to a place like Prof. Oak's lab, and are allowed to roam around amongst all the other Pokemon, rather than being stuck inside of a PC for large periods of time. Of course, this would never work in the game universe as were all playing as an overachieving hero, but I don't think too many people in a real Pokemon world would catch dozens and dozens of Pokemon just because.

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      Old November 23rd, 2013 (10:33 PM).
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      I think that the most realistic place would be if pokemon were transferred to labs throughout the region. Like certain trainers with the names A-H would have their pokemon transferred to that certain labs and I-Z transferred to another. Then people would take after them and they could be looked after and play with other pokemon similar to them.
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