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Old April 2nd, 2013 (9:36 AM). Edited April 2nd, 2013 by Maruno.
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    Cubed is a game that I have been working on for several years in various different forms. It started out as a simple C++ game. Over it's lifetime I would develop some, then scrap the project, and start anew months later. Now I have a game that I am rather proud of. Developed 100% by me, using Unity and C#. I humbly await feedback.

    Cubed is a hybrid action puzzle game with hints of exploration.

    The game itself takes place on a Cube. This Cube is your home. Your world. At the start of the game most of the Cube is shut down. Locked away beyond your reach. Scattered throughout the world are floating spheres called cores. When you find these cores you can enter them and be immediately teleported to a 'level'

    Completing a core activates it. Active cores supply power to the world, give you access to previously inaccessible places. The Cube world acts as a level select and a general progression indication. Activating the cores breathes life into your world.

    But what of the gameplay?

    The game is a 3D side view side scroller. On a Cube. What does this mean? If you walk to the right in a straight line, you will eventually end up right where you started. If you fall down a hole and nothing stops your fall, you will fall down and eventually fall to the exact place you started. Rotations can get a little confusing, it is best to see it in action.

    Keep in mind I am no artist. So none of the game assets are final. I am merely showing off gameplay features.

    Shown here is the main Cube world and an activated core in front of a door.

    At the start of the second core.

    Fell directly below to the bottom side. You can see the side I was just on in the above picture.

    The end is in sight directly below!

    Those white circle things are gravity flip pads!

    Gravity has flipped!

    In this core we can see right through to the other side!

    I picked up the gravity gun and shot a block to make it flip!

    Comments? Questions? Concerns? Criticisms? Any feedback at all is appreciated.
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    Old May 27th, 2013 (10:54 PM).
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      No comments?

      allright ill bbe the first one!
      well first up is, I really cant understand what is this. maybe you should explain it better

      I hate people like you..
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        This looks really cool. I can;t understand much right now, but I would love to play the game.
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        Old June 8th, 2013 (11:08 PM).
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          really nice to see someone using unity here, however what is the point of your game. also what effect are you going for with movement, because to me it looks like your using rigid bodies and gravity, if this is supposed to be a side scroller the movement should feel more free/natural and less heavy. but you also said gravity is a feature and needed for some aspects of the game, so my recommendation would make it seem more natural.. I like the idea, keep at it, google free 3d models for some cool models, also if you need textures google free 3d textures. keep at it.
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