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Serious 2020 Democratic Primaries Page 6

Started by VisionofMilotic April 10th, 2019 11:07 AM
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Anyone else grossed out by Joe Biden’s bloody eye tonight? That and his evasiveness seem to be the topic tonight after the climate change town hall.
I'm more grossed out by his constant lack of physical boundaries with children/women than a medical mishap he had little control over.
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Latest poll out seems to solidify a Warren/Biden two person race with Sanders falling into a distant third. If you count “second choice” candidates then Warren pulls ahead. Warren is ahead with college age whites, while Biden still has a massive lead with African Americans. The first few states have a heavy white majority, so if this trend holds through Christmas you could see Warren racking up early wins.


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I thought this might be helpful to new voters who are interested in participating in the 2020 democratic primary. Remember to register to vote if you are not already a registered voter in your state. A few states actually allow you to register and vote in the primary on the same day such as the Iowa caucus, North Dakota is also a unique state that has no voter registration, meaning you can bypass this process and just walk in to vote. In the large majority of states however you have to be registered in advanced in order to vote during the primary. Most states offer registration until the last few weeks before the primary. My own state North Carolina will hold the democratic primary on March 3rd 2020, with registration accepted until February 7th.

You can use the link below Headcount to find out more about the requirements for your state. This is not a 100℅ complete guide, the deadline of a handful of states do not appear. I believe that Minnesota, Montana and New Mexico have not announced the deadline for registration just yet. If you live in one of the aforementioned states and have never voted before I would advise you to contact your local board of elections for more information. The date of the primary itself in Minnesota is March 3rd 2020, and on June 2nd 2020 in both Montana and New Mexico, but you will probably need to be registered beforehand.

While Headcount has not been updated to include registration deadlines for Ohio, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin and Nevada at the moment, I was able to find the deadlines for these states online after a little bit of digging. The 2020 Nevada Caucus is on February 22nd, and the registration deadline is February 2nd. The Ohio primary is on March 17th, and you would need to be registered by February 18th. Wisconsin's primary is on April the 7th, with registration being accepted until March 18th. Last but not least. Pennsylvania's primary is on April 28th, and registration is through March 29th.

If you are only 17 years old, but will be 18 by the time of the general election on Nov 3rd 2020 you may be able to still register to vote and participate in the primary depending on your state regulations. At Fairvote you can find out which states allow 17 year-old primary voting.

I hope folks find this info helpful. I think every state is able to still accept registration from new prospective voters, except the state of New York, which has has been a controversial state with regard to voting lately. New Yorkers closed their doors to new applicants back this May when most of us didn't even know who was running! That is over a full year before the primary next June. It is quite ridiculous. If you are already registered to vote in New York though, but not registered to vote as a Democrat however there is still time to change your party affiliation to a democrat now through October 11 if you are a republican or independent voter living in New York who is interested in supporting a democrat this primary season. New York is a closed primary state, meaning you can only vote in the democratic primary if you declare as a democrat.

Some states do not require you to be a democrat to vote in the democratic primary, these are known as open primaries, where voters can potentially identify with any or no party at all, and still request a ballot in the primary of their choosing. To find out whether your state holds open or closed primaries click here.

Also whether you are brand new voter, or voter who is changing party affiliations or a long-time democrat voter it never hurts to make sure the status of your registration is correct and the board of elections has any necessary paperwork.

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The Democrats are in absolute shambles. There is no one in that camp capable of unseating someone outside of the system. What's more, every candidate raised their hand to essentially give free stuff away at the cost of the American taxpayer.

Mah boi 'Beto' blatently laid out the Democrats plan to steal every law abiding citizen's property away (taking away semi-automatics? That means EVERYTHING). No limit (not illegal) to who can enter the country through the Southern border and they all agreed on this? What Orwellian nightmare am I in?

Their climate change hall meeting was a laughable circus nightmare. "We'll take away the red meat" and a quick switch to "No one is saying they want to take away your cheeseburgers". Promoting solar and wind (currently failures of industry, but they do rake in cash because subsidies) yet you need plastics to make them, plastics that come from . . . fossil fuels.

You have Biden and Warren, both who will get absolutely shredded if they get anywhere near a debate podium with Trump. Love him or hate him, Trump will run circles around Biden (they've already put out campaign ads featuring poor Joe). Warren won't fare much better I imagine, seeing as how her 'lying about her heritage' can be put to the screws regardless whether or not she's sorry about it. I can see is now "You've lied about who you were personally, so how can we trust you to do what's in our best interest?".

Not only this, but President Trump decided not to retaliate and start yet another war in the Middle East? People criticized him for not attacking and killing people for downing a drone? There are many moving parts to this, but their first debates nearly shoveled dirt on the grave of the center voters. Promising free Healthcare to people from foreign countries? Such a surprise to see how quickly they wanted to give free stuff to people who weren't citizens of the United States using their money to do so.

If they can't get a grip, they'll be in the water before they realise their ship is sinking. There is no unified front here. They seem to be in a 'who cares more' competition and they are all bringing some heavy baggage with them too. Kamala toker jailing DA, Beto 'Habla Espanol' Francis, Huffing hair Joe, Warren 'Pocahontas', 'I may or may not be a wife-beater' Booker, 'Cash-money' ¥ang and just Bernie Sanders.

How in blue blazes is this reasonable? Labelling doesn't work any longer, meaning club cards won't mean anything the the center/center-left. I think their best bet was Tulsi Gabbard but they seemed to have slammed the door in her face! Absolutely mad! Tulsi Gabbard, I thought, was one that could go toe-to-toe with President Trump. She's relatively fresh, a Veteran (appeals to center/center-right) and has seemingly less baggage than everyone else, including President Trump I think.

If the DNC chooses Biden as the candidate . . . I'd almost feel sorry for the guy if he wasn't a hair-huffing weirdo. They better start swallowing horse-shoes, eating crickets and smoking four-leaf clovers because they need all the luck they can get.
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