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Hey !

Started by draykor38 November 23rd, 2015 11:45 AM
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Posted September 4th, 2016
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Hi, my name is Draykor and I'm from France.

I have some Shiny in lot of games :

- Butterfree
- Jumpluff (9)
- Nosepass
- Aegislash

For next, I search Goodra (or Goomy)

I don't use Shiny Charm or cheat codes
Nice to meet you Draykor!

I love france. I have been there before and it truely is one of the great countries in the world. Regarding your shiny pokemon, from which game are they specifically? I am interested because I often see people here talking about shiny pokemon but not mentioning from which Pokemon game... so I do get a bit confused.

Nice to meet you by the way, it's my first day here too!


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Hey Draykor, welcome to PC! The more the merrier. :D

I love shiny collecting even though my luck is bad, especially with the shiny charm lol. Goodra is a great Pokémon and is becoming one of my favorites lately so that's a pretty good choice for your next project. Good luck and have a great time here!

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Thank you ^^

Lokiii > To answer your question, here is the versions where I got my shinies :
- Butterfree : Leaf Green
- Jumpluff (9) : Gold, Silver (2), Crystal, Fire Red, Diamond, SoulSilver, White, X
- Nosepass : Platinum
- Aegislash : Y
- Zubat (4) : Emerald, Pearl, White 2, Let's GO Pikachu!
- Goodra : Ultra-Moon
- Litwick : Sun


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Goodness Draykor, you really dug up an old gem of a thread! Glad you were able to find your original introduction though, and I'm glad that your shiny hunting seems to have gone well over those four years! Since you've been around for a while you probably don't need a tour of the forums, but if you ever have any questions please don't hesitate to ask! :)

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