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Old August 16th, 2017 (12:56 PM).
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Probably gonna be a vanilla game with some PRs lol

Thinking of doing a Left 4 Dead mafia game after I cohost with someone else, but was kinda wondering who'd be interested before I decided doing roles lmao. Might need a bit of help with the setup, idk if vanilla games can even have third party but I kinda wanted to have a ratio of 10:4:2 or something similar.

Option 1:
10 common infected as townies.
4 special infected (probably Hunter, Boomer, Smoker, Charger etc.) as mafia.
1 Tank; 1 Witch as TP.

Option 2:
Zoey, Louis, Francis, Bill, Rochelle, Nick, Ellis, and Coach as townies - possibly Keith and that girl Francis was in love with as well lol.
4 special infected as mafia - probably same specials as mentioned.
1 Tank; 1 Witch TP.

I'm bored and want to do a game lmao. Give me suggestions for some roles if you want (especially TP roles - I'll think about Cult if more people go for Option 1 because zombies lol - the survivors are immune to zombie bites so I would wanna stick to that and have cult be useless)

I'm bad at choosing roles so that's why I was thinking of a vanilla game. >.<
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