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Old December 3rd, 2018 (5:36 PM).
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Powder Keg
Gunpowder Part II

Hell on Earth. That’s how the south of Jeimas has often been described. A poverty stricken desert overrun by crime and dependent on morally questionable bounty hunters because of underqualified and overworked law enforcement. While the north is and always has been a temperate, prosperous land, the south has long been seen as a blight. Now it’s even worse.

Two months have passed and the deaths of Borya Bogden, Sister Tess, Felix Grffin, The Night Wolf and Veralice have left the balance of tower between the most dangerous criminal factions destabilised and have prompted other criminals to rise up in an attempt to seize those positions or spurred others into action.

“Undead” Lachlan Buzzard has all but seized control of Ironhaven, the largest city in the south and now criminals run rampant within its walls. Anima and his holy order have risen to the ranks of the Big Bads and more and more people are flocking to his twisted religion as the situation in the south declines further and further. Aaron Fletcher has greatly increased his activity causing a regression in how goods are transported with many choosing to return to horseback convoys as he is known to only target trains. Unfortunately, this has also lead to the suspending of plans to link the independent rail system within the Grand Chasm to the greater Jeiman system. This is all in addition to the large numbers of smaller gangs who are all fighting to cement their positions or seize greater control in the power vacuum created by the Big Bad deaths. The Dead Priest Gang, Sangre Clan and the Dodgy Gang are but a handful of examples of deadly smaller gangs who have been seen on the move.

What is most disturbing for southern Jeimans however, is the activity of the most notable Big Bads. Self-proclaimed revolutionary, and the most wanted man in Jeiman history, has formed an alliance with Jessica Wilcox and Bonnie Cassidy, two other dangerous Big Bads while the man known only as Demon has been conspicuously absent from recent events with many suspecting this is the calm before the storm before he wipes out another settlement.

With tensions this high, now would be the opportune time for the Jeiman government to increase peacekeeper presence in the south, however in a striking move all peacekeepers have been recalled to key locations such as South Bridge and Earnest, some of the southernmost cities in the north.

The south of Jeimas is in a period of change and tensions are higher than ever. History is being made and only time will tell what will be left when the gears of progress are done turning.
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Old January 13th, 2019 (9:01 AM).
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Rory Ryder West

Level 3: Outlaw | Fire/Electricity | Bounty: 1700$

“Look buddy, we just want to know where Fletcher is hiding.” Levi hissed as he stared down a thug that the duo had ripped from a train from Spiders Hollow and tossed into the back of the wagon they’d stolen. “You can either tell me, or you can tell my friend over there.”

Rory grinned underneath his bandana as he clicked his fingers and flames began to wreath his hand. The eyes of the bandit grew wide and he began to struggle against his restraints even more.

“I ain’t know nothing! I’m just a flunky man, I don’t know where he is!” The bandito screamed, causing Levi to roll his eyes and Rory to just shake his head.

“Man you’re really bad at this. Now if that’s true, what reason do we have not to kill you?” Rory responded, causing the man to gape in confusion and fear. “Do you think he’s telling the truth?” The fiery tempered outlaw asked his young cohort.

“Most likely, this idiot probably got hired through one of his hands anyway. I knew we’d probably have better luck going after them, but that’s going to draw a hell of a lot more attention.” Levi responded as he leaned back against a wooden support and shook his head. “Doesn’t seem like we’ve got much other option though unless we want to waste another month wasting bullets in random hired goons. Not that I think you’d be much opposed to that.” The boy responded.

“Stop acting like you know me.” Rory pointed out.

“Oh quit acting like you’re this big bad that I should be afraid of. We both know different.” Levi snapped, the shout causing the hostage to wince.

“Do we now? Maybe you’d like to test that.” The outlaw growled as he stared daggers at the kid.

A fist from Levi connected with the underside of Rory’s jaw in the blink of an eye. The Outlaw gripped the boys arm and yanked him forward, smashing his skull against the kids face and busting his nose. The boy wheezed and recoiled before lunging forward and smashing into the man’s gut, causing the both of them to tumble out of the back of the wagon and land in the dirt outside. The moon had reached its appex in the sky, staring down at the two from its waxing gibbous as they punched, kicked, and screamed at each other from the ground.

A rustling from inside the wagon caused them both to snap to attention.

“Alright listen I don’t want any trouble.” A quivering voice called from the entrance as the thug they’d kidnapped stood there pointing a shotgun towards them.

Rory and Levi rolled their eyes and let go of each other, blood and dirt splattering both of their faces as they stared at the individual with burning contempt in their eyes.

“I’m just gonna be taking this uh, wagon and you’re both gonna uh… just stand up, turn around and walk away alright?” The bandit mumbled as he stood there quivering.

Rory struggled to his feet, causing the man to quickly shift the gun up towards him. “Slowly! Make any sudden movements and I’ll shoot!”

The outlaw rolled his eyes and attempted to wipe some of the muck from his face, only resulting in smearing it in more.

“You really should just put down the gun and let him shoot you.” Levi muttered from the ground.

“And why would I do that? I’m not one for wantin to get shot.” The thug asked shakily.

“You will be after the cat is done with you.” Rory muttered.

“Wha? Cat?” The bandit asked in confusion before being knocked out of the wagon with a girlish scream as the large orange furred feline pounced forward and began tearing into his back. The shotgun smacked against the ground, surprisingly harmlessly and small chunks of blood and flesh began to fly off of the man’s back as he screamed in agony.

Levi grumbled on the ground and sat up clutching his now very broken nose and busted jaw. “Anybody ever tell you that you’re an asshole?”

“I don’t want to hear it, I think you tore open the stitches from where you stabbed me last time.” Rory grunted as he tried to pull up his shirt to see.

“You deserve it.” Levi spat.

The boys stood in silence for a moment, assessing their wounds.

“Do you want a drink?” Rory asked after awhile, offering the kid his flask prompting the boy to roll his eyes and snatch the flask.


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'Prepping for the horizon'

Azael Aeeb, Outlaw, Member of the Rainy Days
Bounty : $0

Ironhaven, Underground Tunnel System

“Well, this sucks.” Zel raised his leg and swung it back and forth, scuffing against the uneven ground beneath him.

“Well, it’s not as if it’s going to be an easy feat for you to get back out of town. Besides - I can’t exactly up and shirk my duty either.” Reive shook her head as she pushed herself off the wall that she’d been slouched against with her fingertips.

“That’s true… but, we don’t even know when your friend is supposed to arrive. What’s the point in setting all of these up if there’s the possibility of her not even showing up? Hell, Buzzard could pull an assault out of his ass at any point and wipe the floor with us before we even have a chance to do anything. These are his tunnels after all. Half of this muk isn’t even mapped out anywhere except his own psyduckin’ head.”

“That’s true as well, but, it does make it easier since you have that magic map with you. It’s not an exact reference, but it’s better than nothing. We can at the very lease see where Buzzard and his higher ranking men are with it. Worse comes to worse, I can handle a few dozen grunts.”

Zel sighed and then planted his foot in the ground. “Hey, hurry up won’t you, bub?”

Pete turned to look at Zel and then pulled his guns out of the wall. “Me done now.”

“Great. Let’s move on to the next spot then.” Reive walked out a few feet in front, followed closely by Pastel Pete and Azael Aeeb who brought up the rear.

“I still think we should have brought at least one more body. It’s too dangerous down here if we run into any monsters like what’s been running about here lately.” Zel tugged at the strap of his weapon, airing out the bandages behind it.

“There shouldn’t be any more of those things running around anymore. Ever since that night in Wrench, the demon Alice has been declared dead along with the bounty hunter Jebediah who was aiding it, and presumably The Night Wolf who was set to fight against it. We’ve done a thorough search of the barren lands in the time since then and have come up with nothing. Although… I am still wary of that native that y’all are tugging along with you. The natives have powerful healing spells, I can’t imagine any reason why he would choose to stay blind.”

“Could be a sort of punishment. Some cultures have those types of social punishments for various crimes or taboos. Thieves have their thumbs removed, liars their tongues, rapists… well... “

“I get it. But then what do you think the taboo would have had to have been to have his eyes irreparably damaged?”

“Who knows. I’m not a native of this land. Not my place to ask, and I don’t really care to be honest.”

Reive nodded her head and then stayed quiet until they reached their next spot.

“Booms only good for few days. Can’t leave city. Only native can see booms.” Pete swung his guns around and smiled stupidly.

Rieve nodded her head understandingly. “So you carry around the native for the sake of the rest of you. That’s understandable. It’s a shame the natives are nearly extinct. Once all this is over, I’d have loved to have had the chance to study them some more. They don’t require spellbooks so how they acquire spells is an intriguing concept. I’d hate to end up going down the dark path that so many other outlaws have with their obsessions… but…”

“It’s best not to think about it. We’re not at a point where we could make use of the information regardless. It would just be meaningless slaughter at that point.”

“I suppose you’re right… that’s not something that Jedediah would condone, regardless of relationship.”

“I think this is far enough.” Zel stopped walking and then glanced over the surrounding tunnel. “It’s been about a hundred feet.”

“It’s draining to keep up this spell for so long. It’s good that we’ve only got a few traps left to place.”

Zel nodded and then tapped Pete on the shoulder. “Go ahead big guy. Four on the roof, four on each of the walls, four on the floor. Just like last time.”

“Me make booms now.” Pete giggled as he pressed his guns against the wall, diggin them deep into the rock covered walls, crushing the stones as he did so. “Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Zel sat on the ground and stared off down the rest of the tunnel. “Just three more. I wonder why Buzzard hasn’t set any guards through these tunnels yet. They connect to every point of the city, it only makes sense.”

“I’d like to say that he’s stretched so thin up top that he can’t afford to station anyone down here, but I’d have to slap myself for knowing better. They could very well be doing the same as us right now, just working from the other end. These tunnels used to be filled to the brim with his underlings, and now there’s nary a trace of them. Sure, we dug our own hole to connect into his system, but that shouldn’t mean that he’s not going to patrol this area. There are other entrances and exits around here anyways…”

“Whatever the reason, as long as we stay quiet and just take care of our current business, there shouldn’t be any issues, right?”

“Yeah. My spell deafens everything within it. We of course can still hear each other, and we can hear things coming from the outside, but anyone on the outside can’t hear us. My whole spellbook is more or less geared towards these types of tactics unfortunately… but, I’m still not completely useless in a combat scenario. I do have a few tricks up my sleeve which make me just as deadly as any other spellslinger who dedicates their all to combat.”

“Hmph. Must be nice to be able to use magic.”

“That’s right… you don’t have any magic of your own, do you, Zel? By the way, what did happen to your arms and legs that caused you to have to do yourself up like that?”

“I’m not sure. I get searing pains in my head and throughout my metallic limbs any time that I try to recall what happened to me before I joined up with the Rainy Days. All I see when I try to remember is black and grey blobs and a lot - and I mean a lot of fire. I assume it has something to do with the fire, seeing as how I’m completely covered in burns and my skin still peels off in crisp yet gooey flakes of skin and flesh.”

“Yeah, sorry… forget that I asked.”

“It’s no problem. I’m still trying to figure out my history too. If I can figure something out while we’re travelling, you can be sure that I’ll let you guys know.”

“Well that’s certainly reassuring. Unless you end up remembering that you’re some kind of contract killer who was forced into losing his memories so that he could sabotage our plots and schemes.”

“That would be awfully convenient a thing to happen - seeing as how Jacques just picked me up out of the desert by chance.”

“Fate has a funny way of making things happen… especially out here in Jeimas.”

Zel nodded his head and then stared at Pete as he finished planting his traps in the wall.

“Booms done. Me tired.”

“I know big guy. We just got a few more left.” Zel patted Pete on the shoulder and then pulled him along down the tunnel. “We’ve got to do our part too though, just like your big brother.”
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Alex Rose
Signs of Trouble

The sound of a bullet hitting splintering wood reverberated throughout the area. Then was repeated as the other side returned fire.

“What the hell are you doing?!” Elias snapped at Alex from behind the shanty shack he had taken cover. Alex didn’t respond and merely glared at his companion from behind his own hiding place.

This was meant to have been a quick and easy bounty to grab, but now the desert sun was beating down upon the bounty hunters with biting ferocity and all the combatants were sweating heavily. They had been chasing down a petty thief, a man who had robbed a bank in Gilded Brook. What they hadn’t counted on was that the outlaw had been a part of a gang unbeknownst to them and that he and his cohorts and set up a shanty town to Gilded Brook’s south.

Alex peered around the flimsy structure he was pressed up behind and took another shot at one of the outlaws with his revolver. It had become his prefered firearm over his shotgun recently. He caught his target in the shoulder and they dropped their weapon with a yell.

Without thinking, he blinked to the location of the dropped weapon, appearing before it with a flash of red. He scooped it up, kicked its owner in the face and then blinked back to near his hiding space, diving behind it just in time to avoid being filled with lead.

“What the psyduck?!” Elias yelled, repeating his standard refrain as he returned fire around the corner. “What is wrong with you today? Are you trying to get yourself killed?”

“Didn’t want him to pick it up and start shooting again,” Alex replied over the sound of more bullets flying towards them.

“If he does that, shoot him again! Are you out of your psyducking mind?!”

Alex watched as Elias, a look of terror plastered firmly on his face, took another shot around the corner of his cover. His bullet hit one of the outlaws in the middle of his chest and he dropped. Unconsciously, Alex winced, then mentally berated himself for doing so.

What is wrong with me today? I live for this why am I flaking? That’s the sort of muk Elias would do.

Alex steeled himself, it was time to get his muk together.

“Last chance,” he called out “Unless all of you want to die, stop shooting and give us Cooper.”

“You two aren’t taking any of us!” One of the outlaws yelled.

“You’re outnumbered! You’re gonna die!” Another screamed.

Alex sighed.

“Don’t say I didn’t warn you,” he muttered to himself. The next moment, two other Alexes split off from the original and blinked away in opposite directions. The clones taking up flanking positions as Alex readied his final assault on the defending bandits. He changed his gun over to his left hand, a small fireball forming over his right. Then, the small fireball grew considerably larger.

One of the outlaws noticed the ball of flame and shouted.

“Psyduck, he’s got magic!”

“Muk!” Another swore, “Why’s there more o’ ‘im”

It seemed the clones had been spotted, but it was too late. The Fire Bombs flew, ignited the set of shanty huts the bandits were behind with a roaring flame. The cowering outlaws were engulfed by the flames, several of them made a break for it as Alex deftly switched his revolver back to his right hand to get a clearer shot.

He, his clones and Elias rained bullets down on those that tried to escape and they dropped like flies one after the other. Then, there was silent but for the moaning of those who had been shot and the screams of those that were burning to death in pyre.

“Holy muk,” Elias groaned as he and Alex walked out from their hiding places.”Holy muk, not what I had in mind.” Apparently, Elias had forgotten that he was the one that pushed Alex into action.

Alex walked over to where a man was lying on the ground in a pool of blood, his clothes and hair singed and his skin burned. The man whimpered and quivered where he lay at Alex’s feet. It took Alex a moment to realise he was looking at Cooper, the man he’d been after to begin with.

“Please...” Cooper began. Alex didn’t wait for him to finish his sentence, he pointed his gun at Cooper’s head and pulled the trigger, scattering chunks of grey matter and bone across the desert. He ignored the shaking in his hand as he did so.

There was retching noise from behind Alex as Elias proceeded to throw up on the ground. Alex wasn’t sure if it was the overwhelming scent of burning flesh or the fact that Cooper’s brains were now on their boots, but apparently something tipped him over the edge.

“Come on,” Alex said, hefting Cooper’s corpse over his shoulder “Let’s get him into a body bag and then we can do a quick check and see if there’s any more recognisable bounties laying around.”

“Psyducking grand,” muttered Elias.

Alex tried to feel contempt for his companions weakness, but found it hard to do while his hands were still shaking like leaves in the wind.

Did the kid do something to me?

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