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Old May 26th, 2018 (6:07 AM).
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    Hey guys, it's been a while since I last posted here... Let's see: Since forever I wanted to make a Pokémon game, but for one reason or another I keep postponing that and at the end, never did one, I HAD a project and was going pretty smoothly but I lost all my progress due to computer problems and I ended up giving up, abandoning the idea completely, that was some time ago. However...

    The new Pokemon Switch rumors. Really. Hyped. Me. Up. And once again revived my love for the series, they really made me appreciate it again, and the whole Pokemon community, and so, here I am, once again, after hmmm I think about three years, I'm finally going to develop my own Pokemon game! Using essentials!


    Yes, that was weird, but there's a reason: this thread is not intended for you, is for me, I never did one for my previous project, I didn't commit to it, that's why it died. By creating this thread, even if no one sees it, I'm commiting to it and making sure I don't forget about it like before. I'll try my best to keep it updated.


    So, Pokemon Extra, this game will work around ideas of the original games and expand upon them, games, anime and manga, and even other materials, I'll use those as references. Also, I want to make it really hard, challenging to those who already played the older games, keep that in mind.

    (I'll do it in my free time, so don't expect it any time soon, or at all, but feel free to comment on anything in here.)

    Your character wants to become the champ, gain all the medals and challenge the elite, except there's a twist, there is an evil team, that's not the twist, you can JOIN the evil team, steal Pokemon from trainers and corrupt the whole region. Or, instead, help the habitants as much as you can and completely destroy the evil team. That's the basics, two paths, each with unique features and enough differences to make a second playthrough worth it.

    Completely new region.
    Around 200 Pokemon total available in the region.
    One rival childhood friend.
    Ability to either join or fight against an evil team.
    Gyms, medals, elite 4, all that good stuff.
    History with two different paths.
    Reworked basic systems (stats, breeding, catching, evolutions).

    Regarding mapping and the fact that the game will be "challenging"
    One of my more powerful memories about Pokemon is when I first got to Whitney in Pokemon Silver, she completely kicked my ass and made me explore the city and surroundings, that's how I discovered that I could get a Machop and challenge her again with a plan. That is what I want for my game. When playing the newer games I felt like I was rushing everything, never losing, never stopping, can't name a single city or most of the leaders. But I do remember Whitney and Goldenrod City. And so I'll try to do that, make the player stop, explore and think, not just brute force its way, that's what I mean with challenging: don't expect unfair situations, but don't expect the game to hold its punches either.

    Progress: here I'll leave some check boxes of things that are done and to be done. Please, don't ask for scripts, I may release them individually once the game is completed.

    -You can befriend wild Pokemon and use them in battle without capturing them. [X]
    -Evil team can steal Pokemon from you and then you can recover them. [DONE]
    -Evil team can use the Pokemon they stole from you against you. [X]
    -Online trading using either GTS or codes. [X]
    -Online PVP using external program [DONE]
    -Reworked ev system. [DONE]
    -Add a way to improve ivs. [X]
    -Reworked evolution methods (no need for incenses, stones, etc). [MOSTLY]
    -Alternative to Pokemon Contest. [X]
    -Alternative way to hatch eggs. [X]
    -New game plus? [X]
    More to add...

    Here's what the game aims for (you can view it as a progress report):

    A name. [X]
    Finishing scripting the main mechanics. [X]
    Selected the 200 Pokemon. [X]
    Finishing thinking the story. [X]
    Finishing thinking about the gyms. [X]
    Develop the region. [X]
    Mapping and everything it involves. [X]
    Post game. [X]
    Testing. [X]
    Balancing. [X]
    Is actually fun? [X]

    Here's what I want, but is not at all a priority and the game will be considered finished even if it doesn't have any of these.

    -New graphics. [X]
    -New music for each town and route. [X]
    -In game PVP without any other program. [X]
    -Auto update feature. [X]


    As of now, this is a solo project.

    I always wanted to create my very own game and I'll try my best to finish it. However, as this is one man only project, there will be some limitations, I can't draw or compose music at all, so the project will have the looks and sounds of vanilla Essentials. The story and mechanics, I hope, will be the main draw to the game. But, eventually, once everything is getting done, I may like to form a team to improve the game, specially in the areas I suck at.
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