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Started by STikER April 2nd, 2020 5:06 AM
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Posted March 31st, 2023
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April 1, 2023 marks the 3rd anniversary of the initial release of Delta Emerald. Usually, on days like this some new announcements and good news arrive, but this is not it.
I see that some people are still asking if I'm working on V2, so I feel like I should inform all of you that NO, I'm not. I'd say the project is discontinued for good.
I tried to go back to work on the hack a few times, but it felt more like a chore than anything. More than that, I'm really lagging behind all new decomp stuff and don't have time nor energy to catch up to it.
Another factor would be my desire to work on something else. I spent three years on this hack, working on its development in 2018-2020 and supporting it post-release and starting the work on V2 in 2020-2021 (and a few attempts in 2022). It's time for me to move on.
I would like to thank all of you for your support throughout the years. I'm really glad I was able to create something you enjoyed playing.
If anyone wishes to continue Delta Emerald V2 project on their own, please contact me on Discord. We can discuss the details there, but bear in mind I won't give away the project to the first random person immediately. I'd like to transfer the project to someone who will be actually able and willing to complete it.

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Posted April 1st, 2023
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Good to know again from you. It's okay that you don't want to work on this hack since I understand it may be easy to lose interest on a thing when you feel it like a chore (yeah, it happens to me almost every day...). Hope you are doing well with all the chaos happening.
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