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Do you have any friends you are super close to? What makes those friends so special to you? Do you have a lot of super close friends or just one major close friend?

I'm super close to one friend of mine. She's like an older sister to me, and she tends to spoil me a lot. I can tell things that I could never tell anyone else as well. I feel really comfortable around her too, and she understands my feelings for Kellin. We do have silly fights every so often, but I'm trying to work on not letting them happen. ><

I also want to give a shout out to a couple friends here! Homeskulled Kid and Jirachu. They are both very amazing, and I feel like I can discuss just about anything with them as well! <3

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Not particularly right now do I feel really close to anybody, but I could probably do a better job on my end. Since I make friends, then don't make much effort with strengthening it. I feel like it just comes down to how much I enjoy the persons company.
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I have some very close friends even if they're not always constant in my life, and I’ve learnt to become OK with that. Our lives have become busier but they’ll always be close friends to me as they’re people I can envision still keeping up with in the future, who have supported me through a lot, who I could talk to about anything and vice versa. There are very few people that I’ve ever experienced that with. I think I have a lot of good friends in that I enjoy spending time with them and being in their company, but close friends are those who I really do trust and who I've shared a lot of experiences and memories with, and vice versa. I also do my best to make time for them regardless of what is happening whereas with most friends I will often just wait until life is a lot less hectic, but with close friends I really will clear out my schedule for them even if a lot is going on.

I value these friends incredibly highly, but I also feel like at times - it means I do end up somewhat neglecting a lot of other good friendships I have because I’m so focused on maintaining the super close ones I have. That’s something I’ve been actively trying to change as I think it’s important to expand and seek friends outside of immediate, close circles. And I feel like the energy I put into close friends means that I often end up having more one-sided friendships where I keep meaning to interact first and hang out with those that are not as close but who I still love, and I neglect that. I feel like in that regard I haven’t been a good friend to others so I’m definitely going to change that if nothing else this year.

But yeah, I do feel like I have some really close friends. Sometimes things don’t work out in that we drift too much or we just aren’t compatible and it isn’t the same as before, but I’ll still treasure all the moments we had regardless.
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i have one best friend. we've been best friends for about.. i wanna say almost 8 years now? but after i moved away after graduating high school it's been difficult. really difficult. i miss her a lot and i miss hanging out with her every day and every weekend. we never had to make any plans, we just went over to each other's apartments since we lived in the same apartment complex. :/

i miss her so much.
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I've a few close friends and like keeping it that way. I prefer having a few good friends I consistently keep in contact with than many decent friends whom I only talk to every once in a while. The close friends I have are very accepting, understanding, generous, and great listeners, so I am very thankful to have them! Met two at work and I'm confident that when I inevitably quit (seems like it'll be within the next few months, if all goes according to plan) we will continue to keep in contact. <3

Had another close friend since middle school but she doesn't seem to answer my e-mails as often nowadays and it's soo hard to get her online. We share many common interests and I miss talking to her ):

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I've got a pretty close group of friends from high school, some closer than others. We drifted a bit for several years, mostly only getting together for New Year's, but last year we started a discord server and chat just about every day. Those of us still living in the same city get together once or twice a month for dinner or just to hang out. It's great.

And then I have a fair few groups of online/somewhat-local offfline friends that I talk to if not everyday, a few times a week. It's nice having friends from a bunch of different sources, but I've noticed lately I try to spread myself a bit too thin, trying to keep up with all the groups at once and then I tend to withdraw from everyone a little bit, so I'm still trying to figure out a better balance for this.

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Not counting my family, of course, I do have one person online I consider a close friend.

While they may not reciprocate the feeling I'm just glad they still stick around despite my schedule.
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I have a few close friends but i dont think i have one that id be able to consider a best friend. Least not one that isnt like mutual (how sad is that)
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I have maybe two really good online friends who I want to try and visit this summer hopefully. Offline I have two very good friends. The first one we've been best friends since grade 6, so that's over 10 years at this point. The other we've been friends for a little over two years now. We actually met in a training class and she offered to give me a ride every morning since I didn't have my own car.
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