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Started by Baronjamaa 3 Weeks Ago 12:52 PM
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Hi there, im a new user im hyped for pokemon sword and shield, i actually haven't played any of the ds/2ds/3ds games, only gbc games kn the 2ds im actually interested in gba rom hacks and i would like a recommendation of bba rom hacks fakemon ones can be included 😁


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Hey there Baronjamaa! Welcome to the forums!

It's wonderful to see so many people excited about SwSh! I think anyone who has played any Pokemon game since 1995 will find it entertaining, rewarding, and fun even if you've never played the later games. And, if you're interested in ROM Hacks, please feel free to check out the Fan Games section! :)


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I haven't played any ROM hacks in a while, so not many recommendations I can give. :< Did enjoy the older ones I played way back though, like Brown, Prism, Shiny Gold, Liquid Crystal, and Flora Sky.

Nice to meet you Baronjamaa, enjoy the forum!

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Hello Baronjamaa, happy to welcome you to our forums! All aboard the Sword & Shield hype train! :)

My knowledge on ROM hacks is pretty slim, but I guarantee you'll find all sorts of willing people to help you out and answer questions!! All ya gotta do is ask around. ^__^

Have fun!!
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Hey Baronjamaa, welcome to PC!

If you're looking for recommendations, the Fan Game Recommendations Thread is a good place to start! There's also our ROM Hack Hall Of Fame which showcases all the winners of our annual Hack Of The Year contest.
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