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Challenge The Monotype Challenge Returns Page 10

Started by KingSwing August 14th, 2018 10:24 PM
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Ultimate Electric Monotype Challenge - Alola Johto Kalos

why did this take so long to do
I finished up Pokemon X after a few weeks. I spent like a week grinding in the Battle Chateau for the fancy Lumiose City outfits, so my Pokemon were hilariously overleveled by the end of the run, but whatever.

Pokemon League
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I'm not sure if I already registered here, but I'm in. I'm thinking of dropping some of my challenges for now, and stay only with the Bingo and the Hexalocke, and also this Monotype, obviously. Gonna do a single challenge for now.

Forum Name: SorveteQuente
Game: Blaze Black 2 (Hack of Black 2)
Type: Psychic
Single Challenge
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Ultimate Dragon Monotype in Pokémon Fire Red


Okay, I finally finished 1st part of my Dragon Ultimate run. I really didn't have much time to play, so this run took about half a year of 10 minutes sessions. But I still managed to somehow enjoy this. Mostly because of the pure power two full grown dragons have. I can't wait to play through Unova and Sinnoh with their regional dragons.

Anyway, back to this run. It took too much time to level Dratini at the start of the game. It needs tons of EXP and it has pretty bad moveset in Fire Red. But I somehow beat Brock with only Twister. The early game was slow, but once my starter Dratini - Mythbuster, evolved into Dragonair, it got the right tempo.

But then I got to Celadon City. This part was interesting. I went in the Game Corner in the winter and got outside at the start of spring. And no, I don't have a gambling problem. During this time I got another Dratini - Mythalive and bunch of new moves. And this run turned into a speedrun since then. There wasn't an opponent I couldn't OHKO. The two dragons made perfect pair of destruction. Imagine what I could do to King's Landing with these two bastards.

I've been steamrolling everything in my way until E4. Each of the E4 was able to take down 1 of my dragons, but at cost of their every Pokémon. And that's pretty much it. This was really straightforward run, but I'm glad I finally started this Ultimate, which I planned on doing since August.

Here's Hall of Fame with not only my dragons, but also my 2 HM slaves - Oddish with Flash and Cut and Primeape with Strength, that I forgot to box in the heat of the moment.


Mythbuster, Serious Male Dragonite
lvl 63, Inner Focus
- Outrage
- Surf
- Earthquake
- Ice Beam

Mythalive, Mild Female Dragonite
lvl 62, Inner Focus
- Outrage
- Iron Tail
- Flamethrower
- Thunderbolt



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A Psychic Monotype Challenge
Pokémon Blaze Black 2

Part 1 - Diagnosis

Note: Hoothoot and Noctowl's types are Psychic/Flying instead of Normal/Flying in these hacks, and *spoilers* I'm gonna use them for a while (At least until I get a better flyer). You can find more about the hack's general changes here.

A new challenge has started, and I'm pretty excited about it. There are lots of Psychic-types I wanted to use in this run, but I had to reduce that number to 6, I'm not feeling like rotating my team around or anything. It'll still be fun though. I'm also gonna be playing on challenge mode because I can.

So yeah, that's pretty much it for the introduction. To the actual game, I just picked Tepig for no reason, and Hugo already owned an Oshawott. As usual we had a battle blah blah blah and I won. There were no psychics in the first route, so I had to go a little further to get my real first member of the team. I caught a male Ralts (I bet you're already guessing what's coming, heh?) in Route 21, and named him Lettuce. Then I met Hiago again at the Ranch and Lettuce had his first battle. It was quite easy, a few confusions were enough and Hugh's AI is muk. Where's the challenge in this mode, huh?

Well uh... I might have accidentaly died to a trainer's Poochyena while training Ralts (he had no non-Psychic damaging moves!), so I guess I learned my lesson. I needed a mon to counter Dark-types, so I went to get a Hoothoot back in Route 20. Her name is Hedwig. Levelled both of them to level 15 for the upcoming gym, and then I completed the ranch's quest thing.

On my way to the gym, I realized my Pokémon had contracted pokérus! Must have been during a random battle in the grass, but that's pretty lucky (What an insensitive thing to say). I decided to pass it to Tepig and store him in the PC box to farm a little, hehe. God, I'm a terrible trainer.

In the gym, I had a surprise meeting with Roxanne, the Hoenn gym leader! Well, not really a surprise since I knew she was there, but whatever. We had a battle. Apparently you can battle all Hoenn gym leaders in this game for some reason. Her team was Hoenn's fossils and Nosepass, all holding a berry juice (which is freaking annoying), but I managed to trick her with Double Team Ralts and spam Psybeam on their faces. It was easy, and lucky. Speaking of luck though...

The Gym Battle


Cheren's team in Challenge Mode.

A full team of six, and Munchlax as his ace. It looks scary, I know, but RNG was on my side with this one. I led with Hoothoot to setup a little bit with Reflect, and also put Minccino to sleep with Hypnosis. Then I switched to Ralts and immediatly started attacking him. At one point I decided to set up a few Double Teams, but after he Worked Up a fair few times, I quit the strategy. Then reality hit me like a ball when I realized his Minccino had Swift, and all the Double Teams I did were completely pointless. Fortunately, Cheren was clever enough to keep using Work Up, and I KO'ed the Minccino. From this point onwards, it felt like Work Up was the only move all of his team knew, because that's what he kept using over and over. And then Munchlax came to the field. Psybeam didn't do muk to his bulk, and he had Metronome! Though I remember the only move that came out of it was Safeguard, so that's a plus. I ended that thing's lifespan with a few more Psybeams, and that's the end of the battle! Woo! Basic Badge obtained!


Ralts (Lettuce) | Hardy nature | Synchronize
Level 17
Double Team

Hoothoot (Hedwig) | Hardy nature | Insomnia
Level 16

The world was full of cravens who pretended to be heroes; it took a queer sort of courage to admit to cowardice as he had.


Don’t use VOLT TACKLE D:>

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The adventure of Pest, the bug catcher

He caught some bugs. Namely Paralysect in a Fast Ball. Paras. Sadly does not have Effect Spore
Hera the Heracross. She’s a Hercules beetle. Caught in a Net Ball
And in the extravagant Bug Cathing Contest we caught a whopping GRASSHOPPR the Scyther. All female bug type Pokémon lol.
Needs to evolve into a Scizor to keep the Pokémon and Pokeball color matching scheme going.

What exactly are the rules for trading to evolve? Iron Coat doesn’t appear until after the elite four (at least in Gold and Silver anyways) can I use platinum to trade and evolve Scyther?

Finished the FR/LG monotype a loooooong time ago. Not that anyone cares though.


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Ultimate Water Monotype: Y

This was a pretty quick run, I didn’t write anything down while I was going through it, so I’ll try to briefly summarize.

Started new game, named self Calenlily and told my friends to call me Calen. Picked Froakie. Got a female the first time I soft reset for a better nature, named her Frogger.

Picked up a Bunnelby on Rt 2 for an HM slave and Pickup support, but apart from that it was just me and Frogger through Santalune City. Detour to Rt 22 to catch a Psyduck, name her Pita, spend some time grinding her up so I’ll have two viable before challenging the Santalune Gym. While it’s been smooth sailing with Frogger, Pita struggles considerably more. Hit the gym, let Pita take as many trainers as she can since she needs the Exp, then Frogger (who’s a Frogadier by now) easily takes Viola’s team. Get my first badge and the Exp Share, hooray.

Head down Rt 4, during which time Pita hits level 15, learns Confusion, and starts to be moderately useful. Reach Lumiose City, battle the Professor (where Pita’s Confusion comes in very handy against Bulbasaur, though she dies to Leech Seed shortly after taking it down), and get my choice of Kanto starter. Pick Squirtle, of course, and name him Sheldon. Head down Rt 5, now focusing on training Sheldon, and he gets to level 16, learns Bite and evolves into Wartortle before we leave the route.

Camphrier Town, Rt 7 west, Rt 6 and the Parfum Palace are all pretty uneventful. I’ve got a decent little party by now but I’m mostly focused on getting to the other side of Rt 7 so I can get my next party member. Finally get the flute and wake the Snorlax, knock it out and finally reach Rt 7’s tall grass. Getting a Ducklett encounter seems to take forever but once I do the first one I find is a +SpA female. Name her Odette and make her my new primary training focus. Odette provides very welcome coverage against grass and bugs and starts being a BAMF even before she reaches the level of her teammates.

Get a bit of Exp and money at the Battle Chateau, then head through the Connecting Cave and over Rt 8 to Ambrette Town. Get the Rock Smash TM, and promptly run all over the beach smashing all the rocks I can find until I get a decent Binacle. Catch Binacle, name her Billie, train Billie and Odette through Rt 9 and the Glittering Cave. Return to Ambrette Town and cross Rt 8’s beach to arrive in Cyllage City.

Everyone gets a few hits in in the Cyllage Gym, 2nd badge acquired. Billie mains Rt 10 (with a little help from Odette) since she’s still underleveled and we reach Geosenge Town. I’m nervous about facing Korinna at the exit, but Sheldon easily handles her Lucarios with Bulldoze.

Odette and Pita both evolve on Rt 11 as we approach Reflection Cave, and Sheldon and Frogger achieve their final evolutions on the way through the cave. Billie is MVP of Reflection Cave despite being my lowest leveled and only still unevolved team member. (This game’s pacing is very odd; it doesn’t seem right to be exiting Reflection Cave with an almost all fully evolved and approaching level 40 team but unable to buy Full Heals because I only have two badges.)

Arrive in Shalour City. Billie takes Calem’s Meowstic and Absol at the Tower of Mastery, and Odette takes Quilladin. Odette effortlessly sweeps the fighting gym, 3rd badge acquired. Return to the Tower, grumble about being forced to battle Korrina with a Lucario that I don’t want, win the battle and get the Mega Ring. Equip Sheldon with his Mega Stone.

Get Surf from Calem, teach it to most of the party, then head down Rt 12. Box Pita to collect the gift Lapras, name her Nessie. Arrive in Coumarine City, promptly pick up the Good Rod and go fishing in Azure Bay. Catch a Remoraid and name her Octavia. Catch a Chinchou and name her Lumi. (Both take a number of catches before I find individuals with the right ability and a decent nature.) Decide I’m not going to use Nessie after all and box her and my Diggersby in order to free up party slots for Octavia and Lumi. They’re both a good 15 levels behind the rest of the party and take some serious effort to get leveled up. Octavia evolves into Octillery almost immediately, but I hold Lumi back so she can learn moves quicker, and use Eviolite to bolster her defenses in the meantime. Explore Azure Bay and everywhere else I’ve previously bypassed on account of needing Surf in order to get Lumi as much Exp as possible.

Return to Coumarine City. Battle Calem outside the Coumarine Gym, using the same Pokémon and moves as last time. Challenge the Gym, Octavia is able to take Ramos’s Jumpluff with a few Aurora Beams and Odette sweeps everything else.

Octavia handles Rt 13 easily enough and spends a while grinding there before heading into the Power Plant. Put Lumi up against Team Flare, but she’s really struggling, so I let her evolve after she learns Signal Beam at level 34. She does a bit better after that, but is still noticeably the weakest team member.

Arrive back in Lumiose City. Fight all the trainers in the back alleys before heading to the gym. Let Lumi take the first few gym trainers, since Volt Absorb makes her better than immune to electric attacks, but she’s still not holding up too well, so I switch to using Sheldon instead. Sheldon easily sweeps the gym by Mega Evolving and spamming Bulldoze, deferring only to Billie (who’s a Barbaracle by now, don’t remember exactly when she evolved) to take out Clemont’s Emolga.

Another battle with Calem goes down pretty much the same as the last two, except I let Lumi take on Absol this time and his starter is now fully evolved and thus doubly weak to Odette’s flying attacks. Odette and Octavia see us down Rt 14 to Laverre City.

Challenge the Laverre Gym. Billie sweeps with Poison Jab plus Shadow Claw for the psychic dual types, with a little help from Sheldon’s Bulldoze to take care of Valerie’s Mawile and gym trainers’ Klefki and Dedenne. With 6 badges down, head to the Pokéball Factory. Lumi (who got the Dazzling Gleam TM from the gym) is much more capable by now and carries the team here, with a little help from Octavia and Sheldon to deal with poison and electric types.

Head down Rt 15 to Dendemille Town. Take Frogger to the Move Relearner for Night Slash, and Sheldon for Flash Cannon (overwriting Bite with the latter, which he can afford to give up now that Frogger finally has a dark move). Explore the Lost Hotel and Rt 16 before returning to Dendemille and heading north to the Frost Cavern. Sheldon handles the wild Pokémon here, while Odette takes on the large number of fighting specialist trainers. Save Abomasnow from Team Flare’s harassment and ride Mammoswine down Rt 17 to Anistar City.

The addition of a Vaporeon for Lumi to take out fails to make Calem any more threatening. Challenge Anistar Gym, where Frogger and Billie split the honors, and Lumi gets in on the fun to take down Olympia’s Sigilyph before a Yawn from Slowking puts her out of action.

Emerge with our 7th badge to news of disaster and fly back to Lumiose City to raid Team Flare’s hideout. Lumi mostly carries again (with a help from Octavia and Sheldon, the latter being crucial against a few of the scientists), at the hideout and in Geosenge Town, and solos Lysandre twice. Octavia goes up against Yveltal and tanks three attacks to put it in the red with 1 HP remaining herself, and the first Ultra Ball catches. Octavia goes on the take down Lysandre’s Mienshao when he challenges me once again, then Lumi sweeps the rest of his team.

Return to Anistar City and head east once more, over Rt 18, through Couriway Town where I meet with the Professor again, and down Rt 19 to Snowbelle City. Sheldon mains against Shauna, Tierno, and Trevor.
Odette has pretty much carried the team through these routes and on an expedition to explore Terminus Cave, ending up five levels above the next highest party member, so she gets boxed for a while when I need Diggersby for HMs on Rt 20.

Catch up with Wulfric in Pokémon Village and return to Snowbelle to challenge the gym. Sheldon sweeps again, occasionally deferring to Billie and Octavia when they can target double weaknesses (as with Wulfric’s Abomasnow, who falls instantly to Octavia’s Flamethrower).

Return to Pokémon Village for the Psychic TM, and do some backtracking around Mountain Kalos to collect other items that require Waterfall to access before heading on to Rts 21 and 22. Enter Victory Road, where Octavia mains. I still have Diggersby in the party for Cut and Strength, but once I get to the grove about halfway through and he pushes the boulder into place to create a shortcut to the entrance, I can duck down that passageway and briefly return to the Pokécenter in Santalune City to return him to the box and retrieve Odette, who stays with me for the rest of Victory Road. Battle Calem once more, then finish making my way to the Pokémon League.

I try to maximize the amount of play everyone gets when we face the Elite Four, so I send in a different team member against each one of Malva’s fire types. Lumi and Frogger split the honors with Siebold’s water squad, and Sheldon and Octavia face off against Wikstrom’s steel types. Octavia, Lumi, and Odette take on Drasna’s dragons. When it comes time to face the Champion, Odette takes Diantha’s Hawlucha, Sheldon faces Tyrantrum and Aurorus, Billie takes Gourgeist, Lumi deals with Goodra, and then Sheldon comes back out to meet Gardevoir.

Victory Road actually put quite a bit of wear and tear on my team, but the Elite Four are a joke. I don’t take a single hit until after Malva and Siebold are down, and don’t even bother with healing until I’m preparing to face the Champion. Diantha’s Mega Gardevoir does manage to KO Mega Sheldon, but only because it got a paralyze off with Thunderbolt and I chose to be stubborn about finishing the E4 run without using any healing items in battle; Billie takes over to swiftly finish it off.

Championship achieved, I go attend a parade in my and my friends’ honor. AZ challenges me, and Lumi quickly sweeps his team. Roll credits.

...I am officially bad at briefly summarizing.

Championship Team:
Lumi - Lanturn lvl 77 @ Expert Belt
Lonely, f, Volt Absorb
Thunderbolt, Surf, Dazzling Gleam, Signal Beam

Frogger - Greninja lvl 79 @ Metronome
Timid, f, Torrent
Surf, Dark Pulse, Smack Down, Grass Knot

Odette - Swanna lvl 79 @ Wide Lens
Quiet, f, Big Pecks
Air Slash, Surf, Fly, Ice Beam

Billie - lvl 80 Barbaracle @ Rocky Helmet
Lax, f, Tough Claws
Rock Tomb, Shadow Claw, Poison Jab, Rock Smash

Octavia - lvl 80 Octillery @ Shell Bell
Lax, f, Sniper
Psychic, Ice Beam, Flamethrower/Energy Ball (swapped out several times depending on which was the most useful coverage at the moment), Surf

Sheldon - lvl 80 Blastoise @ Blastoisinite
Docile, m, Torrent/Mega Launcher
Waterfall, Earthquake, Flash Cannon, Brick Break

Other Team Members:
Pita - lvl 37 Golduck (Naive, f, Cloud Nine): Early game psychic support
Nessie - lvl 31 Lapras (Docile, f, Water Absorb): The ice coverage that wasn’t
Diggersby - lvl 54 (Hasty, m, Pickup): Cut/Strength/Pickup slave

Final thoughts:
Overall this was a really fun and pretty easy run. I made a point of trying to use Pokémon I haven’t used before; Psyduck, Ducklett, Binacle, and Remoraid were all Pokémon/evolutionary lines I’d never trained before, plus I’d only used Froakie once previously and never used Blastoise’s Mega. I really enjoyed the branch out. (This run also had the most pure types I’ve used in a long time, let alone in a monotype run.)

Odette was possibly MVP of the run; she got good really early and was always a pleasure to use, and by late game I was having to try not to use her too much because she kept outpacing the rest of the team in levels and I needed to make sure the others got their share of Exp. I was a little worried about the shallowness of her movepool going in, but she was great at what she did and filled a really important niche.

Octavia was my queen of coverage. Her lack of speed was a bit annoying, but her versatility and competence as an attacker made up for it. I’d wanted to try using an Octillery for a while, but kept hesitating on account of the poor speed stat; I’m glad I decided to go for it.

Lumi was definitely the weakest team member stat-wise (with the exception of her amazing HP), but she was still very much good enough to get the job done. While not quite as versatile as Octavia, she still had a great coverage moveset, with the right synergy for her to shine as slayer of Team Flare.

Billie was a great physical attacker, which was a valuable complement to my otherwise mostly specially-oriented team. The coverage she provided came in clutch in the midgame, and though I ended up relying on her a lot less once Octavia and Lumi joined the team, she never stopped being useful.

Frogger somehow ended up being the fifth wheel of the team. While she was easily my strongest Pokémon in early game, she failed to find a niche once I had more of a team built. She didn’t have much coverage until quite a ways in (not getting dark STAB until after the 6th badge was particularly painful), and even once she did it was, while important to the team, mostly only relevant in niche situations. While a strong Pokémon, she was mostly just good at being a water type, and that’s not super useful in a monotype run.

Sheldon was the other candidate for MVP of the run, and ended up kind of feeling like my real starter. An absolute powerhouse and an absolute tank. Any time I was facing a tough opponent, or one I didn’t have great coverage for, I could call in the big guns (or should I says cannons) and know I could rely on Sheldon; there was very little he couldn’t take down in one or two shots when he went Mega.
Current challenges
Ultimate Monotype - Water
Blue (8/8), SoulSilver (8/16), Ruby (8/8), Platinum (2/8), Black (?) (0/8), Y (8/8), Ultra Moon (4/8)

Completed challenges
Single monotype: Flying (Red)


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Alright, so let's do something new here!

Forum User Name: Swagroar
Game(s): X
Pokémon Type: Psychic
Single/Ultimate/Free Mode?: Single for the time being (I also did Ultra Moon in the previous thread back in December 2017 but that never counted there)

  • I started the game, chose the guy for a change and named him Harry. I went with the nickname Houdini.
  • After going through the opening stuff and meeting with Tierno and Trevor, I made way to Aquacorde Town and met Serena, where I got my starter, Fennekin, and named it Natsu. I then beat Shauna's Chespin pretty easily.
  • I returned home, got the Town Map, saw my pet Rhyhorn off, and made way to Route 2, where Shauna was questioned for not knowing what her Froakie was inside of. I then went through Santalune Forest with her, beating the trainers easily enough. But I skipped the trainers on Route 3 while being jumped by a Roller Skater.
  • As I arrived in Santalune City, I took after her, and she gave me a pair of Roller Skates for my troubles. I then entered the Gym, and beat the trainers pretty easily, but came up short against Viola the first time even with her Surskit being dumb. So I went back and beat two trainers to get Natsu to Level 13. Then I took her on again!
  • As she began with Surskit, she used Water Sport as I opted to go for Howl. She then used a weak Quick Attack as my Scratch did alright. She then used Bubble for under half my remaining health as Scratch scored a critical hit to get her to the red. She used her Potion, but Scratch 2HKO'd after she used Quick Attack again, but I was unfortunately narrowly short of Blaze range as Water Sport faded. Vivillon came out with Infestation, as Ember hit huge thanks to Blaze. Unfortunately, I was left with 5 HP and had to heal, as she...used Infestation again. I had half my health left, and after a Tackle I finished her with another Ember for the win. And grew to Level 14 and learned Flame Charge over Tail Whip.
  • With that, I got the Bug Badge and TM83 for Infestation, which is cool. I was suggested to go to Lumiose City to show it to the professor. I'll take care of that next time!

(M) "Natsu", Level 14
Stats: 36, 19, 20, 24, 22, 19
Moves: Ember, Flame Charge, Howl, Scratch
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May someday resurface in full. We'll see what happens down the road!


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Kimbo’s Mega Monotype Challenge
Type 1: Bug Game 1: Part 5: FINALE

Got to level 45ish, took out Gary using
Did the Sevii Islands first, to prep for Garys Charizard…again. Got to Victory Road, went and trained the team to level 52 or higher, brought items to heal way through. Finally got to the Pokemon League.
V Lorelei

Monarch starts v Dewgong and Spore’s. I switch to Brimstone who sets up Swords Dance and Slashes Dewgong for the KO.
Brimstone also KO’s Slowbro with a Slash.
Jynx KO’s Brimstone with Ice Punch.
Jynx KO’s Monarch with Ice Punch.
Duke KO’s Jynx with Twineedle.
Cloyster KO’d Duke with Dive.
Peacock KO’d Cloyster with Giga Drain
Lapras KO’d Peacock with Ice Beam.
Cabbage KO’d Lapras with Psychic
Kimbo Beat Lorelei

V Bruno
Lead with Peacock, Bruno leads with Onix.
Peacock KO’d Onix with Giga Drain.
Hitmonchan KO’d Peacock with Rock Tomb
Cabbage KO’d Hitmonchan with Psychic.
Machamp KO’d Cabbage with Rock Tomb
Brimstone KO’d Machamp with Wing Attack
Brimstone KO’d Hitmonlee with Wing Attack
Brimstone KO’d Onix with Steel Wing
Kimbo beat Bruno.

V Agatha
Kimbo lead with Brimstone, Agatha lead with Gengar.
Brimstone KO’d Gengar with Wing Attack
Golbatt KO’d Brimstone with Air Cutter
Admiral KO’s Golbat with Rock Slide
Admiral KO’s Arbok with Earthquake
Admiral KO’d Gengar with Rock Slide
Haunter KO’d Admiral with Dream Eater
Haunter KO’d Monarch with Dream Eater. Used this turn to revive Brimstone.
Brimstone KO’d Haunter with Wing Attack.
Kimbo won Agatha

V Lance
Kimbo lead with Cabbage , Lance lead with Gyarados
Gyarados KO’d Cabbage with Hyper Beam
Set up Brimstone with +6 following 3 Swords Dances.
Brimstone KO’d Gyarados with Slash
Brimstone KO’d Dragonite with Slash
Aerodactyl KO’d Brimstone with Ancient Power.
Peacock KO’d Aerodactyl with Psychic.
Peacock KO’d Dragonair with Psychic
Peacock KO’d Dragonair with Psychic
Kimbo Beat Lance.

V Gary

Kimbo lead with Admiral, Gary lead with Pidgeot.
Admiral KO’d Pidgeot with Rock Slide
Peacock KO’d Alakazam with Silver Wind
Charizard KO’d Peacock with Aerial Ace
Admiral KO’d Charizard with Rock Slide
Monarch KO’d Rhydon with Giga Drain
Cabbage KO’d Exeggutor with Silver Wind
Gyarados KO’d Cabbage with Thrash
Gyarados KO’d Monarch with Thrash
Gyarados KO’d Admiral with Thrash
Gyarados KO’d Duke with Thrash
Brimstone KO’d Gyarados with Wing Attack
Kimbo is the champion


Duke the Beedrill @N/A
Level 53/Impish/Male/Swarm
Twineedle /Aerial Ace /Secret Power /Brick Break
Thoughts: 5/6 – Was okay in the early game. Then it became less and less useful. Occasional late game moments of redemption were not enough for it to rank any higher.

Cabbage the Butterfree @N/A
Level 53/Quirky/Female/Compound Eyes
Psychic /Silver Wind/Toxic /Gust
Thoughts: 4/6- Possibly the last one I am gonna be positive about, glass cannon, again I understand it gets better in later games. At its best, its swept the early game and still had uses in the elite 4. At its worst it’s a weaker Venomoth.

Monarch the Parasect @N/A
Level 53/Quirky/Female/Effect Spore
Giga Drain/ Slash/ Dig/ Spore
Thoughts: 6/6- Ah boy. Just not good. 100% Accurate sleep is great and has its uses. But that’s all it offers. A later pokemon does this type combination a lot better a lot later. AND DOESN’T HAVE SPORE !

Admiral the Pinsir @N/A
Level 53/Calm/Male/Hyper Cutter
Strength/Seismic Toss/Earthquake/Rock Slide
Thoughts- 3/6- Move Pool is possibly the most diverse , would have been more useful in later games I assume where TM’s are multiuse (and it gets its mega) but still bulky and hard hitting.

Brimstone The Scyther @N/A
Level 56/Relaxed/Male/Swarm
Slash /Wing Attack /Steel Wing /Swords Dance
Thoughts: 1/6- MVP – Yes I got him late, and yes the movepool is shallow, however it hits so hard and is so fast its made the elite 4 possible.

Peacock The Venomoth. @N/A
Level 55/Bold/Male/Shield Dust
Psychic/Silver Wind /Giga Drain /Stun Spore
Thoughts: 2/6- Stun Spore and its special attack made this slightly better than 3rd, was bulky enough to take hits on occasion which did surprise me.
MEGA MONOTYPE- Type 1: Bug 1: Fire Red- 8/8
BINGO Challenge-0/28 Challenges



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Moderator Post
Because this thread is so active and KingSwing didn't really update the first post for a while, The Undisputed Era decided to take care of this challenge from now on. Please, post your updates in this thread from now on. He promised to transfer all challengers and champions to the new thread, so you can just continue with your run there, without the need to sign-up again.
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