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Started by NikolaP August 18th, 2019 7:48 AM
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Well, hello there.
After not using the account at all since creating it about a year ago, I decided to activate myself a bit, as I have come up with a few things to say.
This is my second post on any forum ever. I am a total beginner at this sort of thing.
Anyway, seems nice to find a place where you can talk about silly Pokémon stuff all day and not annoy anyone (quite the opposite). I look forward to it.
As for my interests here, over the last year I have come up with a Pokémon-themed hobby I would like to share with everyone, but I don't really know where to discuss it on the forum.
You see, I created my own Pokédex list, as if for a region, selecting Pokémon from all existing regions in a way I liked. Along the way, I came up with the actual region and all other game elements, even some cool new mechanics.
However, this is not at all intended to be made into a fan game, for which I have no time, skills or resources. It is and stays completely theoretical, so it can't go to into the Fan Games section. I don't plan to write a story about it, so not Fan Fiction. I don't have any art on this, so not Art Studio.
I'm taking suggestions. Maybe Pokémon General?


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Hello Nikola! Glad you decided to re-sign in into your account. The forums are a nice place to hang out!

As for your question, I think the Fan Fiction and Writing section is actually the place you're looking for. You don't need to write a fiction per se, but there's a prefix named [Pokémon World] there, which I think is made for the sort of thing you're creating:

You can check other threads with this prefix to see if it's indeed the type of thing you're doing. I hope this helped!

See you around!
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Hey Hey Hey I'm pretty new but Hello Nikola glad that you're active again.
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Hey NikolaP! Welcome to the forums! :)

There’s also a subsection of Fan Games (which of course I can’t link to since I’m both lazy and on mobile) that might be a good place to post your ideas too! I’d recommend talking to the sections moderators and just double checking to make sure though. They’re very friendly and approachable so don’t hesitate to reach out!

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