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    Well Hello there, Human!
    And welcome to my collection of animals that I have garnered over my existence through the ethereal and the surreal!
    ...blah blah blah...

    As a note, many of the later ones are better designed than the ones near the beginning! This is because the earlier ones were made when I was like 11, but the ones starting after "Ihorn" were made about 2 years ago, when I was about 15. This excludes the the starters, which I ended up redoing when I started this thread :D


    Now here's what we call a hero! Tenki and co. are based off of heroes from cartoons and junk. Tiskoon are based on american superheroes, while Kabukoon are based on masked ones, like batman or power rangers. If you want to be technical though, this grass starter is based on the mythical tenukii from japan folklore. Kabukoon is part Fighting.

    Evil Villain grin! Botappa's evolutions are based off of the generic bad guy from cartoons, complete with fat arms and stubby feet. But again, he's technically a kappa; servants to those that tip the water off its crested head. Stonappa and Bouldappa are part Rock.

    Unnamed!! So we have the hero and the villain, but what's next? The damsel in distress of course! (but seriously, I can't decide on a name...). Blah blah blah Kitsune blah blah blah you probably know. Its type is a weird one, since originally it was based on an exorcist I was thinking part Psychic, but then it would be ironically weak to Ghost. So I'm using/making the Light type for now as its second type, which only the final evolution has access to.
    Also, each stage refers to a type of fog: smoke, embers, and wisps

    Woo! Generic Rodent!
    But yeah, there's really no other way to explain these guys, except for the fact that they can use Head Charge (Afro Break in Japan). Based on squirrels and the fact they are REALLY weird with their tails. Pure Normal. Also, his stare is eternal

    Fancy Flyers! Marquinel is one of my favorite designs, because of the male having that pointy hairdo. Kardeenal sports star-designs, Afluenal has a sun symbol, while Marquinal has a new moon. All are based on Cardinal birds and extended to be annoying for their "cocky" personalities and the constant chirping they inconveniently do in the morning T_T

    Conga Time! These guys are based off of various instruments, with the (taiko) drum taking lead role in design. These are the first to utilize the "Sound" type, because I beleive having Normal types overtaking cool concepts like sound attacks is kinda lame. Also, "Badum" is a shout-out to a character of one of my favorite games,"Taiko no Tatsujin", while "Wakadon"s name is a mashup of the notes of a taiko drum: "Kat"(rim) and "Don"(center).

    Another staple in the Pokemon games: The Butterfly!
    I forgot what I based them off of, but its a butterfly, so what else is there to say...? All are Bug/Poison.

    Yet again, ANOTHER staple to the main series: The 3 Stage Rock Type!
    Each of these guys are literally "stages" of the refining process of gems and such. "Jemlit" is an ore ready to be dug up, "Jemine" is the ore ready for refining, and "Jemini" is the final product, a slick and cool part Steel type.

    The Cave Crawlers!
    Every cave in the region contains at least a few families of Pichee and Skreekee. When threatened, they emit frequencies and pitches of varying degree, while not very harmful, can be seriously annoying for anyone that isn't prepared. This noise attracts more of its family, which then turn the cave into an echoing mess of sound.
    Again, these guys are Sound types with part Flying.


    Man's Best Friend!
    Elkler is one of my favorite designs, because it has that look of "Let's get things done". Their designs are based on the "Spirit of The Forest", or more literally, a deer. Minelk is a mix of mini and elk, while Elkler is a mix of elk and elder. Pure Grass, because adding a Normal type to it would degrade its magnificent beauty to that of a Sawsbuck.

    (Munizen, Geishroom, Shroomtaki)

    Minions of The Forest!
    Munizen and co. were based on the theme of "really tiny, but really many!". Or simply, just a really tiny army of mushrooms, to which Munizen's name derives from,(mushroom and dozen/denizen). Imagine them having little wars in the forest over territory!

    (sorry for the bad scan!)
    Des(s)ert Pranksters!
    Just a generic band of desert thieves in the sandy plains! Their name comes from their great use of their arms and legs to do burglary.

    Egyptian themed scarabs!
    Since the desert is so vast and expansive, many thieves love to hide their treasures in the sand to retrieve later, also leaving behind their Baricada/Detturub to safe-guard while they're away. Swarms of Baricada indicate food sources, while swarms of Detturub can indicate buried treasure.
    They're both Bug/Steel.

    Thieving Cats!
    This evo-family are famous bandits that reside in mountain caves, attacking any tresspassers that accidently stumble within their territory.Every stage has an increased amount of sharp appendages, and is pure Dark.
    Meowler = "meow"
    Purrowler = "purr" + prowl,(like to stalk)
    Masamunya = "nyaa" + Masamune,(warlord from japan)

    Counting Sheep in Sleep!
    Every time a Shleep passes by, a sense of drowsiness befalls the watcher, while the horns of a Dijeerimoo emit a sound so calming it can put a raging Indian Elephant to sleep. Pure Sound type.
    The name "Dijeerimoo" is a messed up version of "Didgeridoo",(an instrument), and contains the words "ear" and "moo".

    Literally a Fakemon!
    Remember those treasure chests you find in a dungeon in a typical RPG, And all of a sudden it attacks you? Yeah, this is THAT monster! The name is a mix of iron and horn.

    These guys are based on many forms of animals that leech off of others, such as leeches and weeds. They are mostly found in the sewers, feeding off of trash that so happens to make its way down there.
    Their names have hungry in them, which emphasize their eating habits.

    Sewer Gator!
    When a Savajaw chase food around the twisting sewers, it ends up slicing many pipes in two. Its axe-like head is so heavy that it can't properly walk on land, so it ends up walking round with its head held high like the picture above.
    Pure Water.

    (Paochow, Paosumo, Paoxian)
    Chinese Brawlers!
    While they know many forms of ancient martial arts, they only reserve the most powerful for opponents that match its fighting power. The clothes it wears also add-on to its power prowess, such as the tendrils on a Paoxian's back acting like a 2nd set of arms!
    All are pure Fighting.

    (Ashling, Kouleer, Basalist)
    Hopping Flames!
    These guys live in magma pools, jumping out only to fight enemies. Basalist can expand its body to twice its size to scare off prey.
    Pure Fire. Basalist's name is a mix of "basalt" and "basilisk".

    A Cold Personality!
    They spend their time foraging for frozen foliage in the freezing forest, and escape prey by camouflaging themselves as small snow mounds. As it is naturally timid in nature, they can get provoked pretty easily.
    Originally an Ice/Ground, but I don't know

    (whitened for quality)
    Well, I needed a Chansey!
    So, in typical genericness, this is the Chansey/Audino of my FakeDex. The names are pretty easy to figure out

    My friend had the whimsical idea of a "steamed lobster", so I thought,"why not?". So lo and behold, the half-cooked crustacean is ready to heat up the battle! It's design was partially based on the pistol shrimp, but that animal is basically the only animal to turn to when people make a Fire/Water type. So, I kinda went the other way.

    Haunted sacks of horror!
    This little ghost was once a manifestation of a child's toy, but was thrown away after the kid grew up. Now, it wanders the streets as a lost spirit, trying to find a new home! This Fakey represents the stages of abandonment and despair:
    1st: The sack represents a feeling of "opposition", wanting to stay with its owner.
    2nd: The teddy bear represents "forgiveness", wanting to plead its owner with the fact it can still be "used".
    3rd: The stitched-up body parts of toys represents "abandonment", because now its just a "stitched-up" body of emotions, confusion, and a tinge of anger.

    And here's some more guys:

    and more to come later! or colored!

    Here are the names of all the Fakemon, sans Legendaries:

    0 - Bookuno Lunar
    1 - Tenki Grass
    2 - Tiskoon Grass
    3 - Kabukoon Grass Fight
    4 - Kitsun Fire
    5 - Explosun Fire
    6 - Hokama Fire Psych
    7 - Botappa Water
    8 - Stonappa Water Rock
    9 - Bouldappa Water Rock
    10 - Furral Norml
    11 - Squafro Norml
    12 - Kardeenal Norml Fly
    13 - Squirenal Norml Fly
    14 - Marquinal Norml Fly
    15 - Dudum Sound
    16 - Dodondo Sound
    17 - Wakadon Sound
    18 - Barble Bug
    19 - Brirmble Bug
    20 - Regaloris Bug Poisn
    21 - Jemlit Rock Grnd
    22 - Jemine Rock Grnd
    23 - Jemini Rock Steel
    24 - Bondust Grnd
    25 - Fuwasagi Grnd
    26 - Pichee Sound Fly
    27 - Skreekee Sound Fly
    28 - Minelk Grass
    29 - Elkler Grass
    30 - Munizen Poisn
    31 - Geishroom Poisn
    32 - Shroomtaki Poisn Fight
    33 - Limbeleon Grnd Dark
    34 - Komolimbo Grnd Dark
    35 - Baricada Bug Steel
    36 - Detturub Bug Steel
    37 - Taktus Grass Poisn
    38 - Kactear Grass Poisn
    39 - Staguaro Grass Poisn
    40 - Droffy Grnd Fly
    41 - Carrow Grnd Fly
    42 - Crowfeur Grnd Fly
    43 - Pandull Norml
    44 - Panduel Norml
    45 - Bambooda Norml
    46 - Mystregg Norml
    47 - Eggnegma Norml
    48 - Pufloat Grass
    49 - Puffem Grass
    50 - Pufwack Grass
    51 - Meowler Fight
    52 - Purrowl Fight
    53 - Masamunya Fight
    54 - Shleep Sound
    55 - Dijeerimoo Sound
    56 - Ihorn Steel
    57 - Hungrin Poisn
    58 - Hungape Poisn
    59 - Pawper Dark Poisn
    60 - Canodine Dark Poisn
    61 - Growlfitti Dark Poisn
    62 - Savajaw Water
    63 - Paochow Fight
    64 - Paosumo Fight
    65 - Paoxian Fight
    66 - Ninkey Light Fight
    67 - Shogunkey Light Fight
    68 - Foecon Psych
    69 - Yorsol Psych
    70 - Jestuff Psych
    71 - Ashling Fire
    72 - Kouleer Fire
    73 - Basalist Fire
    74 - Monoshock Rock Eltrc
    75 - Monostone Rock Eltrc
    76 - Ichidoul Ghost Sound
    77 - Sanbishi Ghost Sound
    78 - Jokai Ghost Light
    79 - Grieflen Ghost Dark
    80 - Grieveil Ghost Dark
    81 - Lumpkin Grass Fire
    82 - Stumpkin Grass Fire
    83 - Stumpunk Grass Fire
    84 - Batteta Water
    85 - Sharpreck Water
    86 - Flotch Water Grass
    87 - Flaily Water Grass
    88 - Gracily Water Grass
    89 - Corbicutle Water
    90 - Sparkom Eltrc Fire
    91 - Shokoom Eltrc Fire
    92 - Ricopachi Steel Fire
    93 - Yetiny Ice
    94 - Yeticle Ice
    95 - Staflit Ice Psych
    96 - Pengwand Ice Psych
    97 - Garguill Rock Fly
    98 - Tripolar Ice
    99 - Frigipile Ice
    100 - Bisnow Ice
    101 - Chiniwasp Sound Bug
    102 - Fritzu Eltrc
    103 - Pinork Eltrc
    104 - Lanturk Eltrc
    105 - Aberphant Psych
    106 - Chasagi Water Fire
    107 - Klobstorm Water Fire
    108 - Heataur Fire Grnd
    109 - Eruptaur Fire Grnd
    110 - Busheld Grass Rock
    111 - Brontafola Grass Rock
    112 - Trefloss Eltrc
    113 - Rewiree Eltrc
    114 - Compower Eltrc
    115 - Washine Steel Water
    116 - Rec'cam Steel
    117 - Lunaby Lunar
    118 - Cosmachu Lunar
    119 - U.F.P. Lunar Grass
    120 - Plantian Lunar Grass
    121 - Ueffy Lunar Dark
    122 - Uffondent Lunar Dark
    123 - Lunigment Lunar Dark
    124 - Hororok Rock Dark
    125 - Danjerok Rock Dark
    126 - Scholune Lunar
    127 - Dufessor Lunar
    128 - Fortiford Steel Light
    129 - Spiecker Bug
    130 - Aracknasty Bug
    131 - Protaquin Norml
    132 - Narlale Ice Water
    133 - Conflipo Psych
    134 - Frounder Water Lunar
    135 - Sunfoon Water Lunar
    136 - Moonsoon Water Lunar
    137 - Imagiro Norml Fly
    138 - Snaghost Ghost
    139 - Dollost Ghost
    140 - Haunton Ghost
    141 - Leiflite Light
    142 - Cursnail Light
    143 - Nonowail Light
    144 - Porco Dark Psych
    145 - Zenpig Dark Psych
    146 - Ribbow Light
    147 - Bowtiful Light
    148 - Flanket Dragn Fire
    149 - Flaelmet Dragn Fire
    150 - Orienchant Dragn Fire

    My attempt at drawing not animals


    Nissa, and some Munizen


    Dustin and Dinger, the Deputies of the Desert!

    Phobian and Fortiford, The cowardly knights!

    Apo and Robo, the Princess of Trash

    A Bandit and Ranger

    A Warrior and Mage

    Other things...

    First Fakemon(s) I ever digital-arted

    Characters of a fighting game I was making



    4/19 - added forest animals
    4/29 - revised starters with colors
    4/30 - revised common with colors
    5/02 - revised cave/forest with colors
    5/08 - added non-Pokemon things and a list of all the names of my Fakes!
    5/09 - added mountain mons' and sewer slimes
    5/13 - added fakes with no particular category
    5/19 - added peeps

    Anyway, critique, suggest, etc.

    Thanks for!
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    You left out the anti-hero role! :o

    But in all seriousness, these sketches are adorable. This, the first one, is absolutely precious. I love how you've added a whole new layer to these fakemons and actually turned them into characters. And these are just great. It's like, everything that's great about Fennekin and Zorua, only squished into three undeniably cuter fakemons. :3

    Now, a touch of advice. It's really hard to see your birds in here. Probably because the image is so small, but also because it looks like you had drawn something on the back of the paper maybe? I don't know, it's hard to tell. But regardless, your birds are a little lost in there, so I'd really love to see a fully fledged out version of these guys because, from what I see so far, they seem really cool!

    Anyway Sunfished, excellent fakemons. :) I really hope you continue to update this because you've got a lot of substance here! Can't wait to see more!
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    Old April 19th, 2013 (4:09 PM).
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      Thanks for that!
      Really makes me feel all fluffy inside!
      I'm trying to aim for that design level that was in 1st and 2nd gen, with a hint of originality of the 4th gen. Like, not too heavy on the detail, and much more whimsical on the thought process. But not too simple, because that's how we ended up with Karrablast...

      Anyway, all the ones with Grey colored backgrounds are going to be touched up to the quality of the starters. Its just that I didn't have time befire when I did the starter ones, but now I'm pretty free at the moment.

      Updated first post!
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      Old April 21st, 2013 (3:21 PM).
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        Elkler looks awesome !!, I like yours draws
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          Originally Posted by Fbn11 View Post
          Elkler looks awesome !!, I like yours draws
          Aww, thanks man! :D

          Oh yeah, I forgot to mention that most of them were drawn back in 2008, when I originally jumped into the Hacking bandwagon. But, for the most part, these guys won't see a revival in a while ;__;

          updated OP, also!
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            Woot, I finally found a style to color in.

            updated OP with colored starters!
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              updated with revised and colored cave and forest fakes!
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                updated with mountain mons' and a sewer slime!

                Also, added in some unrelated things, and I'm planning to parse in some other of my stuff, so this would look more like a gallery rather than a rainbow registry of fickle fakes.
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                  Updated once again, with 4 more families!

                  I need an idea for a 3 stage one too, particularly with the type of Electric or Ghost!
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                    Woo, finally got a BW scanner to scan!

                    updated with some npc's I drew!
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                    your fakemon are great! you're very creative.
                    to make your fakemon better, i would take it to the next level and add some shading to them to bring them more to life rather than how they are flat now.
                    the characters are great too, you're very good at drawing people i must say! same goes for these, i would add some more shading.
                    i can't wait to see more.

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                      Thanks for the critique!
                      I'm planning to add in shading once I think I have finalized the drawings, because right now alot of them are either REALLY bad, or are in need of some adjusting.
                      But thanks for pointing out the flatness. Its kinda hard NOT to notice now that you pointed that out

                      slight update with an alien.
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                      Old June 3rd, 2013 (7:04 PM). Edited June 22nd, 2013 by Sunfished.
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                        Added in these guys

                        [pics kinda too big, so i moved it to op :D]
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                          Added in a whole slew of colored pics, which are mostly for a project I'm working on

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                          I like your style in drawing humans- they aren't realistic, but it's obvious that you don't mean them to be. Simple, but still makes sense and looks good. (:
                          I can't think of a good signature.
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                          Old June 30th, 2013 (7:55 AM).
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                            Haha, thanks!

                            I never like drawing realistic things, and if anything, I always aim for that cartoonish look :D
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